Marc Gasol Raptors Debut! DJ Oop Off Glass! 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • BigBorat Brand
    BigBorat Brand Pred 7 dnevi +1


  • Kshakbsnsns BBABBABAB
    Kshakbsnsns BBABBABAB Pred 7 dnevi

    Kawhi underated now no ones talking about him

  • Marc V
    Marc V Pred 8 dnevi

    Danny Green is clutch

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop Pred 8 dnevi

    I'm from New York and the Knicks suck but...they had Danny green and kawhi on there lowest scoring game

  • Kinto Thehiko
    Kinto Thehiko Pred 8 dnevi

    They should put Gasol as starting Center and Ibaka as starting Power Forward

  • Terrik Hampton
    Terrik Hampton Pred 8 dnevi

    I can't watch the other one @chris smoove the okc video it says it's not in our country

  • Ryan Shane
    Ryan Shane Pred 8 dnevi

    0:59 Am I the only one who thinks it was cool how Kawhi caught the ball palmed

  • Heaththechief
    Heaththechief Pred 8 dnevi

    DJ with the lob from DJ

  • PGGaming Will
    PGGaming Will Pred 8 dnevi

    1:13 where is the foul , hands are straight up

  • Midknight1124
    Midknight1124 Pred 8 dnevi

    Happy Gasoline is playing on a contender

  • hi itz wookie
    hi itz wookie Pred 8 dnevi +1

    What happened to rockets vs okc highlights

  • Spencer Jeffcoat
    Spencer Jeffcoat Pred 8 dnevi

    Thunder game?

  • HPTRK Kreed
    HPTRK Kreed Pred 8 dnevi +1

    When will the Thunder vs Rockets recap be back up?

  • Ali Abouzeeni
    Ali Abouzeeni Pred 8 dnevi +2

    I can't be the only one who prefers Jonas over Gasol

  • Don Alejo
    Don Alejo Pred 8 dnevi

    TRUMP 2020

  • Matt
    Matt Pred 8 dnevi

    Man I know gasol is happy went from not making the playoffs to possibly coming out of the east

  • MikeGetLive
    MikeGetLive Pred 8 dnevi +2

    Where the thunder vs rockets vid at 👀

  • JensenAmory
    JensenAmory Pred 8 dnevi

    DSJ and DJ are a really nice combo

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike Pred 8 dnevi


  • Braden Grant
    Braden Grant Pred 8 dnevi

    Stop sleeping on my raptors

  • TheGamePlayerETH
    TheGamePlayerETH Pred 8 dnevi

    U didn’t mention that Dennis Smith Jr had 30 points

  • LeGhetto Gamerson
    LeGhetto Gamerson Pred 8 dnevi +3

    Marc Gasol shouldn't be on the bench squad smh

  • Matthew Hart
    Matthew Hart Pred 8 dnevi

    No Rockets game?

  • Himanshu Seervi
    Himanshu Seervi Pred 8 dnevi

    Okc vs hou is not working

  • Kelechi Onunka
    Kelechi Onunka Pred 8 dnevi

    Love me Gasol, still believe he is one of the better Centers in the league but he is on the decline. Still will be rooting for the dude.

  • YoBoy Hud
    YoBoy Hud Pred 8 dnevi

    Every NYC team sucks accept the Nets

  • King K
    King K Pred 8 dnevi

    In 2k19 do my cuhreer where is moses cuh

  • Yahya Hassan
    Yahya Hassan Pred 8 dnevi +36

    What happened to the thunder vs rockets video

  • Thunder Prodigy Boyz
    Thunder Prodigy Boyz Pred 8 dnevi

    Why is the OKC vid not allowed in the USA Chris

  • JamaL X
    JamaL X Pred 8 dnevi

    Why Thunder vs Rockets game isn't available in my country? Come on Cuhhh

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago Pred 8 dnevi +11

    Woah what happened for the OKC video? Why are the comments disabled?

