Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

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  • Objavljeno 3. feb. 2019
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    Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places - like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be.
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    • svenm sandity
      svenm sandity Pred 4 dnevi

      What if we take like rubber bands and made a space suit with them not exactly bare with it but really a suit that movement such as everyday walking moving even in 0 gravity is an exercise of earths gravity

    • john mark
      john mark Pred 4 dnevi

      5:09 You can just wash the dirt with water it works it just works. If you washed martian soil you could plant plants there.

    • jezzastrike
      jezzastrike Pred 5 dnevi

      How could we terraform mars

    • Shalom Ayoola
      Shalom Ayoola Pred 11 dnevi

      did you actually just use the SLS BLOCK 1 CREW VCR10000 because if you did i am subscribing with my other account

    • Anirudh Patil
      Anirudh Patil Pred 13 dnevi

      What if there were two earths?

  • Smiley Tash
    Smiley Tash Pred dnevom +1

    using planets as stops in the future wouldn’t be too bad...

  • Tipoland Z
    Tipoland Z Pred dnevom

    can you make a video on what aquaponics is?

  • Lego Guinea pig
    Lego Guinea pig Pred dnevom

    Let's go into URANUS

  • stranger danger
    stranger danger Pred dnevom

    "Highest mountains" *hmmmmmm.*

  • Chad Ikelman
    Chad Ikelman Pred dnevom

    Just thinking about living to see this happen is making me tear up.

  • The Subscriber!
    The Subscriber! Pred dnevom


  • Enterprise Chan
    Enterprise Chan Pred dnevom

    NASA: America, we need to colonize Mars.
    America: Nah, too expensive.
    NASA:There's oil there.
    America: Alright maybe its not too bad of an idea.

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer Pred dnevom +1

    Musk: one of the smartest person in th world
    Also musk: *Laughs on a dead deer meme*

  • Josh Coon
    Josh Coon Pred dnevom

    I love your videos, but a moon base serving as a hub, would be inefficient/ inconvenient. As there would only be a small window making for an easy and gas efficient launch.

  • W.D Chaotic
    W.D Chaotic Pred dnevom

    what if we try to plant plants? plants breathe C02 right?

  • TheT0PAnT 59
    TheT0PAnT 59 Pred dnevom

    7:16 is that a halo reach reference? Good job

  • NightOfTheLivingGamer
    NightOfTheLivingGamer Pred 2 dnevi

    Is nobody gonna talk about how they put Doomguy in and even made the dying animation?

  • Gamer64
    Gamer64 Pred 2 dnevi +1

    1:56 How Could There Be Sand Storms When There's Not Much of an Atmosphere?

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk Pred 2 dnevi

    Your animation at 7:36 is wrong because earth is bigger than mars

  • TJL productions
    TJL productions Pred 2 dnevi

    7:16 there's a halo mask in the corner!

  • TheIronBar 007
    TheIronBar 007 Pred 2 dnevi

    Why not first send resources to the moon base and then mars?

  • Arturo Medina
    Arturo Medina Pred 2 dnevi +1

    Mars is bullshit. Better taking care of the Earth.

  • Some User
    Some User Pred 2 dnevi

    Wouldn’t the dry ice be melted by the metre of dirt?

  • Scrapp ed
    Scrapp ed Pred 3 dnevi

    ELON MUSK should do this if the bfr fails

  • Aperture Labortatories
    Aperture Labortatories Pred 3 dnevi

    I think I'll just stay here and try to look after this planet instead, thanks

  • Amy Cheung
    Amy Cheung Pred 3 dnevi

    Why dont you connect a pipe from mars to earth

  • Varnix 183
    Varnix 183 Pred 3 dnevi

    mars the hidden sand village

  • john smith
    john smith Pred 4 dnevi

    Oooor we could spend a fraction of that energy, time and effort and make multiple time as much living space in a myriad of space stations, and bypass pretty much every negative aspect of Mars at the same time.

  • Bùi Minh
    Bùi Minh Pred 4 dnevi

    thank for vietsubing.

