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  • Objavljeno 12. mar. 2019
    Here we are with a truckload of brand new ideas for everyone who loves comfort! In this kids tutorial video, you can find a lot of insanely cool ideas to solve tricky everyday problems! Watch and learn.
    Did you know that plain hairbands can help you to solve a lot of tasks? Do you think that braces are cute? You can take a braces selfie using a rubber band and a few earring locks. For the following life hacks, you'll need a few scrunchies. First of all, let's make a nice organizer for them. You can make it using an ordinary toilet paper roll!
    Another cool scrunchie idea will help you to save dishwashing soap - just use a rubber band for it. In case the sleeves of your sweater are too long, you can use a scrunchie to keep them up. The same applies to adjust a dress to your figure.
    Next, come beautiful flower DIYs! Spring is here, so it's high time to decorate your space with some lovely flowers. And we have a couple of tutorials for you. You can make flowers out of tissue paper, toilet paper, felt, and even ordinary paper!
    Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make amazing DIY accessories!
    0:10 - Rubber band life hacks
    01:52 - Makeup brushes hack
    05:16 - Tissue paper flowers
    10:16 - Bottle trick
    14:29 - Felt flowers
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    Who else came just for the braces?just me ..ok😂😂2019 anyone?please can i have a like?😢😢😟😟😢😢☹

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    this should be titled "32 HAIR TIE HACKS".. not life hacks..

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    La 3 no tiene lógica se le reventó la cola y tiene otras dos se puede a ser una coleta con una no tiene que juntar las dos

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    I used to really want braces and I would do that and when I actually got them I’m just like how did I ever want these

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    Who has and is willing to use this many hair things and rubber bands?!?

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    Hair scrunchies to the rescue

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    Deutsche hier

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    Uma perguntinha porque quase todo mundo que usar aparelho e aparelho e para quem tem dentes tortos

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    The braces thing doesn't look very real. And If it breaks it could go down your throat and choke you so I dont recommended trying it.👌👍

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    how is this for kids?

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    OK why would u do that to ur door imagine if you left it like that over night. You would make it too easy for people that are trying to break into your house if little kids did that like when their coming from school that's not safe (edit:) o I forgot 0:40

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    Mom: *hangs makeup brushes in shower after cleaning*
    Me: Mom I am going to take my shower!
    Mom: Can you wait 2-3 hours honey?
    Me: Why? *walks in bathroom and opens shower curtain*
    Mom: *Blank stare*

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    0:36 JUST PUT THE BOXES DOWN smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤯🤯

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    Dont do the fake braces. That makes you need real braces.

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    С 05:17 до 06:04

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    *Who would want braces????!!!*

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    I will definitely get pretand braces
    Like if you will to

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    I already made that toilet paper hack for my hair tyes before I watched this video... what a Quaintance

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    1 like = 1 more smile

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    que brutal

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    First of all, the braces are DANGEROUS. also braces hurt yo.

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    0:57 you realize you can just use to rubber bands normally or just get a new rubber band ....

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    2:31 literally me when I’m home alone

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  • Grace King
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    I wouldn’t recommend the first DIY with the braces, it could seriously mold ur teeth overtime and they can overlap if you have teeth that you would need to get braces for i would suggest going to a dentist, not a 5 minute hack channel who probably dont know anything about teeth 🙅🏼‍♀️

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    Why do u want braces they hurt tho

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  • Rozelia Fayard
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    If your teeth are aligned don't use the rubber bands. Over time the teeth will push together, because the tension of the rubber band will force the teeth together. Orthodontists use the rubber band tension to fix over bites.

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  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ r_u_b_y_p_l_a_y_s ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


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    Me: heyyy can I borrow a hair tie?
    5 minute crafts: ummm, about that.......

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    This video should be called 100 different ways to use hair ties with a couple other things.

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    #1 can seriously damage your gums.

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    I mean... unless you want to be rlly unsafe and teach your children its ok to put small objects in your mouth, i highly suggest you dont do the first hack.. that would litterly be the easiest thing to choke on.

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