Can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 400 Miles On One Tank?

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  • Objavljeno 9. feb. 2019
  • This week, Alex takes the RX-8 on a hypermiling mission to see if it's possible to get 400 miles out of one tank of fuel!
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  • Whitdog
    Whitdog Pred 6 dnevi

    Uurgh! BP 🤮

  • Tom Norris
    Tom Norris Pred 7 dnevi +1

    You should have don't this Edinburgh to London, that way it's all down hill ;)

  • Tom Norris
    Tom Norris Pred 7 dnevi

    Manchester is not the home of black pudding.

  • John Burns
    John Burns Pred 7 dnevi

    The engine rebuild gives a newish sort of car. £650 to buy the car. What was cost of the engine rebuild?

  • lewis taylor
    lewis taylor Pred 9 dnevi

    it hurts my brain to think that Ethan is acctully a car guy

  • Graham Yost
    Graham Yost Pred 10 dnevi

    5:27 nice beat

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D Pred 11 dnevi +1

    Would u say get it for a first car?

  • DVP2000
    DVP2000 Pred 11 dnevi

    Interesting fact with Ethan. In a... Car

  • picdar16
    picdar16 Pred 13 dnevi

    I used to average around 210 miles per 1/2 tank driving to work in my 2004 RX8, driving on motorway, country and rush hour traffic filled roads. the trick for me was to pre mix the fuel and to shift at 2800 rpm in heavy traffic. i use the full 10k on slip roads and when ive been stuck in traffic to clear the carbon that builds up at low revs

  • LØx Shansway
    LØx Shansway Pred 15 dnevi

    All the dislikes from feminists and eco friendlys

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 Pred 18 dnevi

    10:35 I see what they were trying to do,They were trying to keep you awake by counting but they failed to remember the counting sheep theory that counting can actually make you fall asleep for sheer boredomYour better off thinking of ball bearing turbos and fun stuff then counting.

  • Irèn
    Irèn Pred 19 dnevi +1

    17:47 close your eyes and listen

  • Kenny
    Kenny Pred 20 dnevi

    If I can do a half will be thankful.

  • Braking Point
    Braking Point Pred 22 dnevi

    Honestly I didn't think you would make it. when I had a half bridge renesis I barely got 13mpg. but this is awesome.

  • David Canal
    David Canal Pred 25 dnevi

    That was quite an achievment!

  • Nicholas Hughes
    Nicholas Hughes Pred 26 dnevi

    This seems very Top Gear style to me.

  • Ronny Trapp
    Ronny Trapp Pred 27 dnevi

    I drive a ford v6 2.5 and get this mpg all the time because under 3000 rpm and air clap intake that opens only over 3000rpm but he has the double thirst when youre going fast.its called imrc system and uses 2 airways controlled rpm

  • Stan Clements
    Stan Clements Pred 27 dnevi

    Why did you put the old exhaust back on?

    • Stan Clements
      Stan Clements Pred 27 dnevi

      Never mind someone already asked the same question.

  • Tim Schulze
    Tim Schulze Pred 28 dnevi

    Drives 400 miles.
    Check Engine Light: Mate what are you doing?

    • Stan Clements
      Stan Clements Pred 27 dnevi

      Decat and secondary air pump off.. that will cause light to come on.



  • DJ cRay-z
    DJ cRay-z Pred mesecem

    I dunno. I never heard him reach 4000 (or 5000 I didn't count how many he had wrong). Who's to say he actually went through with it?

    KETTREMOTE Pred mesecem

    one tank of oil?

  • fadzlen kadir
    fadzlen kadir Pred mesecem

    Juicy hills hahaha

  • _Underscore_
    _Underscore_ Pred mesecem +1

    13:11 It is an older record! you can see the old exhaust!
    20:26 The episodes are definitly not going out in order... just watch the exhaust!

    • EXOT1C
      EXOT1C Pred mesecem +2

      Yes.... alex adressed that

  • Cracked - Solved Mysteries

    You sure it was coffee he was drinking, not vodka?

  • William Morris
    William Morris Pred mesecem

    In the videos sucked

  • William Morris
    William Morris Pred mesecem

    Is it just me or does my math come out to 25 miles per gallon anybody got a calculator 15 and a half gallons divided by 400 comes out to ?

  • Touqeer Ahmed
    Touqeer Ahmed Pred mesecem

    I just watched a couple of blokes doing 400 miles on road. I need to do something useful with my life.

  • HQ
    HQ Pred mesecem

    Those cars use fuel to lubricate the engine, so im guessing hes caused some damage

    • josh langley
      josh langley Pred mesecem

      HQ, it’s oil added to the fuel that does most of the lubrication.. It’s like a two-stroke engine.. I’d be interested to know why you think some damage was caused because apart from general wear I don’t think so..

  • Pete Kavanagh
    Pete Kavanagh Pred mesecem

    Drove the whole way with the check-engine-light on, like a boss.

