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Komentarjev • 2 268

  • ShouTIN & AaSAMA
    ShouTIN & AaSAMA Pred 11 urami

    12:13 what’s that Josh Celebration? 😂

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein Pred 12 urami

    At 0:44

  • Charlotte Rose_1
    Charlotte Rose_1 Pred 13 urami

    Simon says at all times anyway cuz he’s Simon 😂😂

  • nai saetern
    nai saetern Pred dnevom

    KSi when it come to your SideMen SideKick you are very well behave very impress KSi but you are also from England a place where its known for Queen Elizabeth, Prince PHillip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William

  • Emmanuelmarin Marin
    Emmanuelmarin Marin Pred dnevom

    jj pamts look like pussy

  • Aiden Moyer
    Aiden Moyer Pred 2 dnevi

    what would happen if simon said not to listen to simon?

  • Christopher Junior
    Christopher Junior Pred 2 dnevi

    Simon says subscribe to there channel

  • Marcus Chalk
    Marcus Chalk Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Harry was so stoned😂

  • Shayaan Saib
    Shayaan Saib Pred 3 dnevi +1

    They all lost cuz Simon said everything

  • Wavy Shaunz
    Wavy Shaunz Pred 3 dnevi

    Ethans to Gayme for everyone.

  • MauroMD Costa
    MauroMD Costa Pred 3 dnevi

    Go camping in the wood for 24 hours
    Like so they see pls

  • Logan Simmerman
    Logan Simmerman Pred 3 dnevi

    “I wanna see 3 ppl suck a dick” looooooooool

  • Juquan Butcher
    Juquan Butcher Pred 3 dnevi

    Eeath was out to

  • T.N.S vlogs and gaming
    T.N.S vlogs and gaming Pred 4 dnevi


  • Nathan Duncan
    Nathan Duncan Pred 5 dnevi

    2:40 eathan blew the competition away

    LUCIANO LORUSSO Pred 5 dnevi

    Ethan: I'm only heard because I sucked a dick

  • Dominic Lyons
    Dominic Lyons Pred 5 dnevi

    Ethan is too funny

  • Khalid Alarjani
    Khalid Alarjani Pred 5 dnevi

    The name of the outro plz?

  • Mr Dr Smith
    Mr Dr Smith Pred 5 dnevi

    Wtf I though KSI wasn't a sidemen

  • Anna Ilieva
    Anna Ilieva Pred 5 dnevi

    Is it just me or does Ethan KIND OF look like Rupert Grint...

  • BRGaming
    BRGaming Pred 5 dnevi

    If I was Simon I would say Simon says JJ take off your bandana

  • Supernøva 5
    Supernøva 5 Pred 6 dnevi

    All the relevant sidemen in the first group no offense to vik rip Minecraft

  • its the one world
    its the one world Pred 6 dnevi

    Josh and Toby are the least funniest
    Like if u agree

  • - MUSSZ
    - MUSSZ Pred 7 dnevi

    Simon is a super saiyen god

  • arapo1001
    arapo1001 Pred 7 dnevi

    Wait who won?

  • Cape Raider
    Cape Raider Pred 7 dnevi +1

    All Simon's are naturally good at this game

  • YundaéLikesSundaé
    YundaéLikesSundaé Pred 7 dnevi

    I made a new game, sidemen says. They will tell u to do something and u haVe TO do it. But if they don't say "says" u have to jump in a lake. JkjkJkkKkKjJk you'll have to do what their mind thinks

  • Mike The Spartan Voger
    Mike The Spartan Voger Pred 7 dnevi

    Isnt everything Simon says tho

  • Mike Petruccelli
    Mike Petruccelli Pred 7 dnevi

    Ethan ur ridiculous lmao

  • 《JG》 Siege.
    《JG》 Siege. Pred 8 dnevi

    Best way to do this is "Simon says say the N-word"

    • 《JG》 Siege.
      《JG》 Siege. Pred 8 dnevi

      Its not impossible because they can say "N-word" instead of niqqa

  • TC 29
    TC 29 Pred 8 dnevi


  • Waterblast Tube
    Waterblast Tube Pred 8 dnevi

    Astro party music

  • Lonewolf7
    Lonewolf7 Pred 8 dnevi +3

    Simon says we are real vibe killer killer KIILLLLEEERR

    • ckxrs
      ckxrs Pred 6 dnevi

      looking at the thumbnail, i KNEW that i would find a comment like this HAHAHAHA

  • Oh Yeah Yeah Squad
    Oh Yeah Yeah Squad Pred 8 dnevi

    Was Ethan eating his buggers!!!

