Human Cloning is Terrifying! | Responding to Your Comments #11

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  • Objavljeno 10. feb. 2019
  • We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often. If one of the questions I answered was not detailed enough or you want more info on the subject please let me know so that I can make a dedicated video giving you all of the info!
    A few favorite topics from this video are:
    1) Human Cloning
    2) Saunas Healthy?
    3) Birth Control Methods
    4) My Thicc Thighs
    5) Ask a Doctor
    6) Pringles
    7) Merch Status?
    Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and ask dr mike! I want to see your username pop up on my next responding to comments video.
    If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
    - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Neko - chan
    Neko - chan Pred 11 minutami

    5:27 I laughed. I just love how people struggle with Polish names. It's so adorable.

  • Near-sighted Zombie

    In your opinion, what is the best diet a healthy person should have? Ps. Ily ❤️

  • Fran McAllister
    Fran McAllister Pred uro

    Dr Mike, what do the letters after your name on your top mean? I’ve seen others letters after dentists names and such, what are they all?


    Dr Mike flirting with the viewers is the best thing

  • nami rose
    nami rose Pred 3 urami

    Please make a video about the biological differences between men and women! That would be amazing

  • theodora lei
    theodora lei Pred 3 urami +1

    in the vid, there is a furry background with what seems to be GIANT HOT GLUE STICKS

  • Ellie productions
    Ellie productions Pred 3 urami

    is the stereotype about new yorkers being aggressive and mean actually true?

  • Bas Linda
    Bas Linda Pred 3 urami

    Hey dr mike, a minimum of once a day i feel a sharp pain in my chest cavity around the chest. Almost like somebody is stabbing me in the heart. Do i really need to see a doctor for it?

  • Holly Stan
    Holly Stan Pred 4 urami

    My resting heart rate can sometimes get down to 47 bpm. Is that bad?

  • Julia C
    Julia C Pred 4 urami

    What’s your opinion on doctors that only ever see kids/teens with the parents in the room. I would think lots wouldn’t be completely open and honest especially when asking if they’re sexually active.

  • Dan Dewey
    Dan Dewey Pred 4 urami

    Hey Dr. Mike! Love the content and had a question for you. I was wondering what your take is on the single-payer debate and what your ideal health insurance plan would look like?

  • kaitlin benkert
    kaitlin benkert Pred 4 urami

    I don't understand why sometimes I will be watching TV with the light on but when I turn the light off to go to bed than I'm not tired anymore.

  • Raven00T
    Raven00T Pred 5 urami

    I need a beeewoop hoodie. STAT.

  • Tasha-Gaye Jones
    Tasha-Gaye Jones Pred 5 urami

    I kept trying to see your bracelet properly

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Pred 5 urami

    help i can’t decide what language to take if i want to become a surgeon.
    i have to choose between german and spanish. i want to learn german more than spanish but spanish would be more useful.
    please help

  • Kasey Cummins
    Kasey Cummins Pred 5 urami

    Can you touch a little on Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura(itp)? I'm a 23 year old mom of 3 and have suffered from itp for over 4 years. It has negatively effected all of my pregnancies and deliveries. Are there any natural approaches or foods I can eat that can positively affect my platelets and platelet count? Thank you! Love your channel so much!

  • Johni Autumn
    Johni Autumn Pred 6 urami

    Hey Dr. Mike! Could you talk about the effects of eating disorders on growing children? I, myself, struggled with anorexia from ages 10-13 and I wanted to know what effects that could have on me now, at age 17.

    • Johni Autumn
      Johni Autumn Pred 5 urami

      Oh and if you need some personal details for a semi informed opinion, I have a really high metabolism and I'm just above the healthy minimum BMI, I'm fairly short but my dad was hecka tall, I eat a lot and I eat semi healthy, my teeth are in pretty good condition, so I'm generally average. Butttttt are there lasting effects I could not know about ?

  • bloop bloop
    bloop bloop Pred 6 urami

    Can you get rid of stretch marks

  • WorldOfWondersRose
    WorldOfWondersRose Pred 6 urami

    I lost it when he read Asia Tomaszewska XD (Polish people understand what I mean ;p)

  • Catherine 2601
    Catherine 2601 Pred 6 urami

    Hey Dr. Mike! Whenever I get my period, about midway through my cycle it stops for about 24 hours, and then my cycle starts again for another 1-2 days. Is this normal? I'm kinda worried. Also LOVE your videos.

