Luka Doncic Triple-Double 2019.04.09 Mavs vs Suns - 21-16-11 Asts! | FreeDawkins

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  • Objavljeno 10. apr. 2019
  • April 9, 2019 | Luka Doncic Triple-Double 2019.04.09 Mavs vs Suns - 21 Pts, 16 Rebs, 11 Asts! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Komentarjev • 400

  • Hilda Ramones
    Hilda Ramones Pred 3 dnevi

    Its funny game yaa

  • Netko Poseban
    Netko Poseban Pred 5 dnevi


  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel Nguyen Pred 5 dnevi +1

    If Luka doesn't win ROTY, you know somethings up in the league.

  • awesomemike -
    awesomemike - Pred 6 dnevi

    What is the song at 0:01

  • james83925
    james83925 Pred 7 dnevi

    Aren't the Suns the worst team in the West? Yeah, I checked, they are the only Team in the West with a worse record than Luka the Loser's Mavs. I bet Donic could not get a triple double against a good college team. You B-ball morons need to to quit going hyperbolic.

  • Ante Mercep
    Ante Mercep Pred 7 dnevi

    Luka is fantastic player and future super star, had great night with triple double but still I will miss Dirk. He was big part of my basketball life as I struggle to make it in Europe bb. He was inspiration and role model. Thank you Dirk

  • Ale Mercado
    Ale Mercado Pred 7 dnevi

    Its gonna be great see him play in the playoffs with the Mavs... Oh... wait...!!!

  • Beškovnik Nuša
    Beškovnik Nuša Pred 7 dnevi


  • Isaac Ruatpuia
    Isaac Ruatpuia Pred 7 dnevi

    Trae been balling only from the 2nd half of the season and you think that Luka would not get the Roty.. Fuck that, don't even compare them anymore 😹

    theSUBVERSIVE Pred 8 dnevi

    not cool bro, should have let Dirk shoot, the game was over already, so clueless... hahahaha...

  • Home Sol
    Home Sol Pred 8 dnevi

    better stats than lebron on his rookie year in points, rebounds and assists with 7 minutes less per game played...wowww

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Home Sol 24/9/7 per 36m baby

  • Alexander Cinco
    Alexander Cinco Pred 8 dnevi

    Goodbye legend Dirk

  • darichism
    darichism Pred 8 dnevi

    Dallas is a real promising team.

  • Emmanuel John Laurence Dichosa


  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman Pred 8 dnevi +1


  • cathrina dalida
    cathrina dalida Pred 8 dnevi


  • WatchItAll yt
    WatchItAll yt Pred 8 dnevi

    Come on ROTY!

  • MKB1L
    MKB1L Pred 8 dnevi

    Dude is nice but he mad corny with all that smiling

  • BootyHole Sniffer
    BootyHole Sniffer Pred 8 dnevi

    He’s gonna have the ball a lot more with dirk gone

  • ajnewi
    ajnewi Pred 8 dnevi

    Those Dirk high post moves will never get old. What a career.

  • Ben Zun
    Ben Zun Pred 8 dnevi

    Dirk and Luka seem like such cool guys. But who know I never met them

  • Timmy D
    Timmy D Pred 8 dnevi +2


  • nigga i aint gay
    nigga i aint gay Pred 8 dnevi +1

    wow devin harris still plays for the mavs too crazy

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi +4

    To think Dirk has not one but two great Dirk like successors in KP and Luka...especially KP is closer to Dirk since his Dirk like height and soft touch for a big guy. Wowza
    KP will score 40 every game and Luka will add his 30 or vice versa all season long. If all goes well and KP's knee stays healthy. And they also have great and solid teammates.

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Pred 8 dnevi +2

    Could you imagine thinking anyone but this kid deserves a vote for rookie of the year..

