Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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  • Objavljeno 7. mar. 2019
  • Billie Eilish is the hyper-talented singer/songwriter behind platinum hit singles like "Ocean Eyes" and "Lovely," and her first studio album-When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?-is set to drop March 29th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the 17-year-old phenom becomes the youngest guest ever to take on the wings of death. As Billie battles through the spice, Sean Evans busts out a full bag of Hot Ones tricks, including a blind soda tasting and a breakdown of some of Billie's most iconic outfits.
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    Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

  • Vanessa T
    Vanessa T Pred dnevom

    Same day sneaker shopping? She is wearing the same outfit

  • Alexis Muñoz
    Alexis Muñoz Pred dnevom +1

    If I had a kid his name would be regret

  • zack walker
    zack walker Pred dnevom

    Bitch is def an Illuminati demon

  • Aiden Harow
    Aiden Harow Pred dnevom

    She made us squirm with all her videos, so it’s only fair that we get to watch her squirm for a little bit...I think I’m going to hell too

  • Armando Trias
    Armando Trias Pred dnevom

    The intro alone made me like the video

  • Eli Eberly
    Eli Eberly Pred dnevom

    5:50 it's "pop"

  • James Dwayne
    James Dwayne Pred dnevom

    Idek Billie, but she is tuff, I have never seen anyone take these shit wings like her, I’m inpressed

  • Micah Whited
    Micah Whited Pred dnevom

    Get fantano in already

  • Mr Flow 744153
    Mr Flow 744153 Pred dnevom

    Why does Billie look high

  • Seth Sedam
    Seth Sedam Pred dnevom

    Another person from Cali that became famous... surprise surprise.

  • Zooch
    Zooch Pred dnevom +1

    can we get Cr1TiKaL on the show? He's be able to handle it

  • 闇Sosei
    闇Sosei Pred dnevom +3

    "i played ilo milo"
    "they're so cuuute!"
    *Then i played Red Dead Redemption*

  • lauren grace singings
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    Cock=ding ding ding😂😂🤣

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    6:35 cock and ball 🤤🤤🤤

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    9:54 😂

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    Man imagine if X was in the hot ones that would have been so dope sucks that it's never gonna happen 😔

  • Norma Galvez
    Norma Galvez Pred dnevom

    do one with juice wrld

  • Maritza Flores
    Maritza Flores Pred dnevom

    6:16 -no you're just a sad one.

  • Pee Pee
    Pee Pee Pred dnevom

    I was sitting in my room doing art listening to her music then this came on auto play my sister was staring at me like “excuse me” every time she swore

  • BroWaffles
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    she is so le random xd

  • Pee Pee
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  • ICP Lime
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    Do brendon urie

  • Gloria Garcia
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    "Raised by the internet " oh that scares me. Lord help us all.

  • Amarildo
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    Omg she's so funny I mean I'm crying right now did I mention how hilarious she is, not a try hard at all. Damn she's funny.

  • Shania Berry
    Shania Berry Pred dnevom

    Water makes it worse, milk does the job!

  • Violett .__.
    Violett .__. Pred dnevom +2

    “I’m sorry I can’t I can’t I can’t- I CAN I CAN! I can... I can’t. I can. No I can’t, I really can’t.”
    The struggle here made me laugh so hard

  • outsider 09
    outsider 09 Pred dnevom

    I can't find the game I'm sad

  • bingus dingus
    bingus dingus Pred dnevom

    So few people asking for Tyler, the creator, I think he would be one of the best guests.

  • melissa rodriguez
    melissa rodriguez Pred dnevom +1

    "And I don't want to lick them *licks lips* fuck"🤣😂

  • WiKiQ
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  • Isabella Oliveira
    Isabella Oliveira Pred dnevom

    the fact that billie is an ice chewer warms my heart

  • _griffypeaches _
    _griffypeaches _ Pred dnevom

    This dumb thot famous why

  • Mychaela Lewis
    Mychaela Lewis Pred dnevom

    I was drinking sprite and they decide to play the sound effect and if came out my nose

  • NJ Bee
    NJ Bee Pred dnevom

    I feel like she has the same facial characteristics like Scarlett Johansson. Especially when she smiles (0:36)

  • Lyli Myrick
    Lyli Myrick Pred dnevom

    Billie at the beginning is me getting out of bed

  • Shredric Diggory
    Shredric Diggory Pred dnevom

    I commented on the Shaq video that we need the Hodge Twins on an episode, but I'd also love to see Mike from the "Strictly Dumpling" channel on here as well! He LOVES spicy

  • EclipseSubZer0Gamers
    EclipseSubZer0Gamers Pred dnevom +2

    She looked stoned as hell lmao then she sticks her hands in the water

  • Abbrielle Rain
    Abbrielle Rain Pred dnevom

    Best show ON EARTH.

  • Mary J
    Mary J Pred dnevom

    I love how she doesn’t hide her personality she’s so chill about everything and has good sense of humor

  • Andrea Amador Jimenez
    Andrea Amador Jimenez Pred dnevom +1

    I’ve played that game

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto Pred dnevom

    Alo @senhorK roubaram a ideia AO VIVO, o maluco é ate careca.

