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  • The ACE Family Documentary - Official Trailer
    DROPPING FEB 23rd!!! (4 Part Series)
    HEYYY ACE FAMILLLY!!! We are nervous and excited at the same time...we've been collecting real and raw footage for the past year for this, along with working hard to make this possible for everyone to enjoy. This will be the first time you will see us talk about things we've never talked about. Everyone asks us to show more, so it's time to give you more. "Welcome To Our Life"
    Business inquires:

Komentarjev • 88 346

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  • lorena martinez
    lorena martinez Pred 17 urami

    are you guys okay????🤔

  • Jackie Mendoza
    Jackie Mendoza Pred 18 urami

    Let’s see what they talking about

  • Servando Coria
    Servando Coria Pred 18 urami

    Clout chasers

  • Ava Ashlee 1.0
    Ava Ashlee 1.0 Pred 18 urami

    OMG I'm so sorry we are so hard on u guys I feel bad y'all shouldn't have to go through this 😥😢

  • Nicholas Rosales
    Nicholas Rosales Pred 18 urami

    This is fr a horror movie and the end also this better not cost money

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  • Ian & Lani show
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    Stop being so serious

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    The ace family means the world to me

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  • Ian & Lani show
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    Guys stop they never did anything to u guys

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    You guys lost a hole bunch of subscriber's

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  • audrina aguilar
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    Hi Catherine and Austin it would make me the happiest person in the world if u liked my comment u guys are amazing and I love u😊❤

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    Sharon Chavelas Pred 18 urami

    What does this mean?...❤️

  • Yesenia Arteaga
    Yesenia Arteaga Pred 18 urami

    I’m new to ur channel and I love all of u guys

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    That’s on my birthday best birthday present everrrr

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    When are y’all coming back

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    I can’t wait 😊 !!!!!!

  • Alexis Mahaffey
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    Ok people listen up they have had a hard life yes there rich and famous I get that the thing that i dont get is why you nasty people keep giving them nasty comments so oh will wait and you will see how hard there life is a relate it to yours stop acting like total b***hs an step in and be apart of the ace family if your subscribed and sending those comments th unsubscrib NOW😠😠

  • Beauty Slime
    Beauty Slime Pred 19 urami

    Ace family if you wanna quit SLclip we would all be sad but if it’s best for your family and safety then you can do it

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    Pist moooorrreee

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  • evelyn is rad
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    I don’t understand why people are obsessed with these people. if you want to know the truth look at drama channels videos about these people! THEY ARE ALL TRUE! THIS FAMILY DOESN’T DESERVE THIS MANY SUBSCRIBERS! UNSUBSCRIBE! YOU GUYS NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!

    LEAH DEHERRERA Pred 19 urami +1


  • isabella Rodriguez
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    Hey ace family❤️ Hopefully Catherine or Austin will notice this but I sent y’all a nice paragraph on Snapchat if y’all would like to read it❤️love y’all
    My snap is Izzywizzy9026 if y’all would like to read it

  • ᎠαnᎥkαツ
    ᎠαnᎥkαツ Pred 19 urami

    Did they release the documentary just on the app or is it going on SLclip as well

  • Cassie Gabinete
    Cassie Gabinete Pred 19 urami

    Catherine plsssss do a video on your workout routine!!

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez Pred 19 urami

    They sake

  • Maliya P-Louis
    Maliya P-Louis Pred 19 urami

    OK they made a mistake they are human just like us we make mistakes soo for all the people say oh yall is FAKE YOUR NOT PERFECT Either not saying they are but ur not EITHER we all make mistakes and lie sometimes

  • ANA'S fun Channel
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    I am about to cry

  • Melina Jadan
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    Bruh if we have to pay for the documentary I’m a die

  • Aeryn Hall
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    Knock knock
    Whos there
    Not The ACE Family
    Not The ACE Family who

  • Monique Thompson
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    I love you guys so much and I wish I could get a shout at 🤪

