COUPLE'S CRINGE: Valentine's Edition

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  • serenity reynoso
    serenity reynoso Pred 3 urami

    omg I just finally realized what Cody’s gf looks like, Casey Anthony

  • Uveni
    Uveni Pred 3 urami

    Adults who play vampires=bloodfags

  • Uveni
    Uveni Pred 3 urami

    Kids playing with mud: "weeee mud."
    Adults playing with mud: "We're connecting with the earth goddess and our spirituality with our genitals also tantric!"

  • Uveni
    Uveni Pred 3 urami

    Him: "Why yes, I give her the penis."
    Her: "I take the penis."

  • Derrick Harnish
    Derrick Harnish Pred 4 urami

    Y'all need to do That's Cringe on Liam(fuckin)Vapes smoking weed for the first time

  • Eric Adrien
    Eric Adrien Pred 4 urami

    CODY PLZ DO A THAT'S CRINGE ON whitetrashmillionaire

  • Jimmy Glaser
    Jimmy Glaser Pred 5 urami

    Columbus, Ohio

  • Linko
    Linko Pred 7 urami +4

    4 nigga, 5 nigga, 6 nigga , 7 nigga damn!

  • Adriel San Juan
    Adriel San Juan Pred 9 urami

    H3H3 for the new generation

  • Morgan & Hattie K
    Morgan & Hattie K Pred 10 urami

    hey guys go check out our first youtube video :)

  • Bryanna Basilio
    Bryanna Basilio Pred 12 urami

    Kelsey is hilarious, I love her

  • Thea Hoemberg
    Thea Hoemberg Pred 13 urami
    pls pls pls do this

  • Fiske Out
    Fiske Out Pred 14 urami

    Sup tickle bee 🤙🏼

  • T Tai
    T Tai Pred 14 urami

    It’s actually ironic your making this video because you 2 are actually cringe

  • It's Britney Bitch
    It's Britney Bitch Pred 15 urami

    I found ur channel a while ago and i’ve felt like i know you from somewhere but i haven’t been able to put a finger on it UNTIL NOW. You remind me sO MUCH of Mark Wahlberg.

  • Angie Baby
    Angie Baby Pred 16 urami

    Clarity and her husband Opacity.

  • Angie Baby
    Angie Baby Pred 16 urami

    "could you imagine doing this every time you make a promise?"
    "come on! You promised the dog you were gonna take him for a walk!"

  • fess
    fess Pred 16 urami

    his style of humor inspires me so much on my channel lmao. i hope im not coming off as a copy cat.

    • alpha Ddog
      alpha Ddog Pred 16 urami

      Nah i feel like you have your own style.

  • Barbara Barbella Torrealba

    Please do a decent Jenna Marbles in that's so cringe. Shylie asking.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Pred 16 urami +1

    Why do they look like brother and sister?

  • Cornflakes2k _
    Cornflakes2k _ Pred 16 urami

    Noel please

  • Kassie cl
    Kassie cl Pred 16 urami

    Please restock the tmg merch 😊

  • Briana S.
    Briana S. Pred 17 urami +1

    THATS CRINGE: Dating Around Episode 5. Sarah. Pllllllllssssss.

  • Hanna Makana
    Hanna Makana Pred 18 urami

    you need to do a "f*** this guy" about dean graziosi from alskfjdhk

  • McSombraMastah
    McSombraMastah Pred 18 urami +4

    Damn Cody really out there saying the N word, i trusted you 😔

    • Liam Owen
      Liam Owen Pred 16 urami

      When a word offends you that much just leave

    • McSombraMastah
      McSombraMastah Pred 16 urami +1

      Tiny Meat Greg yeah ight

    • Tiny Meat Greg
      Tiny Meat Greg Pred 17 urami +1

      It was a long time ago before he started his YT channel, he's changed since and apologized, he doesn't say it anymroe

  • Mary Ann N.
    Mary Ann N. Pred 18 urami

    7:51 The nature man's nails are filed into sharp points

  • Mary Ann N.
    Mary Ann N. Pred 18 urami

    6:55 Matching hair buns

  • Tristin Eidsness
    Tristin Eidsness Pred 18 urami +1 that's gross pt 2;)

  • grace hanlon
    grace hanlon Pred 18 urami +1

    can you and noel react to some of the videos on the channel Actually Happened

  • Abby Baker
    Abby Baker Pred 19 urami +1


  • Kidd
    Kidd Pred 19 urami +7

    7 nigga 8 Nigga 9 Nigga 10

    • Kidd
      Kidd Pred 12 urami

      +McSombraMastah same smh

    • McSombraMastah
      McSombraMastah Pred 18 urami +5

      Kidd he let me down 😔

  • Regan Means
    Regan Means Pred 19 urami

    Logan is low-key hot, except for the whole fucking creepy vampire thing

  • zola gacho
    zola gacho Pred 19 urami

    Where the fuck is Noel

  • ava briglia
    ava briglia Pred 20 urami

    when is it gonna be kesley ko

  • Kremit the frog's stalkish uncle

    Is that your sister? It's sweet you're taking time away from Noel to hang out with your family

