Eating A 3D Printed Steak

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  • xDead Dolly
    xDead Dolly Pred 9 dnevi +45138

    “How would you like your steak?”
    “Oh, I’ll take it 3-D printed.”

    • xDead Dolly
      xDead Dolly Pred minuto

      Meagan Greene
      , same

    • Puppet Yoda
      Puppet Yoda Pred uro

      Tommy Rue take me to the chum bucket where’s my Holographic meatloaf?

    • Meagan Greene
      Meagan Greene Pred 6 urami

      Most likes I've seen on a comment

    • L RAVE
      L RAVE Pred 13 urami


    • Jake Bankowski
      Jake Bankowski Pred 23 urami

      L RAVE oh god I did ahh

  • silver demon
    silver demon Pred 48 minutami

    The dog🤣

  • TheRoyal Flush
    TheRoyal Flush Pred uro

    Wtf why did the police when to fight.GOT ATTACKED BY snowballs whhhyyy???

  • Devahn Williams
    Devahn Williams Pred 2 urami

    haha ew :D

  • Yaman
    Yaman Pred 3 urami

    Cancer were are you? I can’t see you

  • BarhoomGamer
    BarhoomGamer Pred 3 urami

    one day I was joking about being able to able to print food
    well now its a thing

  • Sebo Animuje
    Sebo Animuje Pred 3 urami

    David get the fbi

    Fast Balling international

  • Drzewek
    Drzewek Pred 4 urami

    Can you shut up

  • George Sarvay
    George Sarvay Pred 4 urami

    Gotta get that fpv freestyle 👌👏

  • bjmccann1
    bjmccann1 Pred 5 urami

    0:37 That's not being a cowboy. That's being freaking Spider-Man!

  • Clement Lee
    Clement Lee Pred 6 urami

    I like the idea of the police playing snowball fight with the citizens.

  • pure potato
    pure potato Pred 6 urami

    Holographic meatloaf? My Favorite!

  • Muhd Shuhairi
    Muhd Shuhairi Pred 7 urami

    So we can Produce food Easier with 3D printed Food. I bet i can print a Mcdonalds Meal

  • jack Lawrence
    jack Lawrence Pred 8 urami

    1:30 that's not metal these are my pubes

  • My Guy
    My Guy Pred 8 urami

    I'm 15 and can do all those things but I don't work out

  • Savannah Skye
    Savannah Skye Pred 9 urami

    If this is the future, I don’t want it.

  • Call MeSad
    Call MeSad Pred 9 urami

    That cant be healthy

  • brandon2076
    brandon2076 Pred 9 urami

    0:32 "well, this tastes like butt...."

  • RevdevsPlayz Games
    RevdevsPlayz Games Pred 11 urami

    thot dog is idk

  • SupahMerio Pingas
    SupahMerio Pingas Pred 11 urami +1

    Yo, *_WTF?_*

  • TypicalSomeone -
    TypicalSomeone - Pred 12 urami

    *Unsatisfaction and Regret and Doubt and Technology all in one 3-D Printed Steak.*
    - Coming soon to a fictional 3-D Printed restaurant near you.

  • potaytoes
    potaytoes Pred 12 urami

    After the guy bit into the steak he was looking for a bin

  • L RAVE
    L RAVE Pred 13 urami +1

    Imagine what your shit would be like after eating that.......

  • ancer l
    ancer l Pred 13 urami


  • Meme Ultradose
    Meme Ultradose Pred 14 urami +1

    So if vegans eat this, they wont be vegans anymore? Because its still meat doesnt matter if its plant based meat.

    Sorry i even confused myself. Its1 am rn.

  • Katie Lyons
    Katie Lyons Pred 14 urami

    Wait no don't

  • BelloHello Gaming
    BelloHello Gaming Pred 15 urami

    When u think the piece of steak was going to be pretty big, turns out it’s only about 3-4 inches.

  • killa beatz
    killa beatz Pred 15 urami

    The 3D printed stake would be vegan

  • 0101010101010101ful
    0101010101010101ful Pred 15 urami

    soo cute at the end

  • Darth Lazy
    Darth Lazy Pred 16 urami

    3:12 *Tango Down*

  • Kyle McKay
    Kyle McKay Pred 16 urami

    Where are those houses at 2:14

  • Nelson Cen Wu
    Nelson Cen Wu Pred 16 urami +4

    2:00 is the Facebook privacy policy lmao

  • Seirds the wierd
    Seirds the wierd Pred 17 urami

    1:45 those are some cute dogs

  • Gamer Person
    Gamer Person Pred 18 urami

    *Vegans are getting smarter*

  • - Ashez
    - Ashez Pred 18 urami

    McDonalds recipe

  • CubularCreeper
    CubularCreeper Pred 18 urami

    He really didn't seem to like that plant-based steak...

  • RadioPusheenCat
    RadioPusheenCat Pred 18 urami +1

    Why can’t I just eat regular meat

  • Jacey Boswell
    Jacey Boswell Pred 19 urami

    Um that’s weird. I was just playing the game Steep. A clip from the game was in the video...

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran Pred 19 urami

    1:45 iN tHe JuNgLe ThE mIgHtY jUnGlE

  • RandomPlayz4Dayz
    RandomPlayz4Dayz Pred 20 urami


  • A random Talking car
    A random Talking car Pred 21 uro

    0:33 best video ever

  • Amanda the Ballerina
    Amanda the Ballerina Pred 21 uro +1

    0:31 is God looking down on what he has created in disgust....
    JC: hey, what r u watching now?
    GOD: oh not much just some orange dude starting Twitter civil wars and building another Great Wall of China.

  • Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    The final one was cute ❤️

  • Amanda the Ballerina
    Amanda the Ballerina Pred 21 uro +1

    “This 72 year old woman is probably stronger than you” (shows woman)
    Body builders: oh holy sh*t

  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. Pred 21 uro +1

    3-D printed steak made out of plants

  • Gaming With Dark
    Gaming With Dark Pred 21 uro

    It's a good way to save food :P

  • Peterjc40 -
    Peterjc40 - Pred 21 uro

    0:35 when she takes out a dick bigger then yours

  • spongebob THE GIRL
    spongebob THE GIRL Pred 22 urami

    That dog just......I don't even know...

  • DeeJDraws
    DeeJDraws Pred 22 urami

    Ive gotten an overdose of the internet

    NASHVILLAIN_ Pred 22 urami

    granny who can life 80 pounds = stronger than grown adult who can lift 225

  • Wi3rzb0
    Wi3rzb0 Pred 23 urami

    i just discovered your channel and i love it! Subbed

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt Pred dnevom

    0:20 I mean come on... that looks like rabbit shit that's been packed together. Please stop this experiment. Why even try to imitate steak? It's not like cows are going extinct. If you want to taste the flavor of steak then quit being a bitch and eat the goddamn animal it comes from!

  • Apollo
    Apollo Pred dnevom +1

    I think that it is a new goal to be on daily dose of internet

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Wtf this guy reminds me of Leafy

  • E Augustine
    E Augustine Pred dnevom


  • SUNNYTextsYT
    SUNNYTextsYT Pred dnevom

    Okay um sub to PEWDIEPIE and um wear your seat belt oops wrong SLclipr.. um well ask Chris if he moisturizes and tell soccer dad to pick up his son..... I just wasted 30 seconds of your life! Now go watch Logan Paul...

  • Anal Rampage
    Anal Rampage Pred dnevom


  • 100 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    0:34 When my mom gets home but I haven’t finished my homework...

  • Simple Polygons
    Simple Polygons Pred dnevom

    Have you ever heard of a starving artist?

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly Pred dnevom

    What a s*** video

  • Little Hyena
    Little Hyena Pred dnevom

    the cops have a riot shield, they win automatically

  • Patrick Keys
    Patrick Keys Pred dnevom

    0:33 Lolz 🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆

  • Connor
    Connor Pred dnevom

    That last one made me smile 😀


    *1:45 starting my lawnmover*!!!

  • GhostInATopHat
    GhostInATopHat Pred dnevom

    2:55 GTA 6 leaked pre-release footage

  • Leo Chan
    Leo Chan Pred dnevom

    I never had steak before., :(

  • GhostInATopHat
    GhostInATopHat Pred dnevom

    like my lamborghini?

  • ThisPotatoGuy
    ThisPotatoGuy Pred dnevom +2

    Fast forward 20 years:
    Everyone is a vegan without knowing it

  • Mac Zombie
    Mac Zombie Pred dnevom

    Hands up or we throw a snowball

  • Wcbroken
    Wcbroken Pred dnevom

    0:33 lol

  • kaitlyn Osmun
    kaitlyn Osmun Pred dnevom +1

    1:55 lion king expectations versus reality

  • kaitlyn Osmun
    kaitlyn Osmun Pred dnevom

    Wow cause catching people is so easy with a taser let alone a fucking cowboy rope

  • Josue Flores
    Josue Flores Pred dnevom

    The 3D steak is okay because no more killing animals

  • Cathrinna Fong
    Cathrinna Fong Pred dnevom

    What if the.criminal.if a will.fbi still catch the criminal?

  • PyroPlays
    PyroPlays Pred dnevom

    hippity hoppity,
    your likes are now my propriety

  • gavriel levin
    gavriel levin Pred dnevom

    people are awesome :]

  • the lost blader axcel
    the lost blader axcel Pred dnevom

    First test on 3D printed food

  • Cvvv Cc
    Cvvv Cc Pred dnevom

    “Well Printed” Waiter Da fuc

  • Meneer De Kip
    Meneer De Kip Pred dnevom +1

    Those officers made my day

  • David Handley
    David Handley Pred dnevom

    Love the snow ball fight. Except they didn’t shout “put down your snow ball” 😂😂😂

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  • anonymous the very much anonymous

    They made fake steak and a Bola gun neat

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus Pred dnevom

    2:00 oh great, now architects are just kinda like copying everything I built in Minecraft😡😡

    KARLSAS24 Pred dnevom

    Can I pay a 3-D printed dollar

  • Thedimondcrew
    Thedimondcrew Pred dnevom

    "umm sir are you sick" no Im just a lion making sick sounds

  • Thedimondcrew
    Thedimondcrew Pred dnevom


  • Amelia Lam
    Amelia Lam Pred dnevom

    1:00 JOHNNY FPV😍😍😍

  • ryn lanty
    ryn lanty Pred dnevom

    Just saw your face, you sound like your 15 tho lmao. Love the content

  • Howie Feltersnatch
    Howie Feltersnatch Pred dnevom

    I likes the crab

  • Howie Feltersnatch
    Howie Feltersnatch Pred dnevom

    I dont understand what just happened

  • mom reid
    mom reid Pred dnevom

    Cops take lame things and turn them into something AWESOME

  • Danezilla
    Danezilla Pred dnevom

    I print my meat
    I beat my meat
    I eat my meat

  • Group Project - In a nutshell

    What was that clip on 0:33 ?

  • Pablo Valdes
    Pablo Valdes Pred dnevom

    Dinner is almost ready son 0:13.

  • Ryan Victorian
    Ryan Victorian Pred dnevom


  • Clayton Hill
    Clayton Hill Pred dnevom

    That steak looks like you cut a slice of Captain Planet's asscheek .

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy Pred dnevom

    That Boston Terrier was soooo cute!

  • The LAST avacado
    The LAST avacado Pred dnevom