How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

Skupna raba
  • Objavljeno 9. apr. 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
  • ZabavaZabava

Komentarjev • 20 409

  • Kait R
    Kait R Pred 10 urami

    I need the mans in white to hype me up damn

  • A S A D O ttv
    A S A D O ttv Pred 10 urami

    And now I’m depressed again...

  • Rosa Migliorini
    Rosa Migliorini Pred 10 urami

    man that lady is mean

  • Elle Desperado
    Elle Desperado Pred 10 urami

    That white girl in the ugly pants was mean. She didn’t have to be mean like that

  • MM Rust
    MM Rust Pred 11 urami +1

    yo wtf 6,3 and hes tall?
    comeone im a 7 feet watching this video laughing till death ☠ 🤦‍♂️

  • Mamii Daaisy
    Mamii Daaisy Pred 11 urami

    I love the African American male energy 🤣 he put himself on the top of the line at the end LMAO .

  • sweetpuff101
    sweetpuff101 Pred 11 urami

    I’m I the only one that noticed the oink at 0:23?

  • artsy ghost
    artsy ghost Pred 11 urami

    u know the girl is racist ajsjajsjjasja

  • Peachiiie
    Peachiiie Pred 11 urami

    Tbh I thought that all of the people looked really good. Everyone had something about him/her that really made them stand out.

  • Pasta Animeboy
    Pasta Animeboy Pred 11 urami

    I like the first lady, I would rate her ten out of ten too.

  • Luis Clavijo
    Luis Clavijo Pred 11 urami

    The black guy was seriously capping😂

  • Russian doge
    Russian doge Pred 12 urami

    They are judges and they need to judge , the blue jacket woman was kinda rude but at least she was blunt compared to the rest of them , i quarantee most of them would rate the red shirt girl a 5 or under if they weren't face to face and you people would do the same

  • Ryan Carson
    Ryan Carson Pred 12 urami

    People bagging on the girl in the blazer for being honest.. sure it was cringe-worthy, but she didn't hide it or take it easy to not hurt feelings. Refreshing on these.

  • Ocean Jasper
    Ocean Jasper Pred 12 urami

    The lady in light blue is not my cup of tea.

  • Jayla quiller
    Jayla quiller Pred 12 urami

    I love the dude with all the hair

  • bahja xx
    bahja xx Pred 12 urami

    That Asian girl rating thinks she’s cute and naive but she’s mean wth

  • bahja xx
    bahja xx Pred 12 urami

    All the black people 😍😍

  • Sara K
    Sara K Pred 12 urami

    Lmao The girl in the blazer is 💯 honest I like her

  • Danielle Rae
    Danielle Rae Pred 12 urami

    More Jim More jim!!

  • Maddy JW
    Maddy JW Pred 12 urami +1

    Tbh they should of had the people that were rated rate the person who rated them at the end. Idk that would of been more interesting to me.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • G.O.A.T
    G.O.A.T Pred 12 urami

    They been on season 1 forever now

  • Red D
    Red D Pred 13 urami

    4:49 be white

  • Carlota Costa
    Carlota Costa Pred 13 urami

    this is stupid. i’m disappointed.

  • baby frida
    baby frida Pred 13 urami

    Am i the only one who found this so wrong and felt bad for the ‘models’

  • mastercfromhalo3
    mastercfromhalo3 Pred 13 urami

    Can I get Anastasia’s insta tho...

  • ༺꧁༺Snow •༻꧂
    ༺꧁༺Snow •༻꧂ Pred 14 urami +1

    Well, they're all a 10 for me!~

  • remy muah
    remy muah Pred 14 urami

    why are yall hating on blue blazer. she was straight forward and did what she was asked to do, yall are soft

  • lunameetsworld
    lunameetsworld Pred 14 urami

    omg that lovely in blue jacket 😍😍😍

  • ciel michaelis
    ciel michaelis Pred 14 urami

    how do i apply to do this i wanna be in

  • Klaas Baas
    Klaas Baas Pred 14 urami

    Name of the girl in the black dress? For scientific purposes.