  • Daisie Bundy
    Daisie Bundy Pred 20 urami +1


  • Canadian Poutine
    Canadian Poutine Pred 21 uro

    Yo do a that’s cringe on Dre drexler 2016

  • • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

    I was in fucking hysterics at the "Why do good girls like bad guys" bit

  • JonnyC7403
    JonnyC7403 Pred 22 urami

    You don’t even burn bro

  • Molly Rose
    Molly Rose Pred 22 urami

    Ok, bring the talismans out

  • Natalia Fernandez
    Natalia Fernandez Pred 22 urami

    do matthew hussey for that's cringe!

  • Cédric S
    Cédric S Pred 23 urami

    You know you shouldn't date your sister right?

  • kristin martin
    kristin martin Pred 23 urami

    this is the longest video about 2 people skinny dipping ive ever seen hahahhhahahaha

  • Taylor
    Taylor Pred dnevom

    We aren't going to talk about the fact that her friend pulled out a lancet AT SCHOOL and she drank it there lol SHE WAS IN ENGLISH CLASS

  • Tim DeGraw
    Tim DeGraw Pred dnevom +1

    If your upload schedule was any more spread out, I could track literally every new moon. I mean, that does nothing for me, but it'd be a pretty stark reminder of the (apparently growing?) correlation between [breaking 1 milly+ subs] & [laziest ways to bank that scrillllll]. What do you think, I'm onto something big, huh Mister Koligesic?
    Go Kurtis Conner, not Piques; the choice is yours.....

  • Cassidy Heath
    Cassidy Heath Pred dnevom

    I live in Florida 😂

  • Savannah Eryn
    Savannah Eryn Pred dnevom

    Why tf did I just realize your the boy from semi valley that doesn’t burn?

  • Taylor Moring
    Taylor Moring Pred dnevom +3

    Noel with a wig is so pretty

  • Giovanni LoMonaco-Kiss

    Cody you’d look good with a beard

  • YA S
    YA S Pred dnevom +2

    Just saw the vine of you saying the n word. To say im disappointed is an understatement. Can’t wait to see your fake apology video. Smh. Not ok.... * unsubscribes *

  • J D
    J D Pred dnevom

    U dont even burn fool

  • Thanos
    Thanos Pred dnevom +2

    "I kept drinking but was still thirsty." Ok, well you aren't a vampire, you are diabetic sweetie.

  • sampi16 sampi16
    sampi16 sampi16 Pred dnevom

    React to Sophie Aqua

  • Carrissa Jean
    Carrissa Jean Pred dnevom

    Do a reaction to My Morning Routine With Jesus.

  • Joseph Mulkern
    Joseph Mulkern Pred dnevom +1

    love when SLclip doesn't put you in my recommended

  • cheri618
    cheri618 Pred dnevom +8

    so the n word huh cody

    • cheri618
      cheri618 Pred 6 urami +2

      +Scheiße Hünden is this your way of justifying him saying a word thats alot more offensive and disgusting than 'cracker' or 'whitey'? funny how when cody messes up the true color of his fans show.

    • Scheiße Hünden
      Scheiße Hünden Pred 14 urami

      cheri618 and im guessing you’ve never said cracker or whitey in your whole entire life

    • cheri618
      cheri618 Pred 15 urami +2

      +Liam Owen because I'm black and I have the right to care Liam. Dumb question.

    • Liam Owen
      Liam Owen Pred 15 urami

      cheri618 and you care because??????

  • bbyg
    bbyg Pred dnevom +4

    y'all hear sum?

  • sandro silagadze
    sandro silagadze Pred dnevom +3

    Do you guys smell that?

  • Spoorthi Gowda
    Spoorthi Gowda Pred dnevom +2

    you ever gonna apologize?

  • Dav
    Dav Pred dnevom +3

    Please address the video of you

  • _ Spiderweb _
    _ Spiderweb _ Pred dnevom

    React to free lee please

  • Guh uh Huh
    Guh uh Huh Pred dnevom

    You little fart fig newton

  • nadine nona
    nadine nona Pred dnevom

    Where is Noellllllll???

