Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.03.10 vs Rockets - 19 Pts, 15 Reb, 9 Asts, 2 Blks! | FreeDawkins

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  • Objavljeno 11. mar. 2019
  • March 10, 2019 | Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.03.10 Mavs vs Rockets - 19 Pts, 15 Reb, 9 Asts, 2 Blks! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • pobesnelizmaj
    pobesnelizmaj Pred 9 dnevi

    Result is 94-93, 24 seconds to go, and the commentator says Luka is knoking onthetripple double door... Instead of following an interesting game finish. IDIOT

  • Oreolexis/Alexis The Half Kitty/Puppy

    I'm just waiting for one of you Luka dick riders to mention him playing half decent after tweaking his knee and comparing it to Jordans flu game.. this the game that officially solidifies Doncic as the GOAT huh.. Let's here it..

  • andrewf0784
    andrewf0784 Pred 11 dnevi

    Dallas is going to be good in the coming years. They just picked up Porzingis too plus a first round draft pick

  • Jef Name
    Jef Name Pred 11 dnevi

    4:23 WTF?! 8sec violation!

  • photosshop
    photosshop Pred 12 dnevi +1

    It should been personal fault at Brunson and two free throws at the end.

  • Jon petter
    Jon petter Pred 12 dnevi

    That tripple teaming at the end....

  • Eva Srsa
    Eva Srsa Pred 12 dnevi


  • TheSoundgarden01
    TheSoundgarden01 Pred 12 dnevi

    This dude is a warrior plays dominate basketball last 5 minutes with a painful knee sprain......... Houston was fortunate. Luka is ........ridiculous.

  • cibcebcak
    cibcebcak Pred 12 dnevi

    Luka Doncic made a mistake because he entrusted to the teammate, who was slow with a shot on the basket ...

  • Hilda Ramones
    Hilda Ramones Pred 12 dnevi

    Luca l have your fan in philippines stil wacth your game in basket ball ok so graet. Playing.

  • David Mesa
    David Mesa Pred 12 dnevi

    How does no one come for the ball when he gets triple-teamed 2 ft behind the 3-point line?

    • Gun Man
      Gun Man Pred 10 dnevi

      Basically they choked. Lol

  • Michael Cohen
    Michael Cohen Pred 12 dnevi


  • pablo just pablo
    pablo just pablo Pred 12 dnevi

    Why didn't they sub him? Are the Mavs that bad that an injured Doncic is better than the uninjured players on the bench?

  • Nev Sports Prime
    Nev Sports Prime Pred 13 dnevi

    my grizzlies got jaren jackson jr and my mavs got luka but please grizzlies fire chris wallace

  • Dennis Rodic
    Dennis Rodic Pred 13 dnevi +2

    For me, Luka has the best Basketball IQ in the NBA

  • Jenn Robertson
    Jenn Robertson Pred 13 dnevi

    Luka remind me of jezzer the laser

  • Liam Halford
    Liam Halford Pred 13 dnevi +9

    Nothing more satisfying than watching luka block harden 😍

  • Tziki Tzuk
    Tziki Tzuk Pred 13 dnevi

    "Luka ! Don't you ever pass away the last winning shot - EVER!"

  • νικμαστεροφσιτυ σιτυ

    eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh

  • Decode Lies
    Decode Lies Pred 13 dnevi +2

    I would appreciate it if someone explained *tanking* to me

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi +1

      NBA doesn't have a 2nd division where bottom teams go down, so in order to make things "more interesting" each new season the bottom teams (the ones that did worst last season) get the chance to pick players from the draft first, meaning they'd get the highest possibility to get a super-good prospect (future-franchise ?) player for "free" without trade, just get "on top of draft" as much as possible
      So the "outcome" feels like = as soon as realize not gonna win a playoff spot = bottom teams will start to "compete" who gets worse record so gains the possibility for a free (cheat-code ?) reinforcement-player for the next season
      That on paper sounds super-cool and very nice idea to keep things interesting on the long run, but in practise people/coaches/players/spectators got used to draft-tanking abuse, so..
      I don't understand the EXACT rules and %es and chances and stuff either, but in general the "tanking mechanic" is exactly that = as soon as realize not gonna be able to play playoffs start losing as much as possible :P

  • Highland Mailboxandstorage

    Shouldn't have given it up

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson Pred 13 dnevi

    let me guess, dallas lost again? hahaha they suck!

