Corinna Kopfs Awful Merch

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  • Objavljeno 10. feb. 2019
  • Corinna Kopf released anxiety merch and many people were unhappy and upset, here's a video about it.
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  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl Pred 12 urami


  • Skye
    Skye Pred 21 uro

    Pls date me

  • CHR Gaming
    CHR Gaming Pred dnevom

    (Not hating) Says the guy who literally sells merch that says internet sensation wich is the same word as depression

  • ZPSnipez YT
    ZPSnipez YT Pred dnevom +1

    Dropping My Anxiety Pencil Today, Screams When You Press It Down On Paper ( 25 Pounds For One )

  • anna
    anna Pred dnevom +1

    Ah yes, I love wearing a hoodie that shows the world that I'm weak and can't do anything without being so fucking terrified, shaking, sweating, my mouth getting dry and everything else that comes with it :)

  • LPS Royal
    LPS Royal Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Dropping my fucking schizophrenia merch MY VOICES HAVE VOICES! HOW QUIRKY IS THAT??????

  • A nerd called Fallon
    A nerd called Fallon Pred 2 dnevi

    Dropping my new epilepsy hoodies today with huge neon flashing lights and other triggers! Donating 4% yo charity too so grab one while you can

  • TheRealGashaMood _
    TheRealGashaMood _ Pred 2 dnevi

    I didnt eat lunch that day and this girl saw. She told everyone I have anorexia.. I don’t and found it disrespectful

  • Sophia Borderon
    Sophia Borderon Pred 2 dnevi +1


  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace Pred 2 dnevi

    Fucking classy, naming your mental illness merch "Pouty Girl"

  • Ella Adam's
    Ella Adam's Pred 3 dnevi

    Stop glamorizing mental Health

  • Ared Kestrel7
    Ared Kestrel7 Pred 3 dnevi

    Make money off my ocd anxiety and depression please and thank you x

  • Bookworm Chicken
    Bookworm Chicken Pred 3 dnevi

    Dropping my self harm match today. They're £50 and have rips in them for symbolism.

  • Cute kitten paws
    Cute kitten paws Pred 3 dnevi

    New Severs Disease hoodie from me! Only $80! I searched the definition and slapped it on the hoodie! Limited edition! ✌🏻 ✨

  • Adelina Spinney
    Adelina Spinney Pred 3 dnevi

    My new bulimia merch is dropping today! Free pins come with every sale! ,-,

  • Kaitlyn McLaren
    Kaitlyn McLaren Pred 3 dnevi

    People who keep saying “no one with anxiety would wear this”: people deal with their anxiety differently and it doesn’t always effect their shitty fashion choices. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • emy bachman
    emy bachman Pred 3 dnevi

    If it’s so trendy forget the shirt they can have my whole anxiety disorder for free lololol

  • emy bachman
    emy bachman Pred 3 dnevi

    I don’t think anyone who suffers from any anxiety disorders thinks it’s cute and fun and wants to advertise they have it on a shirt

  • Mysha Jahin Khan
    Mysha Jahin Khan Pred 4 dnevi

    Alex is hurt , I'm sorry man . People don't actually get mental health .

  • Freya
    Freya Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Keep an eye out for my brand new "I cut myself" hoodie !!1! Dropping soon !!

  • Henry H
    Henry H Pred 4 dnevi +1


  • Why do I exists I didn’t ask

    I’m selling “empty” merch so then you can be cool 🤭🤪🤩 I’m sO qUiRkY (hoodies and cups and even hats)

  • noah leite
    noah leite Pred 4 dnevi

    i have severe depression, self harm almost everyday and have never wanted to die more !

  • keady rascona
    keady rascona Pred 4 dnevi

    This is actually excellent. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring up the “it’s not a badge of honor” to have a illness and you did so in such an elegant way.

