Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

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  • Objavljeno 12. mar. 2019
  • Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"
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  • MC Robot
    MC Robot Pred 24 minutami +2

    I have Galaxy S10e

  • Malcolm De Bruyne

    $300 is premium midrange, $750 is ultra high-end, $900+ is insanity.

  • Moralitos-once
    Moralitos-once Pred uro +1

    Not watching this on my s10e 😎😎

  • NZSmall
    NZSmall Pred 3 urami

    I just can't live without a front fingerprint scanner, it's so much more convenient if you want to unlock the phone if it's lying on a table.

  • Caleb Schwartz
    Caleb Schwartz Pred 5 urami

    i just came from your first video ever.... holy moly

  • Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    I've stopped being impressed with the latest phones, they are not worth their price tags, especially this one, and the hole punch looks annoying as fuck when playing videos in full screen, we're also heading to a point where every phone looks exactly the same since we're trying to eliminate bezels entirely.
    Not an exciting time for phones right now, hugely overpriced and samish, £700-800 should be the absolute top price for a flagship and this phone should be about £500-600 at most.

  • Nicholas Bromley
    Nicholas Bromley Pred 7 urami

    Never been a huge Samsung fan, but the S10e is seriously an impressive phone.

  • N96ZG
    N96ZG Pred 8 urami

    Not gonna lie that wallpaper is clever

  • bond
    bond Pred 8 urami

    I love the wallpaper.

  • A- Rodogey
    A- Rodogey Pred 9 urami

    Soooo...can you download fortnite on it?

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan Pred 10 urami

    My s10e is overheating

  • One Tap Man
    One Tap Man Pred 11 urami

    8gb ram on a phone?
    why?for what kinda use u need 8 gb???

  • John Merced
    John Merced Pred 11 urami

    Why is there thumbs down on this? Makes no sense!

  • Shubh Arora
    Shubh Arora Pred 11 urami +1

    Playing pubg is ideal in this 😍😍😍

  • Hugo 김  이곤
    Hugo 김 이곤 Pred 12 urami


  • Fadhil Muhammad
    Fadhil Muhammad Pred 15 urami

    Those camera movement is lit

  • Ben Miles
    Ben Miles Pred 15 urami

    You always talk about buying the phones. So is it just us plebs that get phones on contract then?

  • Ross Goddard
    Ross Goddard Pred 17 urami

    Nice phone 👍

  • H DLT
    H DLT Pred 18 urami

    He calls Apple “the ecosystem”? What does that mean?

  • Lalithalakshmi Paramasivam

    Bought S10e a couple of days back! This device is having heating up issue... sply on the left side of the device

  • Ho Hwang
    Ho Hwang Pred 20 urami

    Just bought the S10e, as per your review, AND I love it! Traded my old phone samsung gave me credit. Great phone!

  • Celso De La Cruz
    Celso De La Cruz Pred 21 uro +1

    I just bought this phone today coming from the galaxy s5, and it's undoubtedly the best phone I've ever had...

  • Sam Easwar
    Sam Easwar Pred 22 urami

    Does anyone have any idea about the black dot next to rear flash in S10e ? 🤔🤔

  • Thirdy Pontañeles III
    Thirdy Pontañeles III Pred 22 urami

    The thumbnail made me do it.

  • Amjid Khan
    Amjid Khan Pred 23 urami +1

    How do you unlock if you’re left handed?
    What a pain. They obviously didn’t think this through.

    • Nick Fisher
      Nick Fisher Pred 20 urami

      Set the fingerprint to your index finer and unlock it with that finger ny reaching across the back

  • Scott Craft
    Scott Craft Pred dnevom

    The fingerprint sensor isn't in a good spot for us lefties, otherwise I think this is a fantastic phone for the money.

    • Scott Craft
      Scott Craft Pred 4 urami +1

      +Jay Duffy I like the size of my note but I think a slightly smaller phone will have some advantages as well.

    • Jay Duffy
      Jay Duffy Pred 4 urami +1

      It's a lovely phone, so many cool wallpapers to cover hole punch... and I went from a massive Huawei mate 20 x to this.. hardest part was how little it felt, but will grow on me

    • Scott Craft
      Scott Craft Pred 4 urami +1

      +Jay Duffy That's awesome, I appreciate you sharing that with me. This might be my next.

    • Jay Duffy
      Jay Duffy Pred 4 urami +1

      Found it easy to adjust.. and I got the phone 2 hours ago

    • Scott Craft
      Scott Craft Pred 4 urami

      +Jay Duffy That's interesting. So it isn't hard to reach with your left hand when you pick the phone up? I have a note 8 and was interested in the note 10, but these things are getting so expensive the S10e looks like a really good alternative.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Pred dnevom

    Why don't they OMIT the front camera? I don't know anyone who uses that thing? It's just for Americans, no one else cares about fucking selfies

  • JamRock Bless
    JamRock Bless Pred dnevom +14

    $750 - flagship
    > $750 - highway robbery.
    There you go, as far as naming schemes are concerned.

