Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!

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  • Objavljeno 14. apr. 2019
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    MrBeast is best known for donating and/or giving away a LOT of money - sometimes as part of some crazy challenge. In one video, MrBeast gave his friends $100,000 to spend in ONE HOUR. They all spent the money in a different way - some smart, some more... extravagant. Now, you can't blame someone for wanting to buy a lamborghini when you hand them the cash to do it, but this challenge really made me wonder about something. What is the best, most profitable way to spend $100k in one hour? How can you "win" this challenge and possibly even come out ahead of the game? Well Theorists, start taking notes in case you ever find yourself pulled into one of MrBeast's crazy schemes because I'm going to teach you how to beat the Beast at his game!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
  • IgreIgre

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  • Comic Commentary
    Comic Commentary Pred dnevom

    LoL you could never call a retirement account an IRA in the UK

  • Sierra Posey
    Sierra Posey Pred dnevom

    I would just buy front row broadway tickets :)

  • BLT Player
    BLT Player Pred dnevom +1

    Curse the subprime lending! Ne'er trust the car market, as it will surely pop! Be fortunate, all outside the fragile US; Devastation may avoid your economy.

  • Jimmy Boi
    Jimmy Boi Pred dnevom

    VPNs seem like they should be illegal. They're too powerful, but in a good way.

    Ha I live in America, no need for VPN here.

  • HyperStyleZ
    HyperStyleZ Pred dnevom

    I thought he was from New Jersey 😂

  • Artie?
    Artie? Pred dnevom

    Easy. Buy gold.

  • YoshiMaster
    YoshiMaster Pred dnevom

    I have an issue with this. A CHILD CAN'T LEGALLY BUY STOCKS!

  • CuteDoggo321
    CuteDoggo321 Pred dnevom +1

    0:24 I expected he would say that XDDD

  • Zak Standal
    Zak Standal Pred dnevom

    I miss the old game theory

  • Miguel Morice
    Miguel Morice Pred dnevom

    I actually learned a little bit of go that in my state I can own a kangaroo without a permit so I know exactly what I’m spending my money on.

  • ThatRandomNugget ._.
    ThatRandomNugget ._. Pred dnevom

    I didn't know math class wanted to attack me again

  • Szymon Kozlowski
    Szymon Kozlowski Pred dnevom +1

    I was thinking to spend it on stock market

  • SnowyShiro
    SnowyShiro Pred dnevom +1

    I mean like yea thats cool and all but i would just put it in my bank then use it when i want instead of having to do it within an hour

  • CuteDoggo321
    CuteDoggo321 Pred dnevom +1

    Oh we’re talking about Mr. Beast. You know that _he’s from North Carolina?_

  • D.J. miller
    D.J. miller Pred dnevom

    Hey Matt I reasintly got the 3 fnaf books plus the freddy files and as I was reading the silver eyes I noticed something, when Charlie and her friends explore the abandoned freddies they have to go through a mall the get to resturant. The book also seems to say that the mall, although still under construction is nearly finished and already has a guard on duty. So by the time William Afton would have gotten himself spring" trapped" ( yes pun intended) the mall would have been built around freddies preventing rain from from leaking on the suit and killing Afton which explains why later on " Dave" has scars all over his body( but is very much alive)

  • Awesome 1
    Awesome 1 Pred dnevom

    Matpat: *uses money logically*
    Me: *spends $100,000 on Anime and SLclipr merch* Oops!

  • Felipe Gustavo Cunha
    Felipe Gustavo Cunha Pred dnevom

    if i got all of that money i whot buy a lot of transformers,fix my xbox, buy games doanate to my family and doanate to dog,homeles etc.

  • ryan plonkaa
    ryan plonkaa Pred dnevom

    IRA also stands for Irish republic army, who are Irish terrorists who want northern Ireland back.
    Thought you should know.

  • Maryo da living meme
    Maryo da living meme Pred dnevom

    question, how is this a game theory, your content seems to move more and more away from gaming theories which goes against your name, you rarely make any actual game theories

  • Puff -_-
    Puff -_- Pred dnevom +1

    *_I would spend it on Minecraft Skins..._*

  • Adam Eason
    Adam Eason Pred dnevom

    id just not worry about spending ALL the money. id get everything i want, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, fill up an amazon cart and say goodbye to whatever is extra.

