Sports (And Ones That Aren't Actually Sports)

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  • shadow_absorber
    shadow_absorber Pred 5 urami

    and chess is considerd a sport just for your information grade.

  • DemiTap
    DemiTap Pred 5 urami

    I fucking love to hear swear words on youtube again.
    EDIT: People who get triggered by shit grade says are actually retarded.

  • Ethan York
    Ethan York Pred 6 urami

    I can't believe you think racing isn't physically or mentally demanding, you should put a little research into your videos, and you totally twisted that one guy's words

  • JimiTalentX
    JimiTalentX Pred 6 urami

    I'm a fan on 4 of 5 major sports. And you're right. Everybody is on Steroids💉💊

  • VASKO Projects
    VASKO Projects Pred 6 urami

    Grade do a vid dont do me dirty

  • Cool plus man 2 lol Replica

    Great a under a I really hate this after school program it's called think together it's the worst after school program

  • Josh Quack
    Josh Quack Pred 8 urami

    not going to lie, most e-sports gamers don't have a life. they're all obese and play video games all day. at least that's the majority of them. there are a few rare exceptions tho

  • Odai Jabari
    Odai Jabari Pred 8 urami

    Papa you are back!

  • ZTRulez
    ZTRulez Pred 8 urami

    5:21 *EDP445 wants to know your location*

  • Rockara
    Rockara Pred 9 urami

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand hes dead

  • Bartholomew Dan
    Bartholomew Dan Pred 9 urami

    As someone who plays Euro Truck Simulator and has bought DLC for it, I can confirm that it isn't a sport. It's a great game, but not very sporty, especially considering the fact that you're driving massive trucks.

  • blue Lucario
    blue Lucario Pred 10 urami


  • Ognjen Sonic Gamer
    Ognjen Sonic Gamer Pred 10 urami

    Grade check this file:///C:/Users/Pc/Pictures/grade.PNG

  • Mangala Shelar
    Mangala Shelar Pred 10 urami

    Angry prash is best

  • Killuminati Hail mary
    Killuminati Hail mary Pred 11 urami

    Can you do a face reveal grade?

  • Xx_exterminater _Xx
    Xx_exterminater _Xx Pred 12 urami

    See y'all in 2 years

  • Clanky the Robot
    Clanky the Robot Pred 12 urami

    guy literally dropped 3 videos after a year of nothing and leaves again...

    BLACKZ BANTER Pred 13 urami

    See you guys in 10 months!😁

  • The OG Beast
    The OG Beast Pred 14 urami

    NASCAR is still exciting

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget Pred 15 urami

    Sports is basically anything competitive 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • kamron gibbs
    kamron gibbs Pred 15 urami

    Glad your back.

  • Xander Cubbin
    Xander Cubbin Pred 15 urami

    Can do your opinion on Article 13?

  • Herrera
    Herrera Pred 15 urami

    How do u have 3.4 K subs and only have 93 vids. that just shows everyone that u make some great content and u keep people’s attention great job!!!

  • I_ir_i_ka_bay _1
    I_ir_i_ka_bay _1 Pred 16 urami

    I don’t like nascar but how come u didn’t add in formula 1

  • RG ICE
    RG ICE Pred 16 urami +2

    American football and rugby are very different sports and the only reason you think their the same is because they have a slightly similar ball and their is contact and the reason American football players were padding is because there's more contact and if you Did not wear helmets or padding you would go insane from concussion and their is proof of that.

  • OPgi Sh0tz
    OPgi Sh0tz Pred 17 urami +1

    Okay, I agree NASCAR is boring. But other types of racing, like Formula 1, Blancpain GT Series, IMSA, WEC, Supercross, MotoGP, etc. are actually fun to watch, and on top of that, actually a sport, and requires a lot of talent.

  • Bitchy Weeaboo
    Bitchy Weeaboo Pred 18 urami

    I consider e-sports as sports because they require a lot of hand eye coordination. You actually build up a lot of strength after playing games for a while. Not shit like candy crush and crossyroad the gaming feminists are saying should be included. But I game every now and then, mainly cs:go and since I started I noticed I gained a lot more strength in my right arm (my dominant arm)

  • Sir 101
    Sir 101 Pred 19 urami

    Dianabol: making you buff since 1987

  • Minecraftplays 123
    Minecraftplays 123 Pred 19 urami

    Do a vid on furries

  • Bri
    Bri Pred 20 urami +1

    Keep uploading so I won't commit suicide.

  • Mikey Conngz
    Mikey Conngz Pred 20 urami

    wtf he made a video!?