  • MrLangkahKanan
    MrLangkahKanan Pred dnevom

    4:39 national cringe face

  • Robert D. Suarez
    Robert D. Suarez Pred dnevom

    Word of the day: “Awakening”

  • Ellabella 34
    Ellabella 34 Pred dnevom +1

    i fell asleep binge listening to cody and woke up a sarcastic commentator

  • ally hardesty
    ally hardesty Pred dnevom +1

    i got a Tai Lopez ad on this hahaha

  • Candace
    Candace Pred dnevom

    Noel sure looks different these days...

  • Anaysha Marie
    Anaysha Marie Pred dnevom

    Hurry tf up n post more videos

  • Joshy
    Joshy Pred dnevom

    Look at Cody on 8:44

  • ZEKE
    ZEKE Pred dnevom +5

    Before anyone starts to get upset at Cody for using Nigga, we all have to remember a man in his age group who's been around since BEFORE the Civil Rights Movement tends to have said the word in the past

    • Julio
      Julio Pred 17 urami +1

      This is some high quality meme shit right here

    • Karina Nunes
      Karina Nunes Pred 21 uro +1

      oh my god sksjsjsjsjsj

  • hyam e
    hyam e Pred dnevom +3

    Very disappointed in you Cody. Both of those videos of you that surfaced were really upsetting..

  • Katy Taylor
    Katy Taylor Pred dnevom +1

    i lovw you two and im drunk and i love how easy ifh is to type youur name. love you both soooooi fuckjng mich!!!!

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M Pred dnevom +4

    Pulled out of patreon, unfollowed on insta and unsubscribed. If youre white and have an opinion on what he said, dont @ me. Your opinion is irrelevant. It shouldnt take him 48 hours to apologize.

    • Julio
      Julio Pred 17 urami

      If I'm latino can I say you're dumb

  • Allison Cook
    Allison Cook Pred dnevom

    PLEASE react to truth ads w/ noel

  • madeline kane
    madeline kane Pred dnevom

    that moment when bae lacks
    𝓋𝒾𝓉𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓃 𝒟

  • arin rahman
    arin rahman Pred dnevom

    am I the only one who thought the sexual nature ones were gonna use a tree branch as a dildo

  • Kayla Klee
    Kayla Klee Pred dnevom

    Please please go back on cameo

  • Echo Sloth
    Echo Sloth Pred dnevom


  • Mason Deaver
    Mason Deaver Pred dnevom

    what's cringe is that you're racist. but ok

  • Euphoria Santana
    Euphoria Santana Pred dnevom

    GUYS!!!! remember when cody said nigga??????

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Pred dnevom +1

    Do you guys burn? Im getting mixed emotions rn

  • Aquafirefury 12
    Aquafirefury 12 Pred dnevom

    that hippie dude seriously reminds me of the goblin dude from the fucking amulet books what the fuck

  • Zack and Cody Martin
    Zack and Cody Martin Pred dnevom +2

    I don’t give fuck you said NIGGA. Real niggas will keep watching.

  • Tori Perez
    Tori Perez Pred dnevom

    use my codykode on seatgeek

  • tasha m
    tasha m Pred dnevom

    Cody I have such a good next subject for that’s cringe... this fitness girl named Demi bagby... like Lele Pons but gym version 😂

  • Harry Potter Is freaking life

    React to XO by Cyrus Dobre it sucks

  • Raquel Saenz
    Raquel Saenz Pred dnevom

    2:49 “you’ll put it up” *he didn’t.....*

  • elizabeth conrad
    elizabeth conrad Pred dnevom +2

    where’s noel i need him *NOW*

  • MadAnili
    MadAnili Pred 2 dnevi

    Gotta say that your gf is cute af 😍

  • QueenofDoge25
    QueenofDoge25 Pred 2 dnevi

    Albatross Gooseswamp 😂

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe Pred 2 dnevi

    I read twighlight and i also barely go in the sun. I never knew i was a vampire ... welp gotta go drink blood now.

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe Pred 2 dnevi

    At the beginning I couldn’t tell if it was you or the video you were reacting to. “wE cAn bE bEanIe BaBieS”

  • rosie newhall
    rosie newhall Pred 2 dnevi

    "they just wanna fuck outside"

  • Autumn Paynton
    Autumn Paynton Pred 2 dnevi

    12:25 me too but not cause I’m a “vampire”

  • grace crowley
    grace crowley Pred 2 dnevi


  • booty call911
    booty call911 Pred 2 dnevi

    I like how Kelsey is slowly turning to cody

  • Travis Porter
    Travis Porter Pred 2 dnevi +2

    Ughh the racism jumped out

  • alexis
    alexis Pred 2 dnevi +8

    dad you should apologize

  • itschloe
    itschloe Pred 2 dnevi

    holy shit ur in columbus??! lemme hop in my car, i’ll be there in 30