  • Jocelyn Rocha
    Jocelyn Rocha Pred 19 urami

    IGHT so what "FANS" trying to be fake now? Oh sorry im wrong there were ace family haters long time ago so stop her haters because the ace famiy did nothing wrong W.R.O.N.G wrong because there are people with feelings just like you so dont be a hater now,beacuse that is messed up they did nothing wrong ALL people make wrong choices EVERYONE ONE is NOT PERFECT they are people they even talked about it in one of there videos, they fell unsafe smh they even felt unsafe TO GO IN THERE BACKYAR you here that there BACKYAR even just to take out the trash. Wtf sorry for my laungage but come on people grow up because they are people they work to edit do you work for edit video! Huh!!! Because they are just people. If you are a true fan then give them space they are people look.Austin,Catherine,Elle and alaïa are someone's daughter/son,someomes father/mother,friend,aunt/uncle,cousen yeah and there are way more to name because they are family ,they are people so now HATERS the exst is over there my the"x" and go or else i will kick you out because wtf this is not good they are people with feeling if you are a good person watch there videos and say nice things not mean things because this not good people,people grow up because grow up like NOW. *sorry for my spelling* and just now ace family im her for you guys and you guys have an ARMY OF ACE FAMILY PEOPLE,and there growing each sec any ways love you guys and i hope the HATERS GO AND THE TRUE FANS STAY. Love your videos and keep it going.Yet again sorry for my spelling and my laungage but just had to hope the people understand and dont hate on me.❤❤❤❤

  • Kong Taufetee
    Kong Taufetee Pred 19 urami

    Dont change guys i love u just the way you are no please ws love you 2019 is changing ur life no hate i love im a girl on my brothers account and i hope you guys have the best life of your lives love you

  • lakeyshia dunnican
    lakeyshia dunnican Pred 19 urami

    To be honest and don’t put hate on me but.....I think they are trap. It said in the trailer that it’s pressure on them and I feel bad

  • Edilson Mares
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    I rather be spit on

  • Pixel Art girl
    Pixel Art girl Pred 20 urami

    When will u be back

  • Csquad Official
    Csquad Official Pred 20 urami

    *I really hate how fans can turn on them fast just for * ONE DAM MISTAKE*acting like u don’t do mistakes *so ya perfect ha?! u don’t do mistakes y’all are SO DAM PERFECT THAT YA NEED TO HATE ON THE ACE FAMILY HUH it’s just dam stupid the real fans of them would’ve understood that they made a mistake about it *ya just fake* that’s sad*

  • trexcreatedthemanniquinchallenge hahaha

    I blame TRUMP!

  • daya Morales
    daya Morales Pred 20 urami

    Oww are you going to quit youtube??????

  • Ariel paredes
    Ariel paredes Pred 20 urami +1

    I cant wait for them to post

  • lulbaby yayaaa
    lulbaby yayaaa Pred 20 urami

    ALRIGHT, I AM DONE .. all of yall need to STFU, first of all yall steady making assumptions about a family that you think you know but you don't. like shut up, first of all, do you personally know who Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom are. NO. so stop making so many assumptions, all yall have are "facts" from the internet. yall don't know the truth. now I'm not saying I do, but you guys don't live with them, you guys aren't around them, sit down and listen to what they have to say. you guys say that they have changed but honestly, they just got FAMOUS, that's it, they have more money, THAT'S IT. so stop making assumptions, they are human, they have feelings/

  • Maria Delcarmenpadillarobles

    Smh 😒

  • Haida Perez
    Haida Perez Pred 20 urami

    1:01 “your lucky I don’t beat your ass “ he sounds like a white man😂😂

  • Prajaktha Pra
    Prajaktha Pra Pred 20 urami

    Hey guys! Only 3 days left for the documentry ..
    I'm excited 😀

  • Zoey Cake
    Zoey Cake Pred 20 urami

    Stop saying the change is bad they get it but ya’ll need to get them privacy because they are not only ytbers but a family with a life!!! Not trying to start things but they are doing this for the right reasons and y’all need to see that.....

  • Daisy’s Life
    Daisy’s Life Pred 20 urami +1

    Why does this look like a horror film?

  • Ady Arreola
    Ady Arreola Pred 20 urami

    I think they are copying Bhad Bhabie because she has a show on Snapchat called "Bringing up Bhabie" And it's where she explains what happens in her rap career and the things she goes through

  • Emily Olvera
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  • Crystal H
    Crystal H Pred 20 urami

    Time to address the lollipop, the money hungry tactics, and every other shady weird shit you guys have done.