  • Alberto Fernández
    Alberto Fernández Pred 13 dnevi

    20 years ago an american playera in Europe was a star. Now is one more...

  • Alberto Fernández
    Alberto Fernández Pred 13 dnevi

    Luka said about in Europe is more dificult play, because less space......

  • Alberto Fernández
    Alberto Fernández Pred 13 dnevi

    Luka read basket before almost everyone coach

  • R 01001010
    R 01001010 Pred 13 dnevi

    0:50 is a carry

  • Grega Repnik
    Grega Repnik Pred 13 dnevi

    Since you included so many stuff, you shouldn't exclude his full court shot, even tho it didn't count..

  • Egrin
    Egrin Pred 13 dnevi +3

    I've only been seriously following bball for a few years, and it's propably and old discussion, but this tanking shit makes me so mad. In Germany, when you finish last or second to last, your team has to go down to the 2nd division. This tanking shit is destroying the competition cause it doesn't matter if you finish 9th or last. What kind of an idiot thought of this?

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi

      Well it's not THAT bad considering every year the worst teams get the highest "reenforcement", the problem is people (as usual) understood that that can (and know-how) to be abused.. Euroleague has not the best solution to all stuff either, for ex. Maccabi vs Darusafaka game 3 years or so ago :P

  • ch282
    ch282 Pred 13 dnevi


  • Rhinosaur
    Rhinosaur Pred 13 dnevi +2

    Still think Doncic hits a game winner at the end if he's not hobbling around on a bad knee for most of the 4th quarter. Dude clearly wasn't right and you could tell he was trying to feed other players while limping up and down the court. They should've just taken him out and not risked injury

  • Andrea M
    Andrea M Pred 13 dnevi

    geez, he passes the ball a lot, but his teammates can't make a basket... hopefully next year he'll have better teammates

  • Barney Jason Wee
    Barney Jason Wee Pred 13 dnevi

    If he can refine his shot just a bit more he'd probably average 25.

  • Melvin Groomes
    Melvin Groomes Pred 13 dnevi

    Luka tore PJ Tucker a new asshole! PJ could not handle him at all!

  • Marjan Krebelj
    Marjan Krebelj Pred 13 dnevi

    It is hard to judge from this resolution, but I think it is Luka's father standing up and cheering at 3:55 (in the third row, with Luka's shirt). Notice what a fan he is throughout the game! :D Way to go, mr. Dončić!

    • vagabund
      vagabund Pred 13 dnevi

      Luka's father is an idiot and you know it. He almost destroyed Luka's NBA career by interfering Luka's transfer from Madrid to NBA with his "family friend agent" just to earn some money - he tried to earn money on Luka. That's a typical Serbian leftist. Thank god Luka has a feisty mom, she didn't allow that idiot to ruin his son's career.

  • Eva Srsa
    Eva Srsa Pred 13 dnevi


  • MiTZ 41
    MiTZ 41 Pred 13 dnevi

    Doncic injured?

  • Mariano Alfonso
    Mariano Alfonso Pred 13 dnevi +1

    Those blocks on Harden and Capela 👀

  • DGismera
    DGismera Pred 13 dnevi

    I thought he didnt play defence and was terrible on it... Clearly trae young with his great effort and intimidation is over him!!

  • Corvus
    Corvus Pred 13 dnevi +1

    5:58 MVP vs MVP

  • XxKholinxX
    XxKholinxX Pred 13 dnevi +1

    5-16 shooting
    1-6 from 3
    yikes. but solid game from the eventual ROY

    • RacksonRacksonRibss
      RacksonRacksonRibss Pred 11 dnevi

      But still incredible passing down the stretch. Can still effect the game so much when he’s off. ...And several of those were in and out of the cup. XxKholinxX

  • 6ROVE 5IDE
    6ROVE 5IDE Pred 13 dnevi

    Bro we got a boring ass arena 😂 We need some energy, we need that okc, Golden State vibe. Even the year we won it all was still dull af.

  • A Z
    A Z Pred 13 dnevi

    I'm European and I don't understand why Mavericks are tanking... whats the reason?someone can explain?

    • Peter Lustich
      Peter Lustich Pred 13 dnevi +1

      Their 2019 Pick is top5 protected...that means they only keep the pick if it is between 1-5, otherwise the Hawks get the they are tanking to increase their chances to get a high pick. I am european too. I hate tanking cuz it does not make sense to me. You play competetive sport and get rewarded for losing. That is just bullshit.