  • gabri3ll3_0
    gabri3ll3_0 Pred 4 dnevi

    I’m gonna be selling my shirt called “my parents divorced” and “depression”

  • Sky Dune
    Sky Dune Pred 4 dnevi

    Hahahaha buy my schizo affective disorder merch!! Lololol

  • Kaylie Wow
    Kaylie Wow Pred 4 dnevi

    Anxiety is not a mental illness, literally everyone has anxiety.

  • Oi
    Oi Pred 5 dnevi

    I thought it would be just making fun because it’s quite honestly horrendous, but then it turned out to be Alex genuinely mad at it (with reasons smh)

  • Verena Balbach
    Verena Balbach Pred 5 dnevi

    I'm glad I'm cool, too! Dealing for 10 years now (back than I was someone who you should avoid at all costs), locking myself in for days. weeks or month, having a eating disorder because of it, actualy beeing bedridden for almost a year. YEAH! That was funny, thinking I kill myself slowly because I wasn't apply to digest anything because my brain was so damage. But... yeah! Cool! Just laugh and gain money! A+!!! You gonna have to love SLcliprs...
    Thanks Alex for this Video!

  • Eve Poulston
    Eve Poulston Pred 5 dnevi

    Hey guys! Releasing my new anorexia and bulimia shirts next week! It’s so trendy to almost die of a deadly disease! 3% going to charity

  • Arshiya Kapil
    Arshiya Kapil Pred 5 dnevi

    Imma make ADHD MERCH PEEEPSSS!!!
    0.111 Percent off to charity

  • myles lundall
    myles lundall Pred 5 dnevi

    Bipolar :)

  • Banana Witch
    Banana Witch Pred 5 dnevi

    My autism merch is dropping next week 0.01% goes to charity

  • Victoria Night Sky x
    Victoria Night Sky x Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Dropping my new binge eating hoodies soon! Only in size xl so you can look as sad, desperate and bloated as I did ! Xx

  • Relax Don’t do it
    Relax Don’t do it Pred 5 dnevi

    Got my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder merch dropping /tomorrow/ guys just wait!

  • thegreatestsun
    thegreatestsun Pred 5 dnevi

    lmao i'm watching this video at 2am because i'm too anxious to sleep

  • Rose Prince
    Rose Prince Pred 5 dnevi

    NEW DROP I got the voices in my head won't stop shouting and I want to lock my self in a room and cry merch NEW DROP

  • Kayla Maguire
    Kayla Maguire Pred 5 dnevi

    Honestly anxiety is a just a way to act like annoying pricks to everyone around you.Some people actually do have serious anxiety,everyone does honestly,it’s the ones that need everyone to know they have anxiety.

  • Ellie Lamb
    Ellie Lamb Pred 5 dnevi

    love it when my anxiety becomes monetized by somebody else. I love it even more when I have to pay to remind myself that 'oh..yeh...I struggle on a daily basis with this mental illness'.

  • KIWI
    KIWI Pred 6 dnevi

    Autism hoodie releasing on Friday

  • Cheese Mouse
    Cheese Mouse Pred 6 dnevi

    if i wore a shirt with the word anxiety on it then my anxiety would be very high because who the fuck would wear something like that

  • I have a small peepee but,

    I have anxiety, ill sell it to you for at least 4 bucks

  • Dinophish
    Dinophish Pred 6 dnevi

    when he said "iv'e gone to the mall." i thought he said, iv'e gone to the morgue.

  • ʂαʋʋყ ʅαɳ
    ʂαʋʋყ ʅαɳ Pred 6 dnevi

    this is not a mental illness but this is an illness! I have stds! we should put that on a shirt and sell it, for sure

  • not good
    not good Pred 6 dnevi +3

    selling my bulimia merch soon guys. probably won’t be in stock long though as i’ll most likely regret it and throw it all up
    *throw it all out

  • A Slightly Disappointing Salad

    He has legs?