  • Nick Murphy
    Nick Murphy Pred dnevom

    0:00 me trying to go on a diet

  • costa da silva
    costa da silva Pred dnevom

    6:02 have a nice day

  • azozz alsheha
    azozz alsheha Pred dnevom

    She was HIIIGH !! 🍄🍄

  • lil' paypay
    lil' paypay Pred dnevom

    someone should've gotten her some sparklin water...

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana Pred dnevom

    At 0:40 her smile made me think of Scarlett Johansson

  • J • P
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  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim Pred dnevom

    Elon Musk

  • Lunar SNAP
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    Is ThAt LiL xAn

  • Savvy Lee
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    Billie eyelash

  • blackiwi24
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    Fuckin shirt

  • bri'an atkins
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    i also love spicy food

  • Ivy Rowan
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    17:57 ;)

  • Asmr Eats
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    𝙸 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚒 𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚒 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚒 𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚗𝚘 𝚒 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚝

  • KreamyMeme
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    did she just say rdr was hard?

  • Soulless Neutral
    Soulless Neutral Pred dnevom

    billie is one of us

  • fella
    fella Pred dnevom

    she bits her lips way too much for a 17 year old

  • 05bagwell
    05bagwell Pred dnevom

    Reminds me of the Post Malone episode.

  • weirdo.
    weirdo. Pred dnevom

    i remember when i first discovered youtube...

    paranormal videos, mermaid videos, witch videos... ALL THE SCARY SHIT U CAN IMAGINE in my recommended section... cuz thats the only shit i would see

  • alex monzon
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    who the fuck is this lol ima have to do some research

  • MMaha Sunshine
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    Pause at 7:14 and 7:18

  • Ramon Zegpi Lagos
    Ramon Zegpi Lagos Pred dnevom that face

  • Trinity Jeffries
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    I love how she goes u know who YUNGBLUD is bitch dau I fricken love him mannn

  • Trinity Jeffries
    Trinity Jeffries Pred dnevom

    Nickel nips are so fucking good y’all if you don’t know what she’s talkin bout u ain’t a g man I fucking love that shit broo

  • Rubys lovatic
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    CRYSTAL SHANE Pred dnevom

    And did billie experienced the taste of tha anus??

    CRYSTAL SHANE Pred dnevom

    *i go to hell when i die? So is he*

  • Taige Solomon
    Taige Solomon Pred dnevom

    Why u why u bullying Billie

  • kk 4l
    kk 4l Pred dnevom +3

    I hate seeing her in pain like she looked like she was about to cry and he still asking questions😢😢😢

  • Evan Abbott
    Evan Abbott Pred dnevom

    Who is Billie Ellish?🤔

  • GraueSeele
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    I love how the bald man supports Billie so much

  • BernieTime
    BernieTime Pred dnevom

    Never heard of her, but mad respect for killing off all the wings. Didn't punk out like Shaq

  • ap1dot988
    ap1dot988 Pred dnevom

    She curses so much so edgy

  • Yo
    Yo Pred dnevom

    She looks like a pornstar tho. Each year she's getting worse..

  • VM805
    VM805 Pred dnevom

    Who the fuck is this chick?

  • VM805
    VM805 Pred dnevom

    Who the fuck is this chick?

  • xifye
    xifye Pred dnevom

    11:24 *thats what she said*

  • Anthony D'Angelo
    Anthony D'Angelo Pred dnevom

    Is she eating chicken nuggets not wings

  • Isiah John
    Isiah John Pred dnevom

    She just pulled out the vegan card

  • Isiah John
    Isiah John Pred dnevom +1

    Next PewDiePie

  • Legit Dragonz
    Legit Dragonz Pred dnevom

    hot ones are the real ones. Sean Evans is the best

  • Jason Bouphasavanh
    Jason Bouphasavanh Pred dnevom +1

    Lmfao when the bitch i mean when she got up and started running she literally is still the same height as to her sitting down... so funny short lil midget almost

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  • Gus's who's Back
    Gus's who's Back Pred dnevom


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  • Hatoku Hiro
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    Lmao that's just me.

  • Whi te
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    Personally I would never listen to her music for any reason. However I enjoyed this interview.

  • Manic Studios
    Manic Studios Pred dnevom +1

    she went from straight face to dead shot. dead ass laughing . this was awesome

  • vanilla energy
    vanilla energy Pred dnevom

    nobody who pushes the sleeves of their sweater above their elbows should have that much confidence. ever.

  • kaylawuvscookies
    kaylawuvscookies Pred dnevom

    Seriously step up your game, hot ones. I am not interested in some basic millenial bullshit. And neither are 16000 other people. I have no idea who this dumb bitch is, nor do I care. Get a grip!!!!

  • Raymond Wen
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    Eminem should be on here

  • Jenni Liquigan
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  • Liv Michelle
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    That burp though

  • ChugaBoo
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    7:57 ........does that mean you like it?

  • Lenny [•_•]
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    The Hot Ones Guests That Would Be Dope:
    1. Drake
    2. Ryan Reynolds
    3. Robert Downey Jr

    • 05bagwell
      05bagwell Pred dnevom

      Switch Drake with Biz Markie

  • Brian
    Brian Pred dnevom +1

    No you’re all wrong. I would hate to be her slurpee hound.

  • Zuhailey Velasquez
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    them chickens look so good

  • Pipowith Burrito
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    We need big shaq on here,so he could say MAN NOTS HOT