  • Steven Hpmn
    Steven Hpmn Pred dnevom

    im immediately looking up how to open an ira

  • iT0aster Second Account

    i also live in north carolina and i saw him at the airport last friday, check my twitter @zenyxwho for actual proof lmao

  • GamerGirlWillPlay 2
    GamerGirlWillPlay 2 Pred dnevom

    I love how they mix up the old and new editing ways into this

  • Them Nachos
    Them Nachos Pred dnevom

    Please please please can you do a fortnite video cuz they added a phone on fortnite and it says something on the phone any voice says something silently

  • Jake Garn
    Jake Garn Pred dnevom

    ima take a guess before the video, change it into another currency

  • cooljosh99
    cooljosh99 Pred dnevom

    You could break even with gift cards I think

  • Cyntrovert
    Cyntrovert Pred dnevom

    or you know... you could buy something and not sell it later

  • David Szyplinski
    David Szyplinski Pred dnevom


  • Twportal
    Twportal Pred dnevom

    new merch???/???

  • Cara Countryman
    Cara Countryman Pred dnevom +1

    My ideas pay off car payment and student loans

  • Shadow _
    Shadow _ Pred dnevom

    *buy 100 phones and sub to pewdiepie*

  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood Pred dnevom

    Wow so exciting

  • YuckyOrb Gaming
    YuckyOrb Gaming Pred dnevom

    I’m for there to nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc. Nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc nc comity house is the best school

  • valerie flores
    valerie flores Pred dnevom

    my first instinct would be to go on ebay amazons etsy hot etc lol

  • dustpal
    dustpal Pred dnevom

    WTF did I just watch??? Interesting, but you forgot to mention inflation. So in your example, you might have 11.7% more money at the end of the year, but inflation is about 2%. Taking that into account, you really only gain ~9.5% value from the investment.

  • Luke Gilchrist
    Luke Gilchrist Pred dnevom

    make a youtube video about donating it all to to a homeless guy then get lots of likes and subs

  • KC Beans
    KC Beans Pred dnevom

    would you need to pay bills for all that stuff

  • Uniquehorse92 Plays
    Uniquehorse92 Plays Pred dnevom +1

    " *I Know I Can Buy Diet Coke* !"

  • jor van
    jor van Pred dnevom


  • plague_692 does animation

    Finally some else whose famous from north Carolina FINALLY it's been so long

  • grady remus
    grady remus Pred dnevom

    was that a pepsi at 2:30

  • General Mudkips.
    General Mudkips. Pred dnevom

    And he didn't mention charity?

  • Alejololer o.o
    Alejololer o.o Pred dnevom

    Mr Beast should make an IRA

  • Hadassah E
    Hadassah E Pred dnevom

    Do more Fnaf world

  • fekin idiot
    fekin idiot Pred dnevom

    I'd go to a car parts shop for modifications for my current cars

  • Duderino The 1st
    Duderino The 1st Pred dnevom

    Buy a bunch of things then after the hour return it

  • Jayden Aguirre
    Jayden Aguirre Pred dnevom

    This forment reminds of a kids show since it has comedy,live action segments ,and a narrator .l love this format waaay better and it has a child like feel 👍 .

  • LukeAK
    LukeAK Pred dnevom

    Lambos are overrated and so is all other exotic ones

  • Alan Vallejo
    Alan Vallejo Pred dnevom

    I'm from NC

  • Sponge
    Sponge Pred dnevom


  • Eli Morrison
    Eli Morrison Pred dnevom

    Quick try this before they patch it

  • Daniel Lara
    Daniel Lara Pred dnevom

    Also he is from North Carolina

  • Sterben1942
    Sterben1942 Pred dnevom

    Houses, cars, games, well where I come from your first choice better be a gun. THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE BIG AND BRIGHT DOWN IN THE DEEP HEART OF TEXAS.

  • Dylan Good
    Dylan Good Pred dnevom +1

    Don’t buy any of the expensive to care for cars and stuff BUY A TESLA

  • Homeless Delinquents
    Homeless Delinquents Pred dnevom

    Really hateing how matpat is green screened on some of the video

  • Mathieu Malo
    Mathieu Malo Pred dnevom


  • Lewis Pérez
    Lewis Pérez Pred dnevom

    Do a theory about we happy few

  • Starbid101
    Starbid101 Pred dnevom

    not a fan of the different audio, green screen, or skit intro thing.

  • Greenleopard416
    Greenleopard416 Pred dnevom

    That was not 100,000 dollars

  • Crelite
    Crelite Pred dnevom

    Easy, buy 100,000 worth of clothes and then return them the next day.

  • Tyler Longtin
    Tyler Longtin Pred dnevom

    You may have a good point, but ahhhhh yeahhh... I would still probably get a Gucci watch or two, and maybe a hand made silk robe

  • Tjalk
    Tjalk Pred dnevom

    wouldn't it be fun if Mr ¡Beast actually gave Matt the money to go through with this plan to see if it works?