  • Angelo Peyton
    Angelo Peyton Pred 13 dnevi +2

    Can the Knicks take Hardaway back? He is BUNS

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi

      He's slightly better than Barnes though ?, I mean THJ is having nice drives compared to HB, and probably having more consistent average cause HB was like 100% or 0% almost all season

  • NuthinButAG
    NuthinButAG Pred 13 dnevi

    I want rockets to win if the Lakers cant. Noo not because im a fan of the rockets because im a fan of CP3.

  • MrBolaextra
    MrBolaextra Pred 13 dnevi

    1 assist away from triple-doble. And a lesson on how to stop Harden's stepback.

  • svaj saj
    svaj saj Pred 13 dnevi

    Why didn’t carlisle take a to

  • J. B.
    J. B. Pred 13 dnevi

    Correct me if I am wrong, but i think Luka is quicker than before when he goes to the rim. I am watching him often and i think he gets straight to the rim more often and faster than before and not always driving so much as he is used to do, due to his lack of quickness. If he is been able to improve a bit in that aspect just with 6 months being in the league, i can not wait to see how he improves this during the off season. Remember, he does not need to be very fast as he is one of the most crafty players in the league, but if he just can improve a bit his body without lose size then he can add a new weapon to his collection.

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc Pred 13 dnevi +3

    1:44 imagine that being Harden...

  • J. B.
    J. B. Pred 13 dnevi +4

    A guy who can score in any kind of way, who is an incredible high IQ 6'8 PG, who can grab tones of rebounds and dish tones of assists, who can actually DEFEND and who just have turned 20 years old... Im sure I have never seen someone like him. He is at the very least an all-star and franchise caliber player and a future HOF, and this at the very least... No idea of what he can become if he keeps improving.

    • Gun Man
      Gun Man Pred 10 dnevi

      Next to Luka is James Harden for having the highest I.Q level in the league right now.

    • Ayrton Pazsoldan
      Ayrton Pazsoldan Pred 13 dnevi

      Ehh average defending but he will get better also his 3s are inconsistent sometimes if he can get it up it’s over

  • U K
    U K Pred 13 dnevi +3

    Wjen Luka has 19 points an you are disappointed xD

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi +1

      Well, he had like 5/16 FG so yes it's kinda disappointment, thing is those misses didn't look bad, probably gonna get more stable next season with at least IDK 4 pts per game more :)

  • Allen
    Allen Pred 13 dnevi +5

    i guess the MEDIA just wanna at least have the ROTY debate since Trae is American born player while Luka isn't

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi

      Well Trae DID make the TD last night, which is mindblowing to me that such a short player can get 10 rebs lol.. Even in future kinda expect Trae get slightly more Pts than Luka on average BUT Luka is a more all-round player and gonna have probably higher team/game impact overall
      Trae still leading the assists (?) though

  • Big Feller
    Big Feller Pred 13 dnevi

    Rockets lucked out

  • Bob M.
    Bob M. Pred 13 dnevi

    Hopefully Dirk will pass his skills to KP. KP, he doesn't need to dunk the ball and risks his knees and feet getting injured. All he needs to do is to do the Dirk Nowitzki's midrange perfection! He will be deadly since he can block shots better than Dirk! Hopefully he will get healthy!

  • Wendigo
    Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi

    with all this tanking luka getting better on D so that he can carry on both ends xD

  • Khánh Nguyễn
    Khánh Nguyễn Pred 13 dnevi +2

    Imagine being the franchise player in your rookie year at age 19 and got tons of haters already. Perfect formula for an all time great.

  • Lud Van Daal
    Lud Van Daal Pred 13 dnevi +1

    I don't know if I will laugh or cry when the Mavs "get" the 6th pick.

    • DJgodslayer 1
      DJgodslayer 1 Pred 13 dnevi

      As a mavs fan, I would still lmao if we get the 6th pick

  • D-Man
    D-Man Pred 13 dnevi +6

    Luka doesn't play defense? It's scary to think what he could become at age 23-25

    • Fx Garden
      Fx Garden Pred 13 dnevi +3

      He can actually play above average defense when he has to. Watch him when the games are on the line in the last few minutes. One of the better defenders on his team. But you cant play great defense all game if your a focal point on offense. On top of that, he is not in great shape so he needs to pace himself. With all that said, he is at least an average defender and thats all he needs to be.

