5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s

Skupna raba
  • Objavljeno 13. apr. 2019
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s
  • ZabavaZabava

Komentarjev • 10 195

    REACT  Pred 4 dnevi +423

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    • ST_Bxllz
      ST_Bxllz Pred 21 uro

      With the orange one was pointless if ur out you Can't carry a sharp knife

    • Maxie S
      Maxie S Pred dnevom +1

      teens kids and elders react to dcrunch

    • Miriam Webb
      Miriam Webb Pred dnevom

      I use to eat cereal with apple juice

  • CrAzY_GaMr 189
    CrAzY_GaMr 189 Pred 13 urami

    Were they really taking bites of an Oreo

    What a disgrace

  • Vipul Waghmare
    Vipul Waghmare Pred 13 urami +1

    Who even liking this video.

  • Hair Care Specialist
    Hair Care Specialist Pred 13 urami +1

    Hi if you�re reading this, Just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things

  • Alex Cosentino
    Alex Cosentino Pred 13 urami

    Lol have you ever put orange juice in cereal. Not bad.

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot Pred 13 urami +1

    These are Beggers
    1 like 1 Stab

  • Chayenne Wilson
    Chayenne Wilson Pred 13 urami +1

    1: I always did that with tic tac cuzy friends would me like "HEY CHEVY CAN I HAVE A TIC TAC" and when I give it into their hand it always had like half the bottle in there

  • Gabby and kim Daily vlogs

    Who else thought this was a mokbong

  • i'm nobody
    i'm nobody Pred 13 urami +6

    I already eat the burger upside down... Idk why

  • الاوتاكو الاحي
    الاوتاكو الاحي Pred 13 urami +2

    The orange trick ..when i was young.my grandma show it to me 😂😂

  • Patrick Roy
    Patrick Roy Pred 13 urami +2

    I've been eating oranges my entire life like that...

  • BradNation773 Stephens
    BradNation773 Stephens Pred 13 urami +1

    I just hated the lady in the blue shirt

  • Anisa Rahman
    Anisa Rahman Pred 13 urami +1

    I'm left handed so I always eat my burgers upside down and my friends give me weird looks saying it gives dem anxiety😂😂😂

    • i'm nobody
      i'm nobody Pred 13 urami

      Same. Like exactly same. This situation... It happened exactly like that to me XD

  • Vasco Guerrero
    Vasco Guerrero Pred 13 urami +2

    Eu yo como como me da la gana la concha de tu madre, Nadie me dice como comer gato.

  • Megg Blackwell
    Megg Blackwell Pred 13 urami

    Water with cereal is the way to go!

    • Megg Blackwell
      Megg Blackwell Pred 13 urami

      I HATE the after taste of milk in cereal. And almond or soy milk just doesn't cut it. So water it is!

    • Jsaiah06
      Jsaiah06 Pred 13 urami

      I don’t agree

      RMKBL SEIZE Pred 13 urami +2

      Megg Blackwell no

    • Manuel E Carvalho
      Manuel E Carvalho Pred 13 urami +1

      Megg Blackwell what

  • EquineAbby
    EquineAbby Pred 13 urami +1

    How to eat pizza!
    1. Fold the pizza is half to the crust is at the end of the pizza
    2.enjoy your burger pizza! Grease free!
    BONUS: you don’t just bite the cheese and only get the cheese off! 🙊🙊

  • ArtS y
    ArtS y Pred 13 urami

    I like water and ceral /:/:/:/:

  • Aaban A
    Aaban A Pred 13 urami +3

    I was eating a burger while watching the burger bit

  • Britt Anne
    Britt Anne Pred 13 urami +1

    I like brittany and Ashby 😇😇

  • Mhm Sure
    Mhm Sure Pred 13 urami +1

    Brittany is so pretty?

  • Valentina Quintanilla
    Valentina Quintanilla Pred 13 urami +3

    I always eat my cereal with water and sometimes with almond milk

  • Lionk2002 !
    Lionk2002 ! Pred 13 urami +1

    The orange one is more wasteful tho cause it cuts off some of the actual food

  • Ross Martinez
    Ross Martinez Pred 14 urami +1

    Tori is such an attractive human being.

  • GamingGirl Emm101335
    GamingGirl Emm101335 Pred 14 urami +2

    Why do you think the Oreo pack says milks favorite cookie

  • Keegan Yeager
    Keegan Yeager Pred 14 urami +1

    For the burger there’s a napkin for a reason duh 🙄

  • kylie cromer
    kylie cromer Pred 14 urami +3

    4:06 ASMR

  • 1986nesha
    1986nesha Pred 14 urami +3

    These burgers are not convinient for eating up side down. You have to have a small bun, like in mcdonnalds, more toppings also. It has to be a heavy bruger where the top is bigger than the bottom bun. These are just flat.

