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  • Objavljeno 7. feb. 2019
  • War of the firework........but what will it look like.
    Check out the other milestone Firework madness here
    1M -
    2M -
    3M -
    4M -
    5M -
    6M -
    Thanks to as they supply all the Fireworks this channel needs.
    Also thanks to @mmaerialphotography for the 2nd drone Footage
    Social stuff here people
    1st and last Tracks are by "Nosebleed" and are "Can't Stay Here" and "I'm Shaking"
    2nd Track is called "Get your rat Out" by "VFA" This band is no longer active so no links.
    In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewers
    #fireworks #furze #amazing
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    Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.

    • Дмитрий
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      colinfurze cool, hi from Russia, you're crazy.

    • Thallivier
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      whenever i see you upload, the title is always whats in the video. legendary.

    • Inimbrium
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      You've already got 7.8M after just a few months. By summer you better have a plan for 8!! LOL

    • Gunter
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      that was epic

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      colinfurze you are going to be close to 8 million. Also, 8 is my favourite number.

  • Anthony Steele
    Anthony Steele Pred 6 urami

    make a gas powered phone

  • Gtav K.o
    Gtav K.o Pred 7 urami

    Legend says you can still see the smoke today

  • Hadez43
    Hadez43 Pred 8 urami

    2 months ago you hit 7mil, now you're about to hit 8 mil. Try shooting a million rockets from the sky.

  • Deepak Rajaram
    Deepak Rajaram Pred 8 urami

    This looks like the climax from Harry potter

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  • VPD Channel
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    Nổ pháo đẹp quá trời nổ pháo đẹp quá quá trời đẹp luôn

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    Hey its almost 8m! Im so excited whats next😃

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    You are poluting the environment

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    Đẹp vl

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    Finally a channel worth subscribing

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    You can see home runing 5:40

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    This is fully waste of valuable things and pollution of environment

  • Zach Smith
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    it’s OK kids try this at home1:57

  • Nicodo123
    Nicodo123 Pred 17 urami

    I think I saw a wind sock

  • Gérald Zappa
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    Excellent ! 👏✊🍹

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    you are crazy man

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    What kind of whanker down voted this?

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    He he he two months and were already nearly at 8 million! Can’t wait for what it’s gonna be!!!

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    Lol, its already almost to 8 million.

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    Por estupideces como esta se acelera el calentamiento global

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    Nice cat1

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    Famous last words:
    “That sounds like a good idea.”

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    Me hubiera gustado que explorarán los coches a ver si te reias...

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    waiting for 8 million

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    from bangladesh.your regular viewer

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    ALLMOST 8mil

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    When Collin showed his hand held it literally looked like 2000 wizards just went mental 😂😂

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    5:30 thats epic

  • Nicholas Carlough
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    Laziest katyusha ever

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    1,000 rockets.(vs.) 1,000 rockets = EXTREME CHAOS!.

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    Why are you wasted your money ...??

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    Sir make a helicopter

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    You are crazy barely escaped death 😈😈🤠😇

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  • 01000110 01001101 01001010 01010011 01010011


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    I'm scared the world will end when he gets 8 million subs

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    u sure u ain't american buddy

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    How arent you deaf?!

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    So stupid

  • Kevin Gamble
    Kevin Gamble Pred dnevom

    What the fj*** bruv

  • Zdzichu Kowadło vel. twój stary kręcioła

    see how to correct smash the cartons :P

  • NoSoyBorxaf
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    Oi oi, do you have a license for that chum?

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    Tiên sư mấy thằng dở 😂

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    Very very super

  • Hightidefishin with CJ Mason

    That was epic!👍👍👏

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  • Swayangprava Swain
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    Third world war started

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    COOL hahah

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    That was awsome.

  • Flossy Posse067
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    R.i.p the truck

  • Flossy Posse067
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    I survived the fucking fireworks

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Pred 2 dnevi

    That was so badass!