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour Pred dnevom

    my lenovo k4 note screen is wide as the S10+, today even you have good money you cant get a good phone

  • Depression 4 Life
    Depression 4 Life Pred dnevom

    That wall paper is dope the other eye for that fat blood bot is the camera

  • Shyam Dattani
    Shyam Dattani Pred dnevom

    Hey qq s10e or pixel 3 assuming both of them are coming at the same rate ?

  • gk484
    gk484 Pred dnevom

    so, ive got a s7 edge, broken, should i get it repaired or buy a budget phone of that price ?

  • melo15no1
    melo15no1 Pred dnevom

    only idiots keep buying phones at these prices srsly not worth it

  • Andrew Truax
    Andrew Truax Pred dnevom

    U probably already know this, but there pixel has the same notification scroll down with finger print sensor thing

  • Miraj Ahmed
    Miraj Ahmed Pred dnevom

    Bring back the versus videos between two phones that you use to make

  • Kael
    Kael Pred dnevom

    The XR is a rip off compared to this and I say that as an iPhone user. This is a really nice phone for possible switchers.

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Pred dnevom

    That pink is dope

  • martin murphy
    martin murphy Pred dnevom

    Great review! I couldn't figure what one to get. I am now getting the s10e. Thanks Marques

  • Com Taur
    Com Taur Pred dnevom +2

    Waht is the difference between Dynamic Amoled and sAMOLED???😊😊

  • Com Taur
    Com Taur Pred dnevom +1

    do me a favour lets play holi😂😂😂😅😅

  • Anime-JD
    Anime-JD Pred dnevom


  • Sander Alphen
    Sander Alphen Pred dnevom

    Or you need a bigger screen. Dude

  • Savage Noob
    Savage Noob Pred dnevom

    Hi markass

  • SilentKaliSmoker
    SilentKaliSmoker Pred dnevom

    The notification feature pull down was on the s9+, but I'm sure you already knew that.

  • Eugen Cojocaru
    Eugen Cojocaru Pred dnevom

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Essential

  • Jonathan Wolverton
    Jonathan Wolverton Pred dnevom

    The flagships are like $9.....00,000

  • Mavolant
    Mavolant Pred dnevom +9

    This is one of my favorite phones.
    Wish I had enough.
    Still on that iPod :)
    Parents said they would pay for cell service if I save enough for a phone.
    This has my eye and I have about $700 now but I’d prefer to build a gaming PC instead of getting a phone.
    Maybe someday.

    • 21JeffStreet
      21JeffStreet Pred 8 urami

      Just get a job over the summer

    • maskednil
      maskednil Pred dnevom +1

      Get the PC. A 250 - 350 $ phone is far more worthwhile, and with the rate phones are coming out, by the time you save up another 700 bucks, there'll be something better.

  • Stev Canales
    Stev Canales Pred dnevom

    Pretty sure the "e" might stand for economy, which kinda just shows you how ridiculously expensive phones have gotten.

  • Joe Schueler
    Joe Schueler Pred dnevom +2

    I just want this phone because it's flat! Not a a fan of my s8 and curved screens

    • H20 Inferno
      H20 Inferno Pred dnevom

      I feel you, I have a 9 plus. I miss having a smaller phone and flat too sometimes the edges get frustrating

  • Glenn Snyder
    Glenn Snyder Pred dnevom

    If it wasn't for the battery I'd get one.

  • _Maick_
    _Maick_ Pred dnevom


  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda Pred dnevom +5

    I bought the s10e because of the flat display. I personally dislike curved screens.

  • VonzoOutside
    VonzoOutside Pred dnevom +1

    Didn't realize the finger print ID lags on some devices. I use an LG V35. Finger print, camera, video, personalization etc are all on point. Samsung, Apple, Google bow down to LG.

  • Moinak Ghosh
    Moinak Ghosh Pred 2 dnevi

    Its the reacher segment of phones one can say... like apple did with xr... samsung did with s10e... this is the reacher segment...

  • Moinak Ghosh
    Moinak Ghosh Pred 2 dnevi

    That was a great continuous shot there... this was a whole new perspective...