  • floor staal
    floor staal Pred 6 urami +1

    Do you choose the comments or does somebody alse does it for you? And do you have a wife/girlfriend?
    Btw I'm from another country (the netherlands) so probably my English is awfull😅

  • Loredana Pop
    Loredana Pop Pred 7 urami

    I’m eating an apple while I’m watching this video and they say than an apple keeps the doctors away. Fake news people!

  • Emma Kiefer
    Emma Kiefer Pred 8 urami

    Consumer reports just published an article showing that a lot a fruit juices contain above what is considered a safe daily amount of arsenic and heavy metals, what it your recommendation on this? Is it best to stay away from fruit juice completely?

  • Draco Lucia
    Draco Lucia Pred 10 urami

    I have a weird sleep schedule, for 3 years i have been falling asleep at 3-5am and often sleeping in the day, however i've noticed that I feel more rested as well as refreshed and able to act and think when i do my normal sleep schedule of falling asleep at 3am or 4Am (often 5)
    However if i sleep a normal amount of 11pm to 7/12am and that would mean sometimes 9 hours or 13 hours of sleep (depending on weekend) i realise i am actually more tired and exhausted than i would if i slept the 3-5 hours i normally do. (my age is 13 if that could help since i know depending on your age you need a certain amount of sleep)
    Has my body gotten use to sleeping at such a ridiculous time and should i be concerned?

  • Marius D.
    Marius D. Pred 10 urami

    Hey Doc. I seem to have abnormally sweaty palms, as no other body part sweats as much. Can't even hold hands with my partner for more than 2 minutes. Any tips?

  • Lauren Wisehart
    Lauren Wisehart Pred 12 urami

    Do you have any recommendations for becoming more comfortable around a male doctor, I personally have not had a bad experience but I always feel very uncomfortable in the presence of a male doctor and actively try to avoid getting treated by one. I want to be better about it and is it rude to ask for a female doctor instead?

  • Walkier
    Walkier Pred 12 urami

    Is eating while walking unhealthy for you?

  • Horsey.
    Horsey. Pred 13 urami


  • I’m too Bored
    I’m too Bored Pred 13 urami

    is it okay to get hiccups alooot? google said i have lung cancer bc of it. lol assuming thats wrong?

  • Katy Knox
    Katy Knox Pred 13 urami

    Dr. mike, why do we shiver when we are cold? And why do some people (like me) get cold so easily?

  • Shrimpdotcom
    Shrimpdotcom Pred 13 urami

    Can you talk about nail biting? I’m a 17 year old and I’ve been biting my nails for the longest time ever. I’ve tried to stop but next thing I realize is that I’m biting my nails.

  • Jugnd K
    Jugnd K Pred 14 urami

    Just start streaming on youtube, podcast's dont have to be on soundcloud...?

  • Josh fedora Moore
    Josh fedora Moore Pred 14 urami

    Dr. mike needs to hop on an episode of JRE

  • megancolyne
    megancolyne Pred 16 urami

    is there a psychological spectrum for gender? i know there’s xx and xy chromosomes for sex/gender, but what about the mental gender spectrum? (ex. transgender, non binary, etc)

  • Le Petit Bulldog
    Le Petit Bulldog Pred 16 urami be clear there is a different between "thick" and "thicc" Thicc is definitely NOT problematic, quite the opposite. :)

  • Yasmeener
    Yasmeener Pred 17 urami

    Do coffee/tea/caffeinated drinks really stop you from growing? Or is it just a myth? Could you explain?

  • Piibbles ღ
    Piibbles ღ Pred 17 urami

    Here's a question!!
    Do you think being homeschooled can affect how kids act around others and possibly cause social anxiety later in life?
    P.S. I'm a completely normal homeschooled child that hates human interaction

  • Vanessa Salinas
    Vanessa Salinas Pred 17 urami

    Oh, you got moves 😏

  • Bless This Hot Mess
    Bless This Hot Mess Pred 18 urami

    You've got SUCH a great personality. So sorry to see your mom passed from cancer. Mine did as well, one year ago. Thank you for giving me some entertainment while I'm online, ha. Have a great day.