  • boop
    boop Pred 7 dnevi

    To all the people that say that 'iT dOeSn'T mAtTeR tO mE', please read. These specific merch ain't just any merch. It's making it as if mental illness is an aesthetic. Mental isn't a fashion in any kind- it is something people suffer from everyday. Like he said, everyone is making anxiety and depression a trend and a norm in society. People with anxiety wouldn't have the guts to wear or even buy these things- because mental illness isn't something to be proud of. So If you still think, 'iT dOeSn'T mAtTeR, lAdS', think of all the other people that think it does bother them. If you don't, I will send you to the ranch.

  • vegangoldfish
    vegangoldfish Pred 7 dnevi +1

    I cannot lay claim to any mental illness because I have not been diagnosed. When I tried opening up to my mom about my problems (suicidal thoughts, self harm, and the typical symptoms of depression), I ended up in the ER with my mom threatening to send me to a mental hospital if they deemed me a “danger to myself.” All I wanted was to get screened and start seeing a therapist. Instead, I’m too scared to say anything even remotely about mental health in her presence and have given up on getting help. So yeah, I don’t want a fucking hoodie branded with a mental illness when I can’t even get help without being seen by everyone around me as a freak.
    (By the way, my mom isn’t a terrible person or anything, I just don’t think she was prepared to deal with any of that stuff).

  • Lillith Destiny
    Lillith Destiny Pred 8 dnevi

    I love you Alex but you can't really say much about not even trying on merch when you litterally sell blank sweatshirts with internet sensation across the chest and nothing else maybe color draw strings but also litterally half of the population has some sort of anxiety wheather it's social, stage fright, meeting new ppl a lot of things can cause ppl to deal with anxiety some more than others, I have panic attacks almost daily but this litterally offends me a total amount or zero

  • ITS C&J
    ITS C&J Pred 8 dnevi

    *_anxiety has left the chat_*

  • Jimmy Prattipuss the coward of all battles ever

    “Suicide” shirt plz alex

  • Vintage doll Emporium
    Vintage doll Emporium Pred 9 dnevi

    It’s this shit and people who identify as autism gender that make me loose the rest of my will to live

  • Annie Alden
    Annie Alden Pred 9 dnevi

    Major Depressive Disorder is so awesome! I've likely had it my whole life and it's been debilitating at times! I need everyone to know how much I've thoroughly enjoyed it via my clothing...
    I need to stop

  • sociopath_of_sorts
    sociopath_of_sorts Pred 9 dnevi

    omg please make obsessive compulsive hoodies would buy

  • kapokikko dragneel
    kapokikko dragneel Pred 10 dnevi

    The thing with her and (Idk if it's actually true, but I felt like it's the same with Gabiie from the gabbieshow) is that they base their whole yt career around depression. Which makes it even less likely they actually have it because it has become marketing. People should be able to talk about their problems and stuff to their fanbase, but they shouldn't make it into marketing. That's just... That's horrible to do

  • Crazy FANATIC
    Crazy FANATIC Pred 10 dnevi

    Schizophrenia! 👍😃

  • crazymus10
    crazymus10 Pred 11 dnevi

    Wtf in their right mind would make that🙄

  • I Sleep
    I Sleep Pred 11 dnevi

    Alex looks like the emo son from Horton hears a who

  • Baby Sim
    Baby Sim Pred 11 dnevi

    Why spend $44 on a hoodie to express your “quirky” mental illness, when I will gladly hand over my GAD and BPD to whoever wants it free of charge!!

  • eileen mcgeary
    eileen mcgeary Pred 11 dnevi

    Dropping my new *PSYCHOPATH* merch !! -4% of the money is going to charity !!!

  • BrooklynBridge
    BrooklynBridge Pred 11 dnevi

    Why do Brits often have terrible teeth? Do you go to dentists in Russia?