  • Xx YTDragon27 xX
    Xx YTDragon27 xX Pred 21 uro

    Wat about pool?!! 🎱 it’s absolutely shit!😂

  • MyWifeTookTheKids
    MyWifeTookTheKids Pred 21 uro +1


  • TheMemeLord
    TheMemeLord Pred 22 urami

    Make a video about roasting thots wearing yoga pants

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond Pred 22 urami +1


  • Kier Color
    Kier Color Pred 23 urami

    Wait what? Didn't your career die when you became a retard

    MENASOR INCARNATED Pred 23 urami

    In esports and in nascar you need high dexterity and high brain power. THAT'S ATHLETIC

  • Rioting Rogue
    Rioting Rogue Pred 23 urami +1

    He left again. Lol

  • dont read my description
    dont read my description Pred 23 urami

    I play sports all day everyday because I play games

  • y twat
    y twat Pred dnevom +1

    *GradeAUnderA supports your local drug dealer!*

    IQPOUCHEY PLAYS Pred dnevom

    You should make a video about video games or something

  • Riscktisc 345
    Riscktisc 345 Pred dnevom

    Why does it say season 3? you just started season 2

  • Tomnyan GC
    Tomnyan GC Pred dnevom

    is it truly season 3 if there was no season 2?

  • The Forbidden Fruit
    The Forbidden Fruit Pred dnevom +1

    Mumkey jones died before you came back.....he would be happy

  • John Perdue
    John Perdue Pred dnevom

    what about boxing?

  • kevin dunwoody
    kevin dunwoody Pred dnevom +1

    And he is gone again

  • Craig Pena
    Craig Pena Pred dnevom +1

    American football us not even close to rugby and it's more dangerous regarding certain injuries which is way pads are needed. In rugby it's back and forth where in football you stop after each play... Because of that the defense gets set and can't be caught off guard so players get hurt often. Also the offensive/defensive line is the most dangerous and grousome position in all of sports

    • Frank Gallacher
      Frank Gallacher Pred dnevom

      You do make a valid point as am not really that clued in both rugby and American football ...The only way to be certain on which one is the most extreme would be to have both party's to agree on a..Rugby american we get the best of the uk rugby Scotland. England. Irland. Wales or even better whattever country playes rugby hook them up on American football gear and vs the best of the American side. that would be challenged one. Then do the same with the American players without the protection gear. .that way we can know for sure which one kicks arese 🏈🏉

  • krzysztof Karpinski
    krzysztof Karpinski Pred dnevom

    Soccer or football is the only good non American sport

  • X xMemeDealer X
    X xMemeDealer X Pred dnevom

    I love nascar but agree it shouldn’t be a sport

  • LEL gaming
    LEL gaming Pred dnevom

    Grade make a video on the pewdiepie vs Tseries war

  • Flaming Moose
    Flaming Moose Pred dnevom

    Welcome back you wank bag

  • Casper williams
    Casper williams Pred dnevom

    Nfl is nothing like rugby the only similarities are the ball shape and the contact

  • The zeus Has A Secretary

    Grade You Really Thicc

  • Alan Foster
    Alan Foster Pred dnevom

    So that means we’re talking about my favorite thing in the world...

    -boobs- SPORTS!
    ~GradeAUnderA 2019

  • egamflow
    egamflow Pred dnevom

    so i still think american football should get a new name barely any foot to ball connection
    i am a big video gamer
    i agree
    e sports
    is competitive as shit
    but not a sport
    nascar i agree not a sport
    competitive as shit sure
    but i agree with u on sports are human activity

    • egamflow
      egamflow Pred dnevom

      oh as for steroids
      i get where ur coming from it be more entertaining
      but they arent healthy for ppls
      i would vote make two section
      a none steroid allowed and a steroid allowed so ppls can pick
      it b steroids the same as its men's sports because the steroid ppls be tougher stronger and yada yada sorry women its only biology men are physically stronger

  • streamer BTW
    streamer BTW Pred dnevom

    Hello bayron /grade a under a

  • Stefan Kovacevic
    Stefan Kovacevic Pred dnevom

    7:22 and then why I love his humour so much...

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Pred dnevom

    The views this guy gets is very good and I think he should have more subs and views

  • Cosmic Silence
    Cosmic Silence Pred dnevom

    “Pussy protective equipment “ ever heard of something called concussions !?

  • Project Human
    Project Human Pred dnevom

    All you have to do if you forget this guy's channel's name is search:
    "Ranting Big Jaw... Animation."
    _Trust me, it works._

  • Doofu ri
    Doofu ri Pred dnevom

    _Arguing with your girlfriend_

  • younes soto
    younes soto Pred dnevom

    I will change channel, unsubscribed....

  • Junebug482
    Junebug482 Pred dnevom +1

    To me a sport is just a broadcasted game (doesn't matter what it is) chess, Tetris tournament , basketball, capture the flag, javelin throwing, (anything that requires skill or is impressive to do for so long or so well . And is being shown to an audience)

    • Junebug482
      Junebug482 Pred dnevom

      E-sports require loads of talent and are mentally demanding as fuck.