  • Danster547
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    I like how it went wrong but in a fun way. That’s the fun thing about fireworks

  • Gamer Gen
    Gamer Gen Pred 2 dnevi

    totally massive

  • Super Plush 64
    Super Plush 64 Pred 2 dnevi

    Well someone got a little too trigger happy with magic missal

  • GRIZZ 357
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    F/A brother that was F-ing awesome

  • Brendon Ketner
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    Almost another million in a couple months. Wtf. 😳

  • Bobbie Kolb
    Bobbie Kolb Pred 2 dnevi

    its only 960 rockets!! not 1000

  • _Morenolotion
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    Directed by Michael Bay

  • ziros22
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    Stalin would be proud!

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  • José Gilson Santos
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    E doido mano kkk🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    SUB4SUB BOT Pred 3 dnevi

    Road to 8 million
    8million = Fireworks seller happy

  • SkosYYV YT
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    this should be 2020 new years fireworks thing

  • Boris Müller
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    I hope he’s ready for 8M, it’s approaching almost as fast as those rockets.

  • Erick Ramak
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    8 million like 3000 Rockets 1 meter in ground

  • Steffen Filskov
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    only 6,8

  • Christine Kraus
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    CHECK IT OUT !!!

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    I loved what they did with these fireworks but very dangerous. You are very crazy but I want them

  • Timothy Waters
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    Well "THIS" one made me a subscriber.. Thanks for the awesome display but just one question....

    • Timothy Waters
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      +The_Lost_87 That you very much for the info ... Coming from the mountains of British Columbia Canada.

    • The_Lost_87
      The_Lost_87 Pred 15 urami

      I'm pretty sure they get paid per view on each video. They make hella good money. Matt from Demolition Ranch said its per view on one of his videos.

  • Randy Porteous
    Randy Porteous Pred 3 dnevi

    That's over $6,000 worth of fireworks. And at 2:17 You'd think he would fabricate a door for his gas tank.

  • Prodi-G
    Prodi-G Pred 3 dnevi

    5:04 thanks me later.

  • wj2109
    wj2109 Pred 3 dnevi

    oh my fucking god there is something wrong in this mans head

  • DEEP
    DEEP Pred 3 dnevi

    5:23 that's epic

  • Pulverizer mlg
    Pulverizer mlg Pred 3 dnevi +1

    Was this a Michael Bay moovie?

  • Pakorn Wattanavrangkul
    Pakorn Wattanavrangkul Pred 4 dnevi +3

    Katyusha vs Katyusha, colorised.

  • Bleach Drinker
    Bleach Drinker Pred 4 dnevi

    When North Korea missiles final work

    PUBG TY Pred 4 dnevi

    Какой-то далбаёб

  • xFANGUSx
    xFANGUSx Pred 4 dnevi

    You top 1 world

  • xFANGUSx
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    Thank you!

  • uwu cohan
    uwu cohan Pred 4 dnevi

    It looks like your about to bomb North Korea

  • Paul Green
    Paul Green Pred 4 dnevi

    Who won???

  • Teetar farming Grey Francolin farming

    I was thinking of placing this guy, in charge of nuclear stockpile of Russia and the other one in charge of U.S nuclear arsenal. We'll have a great entertainment then

  • Paul Lorenzini
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  • Big Steve ENT
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  • jeff pepin
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    wow lol

  • Nathan .C22
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    What an idiot how did he not get hit😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BFAlexandru 855
    BFAlexandru 855 Pred 4 dnevi

    What about 8 million?

  • ABBE1992
    ABBE1992 Pred 5 dnevi

    why didn't u build the seriko shield first :(
    could be epic if you fired rockets at youreself

  • justmerc
    justmerc Pred 5 dnevi

    9 million should be a homemade katyusha lmao

  • Marioo oo
    Marioo oo Pred 5 dnevi

    A Hanka by zginęła w tych kartonach XD

  • David B
    David B Pred 5 dnevi

    Can you sit on them next time?

  • Lol Haha
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    World war 4.0 :)

  • Bing bing boom POW
    Bing bing boom POW Pred 5 dnevi

    Plankton attacking bikini bottom like

  • David Padilla
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    This is fucking amazing god bless