Corinna Kopfs Awful Merch

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  • Elsie Hottner
    Elsie Hottner Pred 22 minutami +1

    it would make me more anxious to know that everyone knows that im anxious because they can exploit that

  • thot iana
    thot iana Pred uro

    can’t wait to release my autism merch! my autism has autism 😎

  • Adrienne Nieri
    Adrienne Nieri Pred uro

    I feel like an ADHD shirt could have been kinda cool...which I also have lol but I’m usually fine

  • Adrienne Nieri
    Adrienne Nieri Pred uro

    I def think it’s annoying that ppl would buy that when they don’t have anxiety

  • Adrienne Nieri
    Adrienne Nieri Pred uro

    It’s like wearing a homosexual shirt

  • Adrienne Nieri
    Adrienne Nieri Pred uro

    Honestly I don’t care that she did that but this was soooo funny hahahah I actually suffer from severe anxiety & at least she’s donating SOME!

  • katie puglise
    katie puglise Pred 3 urami +1

    My culture is not your goddamn SLclip merch

  • boastfuls
    boastfuls Pred 3 urami

    Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah pretty girl with tons of friends and money, and success. She's in so so many videos and thrives socially from what I see. Anxiety is normal. Literally everyone has it. Only if you have an anxiety disorder, which stunts your success and life, is it an issue. She just wants to be special and edgy

  • Cleany
    Cleany Pred 5 urami

    the color of ur hoodie makes me uncomfortable

  • Dylan
    Dylan Pred 5 urami

    Dope new necrophilia merch dropping soon boys

  • NeroMephistopheles
    NeroMephistopheles Pred 6 urami

    The movement of your mouth is strange as fuck... never have seen someone talk like that. Does it hurt?

  • TN NT
    TN NT Pred 6 urami


  • THE 20s
    THE 20s Pred 6 urami


  • Weird Artist
    Weird Artist Pred 8 urami +2

    I'm selling 'I almost killed myself' t-shirt's and 1% goes to charity

  • Mae Ryan
    Mae Ryan Pred 9 urami +1

    There is a difference between raising awareness and glamourising mental illness. This is glamorising anxiety and it is the wrong way to raise awareness as it depicts it as ‘trendy’ which may prevent impressionable teens from seeking proper treatment

  • Ioni._.starr
    Ioni._.starr Pred 12 urami

    There's this girl who goes round telling everyone she has anxiety, if she had it (like me) she'd try to hide it (like me ) . Why do people think mental illnesses are cool

  • Ioni._.starr
    Ioni._.starr Pred 12 urami

    Depression bullemia anxiety social anxiety separation anxiety anorexia etc

  • Hayley Meow
    Hayley Meow Pred 14 urami

    wow my anxiety is so cool and hip and fresh, I'm glad I get to stamp a big shitty $44 label on it now

  • K Hartwig
    K Hartwig Pred 16 urami

    You look like Anderson Webb

  • MsPerfectParadox
    MsPerfectParadox Pred 16 urami

    This coming from someone who has been making thousands off of ppl for "Internet Sensation" merch. Really??!! I can't stop laughing lol.

  • Jeff Osorio
    Jeff Osorio Pred 16 urami

    Anxiety is cool now😎

  • grandpa stew
    grandpa stew Pred 17 urami

    LA and hollywood have no idea whats happening in the real world outside of there bubble

  • Teagan Wood
    Teagan Wood Pred 17 urami +1

    everyone who has the mental illness will get the merch for free I’ll get about three for anxiety, ADHD, AND ADD whoohoo lucky me how many will u get

  • evangellya
    evangellya Pred 17 urami

    My Cancer Has Cancer

    a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
    "he's got cancer"
    a malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.
    plural noun: cancers
    "most skin cancers are curable"
    synonyms:malignant growth, cancerous growth, malignant tumor, tumor, malignancy;More
    a practice or phenomenon perceived to be evil or destructive and hard to contain or eradicate.
    "gambling is a cancer sweeping across the nation"
    synonyms:evil, blight, scourge, poison, canker, sickness, disease, pestilence, plague;More

  • Brooke L
    Brooke L Pred 17 urami

    I don’t see the big deal tbh he’s kinda being dramatic. His merch is really expensive to and tbh it’s not all that 💅

  • Kat slater
    Kat slater Pred 17 urami

    I feel like you tubers are either assholes or funny people talking about assholes lol

  • Lala Rose
    Lala Rose Pred 18 urami

    NeW mErCh DrOp!!!!!!!!
    AdDiCtIoN tO AlLeXx'S cHaNnEl!!!!! ReAl AdDiCtS oNlY!!!!!!