  • John's Technical Channel

    $6.70 a gallon!

  • James Arthurson
    James Arthurson Pred mesecem

    That john guy is such a dick

  • Steven Ramos
    Steven Ramos Pred mesecem

    Dam, you must have filled up with no vapor in that tank.

  • Vas Me
    Vas Me Pred mesecem

    Again brits try to "show" how cool britain is.

  • Jcarty23
    Jcarty23 Pred mesecem

    Worse attempt at a Scottish accent ever

  • jesse connell
    jesse connell Pred mesecem

    79 pounds is ridiculous for a full tank. my tank here in the US is $29 we have $2.20 per gallon here in Maryland. That's socialism

  • Mark Burford
    Mark Burford Pred mesecem

    my comment before watching the vid, 300 miles on the nose that is the most i ever got out of my RX8.......

  • seantjuco
    seantjuco Pred mesecem

    5:14 why did the lights go forward?

    • JoelPhilosophy
      JoelPhilosophy Pred mesecem

      They were lights of something else going past faster.

  • jkcroz
    jkcroz Pred mesecem

    If your going to do 400 miles on a tank don't own an RX8 lol. A lot to do with driving styles which is why I struggle to do 300 in mine!!

  • Mugen Man
    Mugen Man Pred mesecem

    Has to be so tedious to do, but makes for brilliant content! I salute you fine gents.

  • Kenan Coskun
    Kenan Coskun Pred mesecem

    What happend to your catback?

  • Scott Jeffery
    Scott Jeffery Pred mesecem

    Why was the engine light on ?

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson Pred mesecem

    order many offense surprising some repair ice expert ultimate arrest pursue general.

  • Benjamin Sargent
    Benjamin Sargent Pred mesecem

    I’d love this series so much more if I hadn’t just sold my rx8 😭😭🤣

  • Samuel Gaming2019
    Samuel Gaming2019 Pred mesecem

    You lot should make the new top gear it would be fucking amzing please ask BBC to make the new top gear

  • Igor Mezquita
    Igor Mezquita Pred mesecem

    and my phone battery is slowly going down while watching this video and when finally he get to the gas station my phone battery died sad

  • LMbG
    LMbG Pred mesecem

    my neighbours now definitely thinks that im watching gay porn.!

  • Muh Coin
    Muh Coin Pred mesecem

    My 3 year old daughter loves this video. Especially when you said toodle pip. We watched that part 10 times. 😂

  • Mr Awesome Shark
    Mr Awesome Shark Pred mesecem +1


  • william 911 turbo s
    william 911 turbo s Pred mesecem

    intresting facts with ethan in a car.🤣😂😀

  • scyra99
    scyra99 Pred mesecem

    My 125cc bike at full speed doing 130km/h gets 73.5 mpg

  • rotary _ rsr
    rotary _ rsr Pred mesecem +1

    Ha try owning my bridge port single turbo rx7 FD 😂

    • boostedsil40
      boostedsil40 Pred 18 dnevi

      I feel bad because I actually checked your page to be sure you had one because last guy said somthing about his supra and it was all a fantasy car,You fd is very nice and im proud your not one of those guys who pretends to own somthing like the supra kid.

  • Aron Wallsky
    Aron Wallsky Pred mesecem

    $90 for 15 gallons? (yes, I am an American fat head) that's ridiculous. revolutions have been thrown for less

  • Liam Belfield
    Liam Belfield Pred mesecem

    So what we learnt, was actually not to give Alex coffee 😂

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos Pred mesecem

    I'm surprised Alex didn't draft behind the bigger vehicles on the road.

  • vladimp77
    vladimp77 Pred mesecem

    GoTwo suggestions:
    1. Try it again, after the rebuild... zgonna be different.
    2. Try it again... at twice the speed.
    Quoting my first mate to actually own an RX8: "whether your drive at 80 (km/h) or 180, it drinks the same. So I might as well drive it like I stole it all the time."

  • Graham Yost
    Graham Yost Pred mesecem

    The music while the time lapse was cool

  • Graham Yost
    Graham Yost Pred mesecem

    I love the comedy aspect

  • Taylor Lobosky
    Taylor Lobosky Pred mesecem

    I have an idea for you guys, every time you guys do a hypermiling test you should have Miles as the backup car

  • Amos Clark
    Amos Clark Pred mesecem

    we just made History

  • William Bilverstone
    William Bilverstone Pred mesecem +1

    My dad used to work for mitsubishi the ecu was programed to make you think it is about to run out so you fill it up you should totally do this in a mitsubishi from 2005 and up

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes Pred mesecem

    Needs 1 tank of fuel and a ton of oil. Whilst concentrating on that old shed we ignored the gorgeous Scottish border scenery.

  • Mark Mmm
    Mark Mmm Pred mesecem

    Oh yeah I learned something alright..... my rx8 engine was shot.

  • Strongeee

    Anybody know the music at 12:50?