  • KingArthurII
    KingArthurII Pred dnevom

    I literally have a friend who finds all the best crashes and sends them to me for NASCAR I personally think they should add more tracks with actual obstacle courses NASCAR 2.0 NASCAR 2000 NASCAR 2019 oh wait it's called monster trucks drift rally an actual stunt courses my bad meanwhile in NASCAR look they're making a left turn again and again and again and again and again did I mention again I'm pretty sure I said again I hope that God I said again man that I just I really hope I said again #boring

  • Aman Phillips
    Aman Phillips Pred dnevom

    yeah but it is a sport, not porn, just crazy entertainment is not the only reason people watch football

  • Cheez It's
    Cheez It's Pred dnevom

    6:54 new rap lyrics

  • Mr. Spartan
    Mr. Spartan Pred dnevom

    What is this thing you call... *a sport?*

  • Xx2fast 4youxX
    Xx2fast 4youxX Pred dnevom

    eSports is technically a sport because you're moving you're fingers and make very physical hand movements. Yes just because it's competitive DOESNT MAKE IT A SPORT but when you start sweating and you are using very fast hand movement or using reflexes, you're physically interacting with the game

  • Mark Cairns
    Mark Cairns Pred dnevom


  • ProRose12 ps4
    ProRose12 ps4 Pred dnevom

    Oi grade! Do u mind if I use ur basic character style for a shity skit?

  • Speed up with the dudes

    We look at u grade to look into the thing called drama with T-series and Pewdiepie

  • Sean Steinbach
    Sean Steinbach Pred dnevom

    Fuck you Grade

  • John Strader
    John Strader Pred dnevom

    I’m American and I don’t know how NASCAR a sport

  • Yee 2222
    Yee 2222 Pred dnevom

    dragracing is better than nascar (let the war begin)

  • Donny Gunnz
    Donny Gunnz Pred dnevom

    How about formula 1? If you blink you miss the car. It's even more depressing watching it on TV

  • Cas Hawk
    Cas Hawk Pred dnevom




    When is your next "tube" going to be up, maybe in your next video include a schedule and something about brexit......or wheely-bins... Also new word for u "HFAA", sountuned, soû-tuned e.g soundly tuned to an (or multiple) action and or emotion "joy" "sad" "hate" "angry" etc
    CE "conversation example" thee evidence of your souñtuned hatred is undeniable you are no longer with my employ , you pronounce the ñ more when brought into speech.. However on paper you pro-noun thee û as needed
    For other accents so to include diverse relations.
    P.N please add to this as your will-.

  • knightmare black blood

    but steroids make you mad batshit crazy (and violent aggressive) and Shrunk your cockerel (Honey I Shrunk my Rooster)

    • DSRReacts
      DSRReacts Pred dnevom

      Not really check out Larry wheels he a steroid user and is the most chill person

  • HellaLoneNightcore
    HellaLoneNightcore Pred 2 dnevi


  • theamazingmann
    theamazingmann Pred 2 dnevi

    Imagine being this emotionally invested in something you don’t even like

  • Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow

    Because the nba is the best basketball league in the world

  • General
    General Pred 2 dnevi

    I’m so happy Grade is back I fucking love this guy

  • Not Sounisee
    Not Sounisee Pred 2 dnevi

    Thank you for coming back,Grade.....MISSED YOU SO FUCKING MUCH

  • Koncraad
    Koncraad Pred 2 dnevi

    Reaction times and hand eye coordination are physical exertion but I get your point lol

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E Pred 2 dnevi

    Now... what are your feelings towards chess?

  • KdJ2's Twin
    KdJ2's Twin Pred 2 dnevi

    Where tf

    ULTRA INSTINCT Zack Pred 2 dnevi

    Do u make a vid every month?

  • Pikapanda
    Pikapanda Pred 2 dnevi

    2 years later and you finally fulfilled your promise

  • Damany PS4gamer
    Damany PS4gamer Pred 2 dnevi

    I'm surprised grade hasn't made a video of fortnite

  • Ruthvik Raju
    Ruthvik Raju Pred 2 dnevi


  • toulouse666
    toulouse666 Pred 2 dnevi

    _Soccer_ is indeed shit.
    Just like all the other sports, but soccer is by far the worst.

    • DSRReacts
      DSRReacts Pred dnevom

      American football is worse

  • Dashiel Grayson
    Dashiel Grayson Pred 2 dnevi

    0:54 😂

  • Michaelflash123s stuff
    Michaelflash123s stuff Pred 2 dnevi

    I'd say season 2 was the best

  • c2ashman
    c2ashman Pred 2 dnevi

    American Football.........the girls version of Rugby.

  • LachDestroyer Does YT
    LachDestroyer Does YT Pred 2 dnevi

    Yo grade, you gotta. Are a video on pewdiepie vs t series.

  • Hockey_All_Star5
    Hockey_All_Star5 Pred 2 dnevi

    Post more

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell Pred 2 dnevi

    All American sports are “world champion” sports according to them even tho all the teams in their sports are from America 😂

  • Arvin Leroy
    Arvin Leroy Pred 2 dnevi

    7.23 lmao

  • MadHatPsycho
    MadHatPsycho Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Ew sports

  • Jack Ripple
    Jack Ripple Pred 2 dnevi

    Actually, brah. eSports moved your brain. So basically, that's a physical test. FUCKING INSANE, MATE!

  • Practice Run Studios
    Practice Run Studios Pred 2 dnevi

    What about Yu-Gi-Oh! If you are the best at the game then you are titled King of Games.