  • Lsowle1
    Lsowle1 Pred 9 dnevi

    10:12 jj thinking about which one is right and which one is left .

  • Josephie Kruschev
    Josephie Kruschev Pred 9 dnevi

    Simon what have you done to you hair

  • яιη яιη
    яιη яιη Pred 9 dnevi +7

    this came up when i was looking for simon says by nct127👺👺

  • SpeedStrengthJames
    SpeedStrengthJames Pred 9 dnevi +3

    Bless Vik, arms out of sync at 7:32 lol

  • Emilio Eichinger
    Emilio Eichinger Pred 9 dnevi +1

    i would have said:Simon says, jack your friend off"

  • CSR Hacked
    CSR Hacked Pred 10 dnevi

    Simon says like this comment

    • CSR Hacked
      CSR Hacked Pred 9 dnevi

      +Jon Hal simon says why u liking ur own comment?😂

    • Jon Hal
      Jon Hal Pred 10 dnevi +1

      CSR Hacked Simon says ur gey

  • Zova
    Zova Pred 10 dnevi

    1:23 Ethan licks his dirty finger from JJ’s ear lmao

  • Bob the dude
    Bob the dude Pred 11 dnevi

    ITS DAX!

  • T.O.N.E.
    T.O.N.E. Pred 11 dnevi

    “I’m only here cuz I sucked a dick” wild fam 😭😭😭

  • Riven Sword
    Riven Sword Pred 11 dnevi

    Simon says that simon is rly bad at this game

    • Jon Hal
      Jon Hal Pred 10 dnevi

      Riven Sword shut up lozer

  • Ava Miller
    Ava Miller Pred 11 dnevi

    Ethan isn't fat... for now. Jks

  • Barry allen
    Barry allen Pred 11 dnevi

    You know Vick stoned

  • Tarren Johal
    Tarren Johal Pred 12 dnevi +5

    KSI low key btech juice wrld wi that hair

  • shivp241
    shivp241 Pred 12 dnevi +5

    Such a basic video but probably one of the funniest

  • shivp241
    shivp241 Pred 12 dnevi +4

    5:14 THE FUNNIEST CLIP. Ethan is acc too jokes

  • AippaTheGamer 71
    AippaTheGamer 71 Pred 12 dnevi

    Oh yeah yeah

    • Jon Hal
      Jon Hal Pred 10 dnevi

      AippaTheGamer 71 oh yeah is irrelevant no likes for u dick head

  • xiGuRux
    xiGuRux Pred 12 dnevi

    I dont like josh whatsoever

  • MPTX
    MPTX Pred 12 dnevi

    Was no one else dying of laughter at the part where JJ, Josh, and Harry had to turn around while keeping contact with each other? No... just😂

  • Jace Venom
    Jace Venom Pred 12 dnevi

    ...They're all weird kids fun funny but entertaining it's hard to know if i like or it's late N have nothing to watch.

  • Jace Venom
    Jace Venom Pred 12 dnevi

    He doesn't have to pretend giving bj does it for real in real life😬🤪😕

  • Dankmemeoof
    Dankmemeoof Pred 13 dnevi


  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry Pred 13 dnevi

    Really ran out of ideas 😂

  • Jose Inzunza
    Jose Inzunza Pred 13 dnevi

    Sidemen more like Semen

  • Michael Wu
    Michael Wu Pred 13 dnevi +3

    Damn when JJ said he was bulkin... man was really BULKIN

  • Jael Jemima
    Jael Jemima Pred 13 dnevi

    8:40 "he was having a breath"🤣🤣

  • Man.
    Man. Pred 13 dnevi +1

    Vikk is shit

  • RTG 07
    RTG 07 Pred 13 dnevi

    ethan is bent

  • Nick Venable
    Nick Venable Pred 13 dnevi

    Do you realize this is racist

  • Scott O'Riordan
    Scott O'Riordan Pred 14 dnevi

    Who else stopped breathing when Simon said to lmao

  • Khai Vo
    Khai Vo Pred 14 dnevi

    Monkey see

    Monkey do

  • Rowan Ireland
    Rowan Ireland Pred 14 dnevi

    “I’m only here because I sucked a dick” ~Ethan

  • Levier
    Levier Pred 14 dnevi

    11:45 this part sounds so good with the music

  • Creamy Spinach
    Creamy Spinach Pred 14 dnevi

    running out of ideas I see

  • PC Digga D
    PC Digga D Pred 14 dnevi

    simon says: say the n word

  • Solo Kwan
    Solo Kwan Pred 14 dnevi

    That's my beat at the end of the video... My nigga was finna use that.

