My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

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  • Objavljeno 2. apr. 2019
  • Today I'm sharing what's been going on in my life lately. 2 weeks ago over $2.5 million dollars in Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup products were stolen, including my new Magic Star™ concealer. The concealer packaging has now been leaked online a few days ago and I wanted to share how and why. Thank you for listening.
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  • Mistow Z
    Mistow Z Pred dnevom

    you gay

  • Brittney Hemsworth
    Brittney Hemsworth Pred dnevom

    I'm so sorry his happened to you☹ people suck!

  • 4Leiona Leete
    4Leiona Leete Pred dnevom

    stop acting like a girl

  • The Shook Family
    The Shook Family Pred dnevom

    Oh I hate this. You’ve worked hard and I’d hate to see this happen to you. I’ve watched you since you started your music videos. This is terrible. But I’m sure you’ll make a huge comeback!!

  • Flat CatRapDog
    Flat CatRapDog Pred dnevom +1

    I think it’s Alyson swift baby but I’m not sure...

  • Eжquizite
    Eжquizite Pred dnevom

    Blue Blood‘s mistakes were made appears in the kill feed

  • X̥ͦx̥ͦX̥ͦ C̥ͦL̥ͦO̥ͦU̥ͦE̥ͦE̥ͦ X̥ͦx̥ͦX̥ͦ

    Excuse me *couffs* what did u just say. I hope That those ppl get arrested. Hope
    Your mom gets better too 😊

  • crystal rose
    crystal rose Pred dnevom

    Best wishes to you and your mum xxx

  • Kaitlyn Lusk
    Kaitlyn Lusk Pred dnevom

    I’m so sorry this happened to you :( I can’t even imagine how frustrating that situation is.

  • Tea
    Tea Pred dnevom

    Did they not have a group meeting to discuss the plan and realize who they were messing with?

  • robot 444
    robot 444 Pred dnevom

    JEFREE I KNOW WHO HAS 500 UNITS OF YOUR CONCEALER THE NAME OF THIS STEALER IS @alysonswiftbaby and she lives in serbia she is selling then for $25 each so I hope you see this and sue that scummy bitch

  • Tiffany J
    Tiffany J Pred dnevom

    Fucking thieves!

  • Taylor S
    Taylor S Pred dnevom

    Sending good vibes only J 💓

  • gaby ochoa
    gaby ochoa Pred dnevom

    You either need an alarm company

  • Wes Pic
    Wes Pic Pred dnevom

    Well if his stuff is good enough to seal... Then that means his product must be really excellent.

  • Jess Pepper
    Jess Pepper Pred dnevom

    Ive seen so much stuff on posh mark is hard to know what was stolen and what is just dumbass people trying to sell counterfeit.

  • Anti Clark
    Anti Clark Pred dnevom

    I feel bad for the thief

  • Angela Jacobsen
    Angela Jacobsen Pred dnevom

    Jeffree personally invests his own money into what ends up in your hand. He doesn't have an investment firm or big namebrand asking for his name to be trademarked like Rhianna, KatVD, etc. Now the Jefree Star product is at risk for being replicated, to include packaging, so please buy only from his website and approved dealers AND NOT on Amazon or Ebay. Those products are being handled and held in someone's home and may be contaminated.

  • Sumia Station
    Sumia Station Pred dnevom

    Officially have lost faith in humanity really disappointed

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez Pred dnevom


  • Poisongas 2019
    Poisongas 2019 Pred dnevom

    James Charles 2.0

  • DGolden
    DGolden Pred dnevom

    So sorry this happened. Here to support

  • Nazeli Abramyan
    Nazeli Abramyan Pred dnevom +1

    I love ur lip scrub I have like 5 it’s bomb

  • VictoriaNeverland
    VictoriaNeverland Pred dnevom

    I feel for you Jeffree.. Really, this is too bad, too sad. I wish you the best of luck, and hope this never happens again. You are so honest, you are so your heart on your sleeve. I love you💝

  • JellyDonutSquirt
    JellyDonutSquirt Pred dnevom

    I don’t care how rich or successful you are. NO ONE DESERVES TO GO THROUGH THIS. Especially when it’s something you worked hard on.

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle Pred dnevom

    Bro I would be so annoyed by people posting that shit online so dumb

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle Pred dnevom

    I would never buy or sell unreleased makeup. Even if someone else stole it. Morals people.

  • Jesca Calicdan
    Jesca Calicdan Pred dnevom

    I love you

  • Riane Seim
    Riane Seim Pred dnevom

    Prayers for your mom! And I hope those bitches get caught and rot in jail!

