Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!!

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  • Objavljeno 11. apr. 2019
  • Footballers faked these skills for commercials, I did them for real!
    Lional Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Marco Reus amazing skills and trick shots done for real!
    Kieran Brown.
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    BUDDHADEB DUTTA Pred dnevom

    The bottle trick was way more savage

    VIPCLAU45 Pred dnevom

    Qgqood job but is you gay?

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Pred dnevom

    Yeah let me use a mat like I’ll will have that on me at every game

  • Ajax #2 soccer cat
    Ajax #2 soccer cat Pred dnevom

    Dude you’re talented af

  • Da Fire King
    Da Fire King Pred dnevom +1

    5:10 song plz

  • Nayira Julio
    Nayira Julio Pred dnevom

    Mira el unico fake eres tu messi es real asta la muerte

  • S e n s e i
    S e n s e i Pred dnevom

    new video about this again plsssssss

  • Blaze Cresswell
    Blaze Cresswell Pred dnevom

    Wow 17 million views

  • Nathan Freeman
    Nathan Freeman Pred dnevom

    Thats even better, you topped it 😅🙃😲

  • Momota Begum
    Momota Begum Pred dnevom

    He kinda looks like crainer lol

  • Jesse Parker
    Jesse Parker Pred dnevom

    We’re your proof their all fake 🤔

  • Ken Jovan Verdugo
    Ken Jovan Verdugo Pred dnevom

    Title of song plsss...

  • fatality god
    fatality god Pred dnevom

    I would really love to know how a famous player who does this for a living faked their videos and this supposedly fake has way more skill and stamina than most people but a kid that probably no more than a few thousand people know about apparently knows these videos are fake without any proof for us and it dont seem like you beat if you went up against one of them but you can do it and they can't. Honestly think for a moment on how incredibly stupid this video is. (Sorry for my punctuation or grammatical error)

  • Dino Derp News
    Dino Derp News Pred dnevom

    Plot twist;
    He *faked* the shots.

  • alexander huggers
    alexander huggers Pred dnevom

    that messi shot wans't fake you just salty

  • Yony Cruz
    Yony Cruz Pred dnevom

    3:46 he ido al amezed

  • MacKenzie Hall
    MacKenzie Hall Pred dnevom

    3:47 me when i get a 100 on a test

  • Stephen Paul
    Stephen Paul Pred dnevom

    You are a good footballer why don't you join in the football team of mess FCB

  • pablo 190
    pablo 190 Pred dnevom

    Tu eres fake

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark Pred dnevom

    How do u know they players just didnt do the same as you and spend hours doing it

  • Marcela’s Channel
    Marcela’s Channel Pred dnevom

    How dare these footballers are faking it

  • Richard Price
    Richard Price Pred dnevom +2

    read more read more read more

    pick one like if your pressed the right one

  • Galaxy Jello
    Galaxy Jello Pred dnevom

    this is soccer not football and those were so cool

  • No Name
    No Name Pred dnevom

    *soccer players

  • DADDY Autism
    DADDY Autism Pred dnevom

    Your not even fully doing them correct and you act like these aren’t professionals and it is fake

  • creative world
    creative world Pred dnevom

    hahe massi is fake and he is real.

  • Pop IT
    Pop IT Pred dnevom

    Soo I flipped a bottle with a ball 4 try in 5th grade

  • Monica Deacon
    Monica Deacon Pred dnevom

    The messi trick is not fake

  • Weemackers9
    Weemackers9 Pred dnevom

    How were that fack

  • Hooper Pope23
    Hooper Pope23 Pred dnevom

    The songs on here ?

  • Larghle Crisps
    Larghle Crisps Pred dnevom

    Such a good video!!!

  • riah-playz 33
    riah-playz 33 Pred dnevom

    bruh stop throwing shade at messi -_-

  • Flood Blu
    Flood Blu Pred dnevom


  • Ehl Water
    Ehl Water Pred dnevom

    And there fake how

  • tamara hominuk
    tamara hominuk Pred dnevom


  • Carina Salazar
    Carina Salazar Pred dnevom

    Whats the song that they are playing?

  • Trix 555
    Trix 555 Pred dnevom

    But you don’t understand that you are not a professional football player 😂

  • Prince Playing Roblox
    Prince Playing Roblox Pred dnevom


  • Derek Isai Mani Peña
    Derek Isai Mani Peña Pred dnevom

    No lo haces igual sino peor

  • Savini Slendy
    Savini Slendy Pred dnevom

    Ohhhhhhhhhh 4:07 is the best trick!!

  • Barry Lan
    Barry Lan Pred dnevom

    3:45 better than messi

  • bjxrn
    bjxrn Pred dnevom

    i’m going to believe a pro footballer over some UK slag who couldn’t make bench for Everton

  • Aiden Wei
    Aiden Wei Pred dnevom +2

    Next video
    NASA fakes moon landing I do it for real

  • ZEPTRAK_222 2
    ZEPTRAK_222 2 Pred dnevom

    Me parece tonto que digas por tu propio criterio que son falsos ya que no tienes ningún punto donde apoyarte para saber si son de verdad o no

  • Possessiveghost 1
    Possessiveghost 1 Pred dnevom

    You realize that you are calling the world's best soccer players fuck and your bad and saying your real

  • Sijmen de Gooijer
    Sijmen de Gooijer Pred dnevom +1

    Name of the song? 1:38

  • Ranz Napay Valdez
    Ranz Napay Valdez Pred dnevom


  • sankey 107 gomez
    sankey 107 gomez Pred dnevom

    los dos son verdaderos

  • fortnite god yeet
    fortnite god yeet Pred dnevom

    Those trickshots are not fake

  • I shouldn’t be saying this because it’s stupid but

    5:12 you can see the 2nd ball go behind the pole.

