Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers - Full Game Highlights | March 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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    LA Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | March 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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    Disclaimer: Monetization disabled on this channeln Celtics - Full Game Highlights | March 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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    Disclaimer: Monetization disabled on this channel
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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  Pred 16 dnevi +73

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    • p3rryn
      p3rryn Pred 13 dnevi

      +fredmv213 🙏🏾 *salute*

    • fredmv213
      fredmv213 Pred 13 dnevi

      Instrumental is Traffic by Lil boy

    • Alvaro Brito
      Alvaro Brito Pred 13 dnevi

      Ximo Pierto e# xxx mfmr. .

    • p3rryn
      p3rryn Pred 15 dnevi +1

      +Standard lol you aint the only one ive asked too. think it may just be an instrumental but its hard af tho

    BREN HAZE Pred 2 dnevi

    Kyrie and james is still know here shakehands😭😭😭

  • Major Win
    Major Win Pred 11 dnevi

    The thing with Kyrie is that you cannot leave him OPEN......dudes with either hand driving and finishing......unfair

  • Kevian Price
    Kevian Price Pred 11 dnevi

    Say what you want Kyrie Kold 💯💯💯

    NBA FAN Pred 11 dnevi


  • HandGrenades 4Balls
    HandGrenades 4Balls Pred 12 dnevi +4

    L(ebron James with the) L(os Ange )L(es) L(akers) L(osing another game)...nothing but L's!

  • Subha Chellappa
    Subha Chellappa Pred 12 dnevi +1

    Who ever supported Celtics is a LAD

  • Maria Edilania Ricarte
    Maria Edilania Ricarte Pred 12 dnevi

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    KJOMATIC Pred 13 dnevi

    L akers

  • Law Fz
    Law Fz Pred 13 dnevi +1

    At the end Lejoin hand shake to Celtic player was trying to join them according to the plan

  • Abbas Abbas
    Abbas Abbas Pred 13 dnevi

    Qdhhd8to aa5the tol get

    PANDU PRAJA Pred 13 dnevi

    I hope the basketball videos will be trending on youtube someday in my country

  • Sony Laksono
    Sony Laksono Pred 13 dnevi

    James Said : "Bye bye play off ..!!"

  • Papet Joi
    Papet Joi Pred 14 dnevi +7

    MJ plays for a TEAM, while Lebron plays for HIMSELF.

    • jerpypeople
      jerpypeople Pred 7 dnevi

      +LANCE CARLISLE I mean he's decent, but if MJ is trash Kyrie shouldn't even be in the NBA

      LANCE CARLISLE Pred 7 dnevi +1


      LANCE CARLISLE Pred 7 dnevi +1

      +jerpypeople KYRIE IRVING

    • jerpypeople
      jerpypeople Pred 10 dnevi

      +LANCE CARLISLE Then who's good?

      LANCE CARLISLE Pred 10 dnevi


  • Pink Sick
    Pink Sick Pred 14 dnevi

    Just because they lost does not mean that LeBron didn’t play a good and efficient game shooting over 50% and secured a 30 pt triple double in 28 minutes. He gets so much hate but of any other player would be praised for having a stat line like that. People expect too much from this man. People are failing to realize the man is getting old and doesn’t have the same energy on the court as he used to.

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      lol, stats dont matter, its wins and rings

  • bubble gum guy
    bubble gum guy Pred 14 dnevi

    Kyrie with first degree MURDER 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mark Abellera
    Mark Abellera Pred 14 dnevi +1

    I love you kyrie irving your the best for me. ❤

  • David Talia
    David Talia Pred 14 dnevi +2

    I honestly feel bad for LEBRON he deserves a better team 😂

  • reformed7
    reformed7 Pred 14 dnevi my first highlight video please rate it!

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man Pred 14 dnevi

    Only thing bron care about right now is getting his numbers

  • { boo }
    { boo } Pred 14 dnevi

    Yas Celtics

  • Kbee Wls
    Kbee Wls Pred 14 dnevi

    Curry is the best basketball player ever

  • Hound
    Hound Pred 14 dnevi

    Yall think celtics can make it to finals?

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman Pred 14 dnevi

    Why do Laker tickets cost three times more than other tickets? They aren't even making the playoffs. Smh

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez Pred 14 dnevi

    I don't always have triple doubles but when I do, I prefer not playing any defense.