  • Kenneth Hernandez
    Kenneth Hernandez Pred 19 urami

    Hey don’t slander people especially with those teeth hahahaha get braces

  • lifeenthusiast
    lifeenthusiast Pred 20 urami +1

    I thought it was common knowledge that Corinna was a terrible person

  • Maggie
    Maggie Pred 21 uro

    you youtubers get too much for what you do

  • Diva 4455
    Diva 4455 Pred 22 urami +2

    I mean she voted for Trump so what did we expect here???

  • Jordyn Cooper
    Jordyn Cooper Pred 22 urami

    Im in school i have depression, anxiety, adhd, and anger issues is great 😑 Oh i also have trust issues half the reason i have anger issues trust issues come ftom bad friend relationships so yeah im doing great 😏😒

  • Rip Xxxtentacion
    Rip Xxxtentacion Pred 22 urami

    Guys i am selling dead merch i hope you like it

    Also 5% of the profit I am going to use to buy graves👍

  • Niobium Ninja
    Niobium Ninja Pred 23 urami

    Corinna Kopf more like Corinna Dummkopf

  • Boogy Man
    Boogy Man Pred 23 urami

    To be fair though, if it was a definition for another word i would actually like the hoodie. The design is pretty clean

  • geo xoxo
    geo xoxo Pred dnevom

    my borderline personality disorder has borderline personality disorder!!!
    oh wait ITS NOT ROMANTICISED never mind won’t sell. oopsie!

  • DOT
    DOT Pred dnevom

    Can do that same thing in 5 minutes and a 20$(at most) hoodie...

  • A R I W I Z
    A R I W I Z Pred dnevom

    We have schizophrenia

  • Teysa Tabb
    Teysa Tabb Pred dnevom

    That HIV sweater is Sick ....

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Pred dnevom +1

    Thank you thank you I can’t explain how much I love this video and I love everything you talk about

  • Aaliyah Meadows
    Aaliyah Meadows Pred dnevom

    it’s not a big deal

  • pvHasan Sharif
    pvHasan Sharif Pred dnevom

    I have clinical depression😁

  • Jazmin Luciano
    Jazmin Luciano Pred dnevom +1

    She basically printed a definition on her merch wtf that’s boring asf. Plus people with anxiety would not wear this shit 😂

  • Nat Martinez
    Nat Martinez Pred dnevom

    Only people who want to look quirky would wear a shirt advertising their mental illness. Actually I think that's too nice. People who actually suffer from a mental illness wouldn't buy this so it's just normal people trying to be different. I unfortunately have anxiety and this isn't really that bad or belittling to me, but I'm just waiting for the day they put out merch for bpd, autism, or psychosis. I mean I know a bunch of people who can themselves crazy or ocd (which really annoys me bc my family had suffered from my little sisters severe fits and episodes mixed with anxiety), but this is just....a lot

  • shiro plz
    shiro plz Pred dnevom

    for anyone suffering from depression I recommend Escitalopram, also known as Lexapro. doesn't cause you to gain weight and the only noticeable symptoms I've experienced is withdrawal symptoms (moodiness, and lack of appetite, stuff like that) it's related to citalopram, but it focuses on depression more and less on anxiety. my sister takes citalopram and it makes her gain weight. you have to be more careful with your diet if you take citalopram, but I don't think it has as severe withdrawal symptoms. Just tryna be helpful...

  • Pauldesky98
    Pauldesky98 Pred dnevom

    wtf why is the audio scuffed

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor Pred dnevom

    Dropping new schizophrenia merch soon bois, 1% is going to charity and they will cost £500 each. Be one of the first 25 people that buy one and get a free hoodie with Bulimia on it!

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad Pred dnevom

    You finally went outside

  • Sarah Burgess
    Sarah Burgess Pred dnevom

    T mills made adhd merch but no one is sayin shiiiiiit

  • kermit boi
    kermit boi Pred dnevom +1

    I need a shirt that says "!user has ebola!"