  • Sky Whales
    Sky Whales Pred 20 urami

    ?Oh? I’m a little sad but if it’s for safety form ok that’s ok with me love you so so much have a great day

  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez Pred 20 urami

    Have anybody seen the video of them on what they really are alike the channel is spill check them out they recently did a video about them yesterday

  • Alyssa Muniz
    Alyssa Muniz Pred 21 uro

    i miss yall 😪🤧😭😭💞

  • Autumn's Roblox
    Autumn's Roblox Pred 21 uro

    I have been her since 200k and this caught me offgaurd from them

    BRYANT BREANNA Pred 21 uro


  • Liv
    Liv Pred 21 uro

    Guys stop hating I understand why you guys- well I don't but still stop hating if you unsubscribe there youtube channel why you even here if you don't like there content or what ever! Leave there youtube channel your wasting your Time Here just stop!

  • James Oxford
    James Oxford Pred 21 uro

    question do you ride ATVs or dirt bikes, and may i say you should do a cook off Austin vs Catherine, see who brings the A games to the table.

  • 5683Jezzi
    5683Jezzi Pred 21 uro

    1:05 1:05

  • 5683Jezzi
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  • Wiremu Cooper
    Wiremu Cooper Pred 21 uro

    This is quite scary😰😱

  • Kennedy Carter
    Kennedy Carter Pred 21 uro

    Do you have a do you have a a musically a musically name is that you sing hey Kennedy Carter

  • patandcri
    patandcri Pred 21 uro

    Katherine is wearing no socks in her shoes

  • Ana Trejo
    Ana Trejo Pred 21 uro

    Please do more videos for your fans

  • Mirielle/ happythewolf

    Im so sorry ace family

  • Callie Alcorn
    Callie Alcorn Pred 21 uro

    Leave the ace family alone!! Thy are amazing and if you dont like them then leave just go stop watching they're stuff

  • Ashleye Hb
    Ashleye Hb Pred 21 uro

    Hey, Austin, Catherine if your reading this y’all are really inspiring we the ace family understand that you guys are having a break. ❤️

  • Val C.
    Val C. Pred 21 uro

    I don’t want you guys to quit😢😓😭💘

  • Sor_Mak
    Sor_Mak Pred 22 urami

    I don’t understand where they’re going with this. This has to be the most dramatic documentary created.
    Let me this straight, they’re trying to show what happens behind the scenes that the public aren’t supposedly aware of. Everyone knows that “famous” people go through circumstances and events due to the fame that is gained. It’s the idea of how you handle that fame once it is given to you.
    The question to ask is, IF THERE are other events happening behind the “camera” that are affecting them, why would you continuously post videos on youtube. Why would you post on Snapchat, instagram, Twitter, and all over social media in general. There are individuals coming to the house unexpected, you aren’t safe anymore, a robbery happen for fuck sakes and instead, there is a continuous post of videos diverting away from this. I don’t understand the logic behind this.

  • brianna guaman
    brianna guaman Pred 22 urami

    The 23 is when it’s my birthday

  • Kaylee Foster
    Kaylee Foster Pred 22 urami

    OMGGGGG COME ON. Also calling Shane

  • Jade East
    Jade East Pred 22 urami +2

    Stealing peoples ideas, scamming people, doing gross things with children.... hmmm get over yourselves. This is dramatic for absolutely no reason.

  • Janai Ivey
    Janai Ivey Pred 22 urami

    Wat Do this mean I am About to Stay HOME EACH DAY AND JUST WAIT TO SEE

    Like to agree :)

  • Bilqees N
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  • Anonymous Fun
    Anonymous Fun Pred 22 urami

    Im exited

  • C.a.i.y m
    C.a.i.y m Pred 22 urami

    Totally irritated that I had to click on the vid so I could pause it so I could comment 😂
    I am still SHOCKED that their PR people or their publicist or managers hasn’t released a “response” or told them to apologize because people are more likely to give a second chance to a celebrity if the apologize. And I was totally shocked to see Austin for a second in Kylie’s insta story when she was showing everyone stormi’s b-day. You could see and hear him when Kylie was showing the “cloud room” with pics of stormi on the walls. I know that they know her and she did their gender reveal but DAMN! their are SO many sketchy things y’all have done , It would take me a few days of writing all of them down 24 hours straight! 😂

  • Courtney Wilson
    Courtney Wilson Pred 22 urami

    Ohhhh sister scandal 🤗😱😱😱

  • Wisdom Pangman
    Wisdom Pangman Pred 22 urami

    No offence but it is kinda stupid that they are doing a documentary about their life because they have to understand that people have it harder then them I love them so much

  • connor soltowski
    connor soltowski Pred 22 urami

    I can't wait tiill That comes out:)!!!! And when are you going to post another youtube veido?!!!?!?!?!