  • riceroni
    riceroni Pred 14 urami +1

    That one blue blazer bitch is so annoying omg

  • Gina Voorhees
    Gina Voorhees Pred 14 urami

    Very interesting

  • lllIIIlllIIlIlIIlIlI
    lllIIIlllIIlIlIIlIlI Pred 15 urami

    Damn people got courage to sign up for this

  • mahir rahman
    mahir rahman Pred 15 urami

    the lady with the blue blazer, would've got the lowest rating if she was rated though. hahahaha little does she knows.

  • Liam Rourke
    Liam Rourke Pred 15 urami

    blue blazer girl is so fucking funny i love her so much she make me laughing until i cried 💕

  • ashton vickers
    ashton vickers Pred 15 urami

    Ahh everyone was so cute! My bisexual ass can’t handle it!!

  • madeline pope
    madeline pope Pred 15 urami

    bro how is carter so pretttyyy

  • madeline pope
    madeline pope Pred 15 urami

    the girl in the blue is a bitch. no shade just facts

  • Mathew Mikhin
    Mathew Mikhin Pred 16 urami

    Girl on 2:28 cant say this type of things

  • Zoë Akpan
    Zoë Akpan Pred 16 urami

    the blue girl wasn’t even respectful. at least try to be somewhat optimistic towards them...☹️

  • Peter_Panda
    Peter_Panda Pred 16 urami

    03:40 oh yeah thats the foot fetish guy hahaah

  • LEYLA90
    LEYLA90 Pred 16 urami

    That girl's a 2 cause her attitude. Bitch.

  • ke ne
    ke ne Pred 16 urami

    "And Carter,my dear Carter.." that was so cute hahaha

  • crictonites
    crictonites Pred 16 urami +1

    the guy in white is so charismatic. I love that he put the overweight girl in second place.

  • Ellalalive
    Ellalalive Pred 17 urami

    Hate the blue girl

  • Helen Forbes
    Helen Forbes Pred 17 urami

    Jim is life 😍someone drop his ig!

  • Niels Niemeijer
    Niels Niemeijer Pred 17 urami

    That one girl is a b*tch

  • Hélène Meulemans
    Hélène Meulemans Pred 17 urami

    8:20 awkward as fuck 😂😂

  • Soju Headquarters
    Soju Headquarters Pred 17 urami

    mannnn I wanna look like anastasia. she's SO gorgeous.

  • Stube28
    Stube28 Pred 17 urami

    WHO IS THAT GAY GIRL!? damnnn she fine

  • Isabel B.
    Isabel B. Pred 17 urami +1

    lmao that lady in the light blue know dam well she doesnt go in the front of that line

  • someone idk
    someone idk Pred 17 urami

    Lmao that lady in the light blue blazer was so blunt

  • Kheerah912
    Kheerah912 Pred 17 urami

    The guy with the white shirt making the red shirt girl giggle :')

  • Raphael Nollau
    Raphael Nollau Pred 18 urami

    The lady in red is like 2 for me... I am disgusted by fat
    Doesnt mean I want them to change, but nobody can expect me to like them

  • Emike Brai
    Emike Brai Pred 18 urami


  • Emike Brai
    Emike Brai Pred 18 urami

    6:06 6:04

  • Raijin
    Raijin Pred 18 urami +1

    Watching Madison burn people was such a cringe fest.

  • Trenee Gattis
    Trenee Gattis Pred 18 urami +1

    The girl in blue don’t like black ppl😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • D Endo
    D Endo Pred 19 urami

    White lady in blue is atrocious

  • Daan Vosters
    Daan Vosters Pred 19 urami

    Carther get's like +100 because of those earrings

  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee Pred 19 urami

    carter got her day made!!! i hope they met up after this

  • Keto Duchidze
    Keto Duchidze Pred 19 urami

    *Carter Fine*

  • richard craddock
    richard craddock Pred 19 urami

    The shallowest of the shallowest video here... hate people sometimes :/

  • Twunk
    Twunk Pred 19 urami

    the lesbian chick has to let everyone know she’s gay

  • Matthew Saunders
    Matthew Saunders Pred 19 urami

    3:42 foot fetish

  • Arshia Dang
    Arshia Dang Pred 19 urami +1

    Watching this made me so me they're all beautiful

    SLYVEN Pred 19 urami

    *look the sky* : *hum solid nine*
    mah boy, that's what i'm talking about

  • It's Daria
    It's Daria Pred 19 urami

    Carter was so adorable and shy, hope she feels she is a pretty girl. ❤

  • Soul Soulja
    Soul Soulja Pred 19 urami

    "Im atracted to butts and smiles (makes pig noise)"

  • l u n a Rose
    l u n a Rose Pred 19 urami

    The girl in blue is lowkey making me cringe.