  • Stavros Mtr
    Stavros Mtr Pred 13 dnevi +51

    As i am european, I know the perception of Luka and his disapp
    ointment... In Europe the lost is unacceptable.... We hate losing.... So he cannot hide that he is upset by losing

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas Both agree and disagree.. he surely wanted the shot but was like trippled, more over think he was hoping on a timeout tbh
      Either way think the best play would've been an alley-oop to Brunson, instead of fake a shot, then dribble, and pass with like less than 2.5 seconds left to him.. if it was an alley-oop lob pass near-er the rim think Brunson may have scored, or at least wouldn't have been challenged shot (as long as the lob is on point)
      This way it was like half & half and neither worked..

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi +1

      +DGismera Yes that is true. Then he was able to see that they were not trying to win and didn't bother trying to take the shot.

    • DGismera
      DGismera Pred 13 dnevi +2

      +Saiz He didnt take it because he was waiting for a time out to take a good look, but carlisle the tank commander prevented it

    • Giorgos Trp
      Giorgos Trp Pred 13 dnevi

      +Stavros Mtr Nope

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 13 dnevi +2

      Stop crying he didn't want the shot if he did he wouldn't took it crybaby

  • MrKenski12
    MrKenski12 Pred 13 dnevi +3

    Luka should have another triple-double if only his team mates hit their shots.

    • Fx Garden
      Fx Garden Pred 13 dnevi

      Who even cares about triple doubles anymore? There is one almost every game it seems...

  • Jan
    Jan Pred 13 dnevi

    this tanking shit is going to force Luka to go somewhere else. He's a winner.

    • ????????
      ???????? Pred 13 dnevi

      Jan it's only 1 year he knows what's going on. Traded his whole starting lineup for Kp and cap space to sign another star this off-season.

    HILDA KOGOVSEK Pred 13 dnevi +1

    Luka, tudi zmage še pridejo na vrsto

  • Honest Person
    Honest Person Pred 13 dnevi

    God finally give white people a good player again now y’all don’t know how to act smh

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi

      +L LidPi facts. yeah and the recent years i think all these ''minorities'' are a lot more racist against whites of course not all but a lot along with their SJW agendas.

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 13 dnevi +2

      +Wendigo yes ..not to talk about the fact that a lot of the guys they claim for their own are half white anyway (T.Young,Curry,Griffin,the Ball brothers, etc).
      That's such a stupid debate, it's clearly visible that racism is not a pure white phenomen ... the other side is hating too.
      “We play basketball because we play basketball. We don’t see color when we’re playing basketball. It’s about competing, camaraderie and having the ultimate goal of winning a championship.” - Chandler Parsons

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi +2

      +L LidPi yeah cuz dirk and kp and all the others are pure black from africa xD it's funny to see how salty and racist these black dudes are when a great white player comes into the league they just have to make it about race why not look at the players skills rather than his skin color.

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 13 dnevi +2

      Aha... and he‘s the only one you know 😂

    • Gacha potato Ava
      Gacha potato Ava Pred 13 dnevi +1

      Yugoslavs are white. We always had great basketball players. It's Americans who made it about race. Nobody else even cares about sunscreen.

  • Van Michael Ranque
    Van Michael Ranque Pred 13 dnevi +1

    Tim Hardaway Overrated..... worse than his father...

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Pred 12 dnevi +1

      How can we dump him and his fat contract? ......the cost of acquiring Porzingis.

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi

      yeah i was hoping he would be better but he still might work as the 3rd or 4th scoring option or maybe the 6th man if dallas keeps the 1-5 pick and land a max FA. but he is definetly not worth the 17 million salary

    • Tober
      Tober Pred 13 dnevi +3

      Van Michael Ranque i havent heard anyone who thought he was good in the first place, thats why the knicks didnt want him

    • ????????
      ???????? Pred 13 dnevi +3

      Van Michael Ranque no shit dude Jack's up brick after brick can't dribble the ball is out of control lmao I wish we still had Matthew's.

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 Pred 13 dnevi +5

    And the last one: Rick and Luka don't like each other. At All. And its mutual. I swear to god that one of the two leaves Dallas on the next 3 years.And I think its going to be Rick.

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Pred 12 dnevi +1

      I don't see that at all Rick is effusive with his praise of Luka in talking to the press ect. How can he not like the kid lol......