  • Sara's Life
    Sara's Life Pred 22 urami

    Y'all shut up and stop hating if u got something Negative to say keep it to yourself and their gonna Explain everything on the Documentary so Chill down people

  • hae
    hae Pred 23 urami +4

    No shade but why are you guys trying so hard to victimize yourselves? That’s the last thing we want to see...... Instead of trying to make it seem like you have an extremely hard life, why don’t you just show appreciation for what you do have? Catherine, “sometimes people forget I have children and I haven’t slept in months”, but you post on Snapchat of your meals that are cooked for you by a chef..... and you guys have the luxury of spending every second of everyday with your children. Be grateful for it. And we aren’t going to feel sorry for you until you address situations that need addressed. So sad that we got you to this place and this is how you repay us......

  • Amanda Diaz
    Amanda Diaz Pred 23 urami

    i hope to all the people that rayed to go to here house are happy

  • Adalyn Edinburgh
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  • Sofia Montserrat Garcia Guerra

    Calling Shane Dawson*****

  • Sandy Gonzalez
    Sandy Gonzalez Pred 23 urami

    Ace Family, we miss you. Can't wait for your come back.


  • bryson Cain
    bryson Cain Pred 23 urami

    But everyone's the same get some money in there pocket and there a changed person shoot if I made the money you guys !ake I honestly would have became a worst person as well and Catherine is so so sweet I can't see why she would do that to her fans austin about his paper but Catherine seems so sweet and genuine :( sux

  • Faith Cookies
    Faith Cookies Pred 23 urami

    I can’t wait

  • bryson Cain
    bryson Cain Pred 23 urami

    U guys made millions I was a hardcore fan I don't mind Austin buying that lollypop who cares people geez... I'm just upset about the fake vids and your excuses.. if you really cared about your subscribers u would fix the prob not quit SLclip u have so many people pissed about them paying for a subscription and getting screwed out of money while you guys are soo busy painting your cars I used to love u guys before u blew up then it's all about !one for you folks... But still love u guys God bless you and think about the people u effected and return or make it up to em somehow.. its not too difficult but like I said God bless u and your kids I still wish u guys well

  • Sitlaly Zirate
    Sitlaly Zirate Pred 23 urami

    Not trying to be offensive to anyone but Austin does have the right to get mad 😡 at the man 1. He could done something bad, 2. He could have hurt The Ace Fam, 3. He’s breaking into their house 🏡

  • Diana Reyes
    Diana Reyes Pred 23 urami

    is it just me or is it like shane Dawson's conspiracy theories

  • dance ST
    dance ST Pred 23 urami

    Oh wow! It’s coming out on my birthday, well I have something to watch if I’m bored

  • Hi I bims Nädia
    Hi I bims Nädia Pred 23 urami

    We miss you♥️☹️🥺

  • Amanda Diaz
    Amanda Diaz Pred 23 urami

    Omg i am so so so so sad i mean you guys are my life when i am sad happy mad ect and you gys really helped me to grown and i am so sad i hope to to see you guys soon

  • Shiloh Williams
    Shiloh Williams Pred 23 urami

    I like it how they ended it

  • Belen Macareno
    Belen Macareno Pred 23 urami

    im so sorry What is happening😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Adrianna DiNatale
    Adrianna DiNatale Pred 23 urami

    .... 2 weeks they haven’t posted, bruh

  • Sophie Lazarus
    Sophie Lazarus Pred 23 urami +1

    OMG I literally just realised you had opened my snap 48 weeks ago and it was just a useless snap saying recent 😭😭 I love you soooo much I have been with you since 2 million (before the engagement) and I have loved seeing you grow as a family and as a community keep up the great work can't wait for the documentary I love you and I always will and I have shared you guys with so many of my friends and now they are all supporters and are in the Ace Family. Unfortunately I have not been able to get any Ace Family Merch as I can't afford it but keep up the good work all of the designs are amazing and I've heard great things about the quality. Best wishes from England I love youuuuuu xxx
    My snap is: sophielaz8804
    Insta: _soph.l_

  • Caterina Hood-Daniel
    Caterina Hood-Daniel Pred 23 urami