  • Gherardo La Tour
    Gherardo La Tour Pred 14 urami +2

    The guy with the gray shirt really hates his life huh?

  • I love Coffee
    I love Coffee Pred 14 urami +5

    Who else is watching this only cuz there hungry.

  • its me
    its me Pred 14 urami +3

    somebody:eat food how you like
    brad2:eats kitkat without breaking

  • Vanilla& Chocolate
    Vanilla& Chocolate Pred 14 urami +4

    At 9:16 I was about to fight her because she didn’t eat the whole Oreo in one😂

  • Paige cottrell
    Paige cottrell Pred 14 urami +4

    I knew exactly Who the tic tac video was crazyrussianhacker

    STYLESTREY GAMEING Pred 14 urami +3

    I love oreos I been eating them wrong this whole time

  • Raptorz :D
    Raptorz :D Pred 14 urami +3

    I always eat me burgers upside down so now I'm happy that I'm not weird

    • gisell gonzalez
      gisell gonzalez Pred 13 urami +1

      I do it too and didnt realize it till someone pointed it out. Glad im not the only one

    • - Kay -
      - Kay - Pred 14 urami +2

      Raptorz :D yeah, your still definitely weird

    • 乃モれちㄚ
      乃モれちㄚ Pred 14 urami +1


  • dash14
    dash14 Pred 14 urami +7

    I'm watching this video on an empty stomach

  • Ryan NatoOo0oR
    Ryan NatoOo0oR Pred 14 urami +5

    I actually knew the TikTak one alone.... I mean .. i disnt need a website or anything to know

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Pred 14 urami +16

    I don’t think there is a wrong or right way to eat. Just eat how you want to eat😌👌

    • Ben McSweeney
      Ben McSweeney Pred 13 urami

      +Lunaiscool 123456 yes bit those people should die😊😊

    • Lunaiscool 123456
      Lunaiscool 123456 Pred 13 urami

      OtakuWelshGamer true but some people like eating kit kats without breaking it

    • Pete Parkour
      Pete Parkour Pred 14 urami


    • Ben McSweeney
      Ben McSweeney Pred 14 urami

      +OtakuWelshGamer now this person, has facts!

    • OtakuWelshGamer
      OtakuWelshGamer Pred 14 urami +2

      *not when it comes to kit kats*

  • Yaquesita
    Yaquesita Pred 14 urami +7

    wish I was a reactor

  • Madi Birchall
    Madi Birchall Pred 14 urami +6

    Literally when I was watching this I was eating my burger upside down 😂😂. Honestly I throught it was normal

  • Nenad Vojnovic
    Nenad Vojnovic Pred 14 urami +5

    I dont know but tori is so beautiful

  • Philip Worsher
    Philip Worsher Pred 14 urami +2

    I always wondered why that hideous Trudy woman is on here when she only has 10k subs, noone knows her!

    • Jammy Dodgers
      Jammy Dodgers Pred 14 urami

      Philip Worsher so you should be on FBE if you have so many subscribers? You have 1 sub and that’s probably your mom....... she has 9,999 more subs than you so don’t call her hideous

    • Jammy Dodgers
      Jammy Dodgers Pred 14 urami

      LilMarsOfficial ikrrrrr she iissssss

    • LilMarsOfficial
      LilMarsOfficial Pred 14 urami +1

      Philip Worsher Trudi is everything

  • MrC0MPUT3R
    MrC0MPUT3R Pred 14 urami +5

    I've always eaten my burgers upside down.

  • Spiros Shopi
    Spiros Shopi Pred 14 urami +6

    Men I will eat my fkn food the way I want

  • Freta Freeman
    Freta Freeman Pred 15 urami +1

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch and water Think about it THATS GROSS

  • FBI lol
    FBI lol Pred 15 urami +4

    Lies, al. All just lies.. my life was, it was based on LIES

  • Freta Freeman
    Freta Freeman Pred 15 urami +8

    I’m pretty sure I’m eating cereal right

  • Freta Freeman
    Freta Freeman Pred 15 urami +9

    Dumbest video ever

    • Jessica KAPOOR
      Jessica KAPOOR Pred 14 urami

      Freta Freeman u have written a lot of comments 😂😂

  • Bee’s World
    Bee’s World Pred 15 urami +1

    I have heard of the hamburger thing

  • Fizzymint
    Fizzymint Pred 15 urami +2

    9:58 if he had a fork he would do it 😂 is he broke or something

  • Kristie B
    Kristie B Pred 15 urami +1

    Water is better than Milk in cereal. When Im around other people I usually eat cereal dry, and drink water.