  • Andrew Clannachan
    Andrew Clannachan Pred 8 dnevi +6

    Most teams stop playing hard in the second half of the season due to tanking or cause they missed the playoffs. The start of the season everyone plays hard. Luka has had massive moments against nba superstars.
    I mean you remember that time tre scored the last 11 points against the rockets to win the game and put Clint on skates before hitting the game winner. Oh yeah and that time he faked kyrie so hard he jumped for the block and tre went under him before he hit the three. Yeah and that time he made Paul George fall when he crossed him up so badl before scoring. Oh and that time tre blocked Lebron twice in a row. Oh wait tre did none of that cause it was all Luka.
    Luka is the better player and has clearly been told to slow down so they can try and tank for Zion or another top 5 pick. Tre has improved but Luka is the better player by a wide gap and will become so much more due to his size and intelligence. He has the moments that make you special that numbers can’t cover. I wish the best for tre but to say it’s close is a joke.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      You said it. That three against Kyrie was a beautiful move. They don't need another All-star on the team though (Zion...which they won't get anyway), because that means the team will be to stuffed with All-stars who will all want the ball and the game of one will suffer. Lebron, Wade and Bosh; Westbrook, Durant and Harden; Curry, Durant and of the three always has to sacrifice more to the other two. So, KP and Luka are enough. All they need now is a solid supporting cast, which they all-ready mostly have.

  • rjDeepVidsmavericks
    rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred 8 dnevi

    Man I feel bad for luka so much black haters for him

  • Juan Cruz Rodriguez
    Juan Cruz Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi


  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose Pred 8 dnevi +2

    Anyone else notice the better quality in this video?

  • 7tachyon
    7tachyon Pred 8 dnevi

    Good bye Dirk, welcome Luka.....

  • MrKpopSucks
    MrKpopSucks Pred 8 dnevi +3

    hope dirk gets to witness luka and porzingis lead the mavs to a 2nd nba champs title!!

  • David Robles
    David Robles Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Best Rookie since Tacko Fall

  • Raymond Acevedo
    Raymond Acevedo Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Man, Dirks shot is so nice

  • Shock
    Shock Pred 8 dnevi

    Luka a good talent and should probably win ROTY. But chill out with these future superstar or future best player in the world lmfaooo

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi

      Shock *great talent *should win roty *very likely a future superstar (if healthy). Almost 24/9/7 per 36m as a rookie

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Pred 8 dnevi +10

    Suns really doubling dirk in his last home game lol

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi +5

      yeah...they went full retard.

  • Jacob Tyler
    Jacob Tyler Pred 8 dnevi +1

    4:55 4:59 Luka pissed at Mikal Bridges for doubling up on Dirk, watch him throw his arms twice in the air at the guy. Gotta love Luka, then yells at Brunson 4:57 to pass to Dirk, selfish ass ball players, so ghetto, NBA should start picking European players more..........LUKA THEN goes down and chases the ball that Dirk tosses. Luka has great presence of mind, a huge heart and 8 CAREER TRIPLE DOUBLES. Luka just made the ROTY unanimous and locked out Trae.

  • Jacob Tyler
    Jacob Tyler Pred 8 dnevi

    Proof that the NBA is one of the best sports to help with the racism bullshit that's going on these days. Everyone loves Dirk.

  • PlotMixtapes
    PlotMixtapes Pred 8 dnevi +3

    Luka improves alot this season
    He's faster more shifty and athletic

  • NBA players highlights
    NBA players highlights Pred 8 dnevi

    Good game from the ROTY

  • Tadej Sster
    Tadej Sster Pred 8 dnevi

    With such ease

  • Jacob Seligman
    Jacob Seligman Pred 8 dnevi

    Nowitzki ❤️

  • Vender Más y Mejor/Sell More and Better

    Bye Dirk, welcome Doncic. It was the Dirk night, but Doncic got to shine again

  • Nebojsa Tomic
    Nebojsa Tomic Pred 9 dnevi

    Toooo Srbineee 😊

    • photosshop
      photosshop Pred 7 dnevi

      +Nebojsa Tomic
      You copied heritage from Turks (Muslims). At real Slavs like at Jews, mother is more important for heritage.
      Say hello to to your She-He prime minister! 🤣

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      Ej Srbi in Slovenci ne se kregat no. Luka ma vas rad.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      +Tom Smith A misliš, da je pri nas kaj drugače? Vsi smo na istem.

