Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

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    Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Time

    • Edwin Villalobos
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      Do Virginia next plz

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      Still waiting for a video about New Zealand. You have covered Australia 3 times and now Antarctica but still no New Zealand.

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    where the hell is Jason Voorhees

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    Do El Salvador 🇸🇻 urban legends

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    Almost all country in Europe
    Do Portugal please

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    You haven't done napal yet

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    I came here for Jason and you lied to me

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    Roses are red,
    My name is not Dave
    This makes no sense,

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    "Now we can breath a sigh of relief that there is no devilish monster underneath the snow of Antarctica"
    Me: *SPoOpy MUsIc INTEnsiFIceS*

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  • A.D.G. All Day Gaming

    Discovered by the university of Alaska Fairbanks omg that is my local city like my college thing omg 😮

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    Maybe it is an alien mothership and the Penguins are aliens guarding the ship

  • The Last Ronin
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    no wonder why Antarctica is off limits.

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    for the first creepy pasta over where i am the snow is kinda red too

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    You have not done arkansas

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    thts ozymandias's pyramid for those who seen watchmen

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    Huh, you mean to say there are so few countries in Europe?

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    Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    I Just Got Clickbaited
    And So Did You

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    Do scary theories about Asia

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    T H E L O S T O N E.
    *looks at Jason*

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    South Africa

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    Never saw “the lost one”

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    The abandoned huts I've never heard of but it is entrancing

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    me:*sees number 5
    me:*gets alien versus predator flash backs

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    It’s my birthday today

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    Is it just me or would you would have preferred blood

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    Dangit I clicked on the video because of jason

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    Yeah roahld amundsen

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    Jason voorhees is Antarctica !! 😂

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    If I don’t see Jason in this video ima be mad

    And I’m pissed

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    Jason voorhes is from antartica? Was he playing ice hockey

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    2:56 For anyone who doesn't know, they were snakes

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    So Antarctica bleeds?

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    Scary about north america

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    666k views..... This video is cursed!!!!

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    The video harold chugs mayanaz is blocked in america

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    Why he heve 666k vievers 😱

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    I am Norwigan bro

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    Somebody should explore that lake

  • Raptor The Bearded Dragon

    Number 1: Captain America’s body

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    Maybe the glacier was on its period?

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    Scariest discoverys in north america or Australia mate

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    Blood falls are caused of rust.

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    Nothing scary

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    Ooooo Bacteria I’m so scared

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    do a vid on germany

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    Who is watching in 2020

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    6:56 Or is it matchy mass?

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    wow I can survive in that weather I have fur

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    Imagine meteorites are just fossilised alien shits wouldn’t be surprised

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    Hey can you guys please do a video on South Africa it would be very cool

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    you are not allowed to move if you dont answer if you not complete this Captcha

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    do some stuff about sweden

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    1:17 i'm from Norway and i am Reading about Amadusen. he and his team was the first People to reach to North pole and South pole and survived. but on the South pole 18 dogs died. R.I.P dogs. Like if you are Norwegian.

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    My mind is scarier than this...

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    That's Alien v predator

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    Can I please get a heart
    Also it’s my birthday!

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    1: ice!
    Me: oooohhhhh mmmmmmaaaaiiii ddddaaaazzzzee

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    Is that you Jason?

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    Blood on ice really no no it from hell

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    I think it’s pronounced ant-arctica not an-tarctica

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    Jason sent me here

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    There's a storm coming.

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    Damn, I thought Crystal Lake was in New Jersey, not Antarctica

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    “Hellish blood monster”

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    whats up wit the hair

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    Africa plz

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    Try searching scary things/theories of Palestine?!

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    i didn't know at the end of Jason Lives it was the Antarctic not camp cristal lake.

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    “Well not anymore”

    (Take the hint people who don’t believe in climat change)

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    Hehehe the Pyramid is the same thing as the Alien Vs Predator temple just don't go down there ok unless you want to die XD

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    I watch the whole because I thought Jason was in it

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    If I dont see a underwater jason I'm unsubscribing

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    Its iron

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    How about going to small islands. I myself am from Puerto Rico and there are many creepy stories there, from el Chupacabra, to the Dwarf Forest in the Yunque which is an unexplained patch of forest where all plants grow small, even trees and the numerous disappearances within the forest. And we also have caves, but there are also numerous creepy stories from neighboring islands, and South America is just incredibly full of mysteries and creepy creeps. Would also love some much Asia, China, Korea or Japan. Meh just anywhere seems really good!!! I'll watch you guys even if its ten scariest ice creams

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    How about Brazil

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    Haha norway is bast

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    Was that Jason? Oh yeah he slipped under there.

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    My name is Danny

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    Still waiting for a top 10 for Virginia

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    How do you get a UK paper delivered in Antarctica? That's some paper boy they've hired!!

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    Why is there the lost one on the front vid and there is no the lost one? That’s why I watched this

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    Yaaay I'm a Antarctica citizen so this video is for me!

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    Dude says they did all the states but i didnt see one for Louisiana

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    you haven't done minnesota yet!!

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    danny: Maybe it's because it's too cold there to make a video on it
    Global warming: *laughs in heat*

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    Alien piramids

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    A perfect pyramid I don’t think so

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    How about you do, "Top Ten Scariest Things Seen In Mexico-Europe"?

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    Bosnia or Croatia 🇭🇷

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    I just had a condom ad.........


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    Top 10 Urban Legends from Serbia PLEASEEE!

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    The ice is red do to rust that has been under it tiny creature's live there not visible to the human eye you need a microscope to see them

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    Aliens vs predators

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    The only thing creepy is the music