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Komentarjev • 2 534

  • Aiden Horn
    Aiden Horn Pred 7 urami

    At the top where they have #sidemenSaturday could you just put #1 on trending

  • N45T7X
    N45T7X Pred 9 urami

    This is the only thing JJ will win

  • Fetty
    Fetty Pred 11 urami

    BROOO 1:43, you can see jj's dick, jj has a small pp just sayin

  • Hagen Moran
    Hagen Moran Pred 12 urami


  • GRaiZe BL4Z3 Tender
    GRaiZe BL4Z3 Tender Pred 12 urami

    Has Ethan put a bit of weight on but he is still thinner

  • Jamal Kamara
    Jamal Kamara Pred 13 urami

    I just noticed you can see JJs penis on the vs picture

  • Niels Fischer
    Niels Fischer Pred 15 urami

    5:12 I can't stop laughing hahaha how their heads follow the ball

  • Kayo Something
    Kayo Something Pred 15 urami

    U guys should continue playing ping pong because it's an amazing sport

  • FalconHawk YT
    FalconHawk YT Pred 17 urami

    Your not allowed to put spin on a serve

  • paul cusack
    paul cusack Pred 17 urami

    Did any1 else notice Ksi 3 point against vik hit Ksi so it would be viks point

  • JS 0808
    JS 0808 Pred 18 urami

    Sidemen table tennis olympics :^

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E Pred 21 uro

    Vik: "No you can't put me on first, people are going to click off when they see how bad I am"
    No Vik, people click off when they see you full stop

  • HughTube
    HughTube Pred 21 uro

    It isn't possible to win by a serve

  • hello hi
    hello hi Pred 21 uro

    Do again bad jokes

  • Squinqz's Life
    Squinqz's Life Pred dnevom

    Erm, in case you didn't notice in the video, the BALL IS NOT REAL.

  • Jadyn York
    Jadyn York Pred dnevom


  • Alisha Kingswood
    Alisha Kingswood Pred dnevom


  • SnowWonder
    SnowWonder Pred dnevom

    4:09 every Sidemen commentary video

  • Matt Hassiak
    Matt Hassiak Pred dnevom

    5:44 look at JJ’s picture and tell me what u notice😂

  • casazj1
    casazj1 Pred dnevom

    JJs spin serve isn’t hard to get back if you are actually half decent at ping pong/table tennis

  • Nev Legend
    Nev Legend Pred dnevom

    The commentary ruined it

  • Muhammad Chaudhry
    Muhammad Chaudhry Pred dnevom

    the fake ball rly pissed me off cant lie

  • Gene Watts
    Gene Watts Pred dnevom

    Maybe your videos would be good if any of you had any talents

  • Danish Butt
    Danish Butt Pred dnevom

    1:44 you can see ksi's dick imprinted through his joggers

  • Aiden Telfer
    Aiden Telfer Pred dnevom

    When is the next annual moo of happening

  • Aliya Rashid
    Aliya Rashid Pred dnevom

    He had the technique

  • Aliya Rashid
    Aliya Rashid Pred dnevom

    He was just unlulcky

  • Aliya Rashid
    Aliya Rashid Pred dnevom

    Harry was the best by far

  • Luke Thorne
    Luke Thorne Pred dnevom

    No one likes josh

  • kSpades
    kSpades Pred dnevom +1

    6:37 Simon is British says soccer ... football player? NO

  • Károly Kocsis
    Károly Kocsis Pred dnevom

    Toby's and vic's points only added up to 10

  • Insighduction Jak67
    Insighduction Jak67 Pred dnevom

    When’s the next moo of

  • Jakerz5 Vlogz
    Jakerz5 Vlogz Pred dnevom

    Moo off?

  • Pointlessblog Lol
    Pointlessblog Lol Pred dnevom

    1:44 you can see the outline of jj's dick

  • Canadian M
    Canadian M Pred dnevom


  • Nuke
    Nuke Pred dnevom +1

    Moo off

  • Chloe Lai
    Chloe Lai Pred dnevom

    Easy I got 1st in table tennis tournament

  • Brooklin Games
    Brooklin Games Pred dnevom

    5:54 jj small peen

  • Hugo Lustig
    Hugo Lustig Pred dnevom +3

    Do a fifa tournament with stakes it would be awesome seeing the sidemen playing fifa again like so the sidemen can see

  • Thorben nie
    Thorben nie Pred dnevom

    I wanna see you playing real Tennis 😍🔥

  • James The Legend
    James The Legend Pred dnevom

    You shouldn’t have a charity rugby game instead of a football game

  • Scraggyyyy
    Scraggyyyy Pred dnevom

    Did anyone else realise you can clearly see JJ’s penis @ 1:45...

  • gizkez
    gizkez Pred dnevom

    do a sidemen poker tournament..

  • Frankie Boss
    Frankie Boss Pred dnevom

    ksi and Josh were shit in my opinion

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali Pred 2 dnevi

    commentating is bad

  • liamgamerTDM
    liamgamerTDM Pred 2 dnevi

    I would win the final

  • PRimZe FlaMZe
    PRimZe FlaMZe Pred 2 dnevi

    I love this vid keep it up guys

  • liamgamerTDM
    liamgamerTDM Pred 2 dnevi

    I could beat all of you with one hand behind my back

  • Sandier Moth
    Sandier Moth Pred 2 dnevi

    They didn't even score it properly

  • Akz Legit
    Akz Legit Pred 2 dnevi

    It’s called ping pong

  • Jorge L
    Jorge L Pred 2 dnevi

    Harry would win 😔 he’s filthy

  • Aaron Fahey
    Aaron Fahey Pred 2 dnevi

    i thought Ethan was the fat one

  • Faye Radford
    Faye Radford Pred 2 dnevi +1

    That was a great table tennis tournament

  • Juman Kayer
    Juman Kayer Pred 2 dnevi

    Ksi dick print

  • dinoisbad
    dinoisbad Pred 2 dnevi

    I feel like this is actually a tournament ksi tries on.