    • Nebojsa Tomic
      Nebojsa Tomic Pred 8 dnevi

      +hejasou mnogo kenjaš bato aj idi jebi neku kozu ako će ti biti lakše 😁

    • hejasou
      hejasou Pred 8 dnevi

      +Nebojsa Tomic z eu mislim civilizaciju

  • rjDeepVidsmavericks
    rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred 9 dnevi

    Im telling u guys trae young will try to stat pad to get a triple double

    • Joe Stuehmer
      Joe Stuehmer Pred 7 dnevi

      Stan you clearly don't know what your talking about if the Hawks were so good then how come Trae got doubled/trapped most games especially when the season first started when Collins was out?? His team isn't that good it's just the way he sets the players up with his playmaking that makes them look better look at Collins he went from averaging 10 ppg last season to 20 now due to all the easy feeds he gets off Trae's assists... Sexton is great but Trae clearly is the much better natural pg he averages 8 assists while Sexton averages below 3 assists

    • rjDeepVidsmavericks
      rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred 8 dnevi

      Stan Danshout facts!!👍

    • Stan Danshout
      Stan Danshout Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Joe Stuehmer agreed. TY has been a solid player all season with the expected bumps in the road for a young rookie. It is not valuable to use averages to validate a player, since every team is diff. Young happens to be surrounded by good young talent which benefits his assists, and gives him a more wide open court to operate the offense and allows him score more easily. He also has been shooting quite a bit throughout the season, since that is his game.
      Sexton has been the best performing rookie in the east over the last 6 weeks, but there is no chatter at all about him due to who he plays for - he does not have the chance to drive assists based on his environment. Bagley has been extremely impressive, but is surrounded by great players - he does not get the same opportunities to elevate his stats. Doncic is doing it by himself, with mostly bench players and no scorers or playmakers around him. Ayton has been strong all season, but is not a guard and has a potential MVP scorer as a teammate driving all of the offense.
      An argument could be made that TY is the 3rd to 5th best rookie in the class based on all of the above, but everyone is obsessed with ppg which is only a by-product of their individual situation. It is not a good indicator to measure how good of a complete and all around player one may be vs. another.

    • rjDeepVidsmavericks
      rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred 8 dnevi

      +Joe Stuehmer u can in two months u dumshit trae had a lot of 30 point games so it got him to 19 points

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Pred 9 dnevi +3

    dang i didnt even know that luka dropped a triple double this was really dirks night

  • ???? ????
    ???? ???? Pred 9 dnevi +24

    How often is it a teams franchise player retires only to have 2 superstars on the roster under 25 to take over? Dallas is really lucky

    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon Pred 8 dnevi +1

      J R tell me 15 better players

    • J R
      J R Pred 8 dnevi

      The Chameleon lol luka top 15?? U a funny dude.. and u said kp a top 5😂😂😂. I’m done talking basketball with u ✌🏼

    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon Pred 8 dnevi +1

      J R Luka is already top 15 and KP is top 5 and before his first injury he was the co front runner for MVP and in the 5th seed!

    • J R
      J R Pred 8 dnevi

      Zoran Milosevic it’s not about that.. the fact iSight now y’all overhyping tf outa them.. how tf is Luka already a superstar he not even top 25

    • Zoran Milosevic
      Zoran Milosevic Pred 8 dnevi +3

      I hope you are going to read your comments in 2-3 years! PLZ do it!!! PLZ!! +J R

  • acorn sucks
    acorn sucks Pred 9 dnevi

    capital one sucks!

  • MasteredTheUniverse
    MasteredTheUniverse Pred 9 dnevi +9

    I know this is a weird stat. But Luka is 2nd in made step back 3’s...only to Harden lol. It really is scary how polished that shot is at his age.
    Also I think once he develops left hand finishing he will be unstoppable when he’s driving to the bucket. He knows how to throw his body around and protect the ball very well.