  • bobby holmes
    bobby holmes Pred 18 urami

    I have a question for you Dr mike. I take probiotics because it helps my IBS and was wondering if it is ok to take them dailly. I have heard that too much bacteria can be just as harmful as not enough.

  • Sheediah Reenis
    Sheediah Reenis Pred 19 urami

    Is it normal to cry when you're pooping but not feeling pain just water coming out of your eyes?????

  • annembrd
    annembrd Pred 19 urami

    What are your thought on Salt Spas/Rooms? Do they do what they claim or just a fad thing?

  • Ellen Veerle
    Ellen Veerle Pred 20 urami

    I love Rhonda Patrick podcast. It'd be so great to see collab bewteen you guys.

  • Josipa Mojojojo
    Josipa Mojojojo Pred 20 urami

    How likely am I to drown if I decide to take a nap during my bath?

  • Jordan Will
    Jordan Will Pred 21 uro

    Dr. Mike, I have a problem where I keep losing weight. Over first semester of college, I lost over 10 pounds (I'm not heavy to begin with). I think most of the weight was muscle, since I stopped playing sports to study. I try to eat more, but I just don't have that huge an appetite. I'm now on a quest to obtain more fat. How can I do this?

  • Kylie Rieger
    Kylie Rieger Pred 22 urami

    Dr. Mike, why can't you eat 8 hrs before a procedure?

  • Alyssa Dickinson
    Alyssa Dickinson Pred 22 urami +1

    In one of your previous videos, you mentioned how radiation can cause cancer and yet help get rid of cancer cells as well. How is this so?

  • Tomiwa Sanya
    Tomiwa Sanya Pred 22 urami +1

    Why he worring bout his legs
    Jeeez I love his legs 🤩😍😍😍😍

  • Chuck Hargis
    Chuck Hargis Pred 22 urami

    I have no problem with Hunan cloning or any other kind of Asian food.

  • Jasmine Wright
    Jasmine Wright Pred 22 urami

    It's laughter is the best medicine. Anyways I've always hated going to the doctors. Especially when there is needles involved. Is that just me being silly?

  • Number1Runner
    Number1Runner Pred 23 urami

    Dr Mike probably gets most of his income from yt

  • Marta Smedsgård
    Marta Smedsgård Pred 23 urami

    Hi Mike! I was wondering if period cramps or how much of a flow we have in our menstruations can indicate how easy or hard/painful our labors/births will be?

  • Marta Smedsgård
    Marta Smedsgård Pred 23 urami

    Hi Mike! Every time I've gone to my doctor he has checked my blood pressure, which always comes out as low but in the normal range(yay). I was wondering if low blood pressure means 1. if the heartbeat is fast/slow? and 2. if people with low blood pressure need (a little) more salt in their diets than others with high blood pressure?

    KPOP GURL Pred 23 urami

    Im sorry boi had too much thicc-ness goin on in the begining 😩👌🏽💕got me over here upset that i'm single lmao
    But on a serious note i too have been victimized by thicc thighs

  • Guadalupe Pina
    Guadalupe Pina Pred dnevom


  • Bri Haas
    Bri Haas Pred dnevom

    I always get cysts under my armpits from antiperspirant deodorant but I sweat a lot. What do I do?

  • Valen
    Valen Pred dnevom

    Hi! I'm an IT student and I spend 8 to 10 hours on the computer between college stuff and others. A teacher told me to wear glasses for the screen light, do they really work? And do you have any recommendations for me? I get headaches pretty often.
    Love your videos! Watching them made me more aware of my health so thank you!

  • RedHeadBadger
    RedHeadBadger Pred dnevom

    What's your opinion on transgender surgery? Be it top or bottom- idk if you deal with that kind of thing, but :P

  • CrazyBeef
    CrazyBeef Pred dnevom +2

    I lost almost 40kg from 107kg to 69kg (and falling) in a year is that healthy for a 17 year old?

    • Alyssa Courtney
      Alyssa Courtney Pred 3 urami

      if you're not trying, then no
      Go see a doctor

  • WeirdCathy
    WeirdCathy Pred dnevom

    I have a question. Why am I so addicted to breaking my bones? I just have to.