  • Hollywood In Hindi
    Hollywood In Hindi Pred 4 dnevi


  • doruk peksirin
    doruk peksirin Pred 4 dnevi

    Isn't the visual at 0:30 on 1st phase the trail of Opportunity?

  • TacoPlaySs Gaming
    TacoPlaySs Gaming Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Most important things in mars


  • AF Bennett
    AF Bennett Pred 4 dnevi

    But.. but, Matt Damon

  • Railman 600
    Railman 600 Pred 4 dnevi

    Do a video about Venus

  • The duck lord
    The duck lord Pred 4 dnevi

    If we waith for a few dacades all tje pysical problems could be solved with genetic engeniering

  • Fps_Shooter
    Fps_Shooter Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Why not just play subnautica?

  • Xervz
    Xervz Pred 4 dnevi

    Not easy to find radioactive elements on mars he said... He just said the whole planet was radioactive...

  • Afnan Acchan
    Afnan Acchan Pred 4 dnevi

    The real question where to get fund to do this. It will cost more than trillion.

    HEMME MEHHE Pred 4 dnevi

    Pretty wholesome how the narrator continuously states that there's "always lack of this and that" in terms of materials for mars, and then says, "that only a group of people determined and competent enough could colonize mars, luckilly we have plenty of them here."

  • Niruniru chocolate
    Niruniru chocolate Pred 4 dnevi +1

    Will humans be able to go to Mars in this century or will it take longer? Thats all i need to know

  • Seb Beast P
    Seb Beast P Pred 4 dnevi +1

    7:35 7:40 why did they make mars bigger than earth when its barley more than half the size?

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay Pred 4 dnevi

    You're blatantly wrong about the increased risk of cancer. The effect of radiation on a Martian colonist, assuming a stay of 2.5 years (the time it would take from arrival to the first available Hohman transfer window) only places a 0.905% additional risk of developing life-threatening cancer within 30 years of returning to Earth.
    Source: The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin (Chapter 5, Paragraph 9)

  • Clegend 21
    Clegend 21 Pred 4 dnevi

    You forgot one problem, we'd have another planet full of idiots

  • Storm Outlaw
    Storm Outlaw Pred 4 dnevi

    Cancer has joined the chat!

  • eating_edge
    eating_edge Pred 4 dnevi

    7:05 nice DOOM reference

  • Amy Lents
    Amy Lents Pred 4 dnevi

    See was.

  • Lucy Moulding
    Lucy Moulding Pred 4 dnevi

    but suudenly an anomaly on deimos and phobos is... gone

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson Pred 5 dnevi

    Gotta science the sh!t out of this

  • May Blossom
    May Blossom Pred 5 dnevi

    *Show this to Elon Musk*

  • Updated NPC
    Updated NPC Pred 5 dnevi +1

    7:32 adventure time reference

  • myriam Esparza Hernandez

    What would the world be like if we had used the ideas and inventions of Nicola Tesla and not Edison's?

  • Kalan Saunders
    Kalan Saunders Pred 5 dnevi

    Wot adapt netoon

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus Pred 5 dnevi

    Hey @ De NASA....I have a better idea....How about "Terraform Earth instead of Mars"(trademark Ja 1997)... Let's heavily invest $$$$$ on fixing the stupid mistakes and damage WE ALL have done and continue to do to our home planet..... Just an idea on a way better and more long term sound investment...

  • Ebin Navis
    Ebin Navis Pred 5 dnevi

    Hi team Kurzgesagt,
    Is it possible to make a vedio of Dr Sebi's Foods ?

  • Ayden
    Ayden Pred 5 dnevi

    So Mars is a stupid idea and we'd be better off researching how to transfer our consciousness to other bodies.

  • tylermech66
    tylermech66 Pred 5 dnevi

    I teared up a little when I saw the terraformed mars. I... I just woke up, ok? so the first thing I see in the morning is the best future of humanity and I wasn't ready.

  • Afshaan Londhe
    Afshaan Londhe Pred 5 dnevi

    nice DOOM reference at 7:21

  • tanukihat
    tanukihat Pred 5 dnevi

    I like the Doom guy when you talked about an emergency on Mars. If that happens, fuck it, just pick a new planet.