    Juan DEL CERRO CANO Pred 9 dnevi

    by far

  • Akron162
    Akron162 Pred 9 dnevi

    Man, i bet they give ROY to Trae Young just to be assholes.

  • Isak Pettersson
    Isak Pettersson Pred 9 dnevi +6

    It’s Luka’s team now

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      But KP will have a say in it also. Just look at his many highlights with New York, how many 30+ and 40+ games he had. Based on those highlights I think KP is even a better scorer than Luka, but as we all know Luka will develop and be even better next year.

  • Kun somsak
    Kun somsak Pred 9 dnevi +2


  • KDLofficial
    KDLofficial Pred 9 dnevi +4


  • Uros Bukovec
    Uros Bukovec Pred 9 dnevi +1

    COROTY - hes not american Gannis MVP. Europians stels basketbool throne

  • Uros Bukovec
    Uros Bukovec Pred 9 dnevi

    Luka = Jokič = triple double man

  • LaZona Sanse
    LaZona Sanse Pred 9 dnevi +1

    OMG, what type of Trae Young is this guy?

  • SolidWallsOfSound
    SolidWallsOfSound Pred 9 dnevi


    • Goran Gambiroža
      Goran Gambiroža Pred 8 dnevi

      +Timotej Prevec lol

    • Timotej Prevec
      Timotej Prevec Pred 8 dnevi +1

      +Goran Gambiroža mislim ce se mas ti za balkanca izvoli, js se definitivno nimam. So pa dejstva taksna kot sem jih gor napisal.

    • Goran Gambiroža
      Goran Gambiroža Pred 8 dnevi

      +Timotej Prevec lol . its balkan tho .

    • Andrea
      Andrea Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Dion Waiters no it's central europe between austria, italy, hungary and cro

    • Dion Waiters
      Dion Waiters Pred 8 dnevi

      +Timotej Prevec
      Dude Slovenia is a Balkan country

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Pred 9 dnevi


  • D-Man
    D-Man Pred 9 dnevi +2

    This game was all about Dirk

  • EXO 닿은 순간 OOH LA LA LA

    *I didn't expect Luka to play but he's got a triple-double.*

    PG 13PACERNATION Pred 9 dnevi +16

    Next season KP and Luka will kill it

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 5 dnevi

      +#1 SLclip Fan lol not really what does it matter if he's hurt dumbass

    • #1 YouTube Fan
      #1 YouTube Fan Pred 8 dnevi

      Raymond Thomas if KP had a luka doncic last year they probably would have been in the playoff race lol

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 8 dnevi

      +Moritz Sk i don't give a shit abou5 new York I'm a Mavericks fan

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk Pred 8 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomaswell they was when he played then he wasnt there for a few games and they went 0-11. How can you blame it on KP? And why are u hating cause he left new york?

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 8 dnevi

      +Moritz Sk you said they was in the playoffs hunt lol stop reaching man kp is not a leader Knicks found that out and always injured and what max dollars foh

  • jeihan hilmi
    jeihan hilmi Pred 9 dnevi +1

    luka > isaiah thomas

  • seosko gazdinstvo salas zabalj

    Hi is much creativ with ball i hand, /and in runinig with ball , and in start from pasive position. / thre points shot with 9mtr. IN future luka gives nba funs great game in show, like mj, kb, aa, tmc gr, vins and meny individual basketshowman. Strong muscle not is a first, strong brain.yeee!!!

  • Leo Mikuš
    Leo Mikuš Pred 9 dnevi +1

    What's the song played at the start of the video?

  • Aymeric Fanien
    Aymeric Fanien Pred 9 dnevi +8

    OMG they almost blew a 30 points lead -_-

    • Dana kaleb
      Dana kaleb Pred 8 dnevi

      Almost! Luckily for you they didn’t.