    • Number 4
      Number 4 Pred 10 dnevi

      I don’t see anything wrong with Alex’s teeth

  • Yas
    Yas Pred 12 dnevi +1

    Hey guys I have incurable cancer lets put it on a shirt how about that


  • ironbeagle
    ironbeagle Pred 12 dnevi

    I'm diginosed with depression, I wouldn't wear a shirt about it because fuck depression isn't easy, and more likely I'd be afraid to wear that hoodie. It seems really dumb to this, plus with suffering depression, I've met people and there are some points were we make a few jokes about it.

  • Kyria Tobing
    Kyria Tobing Pred 12 dnevi

    Its like putting the definition of Alzheimer’s is put on a hoodie for 40 dollars like wtf!
    Mental illness should not be treated this way.

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E Pred 12 dnevi

    Still better than WillNE's merch tbh

  • The Specimens
    The Specimens Pred 13 dnevi

    Its so obvious how much this hurts Alex to see and its horrible how people profit off of this

  • Gabriela Thomas
    Gabriela Thomas Pred 14 dnevi

    Hey!! Markiplier is a LA youtuber!! They aren't ALL bad😂
    Seriously though, I'm glad you addressed this. Knowing people that have aniexty, I see how hard it is. I could never imagine going through a panic attack, selling this concept like it's "cool" is total bs. You are always so humble and honest, I truly respect that about you. Keep making amazing content.

  • Idiot Fish
    Idiot Fish Pred 16 dnevi

    Dropping some schizoaffective merch soon, stay tuned

  • Akari Kim-Lee
    Akari Kim-Lee Pred 16 dnevi

    My clinical depression merch is gonna be out soon!! 40% OFF BIG SALE

  • Aimee Rivett
    Aimee Rivett Pred 17 dnevi

    These intros get more and more creative as they go on

  • Ashleigh Morris
    Ashleigh Morris Pred 17 dnevi

    I’m so late but I have Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar 1, Borderline Personality Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and PTSD. All diagnosed by multiple psychiatrists. So pretty sure you could make fuckin BANK off of me.

  • its.sunny btw
    its.sunny btw Pred 18 dnevi

    she's literally the "anxiety is aesthetic" girl

  • Elise Kraenow
    Elise Kraenow Pred 19 dnevi

    how many times did you spin that online wheel you made before it landed on mental illness

  • LonelyWolf Raven
    LonelyWolf Raven Pred 19 dnevi

    Guys, can't wait until I drop my "Bipolar" shirts and hoodies next week, I'm really excited right now!!(but I probably won't be next week) There are 5 different hoodie colors to represent my different emotions :
    Black = sadness/depression
    Red = anger/my sudden outbursts
    Blue = disappointment (in myself)
    Purple = fear/feeling like I'm being judged
    And finally the last one yellow = happiness (the one you don't need)

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Pred 19 dnevi

    Who would honestly buy the insensitive shirt as a joke😂👏

  • YeehAw
    YeehAw Pred 19 dnevi

    Im so excited to get that hoodie so everyone knows Im suffering from a mental illness that affects me daily

  • Annoying Rat
    Annoying Rat Pred 20 dnevi

    I have anxiety please make a hoodie with my face on it

  • Łêx Burton - Wood
    Łêx Burton - Wood Pred 20 dnevi

    LA youtubers who aren't from LA though don't worry I am actually from LA and hate them too

  • • skydust •
    • skydust • Pred 21 dnevom

    The only time when it’s OK to drop in Merch associated with mental illnesses is never. If you drop merch even if it has nothing to do with mental illnesses you can donate the money to them.

  • • skydust •
    • skydust • Pred 21 dnevom

    About to drop my new merch for schizophrenia!!!!
    We’ve got a new T-shirt with a child laying in his bed with imaginary monsters around him and they’re whispering to him terrible things! ;)
    We’ve got a hoodie with the exact same boy walking down to his bus stop with the creatures following him still whispering!! Oh in the entire world is distorted because that’s the only way he can see but it’s cool!!!!!! 🤩

    Just remember I’m being sarcastic.