  • Twizzy
    Twizzy Pred 5 dnevi

    If we stay on mars long enough we will evolve to survive there

    • TheShampooDude
      TheShampooDude Pred 3 dnevi

      Not how evolution works. Evolution works by killing off the old version of a species and letting a new version due to a rare genetic mutation (that would just by chance be beneficial in the given enviroment) survive and reproduce with that mutation. If everyone on Mars survived to reproduce, it would still take thousands if not millions of years for their genes to evolve and allow them to survive. And that’s if they’re lucky.

  • L.J. Small
    L.J. Small Pred 5 dnevi

    Don’t know why but I’ve always assumed that Mars was closer to the sun than Earth. Just me?

  • L1mune
    L1mune Pred 5 dnevi

    7:25 doom guy reference

  • Ness The Animator
    Ness The Animator Pred 5 dnevi

    *says windows cause radiation problems in our mars colony* *-shows a bird looking out a window-*

  • Riri N
    Riri N Pred 5 dnevi

    simple explanation = temperature in mars is like minus 200 Celcius, if you can't (major difficulty) live in Antarctica you can't live in Mars

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Creating a cloud cities habitat over Venus is far more practical than colonizing Mars. Not that either are particularly practical.
    The surface for a planet should not be so important. A habitat on Mars or habitat around Venus would have to be built mostly from earth either way. And in neither plan could one venture very far from the habitat. Whether it is in the air or on the surface.
    What a Venus cloud city has going for it: The atmosphere around Venus provides more options than Mars air or atmosphere. The gravity for Venus is much more similar to earth than Mars. There would be far more solar power to exploit near Venus than Mars. And the distance from earth to Venus is closer than earth to Mars.
    All Mars has going for it apart from its popularity and a more habitable surface is a more similar day length to earth and 2 moons rather than none.

  • Dark Ra
    Dark Ra Pred 5 dnevi

    I wish you would cover the magnetospheric challenges of terraforming Mars. Or perhaps find a way to jump start mars' core to reactivat ehte dynamo effect? It had it once...

  • Miguel724
    Miguel724 Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Perfect video, except for the lack of Surviving Mars references

  • Darren DiFranceisco
    Darren DiFranceisco Pred 5 dnevi

    Push comets into it. It'll torch the surface and release the oxygen from the iron oxide

  • Darren DiFranceisco
    Darren DiFranceisco Pred 5 dnevi

    Ceres would be way better. Lots of water, you can build large spaceships there and launch them.

  • Phos4us
    Phos4us Pred 5 dnevi +1

    Ship all the company CEOs who don't care about Earth and only money to Mars where they can have a rich lifestyle, have businesses, and make millions/billions while people who want the environment can stay on Earth.

  • Skoih
    Skoih Pred 5 dnevi

    This makes me emotional. I just wanna be alive to witness the beginning.

  • vishal pachpande
    vishal pachpande Pred 5 dnevi

    Mars is like a dead earth due to pollution...
    Free earth from pollution rather going to Mars
    But we can get a idea of how we can survive in dying earth

  • beccabunny09
    beccabunny09 Pred 6 dnevi

    Mars is going to be a Ayn Rand utopia which means a dystopia for everyone n it a billionaire. Do you want to be in a situation where your employer can turn off YOUR OXYGEN?!

  • Lamexx .-.
    Lamexx .-. Pred 6 dnevi

    Why can't we just colonize Venus?

  • DancinMuffin
    DancinMuffin Pred 6 dnevi

    Anakin Marswalker "I hate the sand"

  • Amogh Vastrad
    Amogh Vastrad Pred 6 dnevi +4

    After 100 years people watching this video while sitting in Mars 😎

    • tanukihat
      tanukihat Pred 5 dnevi +1

      "Look how stupid this guy is!" _sips Martian beer_

  • pk s
    pk s Pred 6 dnevi

    It is a shitty idea

  • Henri's Blog
    Henri's Blog Pred 6 dnevi +2

    damn xenomorphes are in the base again. SOMEONE GET A BROOM!