  • Damien D
    Damien D Pred 9 dnevi +1

    Why did they put up this first? Jamal crawford and dirk had better performances.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      Cuz they both on their way out, while Luka is the fresh prince of Dallas.

    • Damien D
      Damien D Pred 8 dnevi +1

      +MasteredTheUniverse Giannis is the new face of the NBA.

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 8 dnevi

      +MasteredTheUniverse Kevin Durant is lebron James is getting old now he is carrying the league

    • MasteredTheUniverse
      MasteredTheUniverse Pred 9 dnevi

      Because Luka is new the face of the NBA.

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 9 dnevi

      +Damien D i did

  • The GoatBam
    The GoatBam Pred 9 dnevi +20

    Luka magic triple double monster🐐

  • hsucduw
    hsucduw Pred 9 dnevi +6

    But but but Trae Young is ROY, GTFO with the bs Hawks fans

    • Victor Chavez
      Victor Chavez Pred 8 dnevi +4

      MrYounis26 made him compete and work hard? Luka has missed like 9-10 games since February. All the while Trae was playing every game trying hard as fuck to catch up lol

    • hsucduw
      hsucduw Pred 8 dnevi +4

      +MrYounis26 lol, no he didn't. The award was decided halfway through the year

    • MrYounis26
      MrYounis26 Pred 8 dnevi +1

      hsucduw Not it wasn't bs, Trae Young really did push Luka to his limits and made him compete and work hard for his ROTY title, also both had historic years and could have easily won roty in other years, so now people can't say Luka won it because competition was weak.

  • Sir Analysts
    Sir Analysts Pred 9 dnevi

    What is the nba today 😭

  • WhosHenryy
    WhosHenryy Pred 9 dnevi +29

    For a second I thought 4.21 was today’s date and I freaked out cuz I thought I missed 4.20

    • a b
      a b Pred 8 dnevi +1

      I know u wont miss ur weed bro

    • Dan Tien
      Dan Tien Pred 8 dnevi +1

      don't worry, there's 420am/pm everyday

  • PoyntFury
    PoyntFury Pred 9 dnevi +27

    Dirk officially announced his retirement this evening. We'll miss ya, big guy.

    • Fabian69
      Fabian69 Pred 9 dnevi +2

      Clearly comfortable with handing the keys to luka teams in good hands

  • Kuma
    Kuma Pred 9 dnevi +15

    Rookie of the Year

  • Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano

    Surpassed Magic in rookie season triple doubles now? I think he just did!

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 4 dnevi

      yeah beating that celtics team pistons magics and wizards so you don't know what you are talking about jason terry jason kidd shawn marion deshawn Stevenson peja stojakovic and etc.... its a team game nobody wins by themselves okay lebron took a sorry ass cavs team to the finals 07 didn't win but he made it there a lot of overseas fan think doncic have to same potential as him he has to take Mavericks to the finals year 3 enough said

    • Dreamdancer11
      Dreamdancer11 Pred 4 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas Lebron james never won the title without a help though....Dirk went to the western conference finals(which is way more difficult than the east anyway) and when he go there he beat a super team(wade,Lebron and bosch) by HIMSELF....he only had some veteran help about to retire.

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 4 dnevi

      +Dreamdancer11 lol you lost me lebron James just came from the east last year he did before joining the heats. People act like Miami heats were good they were a six seeded team before bosh and lebron came

    • Dreamdancer11
      Dreamdancer11 Pred 5 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas Lebron has his whole career to do what Dirk did....Take a team from the west alone to the finals against a superteam(which he was a part of by the way) and actually win it....not holding my breath though.....

  • kevi86
    kevi86 Pred 9 dnevi +10

    ROTY period!!

