Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

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  • shane
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    PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

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    • Zero Two
      Zero Two Pred 5 urami

      Ok Shane... I finished part 2... BUT WHERE THE HELL IS PART 3!?!? WE NEED MOREEEEEEEEEE!!!! But over all, this series was amazing. 💕

    • Crablet 1031
      Crablet 1031 Pred 6 urami

      Do something over the movie WAL E. I can’t be the only that sees something.

    • Seanna Miriah
      Seanna Miriah Pred 16 urami

      Shane, apparently there are a few cemeteries in CA where the fires burned around them..yet they were unscathed. I will have to ask my mother-in law where exactly she saw them...but super weird right??

    • Phoenix Out
      Phoenix Out Pred 18 urami

      thats why i use samsung s8

  • val varela
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    We love a Conspiracy queen👑👑 please heart this😍😍

  • Gabby Ssgs
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    Omg so I was watching SLclip and blah and my dad calls me and could hear the video that I was watching and it creeped me out.

  • Faith Haley
    Faith Haley Pred 3 urami

    That is so iconic that you put larray in this lol yall need to collab like most iconic collab ever

  • Max Kuhar
    Max Kuhar Pred 3 urami

    i like the add for honey wtih the voice lmao

  • Sunny The Kitten
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    *now I'm glad that I don't have an iPhone*

  • Adilene Leon
    Adilene Leon Pred 3 urami

    Sis got me fucked up 😦

  • Purple_ wolfie
    Purple_ wolfie Pred 3 urami

    I have a conspiracy that on tv the show models and stuff in normal commercials and also ways to loose wait and look good 🙄

    OH YEAH YEAH Pred 3 urami

    Gloria Burgas pew news intro

  • Ivana Brena
    Ivana Brena Pred 3 urami

    i live in perry township in Ohio also known as the district which its high school is called the "sucicide school" last year and it was scary knowing you can get a blue whale email

  • ur mom
    ur mom Pred 3 urami

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Olivia F.
    Olivia F. Pred 3 urami

    1:02:21-1:03:44 literally made me pee my pants. THE EDITING SHANE I CANT 🥵

  • Emilie H. Berg
    Emilie H. Berg Pred 3 urami

    Im happy i dont have a microwave

  • Sophie Roth
    Sophie Roth Pred 3 urami

    no wonder why whenever i go into a target I want to buy everything

  • Daniella Gibson
    Daniella Gibson Pred 3 urami +1

    Love these long vids

  • Liza Marie
    Liza Marie Pred 3 urami +1

    I can feel it in the air that the end is near

  • VirusJD
    VirusJD Pred 3 urami +1

    Who else is just chilling in another *continent*

    Rip to those who died

  • Paris Wilson
    Paris Wilson Pred 3 urami +1

    Is anyone else reading comments so they’re not as scared?

  • Gwendolyn Thompson
    Gwendolyn Thompson Pred 3 urami

    Walt Disney was not frozen it was confirmed by his daughter

  • PeanutButter Peanuts
    PeanutButter Peanuts Pred 3 urami

    After watching this I don’t trust NO ONE!!

  • AtKe3
    AtKe3 Pred 3 urami

    Shane you get that nobody watches 90 minutes of a video

  • Isabella Dotson
    Isabella Dotson Pred 3 urami

    Shane I stg you keep activating my hey Siri. JESUS.

  • Sneakyclips
    Sneakyclips Pred 3 urami

    Here’s a challenge take a shot anytime he says oh my god 25:45

  • Alex Gayap
    Alex Gayap Pred 3 urami

    Wh else is scrolling down the comments because their scared because it is kinda weird and dark, happy Shane's back.

  • вяσσкιє тωσѕhσєѕ

    3:16, Cheeto is meee

  • senpai xD
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    Came for pewds. Guess i wont be getting any sleep tonight either.

  • Rosa M
    Rosa M Pred 3 urami

    I feel horrible seeing the causes of the woolsey fire. I feel like we could have prevented the forest fires. The amount of carbon dioxide is huge, I feel worried that the live in earth will end faster. I rly want to save this world, but some people are stupid and deny the climate change.

  • Lexi Turner
    Lexi Turner Pred 3 urami

    Oh what an iconic queen ❤️ Shane love your vids

  • x.lilianaa.x
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    Am I the only one covering my camera, no? Okay

  • Derya
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    1:22:25 * laughs in Android *

  • Brenna M
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  • zee bee
    zee bee Pred 3 urami +1

    flipping reptillians are actually real then!