  • Leeann Broseker
    Leeann Broseker Pred 15 urami +2

    They are not eating wrong they are eating it right....

  • JustMadz MSP
    JustMadz MSP Pred 15 urami +5

    Water and cereal ?? Yeah totally the right way!

  • Лох Горбатый
    Лох Горбатый Pred 15 urami

    Поставьте лайк типа что-то умное написал

  • Stephani Rodriguez
    Stephani Rodriguez Pred 15 urami +8

    Idk about you guys but I eat About 20 tic-tac in one go

  • Cassie Miller
    Cassie Miller Pred 15 urami +4

    I don't eat oreos with milk. Lollll

  • Abigail Grace Johnson
    Abigail Grace Johnson Pred 15 urami +2

    Oml I’ve always eaten my burgers like that😂 I thought everyone else just did that too

    • Abigail Grace Johnson
      Abigail Grace Johnson Pred 14 urami

      lucifer I didn’t I have just always done it without thinking😂

    • lucifer
      lucifer Pred 14 urami

      There’s no way you thought that...

    • Jxst Triipy
      Jxst Triipy Pred 15 urami +2

      Not me😂

    • ツSynfvll
      ツSynfvll Pred 15 urami +1

      Do u have big dumb disease ?

  • Melody Siordia
    Melody Siordia Pred 15 urami +4

    Am i the only one who ate burgers upside down before this video

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose Pred 15 urami +4

    i am the 8,630th comment im better than all of u guys hehehehe

  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales Pred 15 urami +4

    I guess if your poor you would put water in your cereal 🤢

  • TheoLOLxD
    TheoLOLxD Pred 15 urami +2

    the orange one is what i did with out watching any vids lol

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H Pred 15 urami +3

    I like my oreos soft to the point were they fall apart on a fork. Solution get a tall glass, fill it with milk, drop 5 oreos in, wait a few seconds then spoon them out.

    • Tyler H
      Tyler H Pred 15 urami

      +Angel saeteros when they break apart put more oreos in. When you start getting full drink the milk and now it is cookies and cream milk.

    • Jake Johnson
      Jake Johnson Pred 15 urami

      Tyler H totally can relate with you

    • Angel saeteros
      Angel saeteros Pred 15 urami +2

      There gonna break apart...then I'm gonna cry...so no

  • Glassapple57
    Glassapple57 Pred 15 urami +4

    So i was eating a big mac and i tiped it now i tase yum nes

  • MrSnuck
    MrSnuck Pred 15 urami +5

    My guy Brandon makes everything look gud

  • Ezekiel Playz - Minecraft
    Ezekiel Playz - Minecraft Pred 15 urami +3

    In the TicTac one I just put it upside-down I no need to shake

  • PARITY 4x4x4
    PARITY 4x4x4 Pred 15 urami +2

    Ashby sounds like shayne in smosh but older

  • 0M3G4
    0M3G4 Pred 15 urami +4

    surfer dude kyle knows what up

  • KAL EL
    KAL EL Pred 15 urami +3

    Try to eat your cereals with yogurte... I think its even better than milk... But not a natural one. A Flavoured one is always better. TRY IT

    • KAL EL
      KAL EL Pred 14 urami

      +Cem Arikboga Good.

    • Cem Arikboga
      Cem Arikboga Pred 14 urami

      KAL EL I will.

    • KAL EL
      KAL EL Pred 15 urami

      +Cem Arikboga Fine.. Keep your milk.

    • Cem Arikboga
      Cem Arikboga Pred 15 urami +1

      KAL EL No.

  • CrazyNarnia
    CrazyNarnia Pred 15 urami +3

    The cereal thing actually makes me wanna vomit lol.

  • AL3X Samurai
    AL3X Samurai Pred 15 urami +5

    The eating Oreo is wrong

  • Ily N.
    Ily N. Pred 15 urami +8

    the tictac one? that oval thing is to seal the opening.

  • Collin
    Collin Pred 15 urami +3

    Some countries pour coffee into their cereal. That is just flavored water.