  • 7 101
    7 101 Pred 9 dnevi +296

    Funny how easily he gets triple doubles in his rookie year

    • fierceapes
      fierceapes Pred 7 dnevi

      Am I the only one that fears he might become a stat padder? (emphasis on "might," don't shoot me)

    • A A
      A A Pred 8 dnevi

      +pendulomod Yeah but their team is a real life cheat code lol

    • Timotej Prevec
      Timotej Prevec Pred 8 dnevi +6

      +pendulomod olympic games are boring. I'm talking euroleague and all what goes with it, from fans and everything. Euroleague players are trash compared to US and sometimes i get nervous when watching the game and they miss three consecutive three pointers. So i'm saying if americans would come to europe it would be awesome and they would be 10% better than they are in states because of crazy european fans, check them out..

    • pendulomod
      pendulomod Pred 9 dnevi +6

      +Timotej Prevec american players play by european rules in the World Cup and Olympic Games

  • Labiang Jonathan
    Labiang Jonathan Pred 9 dnevi +4

    this a pick up game or something

  • L LidPi
    L LidPi Pred 9 dnevi


  • Dana kaleb
    Dana kaleb Pred 9 dnevi +28

    Ah, seeing him playing joyfully without pressure made my day. Having fun Luka, aren’t you?

  • Chris Spertos
    Chris Spertos Pred 9 dnevi +3

    Doncic the next white hope for basketball. The truth is that European whites are better than American whites.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      JJ Reddick and Kevin Love, anyone else. Yeah, good American whites are a bit rare these days. But don't forget American whites have European ancestors. ;)

  • Vivid BattleRap
    Vivid BattleRap Pred 9 dnevi +56

    Ehhhh that double team on dirks last possession

    • Nick Pace
      Nick Pace Pred 7 dnevi

      +Ernest Frigelj It's not respect for a legend's last shot at home

    • Ernest Frigelj
      Ernest Frigelj Pred 8 dnevi +2

      +Super Mario I look at it as respect

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi +14

      That was a low IQ dumbass move.

  • Saharded Abdulkadir
    Saharded Abdulkadir Pred 9 dnevi +28

    Luka will surpass dirk as the greatest maverick of all time

    • J R
      J R Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Joe Stuehmer that’s what I’m saying luka is still unproven af and he is not a superstar yet but they saying some off the wall shxt

    • Andrew Goldin
      Andrew Goldin Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Raymond Thomas in their primes Larry Bird was considered better than Magic. Magic was not a scorer. Luka possesses the ability to run the offense and be the primary scorer, like Bird. I’m not going to say Luka is better than Magic or even having a better rookie year, triple doubles back then were less common. But this kid Luka is a really special talent. With porzingis the Mavs should definitely make the playoffs and become a contender in the West. Good coaching and front office top to bottom.

    • Andrew Goldin
      Andrew Goldin Pred 8 dnevi +2

      Saharded Abdulkadir i don’t disagree. Luka is very talented. But you aren’t making a bold statement and don’t come off as knowledgeable about basketball. You come off as a new age fan who didn’t watch Dirk.

    • Ryan lex
      Ryan lex Pred 8 dnevi

      +Raymond Thomas lmao what irony when basketball and nba was invented by a white man. You hating on white people but you black people love white sport. This black dude think he can't be racist cause he 'being opressed by the society'. Too bad he only 20 and already broke magic record, even mark cuban stated that luka will gonna be in mavs for years to come. Damn he gonna be in you life for decade to come yo, suck to be you, mavs only miss lile 3-5playoff. 😂😂

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 8 dnevi

      +Ryan lex lol I'm racist because i don't agree with you lol he is not on magic's level and cuban don't know shit he said they will sign Howard didn't happened jordan back out even yogi Ferrell didn't re sign y'all fanboys put to much on his plate and saying stupid shit like he better lebron James harden klay Thompson and etc..... but if you don't agree with them you are a racist fuck you too dumbass assclown.

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D. Pred 9 dnevi +61

    Trae Young had a great rookie year.....Luka Doncic is the Rooke of the Year! Luka and Trae are "Forever Linked" to each other because they were traded for each other.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      They iz siamese twins. If I'd be Trae I'd buy Luka a dinner or vice versa.