  • Yo number 2 Fan
    Yo number 2 Fan Pred dnevom

    You know he actually cares because the vid isn’t 10:02

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Pred dnevom +1

    What about her merch with just her on the back?

  • Zak gardiner
    Zak gardiner Pred dnevom

    You made 10 minutes on a shirt how the fuck

  • Maliyah Thompson
    Maliyah Thompson Pred dnevom

    I don’t see what the big deal is 😂 if she has anxiety then she can do that

  • ecks dee
    ecks dee Pred dnevom +2

    hey guys, dropping my new wacky *LIGMA* merch tomorrow !! 2% is going to charity by the way, so be sure to buy my awesome merch !!

  • btrsy nrzm
    btrsy nrzm Pred dnevom

    its frustrating to see people who dont suffer from anxiety act as if having anxiety is so cool and trendy like come on. imagine having a panic attack just because of something so small. its horrifying.

  • jellybot
    jellybot Pred dnevom +1

    Anxiety is sick please put it on a shirt for 40 dollars!!!

  • Nina
    Nina Pred dnevom +1

    $44? I can buy LIKE 10 shirts with that amount of money from 5 below AND ITS ACTUALLY funny SHIRTS.

  • Avenguard
    Avenguard Pred dnevom

    Bit late to this but if I said "I cry when put under any amount of social pressure" that's not a flex that's just a bit sad

  • hoebucksgrande
    hoebucksgrande Pred dnevom

    don't really want to be the one to say it but, society is truly fucked.

  • neck aids
    neck aids Pred dnevom

    I love wearing my aids hoodies!

  • eyy b0ss
    eyy b0ss Pred dnevom

    why does this girl look like sid the sloth

  • Biggie Cheese VEVO
    Biggie Cheese VEVO Pred dnevom

    She’s made this off white rip off because she knows teenagers don’t think anxiety is even a mental illness and teenagers are “quirky” and “bipolar” and they actually don’t have anything wrong with them cause they want to have someone care about them

  • Saphire Wiliams
    Saphire Wiliams Pred dnevom

    seriously, this guy is perfect but where the hell is he from?His accent is the most amazing thing I've ever heard, btw I'll be dropping my "Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder" merch today

  • it me :p
    it me :p Pred dnevom

    you snapped bae

  • Stephanie Hinestrosa
    Stephanie Hinestrosa Pred dnevom

    When are we all going to realize and CLARIFY that EVERYONE has ANXIETY. It is a natural emotion that every human gets. But not everyone has an anxiety DISORDER. Which is like GAD, PAD, PTSD and many more. Unless you have been diagnosed by a licensed professional please don’t assume you have a disorder. Yes you probably do have anxiety. Literally everyone does it’s a natural emotion. This does not mean you have a disorder.

  • amanda
    amanda Pred dnevom

    Alex is so fit

  • Calico Jimin Cat
    Calico Jimin Cat Pred dnevom

    You're so cute, Alex 💕

  • welp that’s that
    welp that’s that Pred dnevom

    Rip I’m literally wearing her hoodie right now but I would never wear it in public

  • Ezra B
    Ezra B Pred dnevom

    hi please start selling depression merch 50% profit goes to my medication thx

  • marisa
    marisa Pred dnevom

    it sucks because her merch looks good but-

  • Vanessa Odom
    Vanessa Odom Pred dnevom

    You and the girl who played in the new IT movie have the same exact face

  • FullOf Suga
    FullOf Suga Pred dnevom

    *I hate it when people fake having a mental illness and then always joke about it. This one fake friend I had did that and even faked cutting. It’s just sad and such a fucked up way to get attention.*

  • Wanjis
    Wanjis Pred dnevom

    I have an anxiety disorder to Alex!

  • ashley
    ashley Pred dnevom +1

    I’m pretty fed up with people saying they have depression and anxiety. It’s like they feel sad for a day so they post they have depression and need everyone to know about it. I struggle with anxiety and seeing a therapist about it and people saying this is just pure mockery. It’s just annoying at this point because it’s all I see. A person loses one boyfriend and suddenly they are depressed. Only people who don’t struggle with anxiety would buy that shirt because they want to be quirky and relatable. People just need to shut up and stop acting like they are so damn special.