  • Quinn Cornelssen
    Quinn Cornelssen Pred dnevom

    if you were cloned there would be double the cringe... but double the thicc

  • yourstruly
    yourstruly Pred dnevom

    For some odd reason i keep on getting mouth ulcers and i can never pinpoint the reason as to why i keep getting them. They're excruciatingly sensitive and are insanely painful, which makes it nearly impossible to eat. I've went to all of dentists and they keep telling me different reasons as to why i keep getting them. What are your thoughts?

  • Conner Yancey
    Conner Yancey Pred dnevom

    Hi Dr. Mike! I am a fellow future Osteopathic Doctor, going to medical school in Ohio. I hear a lot about stigma against D.Os compared to MDs. Have you experienced this practicing in a big city like NYC?

  • Jack LEECH
    Jack LEECH Pred dnevom

    Dear doctor mike, whenever I eat cherry tomatoes I get a really bad stomach ache and whenever I bring it up with my family they don't believe be, make fun of me, and make me eat them, it's so painful It makes me avoid them at all costs. What is wrong with me

  • Sidra Khan
    Sidra Khan Pred dnevom

    Most beautiful guy I have ever seen ❤❤❤

  • tutositos
    tutositos Pred dnevom

    controlled randomized ....

  • Marco Nashed
    Marco Nashed Pred dnevom

    Hey Doc, I have hyperhidrosis and I sweat a lot on my palms armpits and bottom of my feet. My pediatrician said that I could get Botox injected in a year when I turn 18. any other solutions ?

  • Saloni Gupta
    Saloni Gupta Pred dnevom

    Do doctors have their own doctors that they go see??

  • Rodriguez Jasmine
    Rodriguez Jasmine Pred dnevom

    How can stress affect someone physical and mental health?

  • Н. Д.
    Н. Д. Pred dnevom

    differences between men and women -- YES, PLEASE. like, you don't need testosteron to have muscles and so. pleaaaaaase.

  • ashleyyy nicoleee
    ashleyyy nicoleee Pred dnevom

    hey dr mike! do you ever eat a snack cake or cookie when you first wake up and it burns the back of your throat? because it hurts pretty darn bad for about 2 minutes and i was wondering why?

  • Erica Jaine Mestre
    Erica Jaine Mestre Pred dnevom +1

    That intro where he wiggled his but...

  • TiffyTiff Amanda
    TiffyTiff Amanda Pred dnevom

    Dem thighs is hella thicc ❤️❤️❤️ but I have a question... I have PCOS and I have seen that strength training and low carbs diets work with reversing PCOS. I’m all for strength training but apprehensive about low carb diets. Is it sustainable long-term? Do you have any suggestions? They also say avoid stress... can’t really happen as a doctoral student. Any suggestions on stress management too? Thank you! You are awesome!!

  • ieva
    ieva Pred dnevom

    I hope that's fake fur....... :|

  • WitchEssential
    WitchEssential Pred dnevom

    At what point do you worry about rectal bleeding? How long should it last? even if you have piles?

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley Pred dnevom

    When I wake up my fingers and finger tips are completely numb and throughout the day my fingers has a tingling feeling. What is this a sign of? And what kind of doctor should I see for it ?

  • Janneke K.
    Janneke K. Pred dnevom +1

    Hi Dr. Mike! What's your opinion on "mewing"? (Apparently changing your tongueposture would change the shape of your face & jawline??)

  • Arianna Cabane
    Arianna Cabane Pred dnevom +1

    My doctor is boring and makes feel uncomfortable I wish mine acted like you

  • lucas nolan
    lucas nolan Pred dnevom +1

    What do you think of face gym or other services around "sculpting" the face?

  • Stefana Lavinia
    Stefana Lavinia Pred dnevom +2

    Pleeease help me settle a family arguement! My parents are crazy about Kangen water! They bought their super expensive filter and won’t stop going on about its benefits. Is alkaline water really that good for you?

