8 Meat Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Objavljeno 14. apr. 2019
  • 8 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 43 - slclip.com/video/FMh4pTQh7Po/video.html
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Komentarjev • 3 801

  • Jordan Yanes
    Jordan Yanes Pred dnevom

    Ayeooo mans was beating to much meats😭

  • Emily Gomez
    Emily Gomez Pred dnevom

    I wish he reads instructions -_-

  • BeardedPickle
    BeardedPickle Pred dnevom +1

    why would you beat your meat with the meat pounder? pun intended

  • Brian OLeary
    Brian OLeary Pred dnevom

    How to stretch your meat: poke it then pound it

  • robgrantdan
    robgrantdan Pred dnevom

    Beats meat at 6:41

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays Pred dnevom +1

    My man sure loves his meat soft...

  • Mildchild Mines
    Mildchild Mines Pred dnevom +1

    I just spent 14:22 watching a grown man beat his meat.

  • Iamdirt
    Iamdirt Pred dnevom

    For the first one your meat has to be ice cold

  • Zachary Massey
    Zachary Massey Pred dnevom

    Go go Gadget cut.

  • edward ventura
    edward ventura Pred dnevom +1

    Eat mre agian I loved those videos

  • Heath Scotti
    Heath Scotti Pred dnevom

    Can always count on my friendly neighborhood Russian to show me kitchen gadgets

  • Diablo Uchiha
    Diablo Uchiha Pred dnevom

    Imagine your fingers vs those meat gadgets

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles Pred dnevom

    I Love how u beat the meat 🍖😏

  • Koae
    Koae Pred dnevom

    Who tenderizes chicken

  • Leigha Lightsey
    Leigha Lightsey Pred dnevom

    what does the kkk and nike have in common.

    they both make black people run fast

  • Eddie Doncic
    Eddie Doncic Pred dnevom

    I feel like he wastes so much food

  • Kuya Ji
    Kuya Ji Pred dnevom +1

    8 ways to beat your meat by Taras.

  • Mike Dole
    Mike Dole Pred dnevom

    U just turned stip into cube steak?!😥

  • Jeffy Paul
    Jeffy Paul Pred dnevom

    0:35 close you eyes and listen

  • Yair Lopez
    Yair Lopez Pred dnevom

    what's the point of tenderizing

  • MutationsOccur5
    MutationsOccur5 Pred dnevom

    Me: 6:13

  • Nolan York
    Nolan York Pred dnevom

    Why he need to beat the meat so hard

  • Suhail Noor
    Suhail Noor Pred dnevom


    You thought😂😂😂😂😂

  • xXShadowStormXx
    xXShadowStormXx Pred dnevom

    I Think Tara's was a EX-Torturer He is having to much fun pounding the meat....

  • why my pp hard
    why my pp hard Pred dnevom +1


  • Hiddles4Ever -For The Love Of Tom Hiddleston

    Just take a french rolling pin and it does the same thing as the metal pounder,

  • Jeremiah Jenkins
    Jeremiah Jenkins Pred dnevom

    The bow above the island is badass

  • It's Jacket
    It's Jacket Pred dnevom

    MeAt PoUnDeR

  • Inspid Goat
    Inspid Goat Pred dnevom

    Way to much action if beating ur meat like that 3:25

  • yaw afriyie
    yaw afriyie Pred dnevom

    Is this how they beat their meats in soviet Russia?

  • Josue Macias
    Josue Macias Pred dnevom

    Is it me or does he breath really loud like at 9:52 like if u agree

  • Ashton Borkowski
    Ashton Borkowski Pred dnevom

    I’m getting a bulge

  • Caleb Brazeal
    Caleb Brazeal Pred dnevom

    Me the day after November 😂💀

  • Sonia Campos
    Sonia Campos Pred dnevom

    Wwhy does he have a bow hanging when a tall dude can run into it like the people from animeme

  • Otkakiller
    Otkakiller Pred dnevom

    Я послал это видео другу,для него это ужастик(издевательство над мясом)

  • Eric gachau
    Eric gachau Pred dnevom

    This entise episode is on how to beat meat😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr Bronzey
    Dr Bronzey Pred dnevom

    i have a lot of *MEAT* gadgets 😉

  • Smite Tasty
    Smite Tasty Pred dnevom

    why am i watching a russian beat his meat?

  • Dat boi
    Dat boi Pred dnevom

    I guess you could say he enjoys beating his meat.

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris Pred dnevom

    that is dome

  • Pt0wN973b0iI
    Pt0wN973b0iI Pred dnevom +1

    Brought to you by *Bleach*.

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed Pred dnevom +1

    Why is my mouth watering...

  • lack of boring stuf
    lack of boring stuf Pred dnevom

    What do we tenderize meat for?

  • Infernal King
    Infernal King Pred dnevom

    Look at those holes! You can probably bang it!!! BOOM!!!

  • AwosGames SOAP
    AwosGames SOAP Pred dnevom

    Who would tender a chicken?

  • Masoud Sadeghi
    Masoud Sadeghi Pred dnevom

    Good jab

  • Gabe
    Gabe Pred dnevom

    He grind
    He slap
    But mostly, he shows meat gadgets to give hacc

  • LG Phone
    LG Phone Pred dnevom

    جا ئەوانە بە کەڵکی چی دێن

  • iDevice Helper
    iDevice Helper Pred dnevom +2

    6:55 "some kinda arganic chicken exploded inside"

  • imSolidGT
    imSolidGT Pred dnevom


  • Violet Rosely
    Violet Rosely Pred dnevom

    I love you!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ your awesome

  • Der Ich
    Der Ich Pred dnevom

    They should promote their products with "As seen on Crazy Russian Hacker".