  • • skydust •
    • skydust • Pred 21 dnevom

    That girl absolutely disgusts me. last night I was up till 4 AM because I can’t stop thinking about going back to school. I definitely don’t have the worst case of anxiety, but I’m telling you it’s not fun. Flexing on everyone and telling them that you have anxiety shouldn’t happen. I can’t even believe that someone would go this far and make merch out of this. It’s disgusting and it’s pricey. I hope nobody buys it. Basically what she’s doing is instead of putting “my anxiety is have anxieties” on a shirt she is basically saying “my anxiety keeps me up till 4 AM every night because I can’t stop thinking about school the next day! :)” And that to her sounds fun. I hate people who show it off when I don’t even have it. I’m no doctor and maybe she does have it, but you can’t just get nervous one day and think “Oh I have anxiety now cool let me slap a label on some Merch and sell it for 40 bucks.”
    She is disgusting and attention seeking.

  • FunguiFoot
    FunguiFoot Pred 21 dnevom

    Insomnia shirts

  • Iconic
    Iconic Pred 21 dnevom +1

    I seriously hate it when people use depression and anxiety as an aesthetic. I struggle with really bad anxiety and gender dysphoria. This has caused minor depression, but I don’t go around flaunting it
    Edit: depression and anxiety aren’t the only mental illnesses out there and it really pisses me off that people think these are “trends”

  • Bethany Is Rad
    Bethany Is Rad Pred 21 dnevom

    I personally love my aesthetic of mental illness. Why you trying to stop me? It’s so kawaii and relatable uwu

  • Evie Thorp
    Evie Thorp Pred 22 dnevi

    Big support Alex

  • stella
    stella Pred 22 dnevi

    my herpes has herpes

  • DeLaney Painter
    DeLaney Painter Pred 22 dnevi

    what brand is the pink hoodie he is wearing

  • starryBastille
    starryBastille Pred 22 dnevi

    mY sEvERe DepReSsIoN hAs SeVeRe DeprEsSiOnS 0.0000000000000000001% goes to charity 😬 !
    no she RLY coulda made merch with anything else in the world on it but she chose that. like ok haha thx i hate it

  • MyRefrigeratorIsDumb
    MyRefrigeratorIsDumb Pred 23 dnevi

    I have social anxiety!

  • Georgia Jordan.
    Georgia Jordan. Pred 23 dnevi

    *How long did it take him to get the wheel to say ‘mental illness’?*

  • Safari Gateja
    Safari Gateja Pred 23 dnevi

    he’s so cute

  • Plotagon Poppy
    Plotagon Poppy Pred 23 dnevi +2

    I’m gonna put on a shirt
    I suffer from severe anxiety I’m homeschooled and I self harm

  • River Janson
    River Janson Pred 23 dnevi

    Get my new “she took the kids and I’m contemplating suicide off my local bridge” merch that’s dropping soon, and 0.0001% goes to charity

  • Shannon Cambridge
    Shannon Cambridge Pred 24 dnevi

    one of my friends suffer from anxiety and has to have counselling. I really don't think making that merch was a good decision.

  • who the fuck tryna nut in my butt

    might as well make sexual transmitted diseases merch

  • Cheez Whiz
    Cheez Whiz Pred 24 dnevi

    put my clinnical depression on a shirt

  • OOFtastic
    OOFtastic Pred 24 dnevi

    She’s making money off of others mental issues, if you don’t see the problem with this then you’re part of the problem itself

  • Miss_ Freaky
    Miss_ Freaky Pred 24 dnevi +2

    Sebastian bails just dropped his new ‘orangeitis’ merch! 2% going to spray tan companies !!

  • Emaan Fatima
    Emaan Fatima Pred 24 dnevi

    It similar to slapping the definition of autism on a shirt, ill guarantee that wont produce much profit

  • Lainamations
    Lainamations Pred 25 dnevi +1

    Is it just me or is Alex a whole daddy and a half?