  • noel Rodriguez
    noel Rodriguez Pred 14 dnevi

    Am a Lakers fan but they suck anyone agree

  • Marcus
    Marcus Pred 14 dnevi

    I'm seeing a lot of excuses in the comments as to why the Lakers lost. But they lost because they are a bad team.

    THIEK Pred 14 dnevi

    Is it just me? Morris is like bigger version of irving...

  • Cody Dabbs
    Cody Dabbs Pred 14 dnevi

    LeBron is a racist cry baby piece of trash fuck him I'm a lakers fan and i don't even watch them anymore since that piece of trash signed with us

  • walk jazz
    walk jazz Pred 14 dnevi

    rip Lakers lebron james playoffs deactivated.....

  • Norgen 4
    Norgen 4 Pred 14 dnevi

    lakers fans buggin big time lmao yall lucky to have lebron every other team would be ecstatic to take him off ur hands

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      a 34yr old LeBron? no thankyou

  • Alford Cas
    Alford Cas Pred 14 dnevi

    You can't be padding your stats and try to make everyone around you better. The media needs to stop with that lie. Nobody around LeBron has gotten better. Welcome to the west lebum here is where real kings are.

  • wayne asher
    wayne asher Pred 14 dnevi

    Lebron has SORRY ASS defense and looks pissed because he is being exposed with every loss and will NOT make the playoffs. Magic needs to take control of the team. Lebron is a good player but he is a horrible team leader.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Pred 14 dnevi

    Lebron and kyrie's friendship is deep

  • Mr Ivan
    Mr Ivan Pred 14 dnevi


  • Scotty Mav
    Scotty Mav Pred 14 dnevi

    Lakers suck!

    MC TETSUO Pred 14 dnevi

    I am conducting a study that will end the LeBron vs. Jordan debate FOREVER. (because I am tired of this shit)

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas Pred 14 dnevi

    Kyrie needs to take a good, long, look at where the LBJ way gets you. Tank you very much. Dont criticize and treat your young guys like poor assets. Build them up, they are the key to your success. Ruin chemistry and confidence, you'll come crashing down. Support and build, you can go far. Put your ego in the backseat, and realize individual stats are not the path to wins.

  • flores oswald
    flores oswald Pred 14 dnevi

    whats the intro?song or beat

    NORTH CAROLINA MUSIC Pred 14 dnevi

    9:39 look at lebum trying to recruit stay away from kyrie dont nobody wanna play with you!

  • tommy fasthorse
    tommy fasthorse Pred 15 dnevi


  • Y Gui
    Y Gui Pred 15 dnevi

    Kyrie telling Lebron to request a trade to Boston lol

  • kim labajo
    kim labajo Pred 15 dnevi

    nice oone kyrie still congrats lebron your always a king :)

  • Ehi Okaka
    Ehi Okaka Pred 15 dnevi

    who is excited for Space Jams 2?

  • Erdz H
    Erdz H Pred 15 dnevi

    lebron is like shaq..getting paid n paid until he retires.. very successful career...

  • D L
    D L Pred 15 dnevi

    Stupid long ass intro. Start the video.

  • jlowrey68
    jlowrey68 Pred 15 dnevi +3

    Welcome to the NBA where if a guy drives to the basket you have to allow him to get a layup untouched

  • Zo Glizzy
    Zo Glizzy Pred 15 dnevi

    5:45 I lost my fucking brains 🧠.

  • Maricel Mijares
    Maricel Mijares Pred 15 dnevi

    Without Lonzo this team is trash

    • Maricel Mijares
      Maricel Mijares Pred 13 dnevi

      +Baby Shanks Zo was injured!even if Zo has no potential to be a scorrer Zo is a Defensive Player and has a potential to be a Floor General in the court than LBJ..

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 13 dnevi

      Zo isnt injured, he is a wasted draft pick

    • Maricel Mijares
      Maricel Mijares Pred 13 dnevi

      +Baby Shanks yeah until he recovered his injured this shit storm must be save..

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      really? Zo would save this shit storm?