  • justas b
    justas b Pred dnevom

    2:24 hos i beat my meat at 2am

  • Gaming With Illuminati

    Dude.. what am I doing with my life.. watching a Russian dude beat his meat.. literally..

  • Icecream vs games
    Icecream vs games Pred dnevom

    After he started using the second gadget and punching the meat with it he started punching the meat with every other item he got after

  • THE Kingslayer
    THE Kingslayer Pred dnevom

    Well I guess he’s beating him meat

    I’ll leave now

  • yousri el faqih
    yousri el faqih Pred dnevom

    Talk about whaking my meat 6:13

  • Bogdan Torque
    Bogdan Torque Pred dnevom

    Any gadget that beats your meat?

  • Tom Prinzi
    Tom Prinzi Pred dnevom

    voice break? 14:12

  • WolfFrostGamer 2
    WolfFrostGamer 2 Pred dnevom



    Show this to a vegan 🌱 😁

  • David Walters
    David Walters Pred dnevom

    Where is the MVE Taras? We miss him

  • Da Moose
    Da Moose Pred dnevom

    Just realized i was doing the same thing he is.

  • Ariesthea Adel
    Ariesthea Adel Pred dnevom

    imagine what his kitchen drawers look like....it's filled with thousands of gadgets

  • Kakeru kun
    Kakeru kun Pred dnevom

    Taras is beating his meat.

  • fin x
    fin x Pred dnevom

    i just watched some guy beating the meat

  • JustAMemeWorshipper 2321
    JustAMemeWorshipper 2321 Pred dnevom +12

    Wats ap ebybady welcam back to may kitching were Sefty is numbo wan prRrty
    Todey we're gonna put tu da test mit gadjicks

  • KZ Live
    KZ Live Pred dnevom

    Just hit the meat with a mallet

  • Kaishaan Maqbool
    Kaishaan Maqbool Pred dnevom +1

    This guy realy likes beating his meat.

  • Nick Champagne
    Nick Champagne Pred dnevom

    One thing's for sure... Tara loves to beat his meat.

  • Sheikh Mansur
    Sheikh Mansur Pred dnevom

    leaked footage of taras beating his meat

  • Zach Courchesne
    Zach Courchesne Pred dnevom

    He really “beat his meat” 🤣🤣

  • BG’S Lifestyle
    BG’S Lifestyle Pred dnevom

    Hold on I’m beating my Meat

  • Little Killer83
    Little Killer83 Pred dnevom

    6:57. Me on a nice friday night

  • Jon Arifi
    Jon Arifi Pred dnevom

    Wow he wenr straight to the meat of the video

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar Pred dnevom

    murga paaji ki izzat kro🎃

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso Pred dnevom

    Maybe you should STABILIZE the first tenderizer. JESUS DUDE. It was moving all over place

  • umpus
    umpus Pred dnevom

    Are you delivering this meat to someone through the letter box?

  • Angela Washington
    Angela Washington Pred dnevom +1

    Somewhere, Gordon Ramsey is screaming .

  • Micha Bell
    Micha Bell Pred dnevom

    "Let me try and do this with pork" *throws on ground*

  • x Diimi
    x Diimi Pred dnevom

    U beat my meat

  • Méowbi1
    Méowbi1 Pred dnevom

    6:35 Oh I think that might be me

  • Pooqua
    Pooqua Pred 2 dnevi


    BryanSWAGGBEAST Pred 2 dnevi

    Angry Whopper is back !

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson Pred 2 dnevi

    I think I just watched you ruined a bunch of meat. Hopefully the dogs got some.

  • fazl_wmg
    fazl_wmg Pred 2 dnevi

    “Meat pounder”
    My mom:🤭
    My dad:🤔

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson Pred 2 dnevi

    It's getting stuck because the meat is cold and causing the metal pieces to stick.

  • Chris Fosker
    Chris Fosker Pred 2 dnevi +3

    Basically mashed the chicken by tenderising too hard and way too much, blames the chicken by saying it explodes

  • rekatron the last moby
    rekatron the last moby Pred 2 dnevi

    Why is this guy in a hurry lol 😂

  • jeesus188
    jeesus188 Pred 2 dnevi

    you killing meat!!!

  • Edgar Navarro
    Edgar Navarro Pred 2 dnevi

    He beating his meat till it’s nice and tender 🤤😋

  • Identity Unknown
    Identity Unknown Pred 2 dnevi

    *meat pounder*

    My hand: ......

  • 30minforasn
    30minforasn Pred 2 dnevi

    Just use a blender. The best tenderizer.

  • Battle Beast
    Battle Beast Pred 2 dnevi

    A meat pounder🤔

  • flomato
    flomato Pred 2 dnevi

    gadget #2 is a meat stapler

  • Nate Pena
    Nate Pena Pred 2 dnevi

    If you need to pound your meat, this meat pounder will do the job

  • Estefani Diego
    Estefani Diego Pred 2 dnevi

    As a vegan I am SHOOOKED 💀

  • skillz101989
    skillz101989 Pred 2 dnevi +5

    That poor meat suffered more now then when the animals were alive haha

  • Aboud Tono
    Aboud Tono Pred 2 dnevi

    If you put oil on the meat the tenderiser wouldn’t have gotten stuck