    H IS MAXIMUS Pred dnevom

    Algood u make enough off youtube

      H IS MAXIMUS Pred dnevom

      Lets keep it 100, there making cash you honestly think they would do it for free, with all them subs an views you tube got it him where he is today with out a doubt, no one can be that ignorant/arrogant.

    • Octavia
      Octavia Pred dnevom

      I'm pretty sure none of these are monetised

  • lil' bear
    lil' bear Pred dnevom +2

    *HOLY SHIT!* I have a theory!
    I was watching a old vid from Spill (A controversy channel) talking about the merchandise Jeffree was gonna sell with the alien on it.
    In the apology to heymonsterart he said I'll fire the employee.

    Jeffree said that the person and/or people taking the concealer and other products couldn't have known that specific warehouse isn't as secure as the others unless they had previously worked for him or with him (or they stalked him and somehow have this information)

    I think the employee Jeffree fired for the merchandise incident could have quite possibly taken the concealer and other products from the warehouse because of how he/she wanted revenge on Jeffree for firing him/her for the alien shirt.
    just a theory, don't get cut over it

    ~❤️lil' bear

  • Apolonia
    Apolonia Pred dnevom


  • Yukti kubba
    Yukti kubba Pred dnevom

    i am so sorry for the loss... you are unbreakable. God bless ypu with immense strength and i hope this racket is solved and you get some units back.

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson Pred dnevom

    *Jeffree please react to the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 is out on April 26.*

  • Style with Sansriti
    Style with Sansriti Pred dnevom

    I am literally in tears seeing you so sad... But you are a fighter and this is a thing of past. ❤️ No one can bring you down evaaaaa Jeffree Star 🔥

  • Izzy Grace
    Izzy Grace Pred 2 dnevi

    The thumbnail tho .....

  • yutub yutub
    yutub yutub Pred 2 dnevi

    1:02 she say that her makeup is trending now all around the world but in asia there are 12 countries which is a futuristic countries,which didnt has the makeup,not even her pallete

  • Angelina Wood
    Angelina Wood Pred 2 dnevi

    Some people just don’t realise how hard people like Jeffreestar work it’s extremely sad ☹️

  • Emma Brooks
    Emma Brooks Pred 2 dnevi

    what the heck kind of terrible krappp is happening to this beautiful queen ??!!!!!!

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny Pred 2 dnevi

    I’ve just realised that Jeffery doesn’t have eyebrows. But like, it kinda works?

  • freckled lemonade1
    freckled lemonade1 Pred 2 dnevi

    Why are people disliking this

  • Gaston Silva
    Gaston Silva Pred 2 dnevi

    im sry for you jeffree you didnt deserved this to happend to you, luckly all the responsibles shall get what they deserve.

  • Stella Sagaste
    Stella Sagaste Pred 2 dnevi

    Omfg there bitches u don’t deserve this queen 😘

  • Cult Surviving Wife KJV


  • Suzann Addison
    Suzann Addison Pred 2 dnevi

    I hope we met one day, that would be dope

  • Nati Wsol
    Nati Wsol Pred 2 dnevi

    Your eyes tell it all.... I feel so bad and sad... I will buy your concealer as soo as it comes out! I pray for your mom!

  • Gliscor Glider
    Gliscor Glider Pred 2 dnevi

    Hey Andrei Terbea Made a Video of u

  • End X
    End X Pred 2 dnevi

    I hope your mother gets better jeffree. Also, you didn't deserve this and I hope you get justice. Love ya

  • Catherine Louise
    Catherine Louise Pred 2 dnevi

    I hope your mum is feeling better.

  • Angelina Rogers
    Angelina Rogers Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Omg Jeffree !!! I’m so heartbroken for you 😔

  • chloe seso
    chloe seso Pred 2 dnevi

    Hello Jeffree Star I found Fake Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks and bought one they only Cost 139 pesos nearly 3 dollars... and my friends lips Itched and then we had to take her to the clinic anyways I hope we can sue these Resellers that sell FAKE jeffree star Velour Liquid Lipsticks or else they will ruin your line But still love the original ones

  • Love the world i dont do fake

    oh my goshhhh no why would this happen to you 😪😪😪😪

  • Not Your Average Fish Keeper.

    Pray to Jesus Christ and repent!