  • Allan Mendoza
    Allan Mendoza Pred 15 dnevi

    Change coach,,

  • Tadeo Mena Cadena
    Tadeo Mena Cadena Pred 15 dnevi

    Alguien me puede decir en que canal pasan los Juegos de la NBA en León gto

  • Dalzhen Rico
    Dalzhen Rico Pred 15 dnevi

    I'm like it where the case

  • TOPNotch GamingSquad
    TOPNotch GamingSquad Pred 15 dnevi

    Thumbnail looks kinda gay😂 looks like Kyrie hands on LeBron chest

  • Raymond Benito
    Raymond Benito Pred 15 dnevi

    1:19 Lebron really got mad at mcgee for taking that assist away

  • Rafael Anibal Minera De Leon

    8:14 faul????

    NO FEAR Pred 15 dnevi

    what happen to you lj.

  • Vinson Choy
    Vinson Choy Pred 15 dnevi

    It's not fair to lbj, cos his +/- is 11 the highest of his team.

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Pred 15 dnevi

    Idea.... Do the same kind of videos for old games

  • Aidan McLaughlin
    Aidan McLaughlin Pred 15 dnevi

    Celtics are going to finals this year bro

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Pred 15 dnevi

    Jonathan Williams is LEFT-HANDED. 😂😂😂
    I would play him plenty off just that.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Pred 15 dnevi

    Playing Josh Hart at 4-spot was completely foolish. 😑😑😑
    This game is the proof after watching THIS PERFORMANCE AGAINST BOSTON CELTICS, featuring G-League POST PLAYERS, including Jonathan Williams.

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      they aint playing people cuz they gonna get traded

  • FU B
    FU B Pred 15 dnevi

    Trade Lebron!!

  • QuasWexExort 26
    QuasWexExort 26 Pred 15 dnevi +1

    LBJ become such an OVERRATED player.. since he plays with wade and bosh.. young lbj in cleveland is totally different.. I mean the excitement to watch him regardless of his teammate.. also his playing attitude goes off.. Hes boastful inside now.

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      how is LeBron gonna feel, when the cameras are gone? team is 30-35 and he makes a shot and gets fouled, acts like its game 7 in the finals, LeBron you down 12 points in the fourth with 3mins to go, you aint making the playoffs, calm down

  • krupesh333
    krupesh333 Pred 15 dnevi

    8:15 thats for leaving Cleveland

  • Gabe Myers
    Gabe Myers Pred 15 dnevi +2

    It was a bad business decision for LBJ to leave Cleveland. Could have just stayed, actually beat the Celtics and won the east, then retired at 35 and still moved to LA and done the Hollywood thing. Lakers have to go get superstars to win with LBJ now instead of the rebuild players they have now. Lakers could have been good in the next 3-5 yrs w/out LBJ having a young core of guys. With him they aren't going to be able to wait to win.

  • Skye
    Skye Pred 15 dnevi

    Nigga came to La to do nothing but fuckery and complain like a housewife.. spoil my team rebuilding bitch ass nigga

  • DaTruth 1594
    DaTruth 1594 Pred 15 dnevi

    Yesss lakers lost

  • Jathiel88
    Jathiel88 Pred 15 dnevi

    1:24 Lebron deliberately trying to embarrass Wagner 😂

    • Jathiel88
      Jathiel88 Pred 14 dnevi

      I see you’re a cat of discerning tastes...

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      is that the rare grizzly shark?

  • Alan Vargas
    Alan Vargas Pred 15 dnevi

    inside source says LeBron told Morris & Irving that he will be joining them in Boston lol

  • stylin60es
    stylin60es Pred 15 dnevi

    Lakers are looking good.

  • Chad H
    Chad H Pred 15 dnevi

    Thank you, Xiao rules

  • Lorrany Pinheiro
    Lorrany Pinheiro Pred 15 dnevi

    Brasil ?

  • nightlyz
    nightlyz Pred 15 dnevi

    LeBron just isn’t putting in effort anymore.. they would have been able to win a lot more if he actually tried.

