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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Pred 11 dnevi +2597

    🛑 For the next 7 days ONLY - Use code "AliA" for a FREE wrap in Fortnite! 🛑

    • Connor Cabeleira
      Connor Cabeleira Pred 8 dnevi

      The support a creator code is not working for the wrap. what do I need to do to get it or for it to work?

    • SAD_ANG3L
      SAD_ANG3L Pred 11 dnevi

      Actually it ANY code Ali

    • XxBlueDonutGamingxX
      XxBlueDonutGamingxX Pred 11 dnevi

      Ali-A how do you redeem this?

    • Adrian Tab
      Adrian Tab Pred 11 dnevi

      Hi Ali-A

  • Lee Osborne
    Lee Osborne Pred dnevom

    I subscribed, turned on notifications and used code AliA

  • Maria Soltero
    Maria Soltero Pred dnevom

    Its a valcano

  • Alan Fowler
    Alan Fowler Pred dnevom

    theres 5 cracks around tomato temple

  • WN SRH
    WN SRH Pred dnevom

    Sand me my name razique10

  • [EPIC] Boy
    [EPIC] Boy Pred dnevom

    Imagine super powers in Fortnite

  • Juraj Ban
    Juraj Ban Pred 2 dnevi

    Guys my theory is if you remember the little piece of cube that went into loot lake that hes energy is causing the earthquakes

  • Yeeter Boi
    Yeeter Boi Pred 2 dnevi

    Ground rumbles.... 2 seconds later ALI A HERE

  • If_not gaming hg
    If_not gaming hg Pred 2 dnevi

    hes right for the... first time

  • Marquise Ingram
    Marquise Ingram Pred 2 dnevi

    That could be the dragging eggy

  • Joel Rendo
    Joel Rendo Pred 3 dnevi

    Al al al al a a al I a

  • Donna Mckinnel
    Donna Mckinnel Pred 3 dnevi

    Thanks ali I have been using the Alia code and I got the wrap

  • legendary monk3y
    legendary monk3y Pred 3 dnevi

    Use code nickeh30 no spaces! Tell me when done!

  • margaret stewart
    margaret stewart Pred 3 dnevi

    can anyone gift me the free glider heart glider my accout is xXafricXx plz and thx!!!

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall Pred 3 dnevi

    1 like=1 win for ali

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall Pred 3 dnevi

    Ali a please add me on playstation! My name is sam21-sean271183

  • ROB fortnite clan
    ROB fortnite clan Pred 3 dnevi

    It might be the dragons under the ground trying to get up because the egg have gone 😮

  • Gab Jum
    Gab Jum Pred 3 dnevi

    The best clickbaiter

  • epic_AndTEM
    epic_AndTEM Pred 3 dnevi

    That's is crakes In fortnite

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas Pred 3 dnevi

    I have had 20

  • Like my comments
    Like my comments Pred 3 dnevi +1

    It is going to open up and it’s going to be a Minecraft mine shaft

  • Blazebro
    Blazebro Pred 3 dnevi

    @Ali-A y did you stop doing your intro

  • Liquid Ocelot41
    Liquid Ocelot41 Pred 3 dnevi

    Wow this has all gotten so bad, all of it, everything

  • Pinkfluffycupcakes 18
    Pinkfluffycupcakes 18 Pred 3 dnevi

    Intro meme

  • Fabian Acosta
    Fabian Acosta Pred 3 dnevi

    Ali a your trash I'll beat you in a 1v1 my name is legoknight0101 and I will make you cry I play on Xbox

  • crygamer25
    crygamer25 Pred 3 dnevi


  • satkar brar
    satkar brar Pred 4 dnevi

    Do know your a nice youtuber alia please heart my comment

  • TFT cat Lover
    TFT cat Lover Pred 4 dnevi

    There is a crack over by tomato temple

  • rachelle ferguson
    rachelle ferguson Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Thank you so much for the Fortnite battle royal valentine day gun rap

  • Donavyn Rowe
    Donavyn Rowe Pred 4 dnevi

    Its true

  • Clare Broadlet
    Clare Broadlet Pred 4 dnevi

    Ali as name is over Adrian or ali

  • KillerPotatoZ
    KillerPotatoZ Pred 4 dnevi

    Finally ~

  • The crazy trio
    The crazy trio Pred 4 dnevi

    I used your code :)

  • BrokeSkies
    BrokeSkies Pred 4 dnevi +1

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Youre going to have an amazing 2019 łiké áñd śûbścrïbê to me to activate!