  • omar brooks
    omar brooks Pred 8 dnevi

    I think Danny Green revived his career in Toronto

  • Tvs1
    Tvs1 Pred 8 dnevi +2

    Gasol is getting old. JV still had potential.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder
    Oklahoma City Thunder Pred 8 dnevi +4

    DJ was just complaining about the pizza in the NY NICKS in the Ninja turtles movie now hes lobing dunks

  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe Pred 8 dnevi +20

    Serge Ibaka & Marc Gasolina = Best Spanish duel 😂

  • stedy 850404
    stedy 850404 Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Siakam improved a lot

  • Ciobanu Marius Constantin

    Lawry still has that baby weight

  • Jephthah San Pedro
    Jephthah San Pedro Pred 8 dnevi +20

    JV looked hella different. Did he take a haircut or something?

  • Jehad Makki
    Jehad Makki Pred 8 dnevi

    Why isn’t enes kanter playing?

    • Justin S
      Justin S Pred 7 dnevi

      Jehad Makki he got waived with Matthews

  • Grand Theft Rondo
    Grand Theft Rondo Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Officially the Best team in the east

  • Naveen
    Naveen Pred 8 dnevi +3

    DSJ is soo garbage at defense

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Pred 8 dnevi

    Now the raptors are Better without Jonas valanuas

  • aggelos tzimagiorgis
    aggelos tzimagiorgis Pred 8 dnevi +5

    I think gasol should start and siakam come of the bench

    • DeAmazing DeKawhi DeLaughing
      DeAmazing DeKawhi DeLaughing Pred 8 dnevi +5

      No. Serge should come off.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton Pred 8 dnevi

      Τον Βιερίνια πρέπει να ξεκινήσει.

    • accidentally logical
      accidentally logical Pred 8 dnevi

      Πρέπει να πάρει χρόνο με την ομάδα
      Μάλλον για αυτό δεν ξεκινάει

  • Russell WestBrick
    Russell WestBrick Pred 8 dnevi

    oof. smoove dont sleep.

  • Jorge Chibante
    Jorge Chibante Pred 8 dnevi +70

    After all these videos, how is Arenas still open in the corner?

  • Reuben Carroll
    Reuben Carroll Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Man, Marc Gasol seem so depressed.

    • Reuben Carroll
      Reuben Carroll Pred 8 dnevi

      Your pretty happy i'm assuming. Although he is finally in a champ contender.

    • TShorty929
      TShorty929 Pred 8 dnevi +4

      Reuben Carroll he’s pretty happy

  • Better Than You
    Better Than You Pred 8 dnevi +1

    We all thought Gasol was gonna retire as a Grizzly

  • M4xD0ny3 Yt
    M4xD0ny3 Yt Pred 8 dnevi +3

    I just nutted

  • Xavier D.
    Xavier D. Pred 8 dnevi +163

    Wtf happened to moses cuh in 2k?

  • Shoutouts&Gaming
    Shoutouts&Gaming Pred 8 dnevi +8

    I think gasol should be a Center starter

    • alexslamadrid
      alexslamadrid Pred 8 dnevi +4

      He will but he has to learn the playbook

  • :3
    :3 Pred 8 dnevi +322

    Gasol can't hear anything he has airpods on

    • Shiina3
      Shiina3 Pred 8 dnevi +2

      Scooby got waves

  • Marios Mamalis
    Marios Mamalis Pred 8 dnevi +37

    Marc Gasol a great addition

  • robert grass
    robert grass Pred 8 dnevi +1

    Smoove better than ESPN

  • Viro Kami
    Viro Kami Pred 8 dnevi +863

    Kawhi has played with both Gasol’s lol

    • G Hobo
      G Hobo Pred 7 dnevi

      Viro Kami it ain’t non special

    • Jahod D.
      Jahod D. Pred 8 dnevi


    • Cooper Nguyen
      Cooper Nguyen Pred 8 dnevi

      Technically Kobe has been on both of their teams

    • Jemal
      Jemal Pred 8 dnevi +1

      Same with Danny Green

  • Aldrin Mar Jalog
    Aldrin Mar Jalog Pred 8 dnevi +5

    The Big G aka
    "la Gasolina"

  • Samuel M
    Samuel M Pred 8 dnevi

    Jajaja u don't sleep I know 😂

  • jc
    jc Pred 8 dnevi +90

    Arenas is wide open in the corner, no defender...THEY NEED A TIMEOUT!!!