  • John A.A
    John A.A Pred 15 dnevi

    Lakers need chris bosh

  • Babagana Abba
    Babagana Abba Pred 15 dnevi

    That move from Kyrie at 5:48 too much drip and sauce 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rudy Duran Jr.
    Rudy Duran Jr. Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Very Nice game for you and kyrie Irving.💪😏

  • Hot DIGITY
    Hot DIGITY Pred 15 dnevi +1


  • Dark Knight0453
    Dark Knight0453 Pred 15 dnevi

    this is actually a very goodgame and very entertaining, much love

  • Alvin Nicolas
    Alvin Nicolas Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Lakers lowkey tanking for zion.

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      Zion be broken right now, not sure if he is fixed yet, havent seen any Zion games yet, no time :(

  • sawad kumban
    sawad kumban Pred 15 dnevi


  • sawad kumban
    sawad kumban Pred 15 dnevi

    Do you observed when the lakers score almost tied, the lakers coach as lebron james to seat isn"t weird.

  • King C
    King C Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Lebron make number 23 look louzy.... gat dame that dude can't play a lick of defence.

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      its called work, he is allergic to work

  • Mike gn
    Mike gn Pred 15 dnevi


  • Sherwin Tandingan
    Sherwin Tandingan Pred 15 dnevi +1

    .. The only good thing in lakers nowadays, they never disapoint the basketball fans..
    They lose, as expected.

  • Luko Sports
    Luko Sports Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Lebron celebrating after scoring while his team are down by 15 in the final quarter is fucking pathetic

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      he doing game 7 of the Finals type celebrating

  • Deonta B
    Deonta B Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Who are these lakers players now? Lakers got a whole new team

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      its every1 that they dont care if they get hurt, i see a lot of white people, that cant be a good sign

  • FewRee Bucladin
    FewRee Bucladin Pred 15 dnevi

    Lakers are ass without Lonzo

  • Michal Swiderski
    Michal Swiderski Pred 15 dnevi

    trade lebron for AD, maybe Khwahi is going to come, or KD and build a team around these guys. fire magic, pelinka and walton. JEANIE - be strong and finish these jokes.

  • Pizza Baratheon
    Pizza Baratheon Pred 15 dnevi

    Kyrie is a SNAKE

  • zboylee
    zboylee Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Kyre a 🐐 simple.

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz Pred 15 dnevi

    Kyrie was on point! Passed the ball, made the game fun and he balled! Done 💯✔

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      did u not see all those white people in Laker uniforms, game was over from the start

  • zboylee
    zboylee Pred 15 dnevi +2

    Did Lonzo just missed an open look 😕

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      Zo be working out for the JBA

  • Eterium for Requiem
    Eterium for Requiem Pred 15 dnevi

    Another lost, ok? Is not big news

  • muzikmon2267
    muzikmon2267 Pred 15 dnevi

    Yep all Lebron cares about is his numbers.
    Not to mention he would not be half as good if he played in Jordan's era or before that like the 80s..
    There are players that have played in both eras who said that Jordan would have 50 points a game if he played in this NBA and one of them set it as a coach PHIL JACKSON!!!!!
    In today's NBA people just look at LeBron James and he gets a foul..
    Back in the day you could not hook up three pointers like you could do today because they didn't call wussy ticky-tack fouls
    LeBron's numbers wouldn't be half as good if he played back then he would have to work for every shot and he probably would have gotten injured it was a much more physical game
    Not to mention he's never had any real competition in the east other than two or three years that the Celtics had the big three.. of course you get the finals every year when you have nobody to play against!!!

  • Highlander15
    Highlander15 Pred 15 dnevi

    Looks like the Lakers need to focus less on flashy and alley-oops and more on fundamentals, defense, and communication. It looks like a one-man show with whoever has the ball mostly.

    HOMiCiDE CLYDE Pred 15 dnevi

    That thumbnail looks gay asf

  • Gregory Villanova
    Gregory Villanova Pred 15 dnevi


  • Sean Turnner
    Sean Turnner Pred 15 dnevi

    Lebron is the past
    Zion is the future

    • Baby Shanks
      Baby Shanks Pred 14 dnevi

      maybe, we have to wait and see, remember Zo, he was gonna change the PG spot, only thing he is changing now is diapers

  • zipties
    zipties Pred 15 dnevi

    So you're saying there's a chance... ☘️☘️

  • Japjee Singh Chauhan
    Japjee Singh Chauhan Pred 15 dnevi

    Yoo kyrie has the best handles in NBA