  • Trent Hodge
    Trent Hodge Pred dnevom

    Just buy those debit cards that you can get at the store

  • Ysbra Gamed
    Ysbra Gamed Pred dnevom

    A short answer get into the eu, all taxes are included with the price you're looking at

  • ExplosiveWookiesVacation

    My guess: Government bonds.

    Edit: Eyy I had the right idea at least! I forgot about Roth IRAs. Go with those, too.

  • Kyle Adams
    Kyle Adams Pred dnevom

    MrBeast60000 ohhhh]jnsjzjzksk

  • Mathias Brecke
    Mathias Brecke Pred dnevom +1

    MatPat for Big Bang Theory! 🧖🏽‍♂️👍

  • PhantomObiWan
    PhantomObiWan Pred dnevom +1

    Hey Madpat, you should make a video about how many possible combinations on Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

  • DragonFireDrawings
    DragonFireDrawings Pred dnevom

    12:15 thinking out of the box will lead you into the box (i'm not sorry)

  • Rockstar555
    Rockstar555 Pred dnevom

    0:24 I would think the same thing

    Also I’m so happy you put Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine in the video, I love that show

  • Spriters
    Spriters Pred dnevom

    it has been a long time since i didn't enjoy a game theory as much as this one (now that i've grown up a bit)
    thx a lot matt!

  • LPV Gaming
    LPV Gaming Pred dnevom

    I'm from NC still live here always will

  • Gamer Nate
    Gamer Nate Pred dnevom

    15:40 see's this "MOM GET THE CREDIT CARD"

  • Dolphin blade
    Dolphin blade Pred dnevom +1

    I CoUlD bUy So MuCh DiEt CoKe

  • Moustash Guy
    Moustash Guy Pred dnevom +2

    or you can go to best buy and buy a bunch of games to plays and not worry about return investment

    (No offence XD, just poking fun)

  • Froggy Tubes
    Froggy Tubes Pred dnevom

    Mike changes at 13:51

  • Jessica Davies
    Jessica Davies Pred dnevom

    Just buy some cats in dogs.

  • ProIvan456
    ProIvan456 Pred dnevom

    Two words


  • GeorgepigYT
    GeorgepigYT Pred dnevom

    i would buy a chicken just one with $100,000

  • Shahzaib Sko
    Shahzaib Sko Pred dnevom +2

    I'll just buy gold and spend it later.... whenever I want to.

  • Lucas Farmer
    Lucas Farmer Pred dnevom

    doughnut Operator would have won it, if he was accepted.

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia Pred dnevom

    Spend $100,000, easy. Two words buy Jordans

  • ForcE Ethereal
    ForcE Ethereal Pred dnevom

    what about buying 100,000$ of 'Gift cards' Per say
    You have spent all of his money now you have money for whenever you need it or put it int o a bank

    DCYPRESS TV1 Pred dnevom


  • Hecubusx
    Hecubusx Pred dnevom

    spend it all on drugs ezpz

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker Pred dnevom

    So you know odd1sout

  • HicalebiH *
    HicalebiH * Pred dnevom +4

    *”Hey Mat, did you know that Mr. Beast is from North Carolina?”*

  • Omega X
    Omega X Pred dnevom

    I'd buy a 2019 Subaru BRZ

  • david eakin
    david eakin Pred dnevom


  • Destiny Gabriela
    Destiny Gabriela Pred dnevom

    I would buy a new computer cuz mine is dying XD
    And a bunch of K-pop albums and merch. And anime merch. I would waste it in like 30 mins cuz all of that is expensive af 🤣💔

  • datnormalguy Myths
    datnormalguy Myths Pred dnevom

    *I guess I AM getting that AE86 Sprinter Trueno then.*

  • TruMoo Perdue
    TruMoo Perdue Pred dnevom +1

    I'd buy a R.O.B. the Robot. Nobody can stop me!!!!!

  • Wheezy
    Wheezy Pred dnevom

    just dont play it lmao

  • Pratik Jain
    Pratik Jain Pred dnevom +1

    Simple buy gold or stocks

  • Existent Skeptic
    Existent Skeptic Pred dnevom

    What about the purchasing of art pieces? Art is subject to copyright, which means each piece you purchase can't be replicated without the permission of the original artist or yourself if you decide to purchase the exclusive rights to the piece.
    Also, wouldn't the fact that art is subject to copyright give you control of the price you're able to sell each piece for?
    Then again, I've never even seen $10,000 USD in my life so what do I know...

  • Crohnnn
    Crohnnn Pred dnevom

    Im from North Carolina. :D

  • Mr.Jeorge XIII
    Mr.Jeorge XIII Pred dnevom

    I would've bought some trips around the world or something

  • Arpeggio
    Arpeggio Pred dnevom +1

    I’d just buy a phone...