  • Matej Čandra
    Matej Čandra Pred 9 dnevi +50

    Luka haters in agony again...

    • yuh boii
      yuh boii Pred 7 dnevi

      +Colonel fuhrberger yeah by disabled children

    • Colonel fuhrberger
      Colonel fuhrberger Pred 8 dnevi

      What haters? Dude is loved by everyone

    • El Honcho
      El Honcho Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Agony?? For what???

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 8 dnevi +4

      But but but ... it‘s one of the worst teams ... he could have had 30 PTS easily but he was feeding Dirk as it was his night

  • emre gdc
    emre gdc Pred 9 dnevi +16

    Roty Luca Doncic

  • Matias Kočner
    Matias Kočner Pred 9 dnevi +15

    Luka Magic

    PUSHBAITED Pred 9 dnevi +98


    • J R
      J R Pred 8 dnevi

      Nice joke

    • Saiz
      Saiz Pred 8 dnevi +3

      He is the best rookie all round since Jordan.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Luka is the best rookie since the invention of fire and sliced bread.

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi +2

      SoloPerICommenti bron was the right choice tho

  • Bob M.
    Bob M. Pred 9 dnevi +20

    Luka Magic strikes again!

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller Pred 9 dnevi +2

    Mikal Bridges deserves a fine for that shit he pulled at the end of the game

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      Forgive him. He can't help himself. His thinking ability is lagging a little bit.

  • Christian E
    Christian E Pred 9 dnevi +37

    Unanimous ROTY

  • Michael Cohen
    Michael Cohen Pred 9 dnevi +147

    ROTY 20 years old with 8 triple doubles cmon now 🔥🔥🔥

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam Pred 9 dnevi

      Na hes only 12

    • Benjamin Cho
      Benjamin Cho Pred 9 dnevi +6

      all 8 coming after the All-Star break too...Meaning he's adjusted well already.

    ISAIAH BRODIE Pred 9 dnevi +1

    ummmm jamal crawfor????

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Pred 9 dnevi +3

    Luka “The Slowvenian” Slowcic

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      Yeah, and that Slowcic just made another TD. Not bad for a Slowcic. Now go cry on a tree somewhere.

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 9 dnevi +2

      +bruno vuckovic bitch who are yog you calling a monkey you honkey now go fuck your sister bitch

    • Tjaša Drofenik
      Tjaša Drofenik Pred 9 dnevi +1

      U mean sLOVEnian?

    • Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano
      Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano Pred 9 dnevi +7

      Slowcic but can't be stoped? So logical question comes to mind who is fast enough to stop him, huh??????? There should be plenty of faster players in the league to stop him. Where are those players? On Mars?Loooool 😉😁🤗🤗🤗 You will get diabetes dude, seriously...

    • Dana kaleb
      Dana kaleb Pred 9 dnevi +8

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 man, you’re the Best hater he has and it’s not even close. We’ll miss you one day.

  • Caris LeVertical
    Caris LeVertical Pred 9 dnevi +6

    It seems like everyone who plays the suns has a ridiculous statline ( not saying luka cant do this when he wants just saying )

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Pred 9 dnevi +15

    Luka was more than READY to adapt to the NBA system. His 8th triple double, and so many near ones...he may have a high floor but a low ceiling, but he is more of capable to deliver.

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario Pred 8 dnevi

      He got wide walls though.

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam Pred 9 dnevi

      +D'best MV 2 ....

    • Jochen Schütz
      Jochen Schütz Pred 9 dnevi +9

      He can still get a lot better physically, with his shot/efficiency, turnovers, defence. The ceiling is pretty high tbh

    • Dion Waiters
      Dion Waiters Pred 9 dnevi +12

      Low ceiling???? He is still kinda fat! His body isnt even close to being NBA ready. The fact that he is dominating while being somewhat poor conditioned is amazing! When he reaches his physical prime, the NBA better be prepared.

