🏆THE LAST 16🏆 Champions League Song - 18/19 Intro Parody Theme!

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  • Objavljeno 10. feb. 2019
  • Who's gonna win the UEFA Champions League 2019?
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    AS Roma vs FC Porto
    Man Utd vs PSG
    Tottenham vs Dortmund
    Ajax vs Real Madrid
    Lyon vs Barcelona
    Liverpool vs Bayern Munich
    Atletico Madrid vs Juventus
    Schalke vs Man City
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  • ŠportŠport

Komentarjev • 3 102

  • Toks TV
    Toks TV Pred 8 dnevi +2267

    Why is neymars sisters voice so deep

    • Ray Kiss
      Ray Kiss Pred 14 urami

      They swapped voices as kids 😂😂

    • Solo
      Solo Pred dnevom

      You should be chemically castrated

    • Dreu Bennett
      Dreu Bennett Pred dnevom

      Crazy 😜 I love 💖 you get a chance of seeing what I get you know you can get a mom Dimunn Pa bebet D

    • Fapy Nation
      Fapy Nation Pred 2 dnevi

      because Neymar's is high XD

    • Fbazzurri 00
      Fbazzurri 00 Pred 3 dnevi

      Sore throat

  • Alexandra Muster
    Alexandra Muster Pred 8 urami

    pls make road to Final

    COOKIE ETA PIZZA Pred 8 urami

    Tottenham vs Dortmund 3-0 Tottenham ‘I always get them right’

  • Arun K
    Arun K Pred 10 urami +1

    Liverpool 3-2 Bayern

  • Mamy Tangara
    Mamy Tangara Pred 12 urami

    Il faut que vous faite en français si non je ne comprend pas anglais

  • Drunk Sausage
    Drunk Sausage Pred dnevom

    4 of the teams that you thought are going through are losing in the 1st leg XD

  • pheonix crow
    pheonix crow Pred dnevom

    Jesus christ Neymars sister sounds like a teen boy going through puberty.

  • David Krmpot
    David Krmpot Pred dnevom


  • Carlos Iván Rivera Alvarado

    PSG maybe idk

  • Anonymous anonymous
    Anonymous anonymous Pred dnevom

    His sister's voice is 👌👌😂😂
    But I think that the same person does all the voices,so it's hard for a man to do so 😂😂
    The champions will be Barcelona or Juventus or Bayern Munich

  • Pennywise Da Clown
    Pennywise Da Clown Pred dnevom +1

    Schalke will win CL

  • Gjergj Ndoja
    Gjergj Ndoja Pred dnevom

    I wish I was Neymars sister...

  • s2 gaming
    s2 gaming Pred dnevom

    Did neymar and his sister get surgery and traded voices or something

  • Hugo Carcamo
    Hugo Carcamo Pred dnevom


  • Marcoplays Infinite
    Marcoplays Infinite Pred dnevom +1

    At least Spurs are going through vs Dortmund surely,it was 3-0 at Wembley.

  • Omari skillz123
    Omari skillz123 Pred dnevom

    Neymar sounds like a girl and his sister sounds like a kan

    Edit : man

  • Mickael Loe-A-Fook
    Mickael Loe-A-Fook Pred dnevom +1

    Who is the pie for Lyon ?? , Depay ?

  • Itz Vxen
    Itz Vxen Pred dnevom +1

    Anyone else annoyed that that piques face is on Lyons badge?

  • Andile Bandezi
    Andile Bandezi Pred dnevom

    Why would psg not go through the already beat Manchester 2 0

    IDAN KHAYAT Pred dnevom

    Man city

  • Alan Tinker
    Alan Tinker Pred dnevom

    We're making it to quarter-finals at the very least. COYS

  • Ashton vlogs
    Ashton vlogs Pred dnevom


  • Chris. GR
    Chris. GR Pred 2 dnevi +1


  • Anita Selleshiiy
    Anita Selleshiiy Pred 2 dnevi

    Sack sarry

  • Anita Selleshiiy
    Anita Selleshiiy Pred 2 dnevi

    I want tima and max to win

  • Keeweeann Gonzales
    Keeweeann Gonzales Pred 2 dnevi


  • 4rench L
    4rench L Pred 2 dnevi

    Frenkie de jong

  • Denis HD
    Denis HD Pred 2 dnevi

    You Russia

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi Pred 2 dnevi

    Who will win in the second leg of Man Utd vs PSG?