  • Norm HD
    Norm HD Pred 2 dnevi +4

    shiiiii i bought mine for 650 on ebay

  • Naseer Amin
    Naseer Amin Pred 2 dnevi

    E for Economy

  • Lorenzo Giusfredi
    Lorenzo Giusfredi Pred 2 dnevi +36

    "E" stands for essential. They' ve said it while talking about it during the launch in s.francisco

  • Vimoh Sharma
    Vimoh Sharma Pred 2 dnevi


  • Deceitful -
    Deceitful - Pred 2 dnevi

    The e stands for economy

  • DC5500
    DC5500 Pred 2 dnevi

    Awesome Video of the S10e LOVE it 👍👍😃 I love all your tech vids they're more detailed than other vids keep up the great work

  • Vuk Zlatkovic
    Vuk Zlatkovic Pred 2 dnevi +2

    I suggest a High-end mid-range as the name for the price range of s10e

  • Dian Nugroho
    Dian Nugroho Pred 2 dnevi

    S10e the "e" stand for "essentials" perhaps

  • Dimic
    Dimic Pred 2 dnevi

    im just asking myself why would you put two logos on the back? so ugly..

  • Ayush Khandelwal
    Ayush Khandelwal Pred 2 dnevi +66

    Here in India....even the S10plus is cheaper than iPhone Xr😂😂

    • Bikalpa Ranjan Sahoo
      Bikalpa Ranjan Sahoo Pred 10 urami +4

      That's why Apple is too unsucessful in India as well as some other countries.

    • EmperorFaiz
      EmperorFaiz Pred 19 urami

      We all know that.

  • RikiDink
    RikiDink Pred 2 dnevi +1

    The swipe fingerprint reader to pull down function has always been on Samsung phones though.

  • Sistrunk!
    Sistrunk! Pred 2 dnevi


  • Jörgen Nilsson
    Jörgen Nilsson Pred 2 dnevi +4

    A phone only for right-handed more och less then

    • Vox3l-Gl1tch
      Vox3l-Gl1tch Pred 16 urami

      +Jörgen Nilsson then don't use your index finger

    • Jörgen Nilsson
      Jörgen Nilsson Pred dnevom

      +Robin yes but it's not as good as your thumb 😀

    • Robin
      Robin Pred dnevom

      lol stfu you can use your index on left hand

    TECH DEPOT Pred 2 dnevi +2


  • Hopkins132
    Hopkins132 Pred 2 dnevi

    Flagships phones be 900,000 dallas

  • Dekarlson
    Dekarlson Pred 2 dnevi

    Wow ... Baymax looks good

  • Gucci BOii
    Gucci BOii Pred 2 dnevi

    The e stands for expensive😂😂😂

  • Just Me
    Just Me Pred 2 dnevi

    Samsung is really a much better company than apple......when apple gives u low budget stuff, it's really cheap.....the iphone xr has a low res screen, an iphone 4 typa WTF??? the s10e is fantastic.....really if u buy it, u have an upgrade on the s9......

  • Breon Sarah Johnson
    Breon Sarah Johnson Pred 2 dnevi

    Where can I get the wallpaper I need it for my s10e

  • Fzr Rahman
    Fzr Rahman Pred 2 dnevi

    I know the name .. it's over priced

  • Márcio Cleiton Dá Lima Wehman

    I think the one hand fingerprint / homebutton gesture doesnt work worldwide. Where can I find it, i have the dutch version. Can't find it in the settings :(

    JACK AND JILL Pred 2 dnevi

    they moved camera to the punch hole and they still have large bezels on cell,it should have no bezels, look at other cells like the one with the camera that pops out the top of cell, the display on that cell has no bezels. samsung is being greedy and doing in really small adjustments. so they can make full bezeless display next year and make punch out for camera smaller.

    JACK AND JILL Pred 2 dnevi

    they moved camera to the punch hole and they still have large bezels on cell,it should have no bezels, look at other cells like the one with the camera that pops out the top of cell, the display on that cell has no bezels. samsung is being greedy and doing in really small adjustments. so they can make full bezeless display next year and make punch out for camera smaller.

  • Newbicus Games
    Newbicus Games Pred 2 dnevi +11

    6 gigs for $700? What do I look like? A money tree? 😱

    • John Manacup
      John Manacup Pred dnevom +3

      That's the RAM not the actual storage.

  • Bon Jurgen Ompang
    Bon Jurgen Ompang Pred 2 dnevi

    Is that really iphone Xs beside the s10e? Or iphone xsmax?

    • artsie. boi
      artsie. boi Pred dnevom

      Bon Jurgen Ompang its a Samsung galaxy s10+

  • Tim VeePee
    Tim VeePee Pred 2 dnevi

    Dude. The Galaxy S is a flagship...PERIOD.
    IT USE TO BE $550, $650 and now $750.
    It is not a midrange spec'd phone.
    The iPhone XR is premium low ranged pbone.
    The Galaxy S10e is a lower priced flagship.
    Everything in this phone has always been found in a Galaxy S.

    • artsie. boi
      artsie. boi Pred 6 urami

      A different model for a different niche, each product line having its own flagship.