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi +2

      why do you think they don't like each other? pls explain

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 Pred 13 dnevi +8

    And master Tanking job by Rick. First he takes out THJ out of the game when he finally hits a three. Then he lets Luka play when its obvious that he can't shoot(Wanna injure yourself? Great now you wont play a couple games!) and that last play, if he wants to win the game you ALWAYS call TO.But he didn't want to win the game.Theres 17 games left I say Dallas maybe wins 3 more. I really hope we get to keep that pick or we are going to look very stupid at the end of the season.

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi +5

      Might as well go for 0-17 LOL!

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons Pred 13 dnevi +8

    Luka is special man

    • A P
      A P Pred 13 dnevi

      Ben Simmons you are the best 3point shooter in the nba

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 Pred 13 dnevi +31

    On thing I would like to say. Even if there were not a lot of highlights, and both teams were a bit cold, I really enjoyed the scrapyyness of the game.Reminded me of NBA 10 years ago, when games were to 100 points and everyone played defense. Not the joke of league we have now. With an even worse joke for referees. Let the guys play, let them exchange some hard play. Fans like it more than a 3 pt shooting festival with no D.

    • Bob M.
      Bob M. Pred 13 dnevi +2

      Yep. And the calls are getting weirder as well. I can still remember Trae staring at Dunn which costs him a tech enroute to his ejection on that game. 😂

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons Pred 13 dnevi +3


  • .40
    .40 Pred 13 dnevi +32

    That block on Capela 😳

    • DGismera
      DGismera Pred 13 dnevi +3

      The one on the stepback of harden was pretty impressive too for a guy too unathletic and who doesnt play defence...

  • Simon
    Simon Pred 13 dnevi +16

    My name is Luka, I live on the 2nd floor..

  • Jure Žurga
    Jure Žurga Pred 13 dnevi +8

    Almost a triple double

  • seosko gazdinstvo salas zabalj

    5.01 uuuuh !!
    clean block JH in steapback. JH the thought, the impossiblle happen to my. 6.02 1 to 1 in the face with JH, and the frontal change between the legs , is a strong contact, and an easy tour. LD Shool teacher from slovenia. Ns.srb

  • Luis Candy
    Luis Candy Pred 13 dnevi +2

    jesus Christ his stats filling is INSANE!

    • jan stegu
      jan stegu Pred 13 dnevi

      stat padder.. like westbrook

  • Matias Kočner
    Matias Kočner Pred 13 dnevi +56

    Luka, one of the best rookie ever.
    Luka Magic Time

  • Ritvik Dutta
    Ritvik Dutta Pred 13 dnevi +1

    WAIT! How did a measly weak European grab 15 rebounds in the Real Man’s league?

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Pred 12 dnevi

      I don't white and just

  • Gabe Brown
    Gabe Brown Pred 13 dnevi +114

    That was obviously a tank job, what kind of coach doesn’t use a timeout with 9 seconds left?

  • Luka Doncic
    Luka Doncic Pred 13 dnevi +2

    How good was my tanking decision to pass to my boy Brunson with 1 sec left ;) Zion, get ready to join me and KP!!!

  • ????????
    ???????? Pred 13 dnevi +16

    For people who are wondering why Dallas is tanking it's because there pick traded to Atlanta is top 5 protected so the more they lose the better percentage they have of keeping there pick this year. I doubt they keep it but it's worth trying 🤷‍♂️

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi

      +Wendigo facts.

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi

      +Saiz and even if the hawks get the 6th pick its still better for dallas since they are in the eastern conference than if it goes to a western team.

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi +8

      +Jacob Tyler Mavs actually have a good chance to keep it because of the new rules this year. People seem to not understand that the bottom three teams all have the same chance now 14% for no.1 pick. So its not really worth it to tank and be the worst team. And because of the new system, it is actually more likely that mid to bottom teams can get into the top 5. For instance, Mavs currently have about 25% chance to get in top 5 and 6% or better to get no.1 pick. If they can finish below the grizzlies and hawks and wizards they will be the 5th worst ranking team which will exponentionally boost those chances. realistically, Mavs can gain the 6th worst record which will give them 37% chance of top 5, and 9-10% chance for no.1 pick. Seeing as though the best chances one has at no.1 pick is only 14% it is far more reasonable to tank the rest of the year and retaining that pick. After the 5th pick, the draft is shallow. There is not alot of talent after the top 5 draft picks, so mavs aren't really losing by giving the hawks the 6th pick either. Its all worth the tank!