  • Felipe 09
    Felipe 09 Pred dnevom


  • PocketGaming HD
    PocketGaming HD Pred dnevom

    They are professionals while you are a fucken noob lol

  • Allison Wilson
    Allison Wilson Pred dnevom

    U realize that u can’t prove that you did these for real. Same with the way that u cant prove that they didn’t do it for real. Just cuz u have a camera doesn’t mean u actually did it. U can’t very easily edit this into making it look like u did it. Not saying the professionals didn’t fake it but u can’t be calling them out cos u THINK they faked it

  • w1ldtig3r
    w1ldtig3r Pred dnevom

    3:48 I was more worried if those shoes where fake 😂

    HELLLO GOOD DAY Pred dnevom

    With the xabi alonso trick you dont look at the ball you read

  • Joshua Frechette
    Joshua Frechette Pred dnevom


  • Catherine Hanley Moran

    17 million mate 😲

  • Litten38
    Litten38 Pred dnevom

    How do we know that YOU didnt fake them?😂

  • Bryan Krauss
    Bryan Krauss Pred dnevom

    Fake é esse seu canal quem é vc pra saber se é ou não real kkkkk engraçado esses caras nem famosos são

  • FcS Fresh
    FcS Fresh Pred dnevom +11

    Soccer players: does trick
    Kieran Brown: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  • Kacey Jones
    Kacey Jones Pred dnevom

    So this means two things.
    1: they r fake and u were right
    2: they are pros and u just aren’t as good at football as u think

  • Akhrienuo Dumai
    Akhrienuo Dumai Pred dnevom

    Why fake?

  • Vanessa Shaw
    Vanessa Shaw Pred dnevom


  • Sarah _Nitsa
    Sarah _Nitsa Pred dnevom

    Okay SLclip I've watch it now leave me alone...

  • Matthew Shen
    Matthew Shen Pred dnevom

    Ha ha oh yeah you are doing are fake

  • Domz JB
    Domz JB Pred dnevom

    So what makes you think they faked it? Cause it took you forever to do them when it seems as if it took them minutes lol

  • Johnny Sheffield
    Johnny Sheffield Pred dnevom +20

    The ball is a paid actor

    EMİRHAN ÇAKILTEPE Pred dnevom +1

    Siz yapamayınca fake

  • Salman Numan
    Salman Numan Pred dnevom

    If u can do it so footballer cannot do .its real not fake🖕

  • MxsterJ
    MxsterJ Pred dnevom

    They really aren't fake. You can't really fake skill can you?

  • Demi Videos
    Demi Videos Pred dnevom

    1:51 looks so fake it's embarrassing how they thought it was something they could post

  • Enjoy A Topic With Laura

    I hope you have in mind that what's easy por Messi and all the others, may take you a while since you're not them. I Mean like come on 🙄😬

  • manjeet nath
    manjeet nath Pred dnevom

    5:19 the colour of ball was green

  • Kristos Gamer10
    Kristos Gamer10 Pred dnevom

    Illumanati CONFIRMED ( His tricks are fake and the FOOTBALLERS TRICKS ARE REAL

  • Guilherme 99
    Guilherme 99 Pred dnevom +1

    Fala vídeo

  • Gamplay M.B
    Gamplay M.B Pred dnevom


  • Cody Daigley
    Cody Daigley Pred dnevom

    I not football it is soccer

  • dragon reaper
    dragon reaper Pred dnevom

    Can you please explain how it's fake

  • Mr Gosharik
    Mr Gosharik Pred dnevom

    U dont even show any proof they r fake so how tf r we supposed to believe you

  • fabij 88
    fabij 88 Pred dnevom

    This is fake

  • Mazapan Delapaz
    Mazapan Delapaz Pred dnevom


  • Aidan Chiranjiv Singh
    Aidan Chiranjiv Singh Pred dnevom

    1:09 is the song no twerk

  • Gamer assassin
    Gamer assassin Pred dnevom

    This is also fake

  • Γιωργος Παπαδακης

    Messi's skills are not fake

  • Drizzy ___
    Drizzy ___ Pred dnevom +3

    This is like one of your kost successful videos and it only came out 6 days ago! Thats awesome dude

  • Monirul Islam
    Monirul Islam Pred dnevom

    Salah and mesud ozil ,,,,,best hero .....

  • HYF Yonk
    HYF Yonk Pred dnevom

    2:17 what’s this song?

  • 868Kendo
    868Kendo Pred dnevom

    Do the ronaldoinho crossbar video next

  • Infinite
    Infinite Pred dnevom +12

    *_17 million views in under a week_*
    *_SLclip trending:_* hm? Oh... I didnt see that

  • Martin Chagra
    Martin Chagra Pred dnevom

    Te doy dislike solamente porque bardeaste a Messi
    Pero si no muy buen video bro

    UNALEYMEN Pred dnevom

    İ cant even bounce the ball without reading a book.

  • robloxsbro31
    robloxsbro31 Pred dnevom

    good job, and fuck these football players

  • Typical Games
    Typical Games Pred dnevom


  • Jamal Bowman
    Jamal Bowman Pred dnevom

    Ur a fake

  • Mariza Gouveia
    Mariza Gouveia Pred dnevom

    Bem legal

  • Ansh and Rohit Zone
    Ansh and Rohit Zone Pred dnevom

    Hey,I am your huge fan I just wanted that can you do a collaboration

  • Jack Champ
    Jack Champ Pred dnevom

    How do we know this isn't fake?

  • Bita Shegbahai
    Bita Shegbahai Pred dnevom


  • Ismail Hayat
    Ismail Hayat Pred dnevom

    Fuck off

  • Baby Jesus Holy Lord
    Baby Jesus Holy Lord Pred dnevom

    And this folks are what you call haters