    • artsie. boi
      artsie. boi Pred 6 urami

      Tim VeePee the note has better specs than the S. Why would Samsung not put the best hardware in their best product if the S is their best? Apple only has iPhone because that’s the only phone they sell. A company can have 2 flagships, look at LG, they have the G series and V series both advertised as flagships. Look at Huawei, they have the Mate series and P series both advertised as flagships. That’s not unique to Samsung or even phones. In headphones, Sennheiser has the HD800 and HD650, Beyerdynamics has the dt990 and dt770. In computers, HP has the Elitebook, Omen, Pavilion, and Envy, Microsoft has the Surface Pro and Surface Book, has

    • Tim VeePee
      Tim VeePee Pred 7 urami

      +artsie. boi Flagship in general refers to a companies best phone that it ever created till that time. The company aims to drive major revenue share and brand value with Flagship phones. Samsung creates flagship devices under Galaxy S* series while Apple is famous with iPhone * series.
      What does the flagship phone mean? - Quora
      The Note sells less than 1/2 as many units as the S does. Its not a flagship.
      The Note is a unique premium top of the line handheld. It is basically the replace ro the Bold and other phones that had physical keyboards.
      There can only be one flagship. Rhats why it has the name.

    • artsie. boi
      artsie. boi Pred 8 urami

      The note is also their flagship, they promote it on multiple websites and commercials

    • Tim VeePee
      Tim VeePee Pred dnevom

      +artsie. boi but it's not the Galaxy S. The S is the flagship samsung device. Even the Note is not their flagship device, even though it cost more.

  • phil1pd
    phil1pd Pred 2 dnevi

    Samsung should make the larger s10 with a flat screen.

  • chaitanya siva ram
    chaitanya siva ram Pred 2 dnevi +12

    I came to watch video for that wallpaper in thumbnail 😍

  • M B
    M B Pred 2 dnevi

    I can't go back to any screen

  • The Voice
    The Voice Pred 2 dnevi

    5.8 is small? That’s what she said.

    • Steve Mano
      Steve Mano Pred 2 dnevi

      The Voice whos she? Your mama?

  • Stephen Ierubino
    Stephen Ierubino Pred 2 dnevi

    "flagship lite" price category

  • yasser aboamoud
    yasser aboamoud Pred 3 dnevi

    I really like this phone but I don't think it going to be as much supported (updates wise) as the regular S10 or S10+

  • Sacred Geometry
    Sacred Geometry Pred 3 dnevi


  • N0ZP1K3R
    N0ZP1K3R Pred 3 dnevi

    The S10 models without a case will give people issues with accidental touches. Curved screens are like super models, they are very attractive but are very high maintenance and a pain in the ass.

  • The Dark Box
    The Dark Box Pred 3 dnevi

    Bad Ad, oops commercial, oops video. Which one is it MKBHD?
    You a Ad or a person?
    Later faker.

  • Andre Matos
    Andre Matos Pred 3 dnevi +1

    Call quality ? I’ve checked so many reviews no one really said much abt call quality .. all just abt looks camera and so on . How times have changed ...

    • artsie. boi
      artsie. boi Pred dnevom

      Andre Matos they’re all the same more or less

  • Abdullah Sam
    Abdullah Sam Pred 3 dnevi +44

    10/10 For that wallpaper. lol.

  • Tomasz Gałkowski
    Tomasz Gałkowski Pred 3 dnevi

    I'm thinking about selling my iPhone X and Apple Watch and going back to Android. Is it worth the hassle to jump to Samsung S10e + some Samsung smartwatch?

  • MICHAELLA Marcellino
    MICHAELLA Marcellino Pred 3 dnevi

    Am watching this on my fkn s9

  • Joe
    Joe Pred 3 dnevi

    the problem is im not stuck with ios, i just enjoy it more than android, i’ve yet to see another android phone i want since the nexus 6p

  • pokemon go
    pokemon go Pred 3 dnevi

    yo marques can i have the s10e please . need a new phone mine's old :P

  • Justin The Matrix— Jesus is King

    Not gonna lie that’s a sexy phone

  • András Gyarmati
    András Gyarmati Pred 3 dnevi

    just make the whole side on all sides touchable

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Pred 3 dnevi +1

    In next two years.. I think Apple will step up a bit, Samsung will start to fall, and Google will come up big time, and Nokia will blow people away...

    • tommy d u b b s
      tommy d u b b s Pred 2 dnevi

      SHRUG irrelevant

    • SHRUG
      SHRUG Pred 3 dnevi

      Only saying that cause you have an iPhone xs....

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Pred 3 dnevi +1

    $850 to 1500 flagship (beast, flashy)
    $500 to 850 mid range (great, perfect)
    $300 to 500 budget (decent, value)
    $100 to 300 entry (simple, backup)
    Apple is Mercedes
    Samsung is Hyundai
    OnePlus is Nissan
    Nokia is Acura
    Google is Toyota
    Huawei is BMW
    You're welcome....