  • rayisdead rayisdead
    rayisdead rayisdead Pred dnevom +1

    wheres my fellow depressed people?

  • Emma Graves
    Emma Graves Pred dnevom

    Autism Bumps.

  • Eveline Black
    Eveline Black Pred dnevom

    What person with social anxiety would wear this though??

  • Austin Savage
    Austin Savage Pred dnevom

    I dont think its offensive just a bit if a shit design

  • S C
    S C Pred dnevom

    hahaha the scam wheel

  • Serpentine M
    Serpentine M Pred dnevom

    You’re actually stoopid if you buy that sweater

  • Riley Huotari
    Riley Huotari Pred dnevom

    I have a psychiatric service dog bc I can’t leave my house due to my panic disorder I’m glad my suffering is trendy maybe I’ll buy her merch for my service dog to wear lol

  • Sipping on that messy tea

    *dropping my drug addict merch today*

  • Mary B
    Mary B Pred dnevom +1

    The things I find offensive about it are
    1. She’s making it seem like a common thing and appropriating it so more people can just say “I have anxiety” and making mental health seem like less of a big deal and mostly
    2. She’s having the buyers present themselves as that kid with the anxiety and encouraging them to be defined by the negative things.

  • Depressed Moment
    Depressed Moment Pred dnevom +1

    I don't eat lunch when I'm at school because of my anxiety. I used to get picked up so many times because I was actually getting physically sick. Anxiety isn't cute or quirky, It's horrible.

  • apple juice
    apple juice Pred dnevom

    dropping my chlamydia shirts

  • Rachel Pipkin
    Rachel Pipkin Pred dnevom +1

    When Corinna made that video about her anxiety awhile ago I was really impressed that she was able to share her story and educate people, and then its like you make this? Mental disorders are not a trend. Anxiety has been so overglorified when its actually a mental illness

  • funfetti
    funfetti Pred dnevom

    bruh hardcore irony i’m watching this right now because i had a terrible panic attack that lasted almost two hours and i’m trying to calm down. idk why people glamourize anxiety disorders, during my attacks i hyperventilate and faint, involuntarily puke, pull my hair out, hit my head off things...? like... it’s really not cute or pretty, it’s disturbing, sad and painful for myself and the people around me. it genuinely has affected my life in so many ways, i had so much going for me and now my entire life is controlled by it.
    not trying to make a sob story. this is just the reality of mental illness, and i just have panic attacks. can’t imagine what it’s like for someone with schizophrenia or something else even more life altering.

  • xxxtentacion is the king of the universe

    Anxiety is sick please put it on a shirt for 40 dollars!!!

  • dylan mebrusta
    dylan mebrusta Pred 2 dnevi

    Does effort equal art?

  • dylan mebrusta
    dylan mebrusta Pred 2 dnevi

    3:11 so you can actually make the same argument for alot of brands for example supreme. However depending on the artists reason for the design we cant really know if it took no effort.

  • Ok Kawaii
    Ok Kawaii Pred 2 dnevi

    Can I get a BULIMIA hoodie $59

  • jessie x
    jessie x Pred 2 dnevi

    I kinda like the merch 😂😭

  • I Love Myself
    I Love Myself Pred 2 dnevi

    See like I would life if the hoodie said anxiety, but also states that it’s normal and ok and the if all or the majority of the money goes to charity and not just 15%

  • Nellie Jalalian
    Nellie Jalalian Pred 2 dnevi

    alex is timmy turner pass it on

  • Glam Gamer
    Glam Gamer Pred 2 dnevi

    *another basic bitch trying to be “quirky” and “relatable” LMAO*

  • Nephelae
    Nephelae Pred 2 dnevi

    Didn't realise that having anxiety is now a fashion statement! My prayers have been answered! Maybe she has manic depression nap clothes!

  • Karl Santos
    Karl Santos Pred 2 dnevi

    can i put "my bed is my life ,and fuck everything else" on a shirt and make some money please

  • Perry potato
    Perry potato Pred 2 dnevi

    Damn who knew my anxiety had anxiety

  • Abyss Games
    Abyss Games Pred 2 dnevi

    Thank you