Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

Skupna raba
  • Objavljeno 9. feb. 2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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  • EM Prodüksiyon
    EM Prodüksiyon Pred dnevom

    that's a little bit scary tho

  • Football Remix
    Football Remix Pred dnevom

    U just made out my year 😍

  • ArchMageX8
    ArchMageX8 Pred dnevom

    This shit is the coolest!!

  • Kennedy Thompson
    Kennedy Thompson Pred dnevom

    This is why SLclip can be considered a real job so refreshing all you tubers should live up to this standard of quality content 🥰

  • Zachary Maragelis
    Zachary Maragelis Pred dnevom

    The sims

  • Amber Allen
    Amber Allen Pred dnevom

    😅 awesome. Don't destroy this one like the last one.

  • R3andMe
    R3andMe Pred dnevom

    Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of Arthur?

  • R3andMe
    R3andMe Pred dnevom

    Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of Arthur?

  • R3andMe
    R3andMe Pred dnevom

    Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of Arthur?

  • R3andMe
    R3andMe Pred dnevom

    Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of Arthur?

  • Amber Allen
    Amber Allen Pred dnevom

    1:42 I love the intro! It's cool

  • diamondwave
    diamondwave Pred dnevom

    9:53 im just marking my place in the video

  • Lulala Hsu
    Lulala Hsu Pred dnevom

    This is still my FAVORITE channel!
    Your group are amazing, I love it!

  • JustOneHookAway
    JustOneHookAway Pred dnevom

    Ur "TEEHEE" made no sense

  • Tanya Rodriguez
    Tanya Rodriguez Pred dnevom

    this was very satisfying.

  • Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo

    Where'd you get that rope from though?- 👀

  • J- 7
    J- 7 Pred dnevom

    Minecraft but in real life

  • Calafdoon Tube
    Calafdoon Tube Pred dnevom

    so nice and wonderful
    what at attractive building

  • Angie Chung
    Angie Chung Pred dnevom

    And Ryan was worried we won’t like his new videos 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Pred dnevom

    Best Asmr video.

  • Zoe Otaku
    Zoe Otaku Pred dnevom

    my imagination was limited to an igloo and this amazed me. i wanna see this survival skill in the hunger games

  • Nkansah Rexford
    Nkansah Rexford Pred dnevom

    Trailer for Frozen 2

  • Aleto. Kin.
    Aleto. Kin. Pred dnevom

    This was hilarious felt like watching Charlie Chaplin

  • KelseySV
    KelseySV Pred dnevom


  • Armaan Momin
    Armaan Momin Pred dnevom

    you guys looked like Charlie Chaplins xD

  • Jian Hau Nicholas Tan
    Jian Hau Nicholas Tan Pred dnevom +1

    How they gonna chop down the trees without any tools?

  • black eyed taro
    black eyed taro Pred dnevom


  • liter
    liter Pred dnevom

    It's glorious.

  • Gamer 28
    Gamer 28 Pred dnevom


  • Infinityplay Z
    Infinityplay Z Pred dnevom


  • Ishan Raj
    Ishan Raj Pred dnevom

    I watched 8 min of no talking but I still had fun somehow

  • Muhamad Arkam
    Muhamad Arkam Pred dnevom

    Wait, it says "TRIES?" i thought it was Tseries when i first saw the title :v

  • Fearless Potato77
    Fearless Potato77 Pred dnevom

    Dear Ryan,
    How do you say your channel’s name

  • lapan gomok
    lapan gomok Pred dnevom

    Patutla dah lama tak nampak Wak Doyok kat tv rupanya dia dah jadi SLclipr

  • Hasan Abir
    Hasan Abir Pred dnevom


  • mychubbycheekerz
    mychubbycheekerz Pred dnevom

    Holy shit is Nigahiga channel actually dying?!?!? SUBSCRIBE TO NIGAHIGA

  • Ian Ho
    Ian Ho Pred dnevom

    i love everything about this video hahaah

  • Star Music lover
    Star Music lover Pred dnevom

    Petition to help Ryan Higa overcome T-series in subscribers

  • Lil Mochii
    Lil Mochii Pred dnevom

    This is legit asmr 😂😂

  • MonMashups
    MonMashups Pred dnevom

    How many of you actually thought it'd turn out like Dude Vs Wild just by reading the title?

  • MonMashups
    MonMashups Pred dnevom

    Finest ASMR video ever!

  • Christian Richard
    Christian Richard Pred dnevom

    9:20. I don't know u can built fire like that. 😂 lol

  • Kianleng Plumbing
    Kianleng Plumbing Pred dnevom

    Dear ryan, can u do ryan toy review?

  • Angsty Jughead
    Angsty Jughead Pred dnevom

    The tapping sound gives me goosebumps

  • Flicker FX
    Flicker FX Pred dnevom

    I am amazed

  • Xtreme Excite
    Xtreme Excite Pred dnevom

    9:18 I died laughing
    And 9:48 too

  • Xtreme Excite
    Xtreme Excite Pred dnevom

    Who thinks Ryan should be #1 youtuber

  • Yato Kami Sama
    Yato Kami Sama Pred dnevom +1

    Pingu in real life

  • soumikspath
    soumikspath Pred dnevom

    got tired jst watching it

  • Smiling with Jhanine
    Smiling with Jhanine Pred dnevom


  • Madbanana //M.B.
    Madbanana //M.B. Pred dnevom

    Rust in a nutshell

    NILESH JHA Pred dnevom

    great content .... love to watch more of ryan tries

  • Sonia Louise Teh
    Sonia Louise Teh Pred dnevom

    This was more like a satisfying ASMR video.. More Ryan Tries 🙌🙌

  • SereneC
    SereneC Pred dnevom

    lmaoooooo omggggggggg i almost died laughing. good job ryan!