  • Jay The Great Jay
    Jay The Great Jay Pred 2 dnevi

    I have a table tennis table at my house tto

  • Cael deJong
    Cael deJong Pred 2 dnevi

    Anybody else not really enjoying these commentary videos? No just me?

  • Joshua Priddis
    Joshua Priddis Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Is it me or does jj look like a giant compared to vik

  • Ben Starling
    Ben Starling Pred 2 dnevi

    Wow where's JJ's commentary this is trash

  • Taylorr Brice
    Taylorr Brice Pred 2 dnevi

    Kai and Simon lick each other’s asses

  • Itz Hacim
    Itz Hacim Pred 2 dnevi +5

    As a table tennis player who can actually play this was Dead Ass HARD to watch🤣🤣😂😂😂

    6:59 is actually not legal, in a match it usually goes to the other player but because of how close the roof is it shouldn't have counted.

  • landi pandi Hodge
    landi pandi Hodge Pred 2 dnevi

    You guys are begging for views:)

  • Noah Ledesma
    Noah Ledesma Pred 2 dnevi

    Yo a Charity tournament next year

  • Clint Austerberry
    Clint Austerberry Pred 2 dnevi

    SIR CLASSY pls that would be GREAT

  • GreatDestinations
    GreatDestinations Pred 2 dnevi

    I would clap everyone here

  • Alan Castro
    Alan Castro Pred 2 dnevi

    Darn they didnt call it ping pong

  • Snorri Sigurdarson
    Snorri Sigurdarson Pred 2 dnevi


  • Zack Hickson
    Zack Hickson Pred 2 dnevi

    NO HIT

  • Iwan Dobo
    Iwan Dobo Pred 2 dnevi +1

    I am probably better than everyone in this comment at tennis and table tennis

  • Grace and Ruby Slime time!

    That girl was videoing you 😂 can you under stand this NAC OUY EBIRCSBUS OT RUO EUTUOY ESAELP EVOL OUY SYUG 😂😂 comment down below if you can

  • mark fitzsimmons
    mark fitzsimmons Pred 2 dnevi

    its table tennis

  • GamingWithJosh -Tips/Tricks/Gameplay

    Ready for the upcoming annual moo off?

  • Karolina Veličkaitę
    Karolina Veličkaitę Pred 2 dnevi

    Simon im your big fan but you little bit trash table tennis

  • Daniel Desmond
    Daniel Desmond Pred 2 dnevi

    It first to eleven

  • Daniel Desmond
    Daniel Desmond Pred 2 dnevi

    Why does ksi have a belt he never won a belt

  • Hex783 Fortnite
    Hex783 Fortnite Pred 2 dnevi

    Play against Ma Lin

  • Gavin Lax bro
    Gavin Lax bro Pred 2 dnevi


    MGP VX7 FAN Pred 2 dnevi

    Who can see jj penis at 5.43 it's so small lol.

  • Sebastian Freeman
    Sebastian Freeman Pred 2 dnevi


  • Sebastian Freeman
    Sebastian Freeman Pred 2 dnevi


  • Sebastian Freeman
    Sebastian Freeman Pred 2 dnevi


  • Rodrigo Vazquez Navarro

    6:41 IT'S FOOTBALL

  • TheRoblFortniGamer
    TheRoblFortniGamer Pred 2 dnevi

    I luv ya guysss

  • Billy Woakes
    Billy Woakes Pred 2 dnevi

    Swear jj and josh always play each other in the challenges

  • Aldo Montano
    Aldo Montano Pred 2 dnevi


  • Finn Forster
    Finn Forster Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Do a snooker tournament

  • Aniolater Da Boss
    Aniolater Da Boss Pred 2 dnevi

    Only funny when jj narrates just leave with the regular sound

  • DemonLord Gaming
    DemonLord Gaming Pred 2 dnevi


  • Faze potato Ali boba
    Faze potato Ali boba Pred 2 dnevi

    Anyone else notice how small ksi's penis is on the screen where itshows him Vs josh

  • BionexYT
    BionexYT Pred 2 dnevi

    Is it just me but I want to Punch ethans squareface until he bleeds

  • Erblin Libusha
    Erblin Libusha Pred 2 dnevi


  • Nathan Fryer
    Nathan Fryer Pred 2 dnevi

    oi i played on that same table tennis table 3 days ago in marseille

  • ._.sayurey
    ._.sayurey Pred 2 dnevi

    Another Sport very creativity

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A Pred 2 dnevi

    Video is decent but please get a better comintater

  • Alan Hong
    Alan Hong Pred 2 dnevi

    that is a real ping pong ball lol, idk what you guys think a ping pong ball is like

  • Dan Rachvalsky
    Dan Rachvalsky Pred 2 dnevi

    If pongfinity were there

  • lisandru cristea
    lisandru cristea Pred 2 dnevi

    Each player gets 2 serves.. as soon as someone fucks up their first serve point was granted to their opponent😐

    SIMPLEZz 2KGAMER Pred 2 dnevi

    The amount of times I heard“The ball is not real!”😂😂

  • Ramen Shakes
    Ramen Shakes Pred 2 dnevi

    5:44 jj's smol peepee

  • William Jones
    William Jones Pred 2 dnevi

    1:44 soo nobody going to address JJ's dick print lmaoooooooo..... and at 5:46 , 8:37