  • legit nesha
    legit nesha Pred 3 urami +1

    Yoooo what if donald trump says he sent nukes we could all die im hella scared

  • Bruh_ My Man
    Bruh_ My Man Pred 3 urami

    Yall be talkin about how bad it is to manipulate people but yall are putting loud music in the back and then like flashing words and repeting stuff like trying to make us absorb the info more like even if we dont know what yall are talking about lmao dont @ me tho i lobe ur channel just somthing i noticed

  • XxAngie HadixX
    XxAngie HadixX Pred 3 urami +1

    For the static you hear in ZEPETO it’s not in the game you can hear always hear it even though you didn’t install the game

  • mido king
    mido king Pred 3 urami

    So Walt Disney is being frozen now until they find a way in the future to upload his conscience into a cyborg body!!!

  • Unicorn
    Unicorn Pred 3 urami +1

    I'm getting an android

  • Roblox Gal
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    my birthday is 10/10 lOl

  • legit nesha
    legit nesha Pred 3 urami +1

    The first conspiracy reallyscares me

  • Purple_ wolfie
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    52:10 i only hear the static with the zepeto app

  • Bobo Show
    Bobo Show Pred 3 urami

    Maybe that fire was planned. Like what the policemen says in GTA 5, "That's how we do things here". Maybe a gasoline was already poured and a bang bang is the only one who triggers it? I learned so much from GTA 5. I loved the game. Maybe a military weapon test who gone out of control? Or maybe someone trippin'?

  • JonahSmells 123
    JonahSmells 123 Pred 3 urami +1

    Even the sponsor was scary

  • That1singlePotato
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    1:38:48 is that Pew News I hear!?!?!

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison Pred 3 urami

    Wait hold up, theres a whole section in here about the live photo and being freaked don't that it records sound too
    Yes, it's a video clip...
    I don't... I don't understand what people have otherwise thought it was ? It's a very public feature, Apple tells you what it is and that it records sound right up front..
    It's been a main feature for literally years
    Also no it doesn't store a streamed copy of the camera up to apple, that'd chew through everyone's data and hard drive space pretty hard. No it just keeps up to the last three seconds in memory and the following three seconds after the shot, for a 5-6 second video clip, and THAT is what gets peristsed to iCloud if you have that feature enabled.
    If ya wanna learn how to use Wireshark to monitor internet activity you can if you want to test the Theory out

  • Mariah Ernest
    Mariah Ernest Pred 3 urami

    44:00 I would say you're kind of wrong about the Ouija board. The Ouija board is not meant to bring in evil spirits. Like any other medium, it's SUPPOSED to be used to connect this realm and others. It being targeted to kids makes it seem like a joke, and when you take spirits as a joke, you get a few nasty ones, who like to take away your innocents and use your energy. I've met some nice spirits via Ouija board, yes I've met some who I had to have a dick measuring contest with, but I know what I'm doing and I always protect myself. The Ouija board can be used to gain more knowledge to the other realmS; yes more than just this human one and ONE spirit realm. I met my GREAT grandmother, through the board; all she did was say hi, and went on her way. Told me to check my her daughter ( my grandmother ), and said bye. I've had conversations with the infamous Zozo, he's a bit clingy, but he doesn't try to scare be (after the first 3 times), and actually talks to be and helps me know what's what about his realm. I don't provoke spirits, I don't fear them and I try to understand them, that's what makes the Ouija board safe to use, if you provoke, and are just using the board as a game, and joking about, spirits will see you as an easy prey. I understand why the Ouija board has such a negative reputation about it, but it's not evil in and of itself, it's just the misuse of the Ouija Board that is evil.

  • mojay30
    mojay30 Pred 3 urami

    My aunt and uncle had bought there house in Redmond and 2 weeks later were evacuated. Everything was gone and black, the footage my cousin posted was surreal

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Pred 3 urami

    That with the calling thing is something what i sometimes have. Sometimes when i call my dad i hear him say something before he picks up

  • meh
    meh Pred 3 urami

    The frozen conspiracy was fucking mad

  • Parker Violette
    Parker Violette Pred 3 urami

    This happened to my mom (the phone thing) the phone rang and we started talking trash and didn't pick up yet she didn't even touch her phone, and when we looked over It had picked up and he said "what were u saying I didn't hear u it was muffled" and we were like confused and we thought maybe it was voice activated. (Trying to distract ourselves from the fact that its listening) and it was just weird

  • Ivana Brena
    Ivana Brena Pred 3 urami

    is the phone thing only on ipone or android too?