    Like- PSG
    Comment- Man Utd

  • Se-Hwan An
    Se-Hwan An Pred 2 dnevi

    tottenham is going to win borussia dortmund you know?

  • Luis Suàrez
    Luis Suàrez Pred 2 dnevi


  • Kun Football Channel
    Kun Football Channel Pred 2 dnevi

    Thanks for Russian language

  • Maria Celeste Marcano
    Maria Celeste Marcano Pred 3 dnevi

    Fc B win 6 uca 2029

  • Virizlai Zsolt
    Virizlai Zsolt Pred 3 dnevi

    Porto will win the ucl 🔵⚪🙏

  • Ahmed Khawaga
    Ahmed Khawaga Pred 3 dnevi +1

    My predictions are
    Man united
    Man city

  • Le LetsPlay Bester Kanal auf Youtube

    You Not for Roma
    (But in the Last Sesson youre They Goalkeeper)

  • Hilde Skarnes
    Hilde Skarnes Pred 3 dnevi +1

    Find the like button 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 (hint down beside the comments

  • Rachid Abdelli
    Rachid Abdelli Pred 3 dnevi


  • Anf Gamer
    Anf Gamer Pred 3 dnevi

    Who else realise that pogba has a sign i miss jose

  • Gjergj Ndoja
    Gjergj Ndoja Pred 3 dnevi

    My predictions:
    Man C.

  • Gjergj Ndoja
    Gjergj Ndoja Pred 3 dnevi

    The final 16!
    Wholl be Champions?

  • yuri_Darki Aquino
    yuri_Darki Aquino Pred 3 dnevi

    *Wenger: hmm... no chelsea here!!
    *Conte: s*htty Sarri!

  • Scooby Doooby
    Scooby Doooby Pred 3 dnevi

    you are wrong about PSG bro !:)

  • Fiqhi Akbar Rafsanjani
    Fiqhi Akbar Rafsanjani Pred 3 dnevi

    00:33 Laughing so hard 😂😂

  • david
    david Pred 3 dnevi

    my predctions
    real madrid
    liverpool (i hope bayern)
    man city

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi Pred 3 dnevi

    psg will win

  • Bitz 234
    Bitz 234 Pred 3 dnevi +1


  • Mahdi Mohamadi
    Mahdi Mohamadi Pred 3 dnevi

    If you watch Ajax vs real Madrid live you know Ajax deserved the win can't wait for second leg

  • Mahdi Mohamadi
    Mahdi Mohamadi Pred 3 dnevi

    My prediction for last 8 team barca Liverpool juventus man city dortmond psg real porto

  • Josh B
    Josh B Pred 3 dnevi

    morata ha ha ha ha.

  • franklin clinton
    franklin clinton Pred 3 dnevi

    Psg to win

  • Seong Thong Chuah
    Seong Thong Chuah Pred 3 dnevi

    Already 3 out of 4 wrong 🤣
    Even though only 1st leg

  • الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

    Lmao you got them all wrong except real madrid for the first group of games .

  • Daniel-Emiliano Rodriguez-Contreras

    Sweet revenge for 2013 ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ

  • Tahamid Jabul
    Tahamid Jabul Pred 4 dnevi

    Finally ive been waiting for this

  • Angel Mihaylov
    Angel Mihaylov Pred 4 dnevi


  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Never get them wrong see spurs beating Dortmund 3 0 on aggregate............SHOOT

  • achivmentking Gaming
    achivmentking Gaming Pred 4 dnevi

    Only one guy don’t want to be rivals with Porthole... 442oons

  • Ulqcifer
    Ulqcifer Pred 4 dnevi

    Never get them wrong? Guess what Moneychester is out HA HA!

    • oskar cool
      oskar cool Pred 4 dnevi

      If u did not realise there is two legs

  • BIlly the Toaster
    BIlly the Toaster Pred 4 dnevi

    Spurs will be through were 3-0

  • Peanuts
    Peanuts Pred 4 dnevi

    You know, I once had my comment pinned for the 17/18 Video.