  • geral pink
    geral pink Pred 9 dnevi +197

    Lebron times past.... welcome Luka Doncic Era

    • ???? ????
      ???? ???? Pred 7 dnevi

      Believe everything Meredith says, he's a pro scout.

    • yuh boii
      yuh boii Pred 7 dnevi

      +???? ???? Lol the mavs ain't making the playoffs in the next 20 yrs

    • Highroller Est.94
      Highroller Est.94 Pred 7 dnevi

      +Julian Janetzk no there's going to be more players better then luka too... he's really good tho!

    • Emmanuel John Laurence Dichosa
      Emmanuel John Laurence Dichosa Pred 8 dnevi

      Nah it's giannis/kd era first

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Pred 9 dnevi +2

    Luka Slowcic sits out against good teams fully healthy but comes back against the trash Suns so he doesn't ruin his stats. NotMyROY

    • Razbit Gobec
      Razbit Gobec Pred 7 dnevi

      Mike Jones escaped area 51 at some point.

    • Zoran L
      Zoran L Pred 8 dnevi

      Mike Jones is expert for Marbles....:)

    • Raymond Thomas
      Raymond Thomas Pred 9 dnevi +1

      Aye Mike Jones don't do that they will cry lol

    • rpaulkb24/8 atwal
      rpaulkb24/8 atwal Pred 9 dnevi +2

      "ImAgINe beiNg a LukA hATer" u bum get a life

    • otsirhc
      otsirhc Pred 9 dnevi +7

      no he was out because he dated your mama, but played tonight to make lagendary history on a lagends last home game!!!

  • Dion Waiters
    Dion Waiters Pred 9 dnevi +253

    The best thing is, he really could have scored a lot more. He passed up literal layups to pass it do Dirk because it was Dirks night. It was noble, and im happy he did it, but Luka really could have had 30 against these noobs. A 20 point triple double isnt exactly bad though.

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 7 dnevi

      +sWho?shing fully agree ... that's what I'm saying all the time ... Luka's season was over when they traded all starters and with this all hope to reach POs ... TY started playing when other teams started either to tank or resting their players and not playing to all strength to avoid injuries like Nurkic ... but they will see next season and only wonder

    • sWho?shing
      sWho?shing Pred 8 dnevi +2

      L LidPi
      True that. He was having fun all game long. Its been a joke to him since the all stars and since the trade date when he realized they were sacrificing the season for the greater good.
      And yet he plays on PG and leads the team in rebounds. He stepped up his game even thou he was playing with bench players and newcomers. He picked up his ppg, rpg and apg. And on a tanking team.
      If Luka and KP stay healthy next year and a bunch of those that follow will be crazy exciting.
      If Mavs can sign the right free agent that excepts, that for the moment, this is Lukas team than really sky’s the limit.

    • L LidPi
      L LidPi Pred 9 dnevi +25

      It was Dirks night... he made sure though Mavs got the win as Jamal went crazy ... Great guy, Mavs picked the right rookie.. the only one in this draft class that makes Dirks retirement little bit less painful

    • ???? ????
      ???? ???? Pred 9 dnevi +3

      Oh he passed up wide open layups to get Dirk shots I'm so excited for next season. People will be doing less talking more watching

  • Josh 3Arch
    Josh 3Arch Pred 9 dnevi +3

    Jamal Crawford highlights????????????????

  • Kevin Calif
    Kevin Calif Pred 9 dnevi +52

    It's normal now for us we are not even surprise

  • Marcus
    Marcus Pred 9 dnevi +67

    Can't wait for next year.. it will be lit!

    • Marcus
      Marcus Pred 8 dnevi +1

      +Drew And Trip Playz haha he will be there just not on the court

    • Drew And Trip Playz
      Drew And Trip Playz Pred 8 dnevi

      No it won’t dirk won’t be there😭

    • Enea Buraku
      Enea Buraku Pred 8 dnevi

      Another playoff contender next year if they land the top5 pick in the draft, lakers better get a stacked team to make the playoffs