    • Jacob Tyler
      Jacob Tyler Pred 13 dnevi

      thanks, didn't understand how all this "tank" "pick" talk worked.

  • James  Christians
    James Christians Pred 13 dnevi +1

    brunson ruined the night of luka

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi +2

      well you cant make every shot, otherwise i think brunson played well and is playing well for any rookie let alone a 33 ovrall pick

  • Uros Bukovec
    Uros Bukovec Pred 13 dnevi

    Bronson must become next Derec Fisher or Stive Kerr. Last play was very good for developing and lurning Young playars for NBA finals. Trust the proces. I actualy love last play. It remineds me on Jordan Kerr last play .

    • Wendigo
      Wendigo Pred 13 dnevi

      +???????? yeah dallas really had a great draft this year they managed to get the next foundation piece in luka (like in dirk 20 years prior) and a great sixth man in brunson (maybe even a starter . like jj barea was).

    • Uros Bukovec
      Uros Bukovec Pred 13 dnevi

      Yes thay need that. Thay must develop his game to that point. This is lurning proces. I love last play. Bronson didnt done yust one think in last posesion. And that is separation. He must lurn have to done separation to avoid block. This last play showe me some future clutc plays.

    • ????????
      ???????? Pred 13 dnevi +2

      Uros Bukovec Brunson is the next JJ Barea for Dallas.

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom Pred 13 dnevi +23

    With the way Mavs are tanking it should be an easy Luka + Zion + Kristap next season.

  • Penemuel Watcher
    Penemuel Watcher Pred 13 dnevi

    Sportscaster: He's gonna make this shot...
    Luka: LOL no, I am not even going to take it.

  • Padmal Jayaratna
    Padmal Jayaratna Pred 13 dnevi

    My God Luka Porzingod and Zion .... they should just create a network with that interest

  • Penemuel Watcher
    Penemuel Watcher Pred 13 dnevi +10

    Triple teamed at the last possession?
    Yeah, anyone would have passed that ball thinking at least two of his guys would be free.

    Maybe not MJ, Larry, or Kobe... but everyone else would have.

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi

      +Michele Ponte I just said they are tanking. I said Luka hates that he has to tank. Luka does play for the Mavs after all.

    • Michele Ponte
      Michele Ponte Pred 13 dnevi +1

      +Saiz Luka is not tanking, but the Mavs are. Otherwise the coach would have called the timeout when Luka asked it in the last possesion.

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 13 dnevi

      Penemuel Watcher if your triple teamed also Larry MJ Kobe passed the ball because .. you are Talking bullshit

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 13 dnevi +7

      Nah, if they weren't tanking, Luka would have taken that shot. See him pull the jersey up over his head. He hates that he has to tank.

    • ChessMaster
      ChessMaster Pred 13 dnevi +5

      Anyone would pass it bro...

  • Domen Bernard
    Domen Bernard Pred 13 dnevi +8

    Have to love NBA trolls. They such a great experts on the game

  • Guy  Prieto
    Guy Prieto Pred 13 dnevi +3


  • PSN Aluhkay
    PSN Aluhkay Pred 13 dnevi +39

    If mavs keep their top 5, + add vucevic and kristaps next year they finna be a real problem 🤔

    • nixklipz
      nixklipz Pred 12 dnevi

      +VArsovski10 Bojan Bogdanovic will be free agent at the end of season, he's profficient 3pt shooter and primary scorer these days for Pacers now that Oladipo is injured

    • PSN Aluhkay
      PSN Aluhkay Pred 12 dnevi

      VArsovski10 imo I’d look for a shooter in the draft (if they retain their pick) with someone like cam reddish and use the cap space to get vucevic. Mavs are apparently interested in Kemba Walker this summer so who knows what they’re gonna do

    • Rohan Bhatt
      Rohan Bhatt Pred 12 dnevi

      VArsovski10 Dewayne dedmon is a better fit

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Pred 12 dnevi

      I've seen this before but question is = WHY Vucevic ?, I mean sure, dude's great and all but = making an all-Euro team is that the reason ?, tbh there are probably better fits for Mavs, if anything I'd look for a 3pt shooter type of player, don't forget next season KP (PF ?) and Kostas (C ?) join in so it's a 3pt/perimeter player missing IMO

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 13 dnevi +1

      +PSN Aluhkay 37 million cap space half is on kp

    WILLIAM MORRISON Pred 13 dnevi +13

    They were saying he was too slow and unathletic...