  • Free YouTube
    Free YouTube Pred 15 urami +4

    We know to take advice from one person in this video


  • DoBe_AquaS
    DoBe_AquaS Pred 16 urami +2

    Did he say TiK ToK or Tic Tac 😆😆

  • Scott Sablich
    Scott Sablich Pred 16 urami +5

    Twin tacs

  • Azzan gamer
    Azzan gamer Pred 16 urami +1

    I only speak arabic (my native langauge) and english (uk) and no i don't live in popular arab countries i live in oman a safe country and we eat some foods with our hand like rice with goat meat

    • Sabbiee x
      Sabbiee x Pred 15 urami +1

      i eat sheep at ramadan does that count xD

    • Azzan gamer
      Azzan gamer Pred 15 urami

      I didn't mean goat meat only i also meant cow and chicken and fish

    • Why Don't We Forever
      Why Don't We Forever Pred 15 urami +2

      Yeah same but not goat lolll

    • Sabbiee x
      Sabbiee x Pred 15 urami +1

      GOAT?! we do chicken XD

    • Ahmad Khateri
      Ahmad Khateri Pred 16 urami +1

      Same we eat almost every food with our hands

  • Anecun Da
    Anecun Da Pred 16 urami +10

    Intelligent people: *puts water in the cereal instead of milk to taste the cereal better*
    Me: can we just eat the cereal as it is instead?

  • Cam the beast 89
    Cam the beast 89 Pred 16 urami +2

    That's Ryan toy review mom

  • Lillianna Shippee
    Lillianna Shippee Pred 16 urami +17

    The water and cereal looks like dog food in water😂

  • Terry Banks
    Terry Banks Pred 16 urami +15

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments 🙂
    Make sure to check your time. Hope this helps 😆

  • Khurshid IsHere
    Khurshid IsHere Pred 16 urami +3

    I feel like most people knew how to eat a orea like with the fork, I just tested it out and found out on my own. I am sure u did too!

  • Jaziah Smith
    Jaziah Smith Pred 16 urami +9

    I’m so sorry I can not eat cereal with out milk

  • leandrei leandro
    leandrei leandro Pred 16 urami +4

    am i the only one who eats the skin of an orange

  • You will never know who i Am

    Why’s these comments from today because DUDE THIS WAS A WEEK AGO...

  • Irix Vis
    Irix Vis Pred 16 urami

    I remember when I was a kid I wanted cereal so badly but we didn’t have any milk so I ate it with water
    it was disgusting

  • Robo Reighn
    Robo Reighn Pred 16 urami +6

    Now I want oreos

  • AniBoss
    AniBoss Pred 16 urami +4

    Yo the burger guy sounds like Darren Levy.

  • daredevil06 Gaming channel
    daredevil06 Gaming channel Pred 16 urami +4

    Brittany is actually hot bro. 🔥

  • Emil Hannibal
    Emil Hannibal Pred 16 urami +2

    Top 50 hot in my country

  • CykaBread [GD]
    CykaBread [GD] Pred 16 urami +8

    No one tells me how to eat my damn food

  • Tayvon Wolfe
    Tayvon Wolfe Pred 16 urami +4

    I had Frosted Flakes with water once... pretty gross

  • The Red Pineapple
    The Red Pineapple Pred 16 urami +8

    You can’t eat chicken nugget wrong right?

  • Subscribe To T-Series
    Subscribe To T-Series Pred 16 urami +5

    They got free food during this video ☹️

    TPS OWL Pred 16 urami +7

    There’s no right way to eat food

  • Teszxn _
    Teszxn _ Pred 16 urami +6

    They totally got their burgers from Mcdonalds

  • Charlie Holford1789
    Charlie Holford1789 Pred 16 urami +3

    Da he’ll I always eat a burger upside down

  • Silvana Franco
    Silvana Franco Pred 16 urami +6

    All these comments are so frickin recent! Sorry if someone has already done this comment bc I didn’t scroll very far

  • Destinythestreamer Ttv
    Destinythestreamer Ttv Pred 16 urami +6

    0:40 me when I look through comments

  • Fuck Emi penny
    Fuck Emi penny Pred 16 urami +7

    3:49 B R U H W A T E R H A V E N O T A S T E

  • Micaiah Carr
    Micaiah Carr Pred 16 urami +1

    Here's the thing you are born into eating cereal with milk. Now if the world told you when you were born that cereal goes with water, milk would taste weird with cereal.

  • Percea Emanuel
    Percea Emanuel Pred 16 urami +8

    Why these comments so freaking recent???

    • Marcus George
      Marcus George Pred 16 urami

      Because you sort your comment section by recent you can change it at the top of the comment section if you press the menu button on the right of create new comment.

    • Silvana Franco
      Silvana Franco Pred 16 urami

      IKR ‘5 minutes ago’

    • Mason Lafleur
      Mason Lafleur Pred 16 urami +1

      The video came out like 5 days ago...

    • Moch Afif Maulana
      Moch Afif Maulana Pred 16 urami

      Yeah bro

    • Zahaila Gray ザ
      Zahaila Gray ザ Pred 16 urami

      Percea Emanuel "17 seconds ago"