  • B.C D
    B.C D Pred dnevom +1

    I'm sorry but i don't see thicc thighs in this video..this is not what i clicked for!looll😀😂

  • Marcella Josephine
    Marcella Josephine Pred dnevom +1


  • Marcella Josephine
    Marcella Josephine Pred dnevom +1

    I love your physical features tho! In my fam thick thigh means you workout/work hard a lot and it's a good thing :D still, sorry since i laughed quite hard about your response to the comment hahaha

  • Amanda Tait
    Amanda Tait Pred dnevom

    if homeopathic medicine is not real why do peds docs suggest it for kids under 4 for colds and stuff?

  • Silvy
    Silvy Pred dnevom

    I have a problem where I’m always hungry. Constantly. I’m 16 and less than half and hour after eating a full meal (including meat and veggies) I’m starving. I do have a high metabolism but this has only been more recently. It’s annoying and painful.

  • Aimee Main
    Aimee Main Pred dnevom

    Hey dr Mike! I was wondering what it means if I can hear ticking in my throat? I can’t feel anything but it’s actually fairly loud, I’m diabetic (type 1) I don’t know if this matters and it doesn’t hurt, but it is weird. Lol

  • SpaceOnyx
    SpaceOnyx Pred dnevom

    Overwatch beast? Preposterous boast but alas

  • Irxai
    Irxai Pred dnevom

    @Doctor Mike, what would happen if I ate almost no fruits or vegetables for 10 years? Because I have...yeah. Is it possible to completely reverse the damage caused by this?

  • Cookies124FC
    Cookies124FC Pred dnevom

    If someone is vomiting black (looks like coffee grounds) is that a sign if internal bleeding?

  • Squonk
    Squonk Pred dnevom

    What do you think when people attribute a medical practitioners success to a deity?

  • Annoying Snek
    Annoying Snek Pred dnevom

    Hey Dr. Mike, I have a question on something I do. I call it my zombie mode. I'm awake but not awake, I say 'huh?' and 'wha?' alot. I don't remember waking up at all and I have started doing it more often. Please answer this question.

  • MaddiMuffinCake
    MaddiMuffinCake Pred dnevom

    If you have eczema can your diet effect It? I've noticed when I eat alot of dairy my skin seems worse? STAY GROOVY!🖤

  • Brianna Nicole
    Brianna Nicole Pred dnevom

    I suffer from hypochondria and will get major anxiety when I think something is wrong with me. What would you suggest a patient suffering from hypochondria do to manage this anxiety?

  • sylvia_ ishanee
    sylvia_ ishanee Pred dnevom

    My school starts at 7:30 a.m. and we have to be there by 7:10 for assembly. I did a survey and most students in my school generally go to sleep from 12 - 3 a.m. The Muslims which take up most of the population in my country wakes up at 5 a.m. to do they're prayers. And the other students would normally wake up at 4 to study before school. Plus subjects like maths and history are always the last and half my class will probably be sleeping or daydreaming. Is this a real problem?

  • MehGrace
    MehGrace Pred dnevom

    My ear has a zit on the outer cavity what should I do

  • A Anderson
    A Anderson Pred dnevom

    Hi Dr Mike! New viewer & fan. Thanks for making health & medicine fun and entertaining. My question is: what causes phantom sensation? As an LNA, I were a pager at work that vibrates when a resident rings. Sometimes when I am at home or out running errands, I swear I feel it ringing on my hip. My other coworkers have similar episodes happen to them. What gives?

  • Mr. CloudMaster
    Mr. CloudMaster Pred dnevom

    Soooo, I uuu, went over to your instagram to follow u the other day and when I hit follow it suggested me to follow all of these models!😂👌P.S Chris hemsworth was in there, u could be the next Thor!

  • justin warnock
    justin warnock Pred dnevom

    How do you feel about insurance companies? I know I've had issues with them in the past and can sometimes not be able to go to a doctor when I want due to expensive copays. I would love to hear a doctor's perspective

  • Yasmeen Medhat
    Yasmeen Medhat Pred dnevom

    Hi Doctor Mike! I get headaches a few times a month that occur on one side of my head, either the right or the left, that cause pain above my eye and at the back of my neck. Sometimes I’ll go to bed with a headache and wake up with one too. What could be causing the headaches and is it something to worry about? Thank you!

  • Annie King
    Annie King Pred dnevom

    Your thighs aren’t fat their thiiiiiccccccccc!!!!!! Yasss docmike