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  • I MET RIHANNA…. but what went down? And how did it come about?! TODAY I tell you every little secret about how I got to meet the queen + what she was like!! While sharing that, I put my own spin on her ICONIC Who’s That Chick music video makeup look! Hope you enjoy!
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.
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      You, Celine Dion, Adele, Chris Martin, Laura Pausini.

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      Tracee Ellis Ross and Trevor Noah

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      NikkieTutorials Why Don’t We, New Hope Club and The Vamps. I’m a sucker for boybands 😂

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    Pleaseee do some videos on your earrings!!! I’m obsessed with some of those but don’t know where to get those!!

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    She was the first person I ever saw in concert!☺️ hopefully we’ll have a video in where you do her make up or somethin’ like that😭
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    I really hope I win because I usually can’t afford to buy this and Although I try and support brands and gurus but I know I most likely will never have as much as most
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    Ryan Seacrest also said she is one of the celebrities that he has met and smells so good all the time!!!!!

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    Located in Belgium 🇧🇪, I absolutely LOVE your Dutch accent! 👌🏻 (when you speak Dutch of course 😂) These highlighters are so bomb too ✨
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    So fun story. I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan when Jason Segel (Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother") was there filming "Five Year Engagement". I did not know this. I went to Vault of Midnight to look at comic books and see what new deadpool bound collections were out because I like to binge comics. JUDGE ME.
    ANYWAY. I walk in and realize I have locked eyes with him for a minimum of 10 seconds. Without saying anything. From about 4 steps away. I had plenty of options but rather than take a sensible route. I RAN. I grabbed my friend and I ran away and hid behind a shelf.

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    Me: Did you get her number?

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