  • Brutalrebelsavage19
    Brutalrebelsavage19 Pred 2 dnevi

    That's so sad i'm so sorry to hear about this Jeffree ur amazing !! i love ur products they are worth the money it's a damn shame of some jealous assholes stealing from u i hope they learn their lesson to not fuck with u queen

  • van bing
    van bing Pred 2 dnevi

    I am soo sorry this happened to you. Side note: I am living and dying for your eyeshadow and highlights today!!! What shade is that eye color?

  • Ruby mata
    Ruby mata Pred 2 dnevi

    Me at 1:00 :🙂🤩

  • ashleigh blair
    ashleigh blair Pred 2 dnevi

    aw bby take a break all 13 million of us are supporting and understanding you all the way take as much of a break as you need come back when your ready sweetie we are all here for you!♥️

  • Fishe Jelly
    Fishe Jelly Pred 2 dnevi

    This is honestly appalling that someone did this.

  • Mariana Rodriguez
    Mariana Rodriguez Pred 2 dnevi


  • Sades- -Bear
    Sades- -Bear Pred 2 dnevi

    I still feel bad for the girl who used the other girls photo. If she purposely did it, or actually had good intent, doesn’t matter, because now her life is ruined. Y’all can be triggered at me, but I am a Jeffree Star supporter. I’m just a good person so I feel bad for this person who made a dumb mistake when they shouldn’t have. Anyways, if I were Jeffree, I would be furious at the fans. Telling a girl to kill herself and spamming her phone and email and being threatened isn’t ok, fans can be crazy. If y’all think your great fans doing that, your lying to yourself. Y’all can be messed up sometimes. The world is a messed up place.

  • Tony Rodgers
    Tony Rodgers Pred 2 dnevi

    @Jeff!! I’ve started watching you about a month ago you’ve inspired me to create my own page!!
    Thanks for everything man you’ve kinda turned my life around.

  • Caitlin McCrea
    Caitlin McCrea Pred 2 dnevi

    Why steal a whole Sade like seriously can’t people see how much effort jeffree put into this, into making make up and sick people go and steal it. Ugh 😐

  • maria 2.o
    maria 2.o Pred 2 dnevi

    that so fuck up like omg

  • Shadow Moon6780
    Shadow Moon6780 Pred 2 dnevi +2

    First of all.. Why would a group take makeup from a big, big project?! I mean ofcourse people are gonna attack the people that posted that online. Are they insane?! Ofcourse it's gonna happen.
    What's gonna happen now? I guess we will never know who acually did and never know the identies of the people. I mean, that is very illegal! They shouldn't of done that? That was so insane! That is so sad and I hope Jeffree Star gets everything back.

  • Erika Ebright
    Erika Ebright Pred 2 dnevi

    And the lip liner tops are beautiful!

  • Erika Ebright
    Erika Ebright Pred 2 dnevi

    I love you! I’m proud of you. I am not even a make up person but I will purchase just to support you. You are magical!

  • Micheal Neo
    Micheal Neo Pred 2 dnevi

    Hey jeffy ur eyes look like swollen puffy blue buttholes that got bruised by Nathan while sucking ur ass cheeks.

  • Ni Na
    Ni Na Pred 2 dnevi

    Why this 22k people gave thumbs down? What you didin’t like about this video?

  • Stephanie Lugo
    Stephanie Lugo Pred 2 dnevi

    It’s ok we all have your back jeffre❤️❤️❤️ there just jealous they can’t do the stuff u do for your fans

  • Cameron French
    Cameron French Pred 2 dnevi

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE. I’m GLAD they’re putting people in jail and got a team working on getting to the bottom of this. WE LOVE YOU, JEFFERY! And NEVER buy any products from anywhere that Jeffery does not usually sell his products.

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn Pred 2 dnevi

    Someone who knows about make up... if I use born this way “snow” what shade would I be in Magic Star? Helppppp me out !

  • Brutus Spanje
    Brutus Spanje Pred 2 dnevi

    I love you Jeffree. Ur amazing, keep ya head up !!!

  • Mihail chifor
    Mihail chifor Pred 2 dnevi

    Wath The Fuck

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson Pred 2 dnevi

    *Jeffree, can you please talk about the latest beauty trend? Which is watching the NEW Season 2 NETFLIX SHE-RA trailer for clear skin.*

  • Veronica Delacruz
    Veronica Delacruz Pred 2 dnevi

    This is so sad!!!
    I’m so sorry..
    this will make you stronger..💪🏻💪🏻🤘🏻

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark Pred 2 dnevi

    Im in that makeup group and I saw her post it. Everyone was like is this real? Why isn't Jeffrey posting it. He wouldnt come out with one shade. Blah blah blah.
    I cant believe this actually happened and that this happened LIKE THAT. and I saw that photo being posted. ..........
    My anxiety for Jeffrey is REAL.