  • LiLiMae
    LiLiMae Pred 3 urami

    Another conspiracy Apple and Samsung are the same company but they sell diff phones at the same time for competition but they still get all the money

  • Eli The Bean
    Eli The Bean Pred 3 urami

    SO going with the cartoon and suicide thing, I’ve been depressed since second grade. In the third grade, I was actively self harming, although I was unaware of what selfharm was. And in fourth grade, I wanted to disappear. I didn’t know what suicide was at the time, I just knew I was sad and would rather not exist than be sad the way I was. Fifth grade, I knew was suicide was. Sixth, I started to cut myself. Seventh, I attempted suicide for the first time. As the years went on, I became worse and worse. My cutting got so bad I’m left with scars that’ll never fade. I’ve attempted suicide over 10 times. I’m almost 19 and am just now getting better. But 10 year old me, wanted to die. I wasn’t active online, so how did I learn that killing myself was an “answer”. Maybe I’m proof of what showing suicide in cartoons does to kids?

  • preachanyeol ok
    preachanyeol ok Pred 3 urami

    34:07 is where i’m at

  • Scout Thomas
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  • sister snatched
    sister snatched Pred 3 urami

    I love Garret's shirt so much⚡

  • lea rodriguez
    lea rodriguez Pred 3 urami

    that also is backkfiring..u just get used to those,your tired of them,your used to them and dont even many things is going on your brain cant keep up,all this tactiques,one thing remains in your essentials,not much money...dont want no mess just want to keep focus so u start to go automatic and ignore things..

  • xRubyplays
    xRubyplays Pred 4 urami

    Garret is me when he says spooky, when I'm at a friends house legit thats me because I dont have a phone and theyre all like hA

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Pred 4 urami

    OMG Shane noticed MeisjeDjamilla!!!! (11:50)

  • Angelbaby 5506
    Angelbaby 5506 Pred 4 urami

    So I have horrible asthma and anxiety and once I went into a Hollister store and instantly I could not breath and I was panicking, the music was way to loud and it triggered my ptsd and anxiety and the smell of perfume was way to much for me to handle, so I never have went there since.

  • Kat Henderson
    Kat Henderson Pred 4 urami

    My Siri goes off when I talk to anyone, time to transfer to android!

  • Kat Henderson
    Kat Henderson Pred 4 urami

    My Siri goes off when I talk to anyone, time to transfer to android!

  • Countdrakeula 22
    Countdrakeula 22 Pred 4 urami

    Maybe frozen was them telling you that it us true think about it
    Disney's frozen just add Walt
    Walt Disney's frozen
    think about

  • Brianna Pesantes
    Brianna Pesantes Pred 4 urami


  • Emily Ryan
    Emily Ryan Pred 4 urami

    shane is lowkey so mean to garrett but also loves him, Love that 😭

  • Top Scholar
    Top Scholar Pred 4 urami

    my man that was just gravity falls near 4 minutes

  • mido king
    mido king Pred 4 urami

    and that's why I use android phones.

  • Jasleen Diaz
    Jasleen Diaz Pred 4 urami

    Did anyone notice when the characters in Zepto kept on looking to the screen

  • Gabby ._.
    Gabby ._. Pred 4 urami

    hang man teaches us that In life if you say on wrong thing it can will someone, that's SUPER fucked up

  • too many cooks
    too many cooks Pred 4 urami

    Well I hope the FBI like watching me eat noodles like a fat slob cause thats all I do

  • Owl Leep
    Owl Leep Pred 4 urami +1

    1:38:41 pewnews?

  • Ivana Brena
    Ivana Brena Pred 4 urami +1

    3:07 when Andrew said "that the phone was prerecording".what if it was because the phone knows that the owner usually anwsers to that phone number?

  • Aye Lmao
    Aye Lmao Pred 4 urami

    Yeah, I hear the noise when I’m on SLclip

  • Miss Mia 105 z
    Miss Mia 105 z Pred 4 urami +1

    Im a child i watch cartoons !

  • poyo
    poyo Pred 4 urami +2

    Thanks for showing us a picture of Momo, Shane.

    Call me a wuss but I am absolutely terrified at her

  • Angeleen Gastav
    Angeleen Gastav Pred 4 urami

    I watch these types of videos cuz I don't get scared...