  • van gogh's ear
    van gogh's ear Pred 19 urami

    The woman in d light blue blazer/jacket its kindda stupid, *not my cup of tea*

  • Nailah Mason
    Nailah Mason Pred 20 urami

    The red haired woman is brutally honest, and tbh, I would hate my partner being that honest!

  • anonymousandcool
    anonymousandcool Pred 20 urami

    "I don't know you can't really change your face..." WOW. lol

  • Mallika Luthra
    Mallika Luthra Pred 20 urami

    The lady in the light blue blazer is such a rude person man. Her reactions to others like laughing after seeing the , it can make anyone conscious.

  • Victoria Ashlyn
    Victoria Ashlyn Pred 21 uro +1

    Put the guy in white in all the lineup videos please.

  • Valene R
    Valene R Pred 21 uro

    Blue jacket thought she was about to get jumped

  • Justin Bieberr
    Justin Bieberr Pred 21 uro

    Ew the woman in blue jacket is so mean wtf

  • wifightit
    wifightit Pred 21 uro

    That black girl sounds like a black kid hitting puberty over a gaming headset

  • Pretty Princess
    Pretty Princess Pred 21 uro +1

    *The lady in the blue blazer is so racist why is it for all the black peoples she gives them low scores but if the guy is white she jumps for 7+ personally cut get rid of that racist bitch*

  • clara aes
    clara aes Pred 21 uro

    The girl in the Blue Blazer is such a bitch

  • Jung Gukie
    Jung Gukie Pred 22 urami

    This is an interesting experiment...

  • 10,000 subscribers with two videos?

    I feel sorry for the dude with an afro he was at the bottom of everyones ratings 😫😂😂

  • 10,000 subscribers with two videos?

    Didn’t realise that dude was bi until like later on 😂

  • Massu__
    Massu__ Pred 22 urami

    All people are beautiful in my opinion, except

    ❌the racists❌

  • ding a ling ling ling
    ding a ling ling ling Pred 22 urami

    Blue blazer girl
    Personality: 1
    Physical Attractiveness: 8

  • JokoCi
    JokoCi Pred 22 urami +1

    3 (there was a lot of bullshitting going on about her)

  • ilgax
    ilgax Pred 22 urami

    The lady in blazer jacket is a solid 0 one

  • Jemimah
    Jemimah Pred 23 urami

    Blue blazer thinks she’s all that

  • Justyn Thompson
    Justyn Thompson Pred 23 urami

    Blazer lady is definitely a 1. But the girl in the skirt is so cute

  • Shamanta H Shammi
    Shamanta H Shammi Pred 23 urami

    All or them were beautiful in their own way

  • Blue
    Blue Pred 23 urami

    I hate this! you just make them insecure!

  • Ginger Goldilocks
    Ginger Goldilocks Pred 23 urami

    Half asian dude gets a 10 from me O:)

  • Arineyshca Muñoz
    Arineyshca Muñoz Pred 23 urami

    The lesbian is so fucking cute 😻🤤

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores Pred dnevom

    I give the blue blazer lady a solid 2 1/2.

  • samantha walker
    samantha walker Pred dnevom

    The girl in the blue blazer was harsh

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes Pred dnevom

    The woman in the blue blazer is a bitch!

  • Sounderchain808
    Sounderchain808 Pred dnevom

    Don't bring that lady with the blue blazer back anymore

  • yo mama
    yo mama Pred dnevom

    the girl with red lipstick and curly hair is so pretty

  • Typical naps
    Typical naps Pred dnevom

    “Its like me as a man i like it” 😂😂

  • trench trench
    trench trench Pred dnevom

    0:05 he lost a lot of weight!!! go watch old videos and you will see him!