  • Shaun Cushing
    Shaun Cushing Pred 6 dnevi

    Why not fix our own planet first...

  • Magyari Hunor
    Magyari Hunor Pred 6 dnevi +1

    Moon base: am i joke to you?

  • Emma Suchy
    Emma Suchy Pred 6 dnevi

    or we can just...NOT kill our home planet then colonize and destroy other planets--

  • Sinclair Portes
    Sinclair Portes Pred 6 dnevi

    My brain: dating Tinder girls is a horrible idea
    Me: let's do it

  • Helio GT
    Helio GT Pred 6 dnevi

    is that that secret nazi base on the dark side of the moon?
    great outpost :D

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun Pred 6 dnevi

    Hundreds of years later, my grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-children could be sitting on Mars watching videos like these! How uplifting.

  • Avinash
    Avinash Pred 6 dnevi

    so much carl sagan vibes

  • Niko
    Niko Pred 6 dnevi +1

    So will I have a possibility of respawning on Mars?

  • Tinymotheemoji
    Tinymotheemoji Pred 6 dnevi

    The endings are beautiful as always

  • Cha Risara
    Cha Risara Pred 6 dnevi

    Or Kalvin?

  • Jeezeus Kreist
    Jeezeus Kreist Pred 6 dnevi

    It's interesting how the human species has depleted the habitable earth to the point of environmental catastrophes and now dreams of terraforming inhospitable Mars and other lifeless planet... reminds me of agent smith's analogy in matrix 1 where he drew parallel between people and viruses in their pattern of destructive behavior... We rock, people!

  • Bananappleboy World
    Bananappleboy World Pred 6 dnevi

    Flat Earthers: mArS isNt flAt lIke EaRth So dA BaSE wiLl fALl oFf
    Me: *ahem* 1. Gravity. 2. Planets like earth are so big it almost seems like theyre flat when standing on it.
    3. Im trying to correct a joke.
    Elon musk: ._.
    Anyways, america?
    Muricanball: yus?
    Me: there be oil on mars
    Muricanball: R E E E E E E E E E

  • devcool kol
    devcool kol Pred 6 dnevi

    Should build It on tropic of cancer line where heat is more reachable

  • Luxurious03
    Luxurious03 Pred 6 dnevi +1

    Terraforming Mars is just one step that could split into multiple steps
    How to terraform Mars: melt polar ice to make an atmosphere thick enough for pressure and warmth and a way to convert the atmosphere into oxygen. We could do it the same way earth did, melt ice > get atmosphere > get bacteria to evolve on a way that it could inhale the atmosphere and convert it to oxygen > live there after terraforming

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis Pred 6 dnevi

    Can you do a Venus base next?

  • GFX Animations
    GFX Animations Pred 6 dnevi

    LIKE for the doomguy reference :)

  • bergusable
    bergusable Pred 6 dnevi

    Everyone who watches dis Chanel is an intellectual

    Change My mind

  • noblesicks
    noblesicks Pred 6 dnevi

    I was on a submarine all they ask if your suicidal or if you did or not get a composition for it

  • Jeff Jin
    Jeff Jin Pred 6 dnevi

    If anyone is born on Mars,will they be aliens👽?

    ADZIM GAMING Pred 6 dnevi

    make a base big base like a umm,iglo shape but bigger

  • The gaming Satcol
    The gaming Satcol Pred 6 dnevi

    This guy loves birds.

  • Joshjpb
    Joshjpb Pred 6 dnevi

    We learnt about ‘mars one’ in school. The sad thing is we can get these things done but we have so many problems on our own planet alone

  • K. Jones
    K. Jones Pred 6 dnevi

    It is a horrible idea. Orbital settlements are the way to go.

  • Enclave Power
    Enclave Power Pred 7 dnevi

    Can we keep it red though?

  • Sean Bianchi
    Sean Bianchi Pred 7 dnevi

    Where are your sources, I'd love to read more into this.

  • Mark Roden
    Mark Roden Pred 7 dnevi

    Mars is red because it's rusty

  • A Guy
    A Guy Pred 7 dnevi +1

    You helped me SO MUCH with this video. Thank you for existing