  • Best Meme
    Best Meme Pred 4 urami +1

    That’s why I’ve never heard of Abercrombie since 2012. Also I’ve never set foot in one and I’ll keep it that way 🤭shho0o0okkkk!

  • just _ me
    just _ me Pred 4 urami

    Now I‘m freaking out

  • Lavish Liz
    Lavish Liz Pred 4 urami

    If I walk into a store and I smell a strong stench of cologne, I’m leaving😂

  • Leah De Best
    Leah De Best Pred 4 urami

    I went into Hollister and its fucking epilepsy

  • ryen leydic44
    ryen leydic44 Pred 4 urami

    I dont call or get calls and im not on iphone so i dont care about it

  • pochunk
    pochunk Pred 4 urami

    I hear that static noise every time i use my bluetooth headphones, even when im not playing any sound. Sometimes I’ll enter certain apps or press certain things and it’ll start doing it. It’s probably doing it when the headphones are disconnected too, I just never notice.

  • Tabitha Rippy
    Tabitha Rippy Pred 4 urami

    i feel like all of the people attacking is happening just because Trump is president🙄

  • Abby Ko
    Abby Ko Pred 4 urami

    I know I'm weeks late but that duck analogy was really good

  • Ayiana Sanchez
    Ayiana Sanchez Pred 4 urami

    Shane another thing about iPhones turn your ringer up all the way and put your phone to your ear like your on a call. What I heard had me paranoid. TRY IT!

    • Ayiana Sanchez
      Ayiana Sanchez Pred 3 urami

      It's not just on the app it's your real phone

  • Brooke Tanner
    Brooke Tanner Pred 4 urami

    When I’m on my phone I can hear a slight ringing

  • Charlotte Ells
    Charlotte Ells Pred 4 urami

    1:28:30 that’s a boiler blowing up, not a microwave

  • Alayna Love
    Alayna Love Pred 4 urami

    I'm thinking the fires are just like Saw id you did something bad then you die or loose something important

  • Sydney Morton
    Sydney Morton Pred 4 urami

    Ayy i ain’t got a microwave 😋😛😛

  • Ashley Lynn
    Ashley Lynn Pred 4 urami +1

    spookiest conspiracy theory video shane has done

  • Kaitlin Eckert
    Kaitlin Eckert Pred 4 urami

    As a fan for 5 years... This disappointed me. I really hope you pick it back up. But it's tackey and doesn't feel authentic or realistic. I like your ghost videos better because if you're going to be dramatic we can expect it. This feels scripted.

  • The Weird One XD
    The Weird One XD Pred 4 urami +1

    What has our world come to?

  • Lavish Liz
    Lavish Liz Pred 4 urami

    I looked up Walt Disney frozen, and I got a mix of the movie frozen and stuff about Walt disney

  • Influenze-
    Influenze- Pred 4 urami

    Yesssss!!!! Finally

  • VIDire WolfIV
    VIDire WolfIV Pred 4 urami

    The way Iphones and all phones work is that once you start sliding to answer the microphone turns on near the end of that slide. You start either talking or you start listening to the previous conversation. It doesnt happen a lot in android phones because it isnt a slide its a button but it can happen. I wouldnt call it a conspiracy more than a feature of the phone.

  • The Tree Huggi
    The Tree Huggi Pred 4 urami

    This is why hangman is banned at my school

  • RoboticHow
    RoboticHow Pred 4 urami +1

    Isn’t it strange that when Shane talked about Walt Disney being frozen and people are searching for it again the Frozen 2 teaser trailer came out soon after :?

  • Kayleighs Corner
    Kayleighs Corner Pred 4 urami

    1:25:14 **sips tea**

  • Daniella Carballo
    Daniella Carballo Pred 4 urami

    have you talked about the Simpsons? To me this is the craziest thing I've ever read about

  • Shea Toperzer
    Shea Toperzer Pred 4 urami +1

    About the kids watching youtube thing... My little sister (Age 4) goes on youtube and watches the scariest shit! And I jump to that shit! When me and my friends were having a sleepover one night, we were watching a show on Netflix (it happened to be a horror show) So my little sister crept down the dark hallway but she wasn't acting normal she tries to act like that shit that she watches... I tried to delete youtube, she just re-downloaded it and its crazy! She's really starting to scare me like ooh. They need to do something about this ! fr fr!

  • Chandler Hilton
    Chandler Hilton Pred 4 urami

    Have or these aren’t even conspiring. They’re just business tactics