  • Nathaniel Shipp
    Nathaniel Shipp Pred 4 dnevi

    I subscribed!!!

  • Emerson Pochily
    Emerson Pochily Pred 4 dnevi +1

    oh no no stop clickbaiting btw fight noahsnoah i dare you

  • XxJordanxX 33e
    XxJordanxX 33e Pred 4 dnevi

    Last week is was playing fortnite with my friends my screen was shaking and I said why is it shaking and he said it wasn't and earthquake he said it was my wifi lol dude

  • Daniel Almazan
    Daniel Almazan Pred 4 dnevi

    Does any one know that Ali-a fakes gameplay

  • Fnaf Fan 2.0
    Fnaf Fan 2.0 Pred 4 dnevi

    Love you Ali!!!!!!

  • gaster 5260YT
    gaster 5260YT Pred 4 dnevi

    Edit shake

  • It’s Leroy
    It’s Leroy Pred 5 dnevi

    I’m glad I unsubscribed to u

  • Jassim Altamimi
    Jassim Altamimi Pred 5 dnevi

    I did support you at the item shop AliA that what I typed for the support creator

  • Ultra Craft
    Ultra Craft Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Whoever goes subs to me and comments done
    I’ll sub to them

  • Zill Patel
    Zill Patel Pred 5 dnevi

    I think the earthquake will make 3 islands the ice island the paradise island and the grass island

  • crispin nicio
    crispin nicio Pred 5 dnevi

    Cube is now underground the island

  • Jordi Games
    Jordi Games Pred 5 dnevi

    When is the REAL Earthquake

  • Randie Sollitto
    Randie Sollitto Pred 5 dnevi

    Ali, you forgot about the present that was the cube!

  • fbimanop
    fbimanop Pred 5 dnevi

    my eyes

  • Myllie 2017
    Myllie 2017 Pred 5 dnevi

    I lost all my og skins from merging accounts and I had Royale night

  • Max Nelson
    Max Nelson Pred 5 dnevi

    Best in the world

  • Isaac Brito
    Isaac Brito Pred 5 dnevi

    I used to called AliA

  • Magical Knight
    Magical Knight Pred 5 dnevi

    Please sub to me

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez Pred 5 dnevi

    You suck

  • Krish John - Calderstone MS (1435)

    What if you you got rid of it by accident but put it back in. Because I did it on last Thursday

  • TaZe_Toxic Z
    TaZe_Toxic Z Pred 5 dnevi

    ex. Mindofrez_yt, Lachy, Ninja, Tfue and more

    I’m not a hater I’m just saying

  • Zero Playz
    Zero Playz Pred 5 dnevi

    Yay... I can’t merge the stuff on my phone to my Xbox and I got my Xbox for Christmas thanks a lot epic games now I hate you

  • blaDe Styles
    blaDe Styles Pred 5 dnevi

    I hated how he said you HAVE to use code AliA to get the skin, but you just need to support a creator and I am personally using Lachy

  • Deshon Olson
    Deshon Olson Pred 5 dnevi

    I’m scared

  • LUSHY 82
    LUSHY 82 Pred 6 dnevi

    Ali a wtf you make videos and wast your time talking

  • Hi There Friend
    Hi There Friend Pred 6 dnevi

    Don’t Press Read More

    Meh,u pressed it

  • Jason Eze
    Jason Eze Pred 6 dnevi

    I try the code and it didint work

  • Fortnitexx Belma
    Fortnitexx Belma Pred 6 dnevi


  • DutchGamer_YT
    DutchGamer_YT Pred 6 dnevi

    I think that the earthquake will crack the eggs

    • DutchGamer_YT
      DutchGamer_YT Pred 6 dnevi

      And then there will become some new items in the itemshop

  • Yellow Bird
    Yellow Bird Pred 6 dnevi

    Hes such a clickbaiter

  • Nova I Georgie
    Nova I Georgie Pred 6 dnevi

    Alia ur the best youtouber

  • Lucas Goedhart
    Lucas Goedhart Pred 6 dnevi

    my birthday is the 19 of February and good video alia

  • K constante
    K constante Pred 6 dnevi

    I think their is a valcaneo INSIDE loot lake sry about typos if their is any my username is SquidKid384 i luv your videos!!!!!