  • Muhd Nur Izzat
    Muhd Nur Izzat Pred mesecem

    17:40 intense

  • Gwaredd Steele
    Gwaredd Steele Pred mesecem

    Loving the nod to Planes Trains and Automobiles @ 6:57 :-D

  • y88lsc
    y88lsc Pred 2 meseci

    How the hell did shell let you use your mobile .. not to mention all your filming equipment at a petrol station when they literally rip my head off over the station microphone for putting my mobile in my pocket as I get out of be car. This country.

  • GMT
    GMT Pred 2 meseci

    can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 400 Miles On One engine?

  • Jenson’s sports
    Jenson’s sports Pred 2 meseci +1

    Finally you’ve come to my home town

  • Rui Kazane
    Rui Kazane Pred 2 meseci

    Yeah! Felix did it!(You can overfill the tank like third of a gallon or more)

  • Mohsin Barlas
    Mohsin Barlas Pred 2 meseci

    A big slap on the non-rotary dudes xD

  • Roshail MC
    Roshail MC Pred 2 meseci

    Alex, Why is your Engine Check Light ON?

  • johnnysymphony
    johnnysymphony Pred 2 meseci

    holy shit, gas/petrol is so expensive in the UK!!!

  • mgamma5001
    mgamma5001 Pred 2 meseci

    I have the fix for your bashed in fender, take a phone book meter the thickness, place it inside the fender with the door open, close the door so it leverages the book to push the edge of the fender out and Bob's your uncle.

  • Patric
    Patric Pred 2 meseci

    Next episode, "can a Mazda RX-8 achieve over 10,000 miles on one engine?"

  • David C. Gulliver
    David C. Gulliver Pred 2 meseci

    K, I drove 1,000 miles down hill, with the wind at my back, and, I ONLY got 20.96 MPG. No speeding (OK, maybe a lil speeding) but, generally- 6th gear the whole way. You ROUSTED my very best, although I didn't tape the hood gaps, and, I certainly didn't hyper mile either... Good on ya!

  • Kaustubh Prasad
    Kaustubh Prasad Pred 2 meseci

    4:06 check engine light

  • Ricey
    Ricey Pred 2 meseci

    Is there an exact route that you guys actually took? I think you went right past my house just outside Edinburgh lol

  • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

    0.08 that exhaust smoke...

  • Rokaz
    Rokaz Pred 2 meseci


  • FRPlayerOne
    FRPlayerOne Pred 2 meseci

    Wait, how do you film from the side of the road on the highway ?
    You guys really go ahead and stop there ?

    STITCHWA Pred 2 meseci

    Meh the RX8 is a heap of underpowered shit.

  • Solid5nake
    Solid5nake Pred 2 meseci

    That petrol station is not in the centre of Edinburgh, it’s in Bruntsfield #justssyin

  • grgbmd
    grgbmd Pred 2 meseci

    Living with a rotary.. sounds like a disease I wouldn t want to have. :D

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films Pred 2 meseci

    Ofc chech engine light is on

  • ma6netho
    ma6netho Pred 2 meseci

    hypermiling in Winter and on wet road, woun't get you far. colder air is much denser than hot air. The molecules in hot air are farther apart. so you wil get farther in the summer time

  • takumi boi
    takumi boi Pred 2 meseci

    Try this with a engine this was not freshly rebuilt

  • Ki Mu
    Ki Mu Pred 2 meseci

    Hey England you guys are paying well over $5 per gallon! Holy shit your economy must really suck right now for petro to cost that much.

  • Mikulas Horvath
    Mikulas Horvath Pred 2 meseci

    Listen from 17:48 to 18:07 with your eyes closed

  • shugo541
    shugo541 Pred 2 meseci

    it's not the coffee that makes you chat so much shit. It's tiredness. Happens to me a lot on the drives home after my 12 hour night shifts. I just chat shit to myself.

  • Gabriel Sterr
    Gabriel Sterr Pred 2 meseci

    00:48 Jonathan Benson is my hero!

  • No Mans Land
    No Mans Land Pred 2 meseci

    Can it achieve 400 miles with out breaking down?

  • peter stone
    peter stone Pred 2 meseci

    How many shades of red are there on that car?

  • Adrian The Sauce Don
    Adrian The Sauce Don Pred 2 meseci

    Come ireland

  • Jozef Velez
    Jozef Velez Pred 2 meseci

    MX-5! MX-5! MX-5! WHERE IS V6 PHIL?!

  • RupanRx
    RupanRx Pred 2 meseci

    That was amazing. My rx8 would take 1/4 tank to go like 40 miles. It was dying though. Thanks

  • Hendoson
    Hendoson Pred 2 meseci

    *Carbon build up intensifies*

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu Pred 2 meseci

    Cool car

  • Bryce Jeannot
    Bryce Jeannot Pred 2 meseci

    why did you not shut the car off at the stop light?