    • Rado Satur
      Rado Satur Pred 2 dnevi

      If you're having "real anxiety" for some youtube shithead, shouldn't you be getting some professional psychiatric help? And I don't mean the lobotomy you already seem to have had.

  • Ashley Ratcliff
    Ashley Ratcliff Pred 2 dnevi

    I'm so deeply sorry

  • Samantha Quintana
    Samantha Quintana Pred 2 dnevi

    You're an inspiration of survive, i love you i'm so proud of you, still shining baby, the karma become for all these people that stole your work. ❤

  • Lauren Elizabeth Bullington

    Im so sorry about your birth Mom. I'll really be thinking about you and praying for you. Sometimes life just throws things at you in the worst timing. You have handled this so gracefully.

  • IamNaya Naya_islandgyalnika

    I think RED is gonna be Jeffree ´s new color ...❤️❤️❤️
    I can’t wait to buy the new products girllll

  • IamNaya Naya_islandgyalnika

    Don’t mess with Jeffree starr these bitches should know better
    I think I never seen my bish like that

  • Elise Wilkie
    Elise Wilkie Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Awww Poor Baby ❤️❤️❤️
    Good luck, best wishes, I really love how far you have come and how hard you try to get threw some of the hardest times.

  • Nora Mendiola
    Nora Mendiola Pred 2 dnevi

    So sorry that this happen, I hope they do find the thieves. Stay strong and positive.

  • Wendy Williamson
    Wendy Williamson Pred 2 dnevi

    Dear jeffreestar
    I am hoping that the bastards that stole your prouduct are rotting in a cell for what they did and i am also hopeing your company and warehouses will not be broken into and you give me inspiration (despite this being the first video I've watched from you.) Because I want to start a business or company when I grow up. I am also aware of risks like this instance and challenges ( because one of the colleges I have found teaches buisness and i do know a teen about to take gcse moch exsams in a year shouldn't be worrying about collage yet but it is good to get ahead)
    Anyway I will stop blabering on and just say thanks for reading my comment.
    P.s I will search for any of your makeup that was stolen and let you know. ☺

  • Lacy McCray
    Lacy McCray Pred 2 dnevi

    Wow honey, I am so sorry this happened to you.

  • Mary Cate O'Malley
    Mary Cate O'Malley Pred 2 dnevi

    I hate when you are sad. Those bastards had better not have taken my shade.

  • Mary Cate O'Malley
    Mary Cate O'Malley Pred 2 dnevi

    Wouldn't that shipment be insured? Not that that gets it back.

  • Bunny G
    Bunny G Pred 2 dnevi


  • Exploding Dubbz
    Exploding Dubbz Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Is he trans?

  • Kerin Ashley
    Kerin Ashley Pred 2 dnevi

    The concealer is beautiful I love how you make all you products unique. I can't wait to see all your new products. I love you Jeffree Star!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

  • ShyBirdie2008 Hill
    ShyBirdie2008 Hill Pred 2 dnevi

    It breaks my heart that scum bags would do this. I hope every single scum bag gets caught & goes to jail. I can’t afford your stuff but love watching every single video of yours and how far you have came. Keep your head up which I know you will & keep doing you and be DAMN PROUD

  • Amanda Reader
    Amanda Reader Pred 2 dnevi

    I just want to say that I absolutely love watching you, your amazing and I just wanted to know if there was a update on what happened, so much love to you and Nate 💕💕💕💕 love yall so much!

  • Chelsea Hastings
    Chelsea Hastings Pred 2 dnevi

    I sent you an Instagram message with screenshots..

  • Butter Croissant
    Butter Croissant Pred 2 dnevi

    Next palette :vengeance

  • Heena Bella
    Heena Bella Pred 2 dnevi

    So sorry this happened to you but god is watching everything will be ok stay strong n positive like u r and things will b ok 🤗🤗❤️❤️

  • Tea
    Tea Pred 2 dnevi

    The lawsuit pallete. Titled “court ordered.”

  • Maheen Masood 1669001
    Maheen Masood 1669001 Pred 2 dnevi


  • Amazingly Awesome
    Amazingly Awesome Pred 2 dnevi

    So sorry jeffree sooooooo sorry

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake Pred 3 dnevi

    God bless ur mom

  • Adr Edwards
    Adr Edwards Pred 3 dnevi

    I can see your heart breaking right infront of my face, i dont fight people but i would love to punch the living shit out of these bitches.