  • Banyuaigo
    Banyuaigo Pred 13 dnevi +8

    ... it's getting harder for the Mav's to throw these games. Luka still very fun to watch...

  • PACman El’ Padrino
    PACman El’ Padrino Pred 13 dnevi +2


    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 13 dnevi +1

      yea.. for his standard good average... for any other rookie unreachable except Trae maybe but only once per season

    • Mr. Gr
      Mr. Gr Pred 13 dnevi +1

      Ok. 1 assist away from triple double

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller Pred 13 dnevi +1

    Rick Carlisle should be fired what the fuck was that at the end

    • Ramzes Melka
      Ramzes Melka Pred 13 dnevi

      If mavs got 1-5 pick they can keep it... and if they got 1st pick with that 9% chance and added zion to their roster, that will be a OKC 2.0 young and dangerous.. and they still have 1max player contract too.. bet they can put anthony davis to their roster... LOL

    • Andika Pratama
      Andika Pratama Pred 13 dnevi

      +i fux wit the kids It's Top 5 Protected, meaning that if Mavs got pick 1-5 then they keep it.. That's why they try to tank

    • i fux wit the kids
      i fux wit the kids Pred 13 dnevi +1

      +Nam - tanking? Aren't y'all giving your 1st round pick to the hawks

    • Nam -
      Nam - Pred 13 dnevi +4

      we are tanking wtf lol. we need to lose

  • Hero Yui
    Hero Yui Pred 13 dnevi +2

    That Luka and Harden duel though

  • PoyntFury
    PoyntFury Pred 13 dnevi +24

    I feel like luka would have a few more triple doubles if most of his teammates weren't just guys that mark Cuban picked up off of the street lol

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Pred 13 dnevi


  • Myles Jefferson
    Myles Jefferson Pred 13 dnevi +80

    Even when we lose we get a W enjoying that tank

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Pred 13 dnevi

    Lol if Trae Young put up a stat line like this they would be dick riding him for the rest of the year

  • Side Attack
    Side Attack Pred 13 dnevi +13

    Luka is getting faster

  • Michael Terry
    Michael Terry Pred 13 dnevi +126

    Haha! They tripled Luka! And Chris Paul was as excited to beat a rookie by 1 point as if he won the chip! LOL

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Pred 12 dnevi

      Damn you beat me to calling that Raymond dick a retard lol.

    • LØRD MCD
      LØRD MCD Pred 12 dnevi

      Aren't athletes supposed to be Competitive???! Df wrong with you hating ass people... If they lost and he acted like it didn't matter you would've said he's a sore loser

    • Jimmy Killem
      Jimmy Killem Pred 13 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas i didn't say anything that was made up tho so i'm not sure what you're talking about

    • Shayne Silva
      Shayne Silva Pred 13 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas damn you're retarded. Luka was triple teamed at the end lol and again thats besides the point. They had a timeout and Carlisle didnt use it, thats known as tanking. Learn something before commenting and looking like an idiot

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 13 dnevi +1

      +DGismera y'all just started watching mavs i being watching Dallas you can't tell me shit about them

  • Francisco Salazar Bueno
    Francisco Salazar Bueno Pred 13 dnevi +3

    ¡Ayyy LUKA!

    • Victor Alejandro Rot
      Victor Alejandro Rot Pred 13 dnevi

      +Je veux Ah, gracias, aspectos del básquet de la NBA que no conocía; para estudiar :)

    • Je veux
      Je veux Pred 13 dnevi

      +Victor Alejandro Rot Por el pick del draft los Mavs estaban en 7, como ha ganado Memphis ya esta 6 y como también ha ganado Atlanta, están también más cerca del 5...Solo nos quedamos con el pick si estamos entre los 5 primeros del draft si no se va para Atlanta, ahora mismo habría como un 40% de probabilidades pero cuanto peor, mejor xD

    • Victor Alejandro Rot
      Victor Alejandro Rot Pred 13 dnevi

      +Je veux es cierto, 3 marcas y pocos segundos. Pero no entiendo eso de que servía más perderlo que ganarlo.

    • Je veux
      Je veux Pred 13 dnevi +2

      +Victor Alejandro Rot Y con 3 encima, en un partido que servía de más perderlo que ganarlo... Hasta para perder es bueno 😂

    • Victor Alejandro Rot
      Victor Alejandro Rot Pred 13 dnevi

      Estaba rengueando...