  • Tejaswi Vedadrees
    Tejaswi Vedadrees Pred 14 dnevi

    Saiman Says

  • Shifa xox
    Shifa xox Pred 14 dnevi

    😂😂😂😂😂 had me creasing

  • Daniel.gardne R
    Daniel.gardne R Pred 14 dnevi +1

    I feel Harry and Vik are not part of the sidemen

  • Bitan Bala
    Bitan Bala Pred 14 dnevi

    #simon say's 10 years challenge..😂

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz Pred 14 dnevi

    Bunch of fucking morons!

  • Stolen ツ
    Stolen ツ Pred 14 dnevi

    1:08 than he put finger in KSI ear 1:14 and he again put finger in mouth 1:24

  • GoldengirlyJasi
    GoldengirlyJasi Pred 14 dnevi

    This is too easy to lose

  • J.R. Carter
    J.R. Carter Pred 14 dnevi

    I wouldve said simmon says nut check your opponent

  • Usmaan Khalil
    Usmaan Khalil Pred 14 dnevi

    Guess what Ethan coming out gay

  • HyperSonic
    HyperSonic Pred 14 dnevi +3

    And the weird thing is that my real name is Simon, so I’m really good at Simon Says.

  • Oxbo
    Oxbo Pred 14 dnevi

    1:15 Ethan licks his finger right after putting it in jjs ear xD

  • Oeds Vlogt
    Oeds Vlogt Pred 15 dnevi

    They can not stop beacuse his name is Simon so he always says it

  • Rosie xoxo
    Rosie xoxo Pred 15 dnevi +1

    Simon says - leeds are going up 💙💛💙💛

  • Keiller Ellis
    Keiller Ellis Pred 15 dnevi

    *Im OnLy HeRe CuZ i SuCkEd A dIcK nOt CuZ oF sKiLl!!!*

  • Regin Shelly
    Regin Shelly Pred 15 dnevi +2

    everything he says they can do because he's simon.

  • Qamar A
    Qamar A Pred 15 dnevi

    Simon didn’t say study so I ain’t studying 🌚

  • Ian Husk
    Ian Husk Pred 15 dnevi

    Ian Husk really enjoyed himself while watching this video

  • Anamta Meraj
    Anamta Meraj Pred 15 dnevi +1

    OK!!I am the only one here who is thinking that SIMON is saying something to us..😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172 Pred 15 dnevi

    Upload more on this channel

  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Pred 15 dnevi

    1st part of video was small medium large hehehe

  • Alex Ienne
    Alex Ienne Pred 15 dnevi


  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali Pred 15 dnevi

    I am a Boxer 🥊, I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, I interviewed KSI on my channel and I have just over 1720 SLclip 🎥 Subscribers!!!
    Follow my journey ⬇️
    🔘 Instagram- aliarshad6

    SKITTLES DROP Pred 15 dnevi

    Should of done forfeits aswell i can see bare memes coming out from this video

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man Pred 15 dnevi

    canyou mdo mor hide and seek

  • Rohan Lange
    Rohan Lange Pred 15 dnevi

    Why does ksi have a camel toe

    ΝΙΚΟΣ ΡΑΜΟΥΚΑΣ Pred 15 dnevi +2

    What's the name of the music that they used on this video

  • Yan2z Ywbgsgs
    Yan2z Ywbgsgs Pred 15 dnevi

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool

  • aston_jd
    aston_jd Pred 15 dnevi


  • TheGR7 NHL
    TheGR7 NHL Pred 15 dnevi

    What the actual fuck.

  • Mini JayJay
    Mini JayJay Pred 15 dnevi

  • xXBattleBlazeXx
    xXBattleBlazeXx Pred 16 dnevi