  • krank52 speachtaken
    krank52 speachtaken Pred 6 dnevi

    Me to honestly

  • Riv & J
    Riv & J Pred 6 dnevi

    Do it at the week ten loading screen area

  • 2boi
    2boi Pred 6 dnevi

    alia can yu pleasz marry my mom she is verry lonely and somtimes she cry

  • Not_Mini_Tfue HS
    Not_Mini_Tfue HS Pred 6 dnevi

    R.I.P. the Ali A intro...

  • Mark Who
    Mark Who Pred 6 dnevi

    Stop doing edits bro you said a tholcano for ceven the cube in the lake when it happened i was watch your vid wile looking were it was but no there was no valcano for ceven

  • Bob Bean
    Bob Bean Pred 6 dnevi

    The volcanos is coming....

  • Revend Maii
    Revend Maii Pred 6 dnevi +2

    Take. Dusty. Divot. Please!

  • Wild Brothers
    Wild Brothers Pred 6 dnevi

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbated and so did u

  • Esme Gonzales
    Esme Gonzales Pred 6 dnevi

    It's the dragons

  • Rust tjr
    Rust tjr Pred 6 dnevi

    What if the cube is inside the fortnite map and it's causing the shaking and the possibile earthquake and what if it's trying to brake out good theory right????

  • Rust tjr
    Rust tjr Pred 6 dnevi

    It could be the prisoner skin mabye heating up or he's mad at the ice king because maybe the ice king made him a prisoner it's my theory I just came up with so do you guys think it's an accurate theory????

  • Is that a cat
    Is that a cat Pred 6 dnevi

    Fortnite is dead

  • Mythic yt
    Mythic yt Pred 6 dnevi

    Skrillez playz

  • Mythic yt
    Mythic yt Pred 6 dnevi

    Subscribe to shriller playz he’s better at fortnite than Ali a

  • Farris Michael
    Farris Michael Pred 6 dnevi

    I’ve been in a earthquake fortnite

  • Sounes Family
    Sounes Family Pred 6 dnevi


  • Ttv Illsssk
    Ttv Illsssk Pred 7 dnevi

    You don’t have to use Ali a’s code to get the wrap. U can use any code. Smh.

  • Madfox19911973 Boi
    Madfox19911973 Boi Pred 7 dnevi

    I literally went to container place and felt an earthquake just like that at the start I even clipped it

  • Lenk
    Lenk Pred 7 dnevi

    if fortnite didnt exist ali a would be homeless

  • Oliver Stefancik
    Oliver Stefancik Pred 7 dnevi

    I used the code alia

  • Connor Pence
    Connor Pence Pred 7 dnevi

    I’ve experienced the earthquake twice

  • Rize _Trimz
    Rize _Trimz Pred 7 dnevi

    Dirty rush & greggor, brass

  • A11IENS
    A11IENS Pred 7 dnevi +2

    I love you daddy

  • Finley _animations
    Finley _animations Pred 7 dnevi

    That’s what the rumbles were and in my class people make fun of you but but I think you are the best ever

  • Lucy Newman
    Lucy Newman Pred 7 dnevi

    i love you

  • l o l
    l o l Pred 7 dnevi

    oh yeah yeah

  • Samer Raouf
    Samer Raouf Pred 7 dnevi

    Big fatttttttttttttttttty lieeeer

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Pred 7 dnevi

    I have a crush on u

  • Mwema Githegi
    Mwema Githegi Pred 7 dnevi

    ice king and prisoner(fire king) will fight

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Pred 7 dnevi

    It can be any support a creator not just yours but I'll still use yours!!!!!

  • Mikey Foxy
    Mikey Foxy Pred 7 dnevi +1

    At the beginning of the video there was something brown on the left side

  • Pikachuz 07
    Pikachuz 07 Pred 7 dnevi


  • Violent Minion
    Violent Minion Pred 7 dnevi

    Fear the whitebeard