    • jc
      jc Pred 8 dnevi

      +Sicnesses23 THEY NEED A TIMEOUT!!!!

      FUNK WYNN Pred 8 dnevi

      Sicnesses23 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    • jc
      jc Pred 8 dnevi

      +Sicnesses23 SPLASH!

    • Sicnesses23
      Sicnesses23 Pred 8 dnevi

      Suck his dick

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Pred 8 dnevi


  • NYK
    NYK Pred 8 dnevi +26

    Kawhi with the season low 11 points 😤 #CLAMPS

  • Kral Oyuncu
    Kral Oyuncu Pred 8 dnevi


  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri Pred 8 dnevi +1


  • Pantelis Lanaras
    Pantelis Lanaras Pred 8 dnevi

    Before 100 views

  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley Pred 8 dnevi +231

    It's a travesty that deandre jordan somehow made an all nba 1st team

    • JTD Abraham
      JTD Abraham Pred 7 dnevi

      +J A he got traded, wasn't exactly his decision

    • jeremy brown
      jeremy brown Pred 8 dnevi

      +J A wasn't he traded

    • akabuca96
      akabuca96 Pred 8 dnevi +4

      he shot 70% that year

    • Raptor416
      Raptor416 Pred 8 dnevi +1

      +Naveen In 2016

  • Riley Israel
    Riley Israel Pred 8 dnevi +198

    Gasol off the bench.. that's some CHEESE!

    • pinksoldier123
      pinksoldier123 Pred dnevom

      That's better for him and the team. He can bully opposing teams 2nd units with j lin and OG also off the bench.

    • TheQw3rtyCon
      TheQw3rtyCon Pred 7 dnevi

      Any of the starters that goes off the beach is either way some cheese

    • Conner
      Conner Pred 8 dnevi +1

      ibaka and pascal been havin better season anyways

    • zach
      zach Pred 8 dnevi +21

      He needed to learn the plays.

  • KspEEd Elevated
    KspEEd Elevated Pred 8 dnevi +175

    Gasol is a big improvement.. Raps are dangerous!

    • D D
      D D Pred 8 dnevi

      +Lavan Siva yeah forgot about that while I was writing that but later I thought of it

    • Lavan Siva
      Lavan Siva Pred 8 dnevi

      +D D gasol does well against embiid too

  • AviatingTheExtreme
    AviatingTheExtreme Pred 8 dnevi +269

    If Nick Nurse decides to insert Gasol into the starting lineup, I think they would go with Lowry, Green, Leonard, Siakam, Gasol

    • Pierce
      Pierce Pred 8 dnevi

      I think he should put Siakam with the bench unit for that extra energy boost that Ibaka can't provide

    • Edwin Velasquez
      Edwin Velasquez Pred 8 dnevi

      Hell nah Ibaka is better than gasol

    • Lavan Siva
      Lavan Siva Pred 8 dnevi +1

      +FlamedApple Gaming ibaka plays best as a center

    • Ibrahim Mokero
      Ibrahim Mokero Pred 8 dnevi

      Ibaka > Gasol

    • Krash Kash
      Krash Kash Pred 8 dnevi

      Siakam would make up for gasols speed

  • Edwin Lee
    Edwin Lee Pred 8 dnevi


    X ICRAFTY Pred 8 dnevi +14

    Late night vids😊

  • Maxi -
    Maxi - Pred 8 dnevi