  • Paradox of the Tea Party

    2:44 is the fall real or scripted becuase its so funny😂😂

  • Wolf Net Rexter
    Wolf Net Rexter Pred dnevom


    TURTLEDUCK Pred dnevom

    ALSO AT 8:03

  • Duck Obsessed Human
    Duck Obsessed Human Pred dnevom

    Please tell me this won’t melt...

    TURTLEDUCK Pred dnevom

    he uses strig at 3:35

    TURTLEDUCK Pred dnevom

    whered they get the string?

  • Banz
    Banz Pred dnevom


  • A Wu
    A Wu Pred dnevom

    This is actually so amazing oh my god

  • Awesome
    Awesome Pred dnevom +1

    In 3 days Ryan and Greg can build an EPIC snow fort, while in 3 days my 5 friends and I can barely even make a perimeter for our fort.

  • Ethan Villa
    Ethan Villa Pred dnevom

    What happened to the old Ryan ? I miss him. Like if u agree. It is also my b-day

  • Aquatic Plays
    Aquatic Plays Pred dnevom

    I appreciate ur help. My parents are planning to disown me and send me off to Antartica

  • SK SleepingKnight
    SK SleepingKnight Pred dnevom

    Why is it so hard for homeless people to do this

  • Arlo Van Der Velden
    Arlo Van Der Velden Pred dnevom

    That part when they were crashing into the wall 😂🤣

  • Dark and light
    Dark and light Pred dnevom +2

    This legend didn’t put a ad at the 10 min mark... what a legend

  • MAVL Man
    MAVL Man Pred dnevom

    Meanwhile in Canada

  • TIGER nation
    TIGER nation Pred dnevom


  • Angelo Delgado
    Angelo Delgado Pred dnevom

    Perfect I could live there

  • Rain berry
    Rain berry Pred dnevom

    Is this like the try guys but better

  • Ajay Poling
    Ajay Poling Pred dnevom +1

    5:58 the cleaning robot from WALL-E

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Pred dnevom

    the is very epix

    KING BLAZE Pred dnevom

    Am fucking dead I thought they were starting the build but they where just setting up the camera lmfao

  • Eman Abe
    Eman Abe Pred dnevom +1

    3:05 the holding hands part😂

  • kraccin
    kraccin Pred dnevom

    More like a asmr video

  • A.M. G
    A.M. G Pred dnevom

    If they recorded the tripod being built who recorded that?

  • Hugo Vaarend
    Hugo Vaarend Pred dnevom

    even the asmr freaks will surely like this video

  • Neha Animal
    Neha Animal Pred 2 dnevi +1

    5:40 *marley has joined the chat*

  • Some One
    Some One Pred 2 dnevi

    I wonder how many different snow camera stands they had to build

  • Oldcontroller
    Oldcontroller Pred 2 dnevi +2

    I just love Ryan,s videos because there so entertaining and there funny thank you Ryan

  • Dess Lynn
    Dess Lynn Pred 2 dnevi

    The King of Oddly Satisfying Things 👐🔱

  • Fun minute coach
    Fun minute coach Pred 2 dnevi

    Great work dude! I would love to see mor Ryan try’s!

  • Sophie Faulkner
    Sophie Faulkner Pred 2 dnevi +2

    This was actually incredible

  • Hashtag_kewl Le
    Hashtag_kewl Le Pred 2 dnevi


  • Match Stick
    Match Stick Pred 2 dnevi

    Is this Minecraft?

  • occypolojee
    occypolojee Pred 2 dnevi

    Btw where did you get that rope?

  • Youth - Gaming
    Youth - Gaming Pred 2 dnevi +5

    no snow was harmed in the making of this video.

  • Shinobie _MAtt
    Shinobie _MAtt Pred 2 dnevi

    Minecraft in real life

  • non
    non Pred 2 dnevi

    when Greg fell down at 2:44 LMFAO

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra Pred 2 dnevi

    This was really good but i am having a hard time believing you did all this alone

  • Chiri Alusia
    Chiri Alusia Pred 2 dnevi

    That is amazing :O

  • Kevin Dang
    Kevin Dang Pred 2 dnevi

    I really want to do this

  • FAZE_Lacster
    FAZE_Lacster Pred 2 dnevi

    That basket is smart

  • Jay Morrison
    Jay Morrison Pred 2 dnevi

    Is it just me that wants to see them do this again but actually in the jungle?

  • bebopen
    bebopen Pred 2 dnevi

    Lovely ASMR

  • Lee Li
    Lee Li Pred 2 dnevi

    later it gets rekted by 5 year old kids

  • Anottooshabbydoodle
    Anottooshabbydoodle Pred 2 dnevi

    No trees were hurt while filming this video.

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