  • Yunus Emre
    Yunus Emre Pred 4 dnevi

    i think mancity is can win champions league this year :D

  • Andrei Tudor Georgescu
    Andrei Tudor Georgescu Pred 4 dnevi

    Omg some of your predictions are so bad XD

  • Jesus Serrano
    Jesus Serrano Pred 4 dnevi

    Roma 2-1 Porto
    Man United 0-2 PSG
    Tottenham 3-0 Dormund
    Ajax 1-2 R. Madrid

  • Mineplay
    Mineplay Pred 4 dnevi

    Ici c'est Paris 🔵🔴

  • Dylan Jm
    Dylan Jm Pred 4 dnevi

    Tottenham r gunna win

  • Ice Dude
    Ice Dude Pred 4 dnevi

    I think bayern will win against liverpool

  • Sheenarahim Rahumanya
    Sheenarahim Rahumanya Pred 4 dnevi

    Cassillas won't be worry
    I will draw for you

  • Alby Corrin
    Alby Corrin Pred 4 dnevi +1


  • هاذ سيء Kfjtfj
    هاذ سيء Kfjtfj Pred 4 dnevi


  • Munbiiи eeBileg
    Munbiiи eeBileg Pred 4 dnevi


    ARMENIAN FOOTBALL Pred 4 dnevi


  • Yoon Park
    Yoon Park Pred 4 dnevi

    Surprised that Tottenham beated Borussia 3-0 so I bet you are wrong. Unless Dortmund scores 4goals

  • Mohammed Hossam
    Mohammed Hossam Pred 4 dnevi

    paris money germain
    real madshit
    dat old lady
    manchesthair city

  • Joe Miranda
    Joe Miranda Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Half of his predictions are wrong so far, shot calling it

  • Omar Sherif
    Omar Sherif Pred 4 dnevi

    Liverpool will be the champion

  • Футбольный мир
    Футбольный мир Pred 4 dnevi +43

    Tottenham-Borussia D 3-0
    Roma-Porto 2-1
    MU-PSG 0-2

  • Dubravko Klaric
    Dubravko Klaric Pred 4 dnevi

    dat take the l tho

  • Agustín Boetto
    Agustín Boetto Pred 4 dnevi +3

    My predictions
    Roma vs porto : roma
    United vs psg: psg 😥
    Spurs vs bvb : tottenham
    Ajax vs real madrid : ajax but madrid can surprise
    Barca vs Lyon : barca
    Atletico vs juve : juventus
    Bayer vs liverpool :liverpool
    (Borussia lost 3 nil to spurs and borussia ks in top of bundesliga and liverpool is in top of premier so its logical liverpool win but bayern can surprise)
    Schalke bs city : obviously schalke😂

  • Little Pea
    Little Pea Pred 4 dnevi

    Messi changes face and hair every video

    TANNKBEGAMING Pred 4 dnevi

    Its do damn good

    TANNKBEGAMING Pred 4 dnevi

    Jeez 0:42 why so in sync

  • Kevtev Rus
    Kevtev Rus Pred 5 dnevi +2

    ha ha funny predictions

  • Bartek Hapa
    Bartek Hapa Pred 5 dnevi +2

    Im going to be the only one to get prediction right... How Can people choose Dortmund and Man utd???? 😂😂

  • mrmento stuff
    mrmento stuff Pred 5 dnevi

    Why bayern FOR ONCE LETS GET AN EASY team man city is so lucky

  • AEl YT
    AEl YT Pred 5 dnevi

    Where is ziyech Hakimi harit and hamza mendyl

  • William
    William Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Anyone noticed Klopp was wearing Dortmund tracksuit

  • Gino Louis
    Gino Louis Pred 5 dnevi

    Draw Porto players

  • Nicolas Campos
    Nicolas Campos Pred 5 dnevi

    Manchester City 2019 champions 🏆

  • Mate Mapper
    Mate Mapper Pred 5 dnevi +1

    The quarter final who be champions.
    M United-Liverpool
    City-Real M

  • Leonegaming 03
    Leonegaming 03 Pred 5 dnevi

    Yo Lyon is going to definitely win

  • Polski Król Pieseł PL

    Why won't 442oons draw my teammates XD

  • Meme mandem With memes
    Meme mandem With memes Pred 5 dnevi

    RIP man u

  • Bayern München
    Bayern München Pred 5 dnevi

    Yes, as Big shaq would say Real is done now!

  • Kikish Plays
    Kikish Plays Pred 5 dnevi +1

    man city
    will go through

    TANMOY SEN Pred 5 dnevi

    Neymer wears money ear rings 😂😂 1:18

  • Luv neesh
    Luv neesh Pred 5 dnevi


    OMARI GAMER_51 Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Bayern and their players shall pass their medical in the summer and the red of 16

  • Norway Boy
    Norway Boy Pred 5 dnevi +1


  • Ryan Zhang ryan
    Ryan Zhang ryan Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Neymar got girl sound his sister got male soung